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Translations: One Piece 923 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Needless 107

City Arc (18)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Nov 19, 2012 20:05 | Go to Needless

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Chapter 107


Arclight: This is the power of a god!!!
Text: Arclight vs. Blade! Who will win!?
Title: #107 City Arc (18)
Credit: Imai Kami

Eve: Ohhh!
SFX: Boom

Teruyama: So...
SFX: Flame
Teruyama: what!?


Mio: Mio-chan Kiiick!
SFX: Boom
Teruyama: Little Boooyyy!!!

SFX: Slide slide

Blade: Mio-tan!!

Cruz: Teruyama-san!!


SFX: Crash crash crash

Arclight: Damn you...

Mio: Sorry!
Mio: Papa! Mama!

SFX: Lined up
Teruyama: Sorry about the wait, Blade!!!

Blade: I thought you were fighting the Girl's Squad!

Teruyama: They started coughing up blood and disappeared.
Teruyama: I guess they were too scared of my strength.


SFX: Slam
Teruyama: Bh!

Teruyama: Owwww!!! The hell are you doing!!?

SFX: Appear
Blade: Nice.
Teruyama: Don't just steal my Stigmata in an instant!!
Cruz: That was cruel...

Arclight: Okay...
SFX: Rumble rumble rumble
SFX: Step
Arclight: Riru, stay back.
Riru: Yes, sir.


Teruyama: Tch. That's the final boss for you.
Teruyama: Even a full power Stigmata Little Boy didn't scratch him.
SFX: Rumble rumble

Teruyama: We all need to use new attacks on him!
Blade: Yes.

Blade: Okay! You can be the bullet.
Teruyama: Eh?

SFX: Grab

Blade: Dean Drive...


Blade: Uchida Bomb!
SFX: Throw
Teruyama: Kyahhhhh!

Teruyama: Ahhhhh!
SFX: Flame

Blade: Okay, everyone attack!!
Blade: Someone bring down his defenses!!
Eve: Sure!
SFX: Charge


SFX: Crash crash crash crash

SFX: Sparkle sparkle

Cruz: None of it...
Cruz: got through!!


Disk: He...
Disk: brought out all of his powers at once!!
Teruyama: Ow ow ow.

Teruyama: Wh-what do you mean!?

Disk: For example, you can counteract a fire attack by using the exact same attack or a water attack, right?

Disk: Arclight's various Fragments are automatically being sent out from his Stigmata to counteract and neutralize all of our attacks!!
Disk: It's like armor no attack can pierce!!

Cruz: He's using all of his powers automatically?
Cruz: Is that even possible!?

Arclight: What's wrong?
Arclight: Are you out of new techniques?
Arclight: Then I will be removing your head.


Arclight: Ice!!!

Arclight: Agnishwattas!!!

Arclight: Atomic Hail Spark!!!
SFX: Burst

Teruyama: Gwahhh!

SFX: Crash crash

Cruz: He used two powers at once...
Cruz: and their strength didn't drop!!

Eve: Impossible!!
Eve: His energy can't possibly last if he keeps using his powers that much!!!


SFX: Whoosh

SFX: Crumble crumble
Eve: Gh...

Arclight: You have the right to choose.
Arclight: In your final moments, I will teach you the truth...
Arclight: behind this power that surrounds us all!!

Arclight: I am sure you know the Blackspot is ground zero of a blast from WW3.
Arclight: But do you know what was at the center of the crater where a Simeon branch is now located?


Arclight: That spot was once the location of the National Space Development Research Center.
Arclight: But it dealt with space in name only. In truth, a powerful dimensional weapon related to nuclear technology was being developed!!

Disk: A dimensional weapon!!?

Disk: It can't be!! I thought that was an urban legend!!!
Teruyama: What is this dimensional weapon!?

Disk: It dealt with warping space-time.
Disk: The technology was originally developed to allow instantaneous travel to distant places using wormholes...
Disk: but they tried to use it as a weapon.

Disk: It could throw an enemy into a different dimension so they completely disappeared!!
Disk: No, not just that. It could annihilate entire countries!! If it was completed, it could have turned around the war in an instant!!


Arclight: But just before it was completed, the device was sent out of control by an enemy spy.
Arclight: And the Allies bombed it on top of that.

Arclight: They used the device against us...
Arclight: in an attempt to annihilate this country.

Arclight: And as intended, that bombing...
Arclight: miraculously opened the world's first gate to another dimension.

Cruz: No way!!

