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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Needless 108

City Arc (19)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 19, 2012 19:22 | Go to Needless

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Chapter 108


Blade: He...
Blade: ate the angel!!!
SFX: Rumble rumble
Text: Charging into the climax! Volume 15 is on sale now!!
Title: #108 City Arc (19)
Credit: Imai Kami

Cruz: That's...
Cruz: Arclight!!?


SFX: Boom
Blade: Kwah!

SFX: Block

Blade: Hey, god!!
Blade: Why do you want to hog it all to yourself!? Huh!?

Arclight: I will literally...
Arclight: become a god and remake the world!!


SFX: Wham

Blade: Hah!!
Blade: Now that's a line for a final boss!!

SFX: Sparkle sparkle

Disk: The 666-Member Committee was meant to select the 666 people who would survive after the world ended!!
Disk: So are they trying to end the world!?

Teruyama: But how!!?


Blade: What? Are you going to fire some huge missile!?
Blade: Or are you going to send your underlings out to riot!?

SFX: Boom

SFX: Crash crash crash
Arclight: That is not necessary.
Arclight: The seeds have already been sown throughout the world.

Blade: What?
SFX: Slide

Arclight: That was the purpose of our plan.


Disk: You don't mean...
Disk: The canned clones!!?

Arclight: Heh heh....
Arclight: So you saw those, information broker.

Arclight: We used our clone technology to create...
Arclight: those Eden's Seed owners.

Teruyama: Wh-what do you mean!?

Arclight: The clone soldiers created by the old Simeon were created using pluripotent cells such as Organic ES cells and iPS cells! In other words, they are "living organs" that can be transplanted into people of any race and blood type without causing rejection! They were the ultimate donors.
Arclight: After the war, Simeon sold them to areas all across the world! They were sold over the black market, but they were Simeon's top seller. It was known as the drug of eternal life!!


Arclight: Yes.
Arclight: Those canned clones have been exported all across the world!

Arclight: In developing nations and conflicted regions, they are used as soldiers with no human rights.
Arclight: In developed nations, the wealthy use them as perfect and ideal children.
Arclight: Those who lose a portion of their body due to injury or illness can use them for spares or as donors.
Arclight: For a portion of those with unusual tastes, they are used as slaves for horrific purposes!

Arclight: And we at Simeon Pharmaceuticals have given every single one of those clones...
Arclight: an inoculation of a certain seed.


Arclight: A single command from me...
SFX: Boom
Arclight: turns them into a tool that spreads the Eden's Seed for kilometers around them.

Eve: What!?

Blade: So they're human bombs!?

Teruyama: The Eden's Seed is a powerful poisonous virus to normal humans, isn't it!?


Disk: If you do that...
Disk: humanity will go extinct!!

Arclight: Precisely.
Arclight: But...
Arclight: will it really be complete extinction?

Disk: The only survivors will be Needlesses and...
Disk: Wait, is that what you're after!?

Arclight: According to our calculations, 0.0000008% of the world's population...
SFX: Rumble rumble rumble
Arclight: will overcome the Eden's Seed and evolve.


Disk: A world of only...
Disk: Needlesses!?

Arclight: Only around 600 Needlesses will remain on the planet.
Arclight: You could say they are occupants of Noah's Ark.

Arclight: That is....
Arclight: Triple Six!!


SFX: Roar

SFX: Boom

Eve: What!?
Teruyama: That light!!


Riru: I was created as a Psychotronic Generator.
Riru: I am the mother of the new world that creates imaginary elements and produces the source of Needlesses' souls!!

SFX: Roar
Cruz: Wahh!

SFX: Crash

Teruyama: Are you going to transmit...
Teruyama: Arclight's command like a radio tower!?


Cruz: We can't let you...
Cruz: carry out that massive slaughter!!!

Arclight: I have seen the true heavenly host.
Arclight: They are the gods that have passed through the sealed hole.
SFX: Impacts
Arclight: At this rate, humanity will be utterly destroyed.

Eve: Utterly destroyed!?
Eve: What, are the angels coming to retrieve their friends!?
Eve: I thought the gate connected to a distant part of the universe!
Eve: They aren't coming!!

Arclight: Who ever said...
Arclight: the gate had been closed?

SFX: Shock
Eve: Eh!?


Arclight: When control of the dimensional weapon was lost, it produced unimaginable energy.
Arclight: It is impossible to close the gate at our current level of science!!

Arclight: So we buried the gate deep underground...
Arclight: and covered it with many layers of protective walls to prevent any "uninvited guests".
SFX: Thoom

Arclight: Twice in the last 50 years, major interference has come from the other side.
Arclight: The protective walls have been destroyed one after another and toxins are even continually leaking from deep underground!!


Cruz: So that's it!!
Cruz: That's the contamination that hasn't disappeared even after 100 years!!
Cruz: That's the toxin that created Needlesses, the Eden's Seed!!

Arclight: They are trying to "optimize" the environment on earth.
Arclight: It is impossible to stop any further invasion.
SFX: Impacts
Arclight: And...the only ones who can fight them are those who can feed off of the Eden's Seed and have the same power as them.

Disk: This can't be!!

Arclight: Humans...
Arclight: must evolve to be stronger or they will not survive!!

Arclight: A fetus's fingers are formed by first spreading out like a fin and then having a portion die off.
Arclight: The process is known as necrosis and those cells must die to produce the proper body.


SFX: Wham wham

SFX: Crash

Eve: It's no good.
Eve: We can't get a single attack in!

Arclight: Do you hear it?
Arclight: That is the sound of your lives coming to an end.


SFX: Hold out

Saten: Sorry about the wait.
Saten: Here is gravity and magnetism.

Cruz: Saten!!

SFX: Rumble rumble rumble

Arclight: So here are...
Arclight: some of the remaining Stigmatas.

Blade: Seth!!
Eve: Solva!!


SFX: Throw

Blade: Damn you!!!
SFX: Charge

SFX: Block
SFX: Wet


Arclight: Too bad,
SFX: Open
Arclight: Blade.

SFX: Crunch crunch


SFX: Crunch squish crunch

Cruz: No!!

SFX: Crunch crunch crunch
Arclight: Hoo...

SFX: Appear

Arclight: This just leaves one more Stigmata!!
SFX: Rumble rumble


SFX: Charge
Blade: I'll kill you!!!

SFX: Stop

Arclight: It's no use!
Arclight: Anger and hatred are defective emotions that only narrow your field of vision.


SFX: Stab


Cruz: Eh!?

Eve: Who was that!?
Teruyama: Saten and Riru haven't moved!!

SFX: Step

Blade: You...?
Blade: Seriously...?


SFX: Dramatic


Eve: Gido!?

Cruz: It can't be!

Eve: Gido!! Why are you here!?
SFX: Rumble rumble

Gido: ...Eve.
SFX: Rumble rumble


SFX: Collapse

SFX: Roll roll

Eve: Blade!!

Eve: Why?
Eve: Where have you been?

Gido: I am sorry.
Gido: I was the one that killed Seth and Solva.
SFX: Wind


Cruz: No...
Cruz: It can't be...
SFX: Rumble rumble
Cruz: Doctor Gido...

Blade: Damn you...
SFX: Thoom
Blade: How cowardly can you get!?

Blade: Well!? Tell meeeeee!!
SFX: Charge

Gido: You understand now, don't you?

Cruz: It can't be!


SFX: Wham
Text: A shocking reunion!!

Gido: I am the head of Triple Six,
Gido: Rikudou Gin.

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