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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Needless 109

City Arc (20)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jan 19, 2013 19:02 | Go to Needless

-> RTS Page for Needless 109

Chapter 109


Text: A forbidden secret revealed!!!
SFX: Roar

Blade: You were...
Blade: behind all this!?

Disk: Gido!! You helped bring all this about!?
Disk: You're the great scientist that created Blade and Arclight! Are you really okay with the earth being destroyed!?

Gido: To me, Eve represents the memories of the woman I loved.
SFX: Beep
Gido: You could say she is like my daughter!!


SFX: Open

SFX: Squeak squeak

Gido: That is because...
SFX: Dramatic
Gido: Eve's brain is Kasumi-kun's.
Title: #109 City Arc (20)
Credit: Imai Kami

Disk: No way!!


Cruz: She's the one that worked with him in the Adam Project lab!!

Gido: Kasumi was...
SFX: Rumble rumble rumble
Gido: the only woman I ever loved.

Cruz: Come to think of it, his memories we saw during the reverse rejection reaction never showed us how she died.
Eve: What happened!?

Gido: I will show you...
Gido: these sealed memories!!
SFX: Creak creak creak

Gido: Blackout Invoke!!!
SFX: Thoom


Man: Rikudou-kun.
Man: We have no time! This way!!

Gido: Is this your lab!!?

Gido: Why did you call me here!?
Gido: I refuse to work with the 666-Member Committee that killed the Second Christ!!

SFX: Press
Man: Even after seeing this?

SFX: Rise


SFX: Rumble rumble rumble


Gido: Kasumi!!!

SFX: Ooze

Gido: What is this!!?
SFX: Bang!
Gido: What happened!!?

Man: Rikudou-kun, this is the existence from the other side that created Needlesses at the end of World War 3.
Man: This is an "angel".

Gido: An angel!?

Kasumi: Doc...
Kasumi: Doctor Gido...

Gido: Kasumi-kun!!!


Kasumi: I'm sorry...I...
Kasumi: I came to this lab in hopes of acquiring some high purity Eden's Seed...
SFX: Pant pant
Kasumi: I thought it would help our project...

Man: While she was collecting the Eden's Seed...
Man: there was an "interference accident" from the other side.

Man: And when she tried to save Eve, she was crushed beneath the protective wall.

SFX: Rumble rumble rumble

Man2: Eve N's left brain and right arm are damaged!! At this rate...

Gido: Eve...
Gido: Why is she here!?


Kasumi: Please use...
Kasumi: my body!

Gido: What!?

Kasumi: I cannot...be saved.
Kasumi: So use this opportunity to save Karin...

Gido: What do you mean!?

Kasumi: Karin is...
Kasumi: my little sister.

Kasumi: She was born with a disease that meant she would not live past 10.
Kasumi: So she was sent to the Eve Project to extend her life even if only by a little.
Kasumi: I was never able to meet her or tell her, but I was happy simply working on the Eve Project with my sister.


Gido: Hey!! Hurry up and open this protective wall!!
Gido: Kasumi will be...!!

Man: That area is filled with dark matter.
Man: And she is being held in place by the one from the other side.
Man: If we save her, the angel will come to this side.

Man: This single angel has power equal to the Second Christ!

Man: Do you understand...
SFX: Rumble rumble rumble
Man: why I called you here?

Gido: You don't mean...

Man: She has already started to unify with the angel!
SFX: Rumble rumble rumble
Man: Only you can save Kasumi and Karin.


Kasumi: Doctor Gido... I'm sorry I was always tripping you up in your research...
Kasumi: I may have been...impertinent and of no real use, but...

Gido: That's not true at all!!
Gido: You have no idea much you saved me!!

Kasumi: Is that true?
Kasumi: Just hearing you say that...is enough for me...
Gido: So please don't die!!

Kasumi: I have already been exposed to a lethal dose of Eden's Seed...
Kasumi: But you can...still save Eve.
Kasumi: So please...join me with Karin...

Gido: I can't!!
Gido I just can't!!


Kasumi: Doctor Gido, I am asking...specifically because it is you...
Kasumi: Nothing would make me happier...
Kasumi: than being able to become a part of my little sister...

Kasumi: So please...make sure Eve is a success.
Kasumi: That is my final request...

Gido: ...Kasumi...

Man: Only a Needless can go beyond this protective wall.
Man: And only one with the power of an angel can damage an angel.
SFX: Reach

SFX: Rumble rumble

Gido: Fine then.


SFX: Open

SFX: Pant pant

SFX: Throb throb

Gido: K...
Gido: Kasumi...

Kasumi: Doctor...


Kasumi: Doctor Gido...Hurry...
Kasumi: I can't feel my legs...

Gido: Forgive me!


SFX: Slice

SFX: Gush

Gido: Gh...
SFX: Grab


SFX: Pant pant
SFX: Rumble rumble

SFX: Ooze ooze
Angel: Gh...
Angel: Ghh...

SFX: Charge
Angel: Eahhhhh!!

Man: Look out!!!


SFX: Focus

SFX: Boom


SFX: Thoom

SFX: Rumble rumble
Cruz: It can't be...
Cruz: The old man is part of the Adam Series!?

Saten: That's right. He experimented on himself.
Saten: And he crossed the final line in order to save Kasumi.
Saten: As he was completed before either A or B, you could call him...
SFX: Wet


Saten: Adam Z, I suppose.
SFX: Dramatic

Disk: It can't be!!

Blade: You have been...
Blade: tricking us this whole time!?

Arclight: Doctor Gido, are you done with this reunion?
Arclight: Move so I can retrieve Blade's body.


Gido: You have done well, Arclight-kun.
Gido: But you can die now.

Arclight: What!?

SFX: Snap

SFX: Wet


SFX: Rumble rumble

Arclight: Impossible!? What is this!?
SFX: Heartbeat heartbeat
Arclight: Even as a god, my right eye and heart have not been healed!!?


Saten: I created you that way.
SFX: Dramatic
Saten: I just altered the plans a bit when you were made.

SFX: Expand
Arclight: What!?

Arclight: Gwooohhhhh!
SFX: Grow grow

Teruyama: what the hell is going on!?


Arclight: You are...
Arclight: betraying me!?
SFX: Rumble rumble

Saten: Yes, yes.
SFX: Gesture
Saten: Thanks.

SFX: Burst

SFX: Open


SFX: Chew chew

Teruyama: You've gotta be kidding me!!

Eve: What is happening!?

Riru: Arclight-sama!!
SFX: Charge


SFX: Repel

Riru: Kh...
SFX: Boom
Riru: This is...?

SFX: Burn

SFX: Appear


SFX: Lined up

Cruz: The Girl's Squad!?

Riru: You!? Why!?
Riru: Are you disobeying my orders!?

Saten: It's no use.
Saten: They will only obey my orders now.

Riru: You don't mean...!!

Saten: That's right.
Saten: Black Attraction!!


Saten: Don't you remember what I said back then?
SFX: Rumble rumble rumble
Saten: I said we could still use her brain!!

Riru: Who...
Text: Saten rebels!! What is he after!?
SFX: Rumble rumble
Riru: are you!?

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