Arclight: The site of the bombing connected to an area of space far removed from earth.
Arclight: Tokyo and its 10 million residents were swallowed up by the gate.
Arclight: And in return, an unknown matter known as dark matter flowed to our side.


Cruz: Dark matter!?
Cruz: You mean...

Arclight: That is the poisonous virus that remade humans into Needlesses.
SFX: Rumble rumble
Arclight: That was the Eden's Seed.

Disk: The Eden's Seed wasn't a biological weapon or the side effect of radiation...
Disk: It was matter from a different universe!?

Arclight: Yes. The matter we know such as oxygen and nitrogen makes up only 4% of the universe.
SFX: Rumble rumble
Arclight: The remaining 96% is unknown matter that does not exist in our galaxy.

Arclight: And...
SFX: Rumble rumble
Arclight: it was not simply particles that came through.

Cruz: You can't mean...
SFX: Rumble rumble


Arclight: When the gate opened...
SFX: Rumble rumble
Arclight: two life forms came through to our side.

Disk: You can't be serious!

Arclight: No one knows if they came through of their own free will or if they were accidentally sucked into the gate...
Arclight: but those life forms possessed power well beyond that of humans. Yes...they were like what we know as gods!
Arclight: And that is why they were called angels.


Arclight: The toxin that creates Needlesses was not named Eden's Seed as a metaphor or an exaggeration!!
Arclight: They are literally objects given to us from the world of angels.
Arclight: Needless power truly is the power of god!!

Arclight: But the angels used up all of their power when they passed through the gate.
Arclight: One began hibernating deep underground to regain its power.

Arclight: The other also could not conform to earth's environment and wished to escape the continuing wars...
Arclight: so it chose to fuse with a human.

Disk: You mean...the Second Christ!?

Arclight: Precisely.
Arclight: That angel used its miraculous powers to save many people.
Arclight: But that human body backfired and it was killed along with its host.

Arclight: I retrieved his holy corpse, but was unable to acquire power equal to theirs due to his human form.
Arclight(flashback): god...


Arclight: And after the war, we and the committee built a Simeon branch in the Blackspot...
Arclight: so that we could excavate the one that was hibernating deep underground!!

Cruz: So that's it!!!
Cruz: That's why you built that in the center of the Blackspot!!

Eve: Then...
Eve: that cocoon is...!!!

SFX: Rip rip rip rip
Arclight: Indeed!


SFX: Rumble rumble
Arclight: This is our mother, Adam.


SFX: Rumble rumble rumble

Teruyama: That's creepy!
Teruyama: The hell is it!?

Arclight: The Second Christ and all Needlesses were born from here!
Arclight: And "she" is still alive within this cocoon.

Arclight: Do you...
SFX: Crack crack
Arclight: know what I am doing, Blade?

Blade: Seriously!?


Teruyama: What is he talking about!?
Blade: Dumbass!! Did you forget!?
Blade: What is the greatest power of the Adam Series!?

Blade: You've seen it before!!
Blade: The power to absorb the abilities of any living being he takes in!!

Cruz: Ahh!

Teruyama: Shit!! He's going to absorb that angel!!
Disk: No, he already is!!

Disk: Look at his back!!!


SFX: Rumble rumble

Disk: His wings are stretching up to the angel!!
Teruyama: Damn!! So he was buying time this whole time!!

Cruz: He's going to become a god...
Cruz: like this!?

Eve: We need to stop him!!

Blade: We need to stop his meal!!


All: Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!


SFX: Boom boom

SFX: Boom

SFX: Whirl whirl whirl


Arclight: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
SFX: Whoosh
Arclight: What? Is that all you've got!?

Blade: Not good!! Arclight's power is increasing!!

Mio: Hweh? Why?
Teruyama: He isn't just absorbing that angel!!

Eve: He's absorbing our powers too!!

Disk: Positive Feedback Zero is the ultimate energy amplification ability!!
Disk: The more we attack him, the more his power increases!!


SFX: Expand

Blade: Stop attacking!!
Blade: You're just handing him more energy!!
Teruyama: Then how do we defeat him!?

Arclight: What's the matter!?
SFX: Crack crack

Arclight: Show me more of your power!!!


Arclight: Even if it starts at one, it can grow to a billion...then a trillion...and ultimately to a big bang that overcomes all else!!

Teruyama: Dammit!!
Teruyama: He's finished absorbing it!!

Blade: You want us to punch you?
Blade: You fucking masochist!!

SFX: Glare


Arclight: Just realize that there is no way of defeating a god like me!!
SFX: Dramatic
Text: The ultimate Arclight has been born!?

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