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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Needless 110

City Arc (21)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Mar 4, 2013 20:16 | Go to Needless

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Chapter 110


Riru: Why can you...
SFX: Rumble rumble
Text: Saten rebels!! What is his true identity!?
Riru: use Black Attraction!!?

Saten: You never noticed?
Saten: Riru.
Saten: Noticed that you were attracted to me?
SFX: Rumble rumble

Riru: What the hell...
SFX: Rumble rumble
Riru: have you done!?

Saten: You still don't understand?
SFX: Rumble rumble
SFX: Unravel...

Cruz: Ahh!


Saten: I am...
SFX: Unravel...

Title: #110 City Arc (21)
Credit: Imai Kami
Saten: Adam Arclight.


Cruz: Ehhhhhh!!?
Teruyama: Whaaat!!?

Blade: Saten is...Arclight!?
Eve: What does that mean!?

Saten: Riru, I have taken your Girls Squad.
SFX: Rumble rumble
Saten: I planted the ESP virus in them one at a time.

Saten: Now, girls.
Saten: Eat up.


Girls: Yes, sir.

SFX: Gnaw gnaw

Cruz: Ee!
Teruyama: What the hell!?


Riru: Kh!! Stop this!!
Riru: Eternal Distortion!!

SFX: Burst

Riru: It can't be!!!
SFX: Gnaw

Gido: It is no use.
Gido: The cells of angels have been implanted within them, so your power is useless.

Riru: Damn you all!
SFX: Gnaw gnaw

Saten: You said you would become a part of your master.
SFX: Gnaw gnaw
Saten: Sorry, but you were mistaken.


Riru: Khee!!
SFX: Splat

SFX: Rip

Teruyama: Riru was taken out...
Cruz: in an instant!!


Arclight: Saten...
Arclight: Damn you...!!
SFX: Wheeze wheeze

Saten: Like I said, I'm not Saten.
Saten: I'm Arclight and you're just a clone.
Saten: Do you get it now?

Saten: Your role is over, so just die already!!
SFX: Wham

Arclight: Ghah!
SFX: Crash


Blade: Okay ,then.
Blade: If you're the real one...
SFX: Rumble rumble
Blade: when did you switch out!?

Saten: Oh, Blade. How nostalgic.
Saten: Do you remember when I obtained the holy remains? That was me.

Saten: But I grew quite busy after learning of the angels' existence.
Saten: So I left all the troublesome work to a clone.

Saten: I chose a few of my memories to implant into the clone.
Saten: Thanks to that, he was able to find Riru and you.
Saten: But it was only recently that I was sure you were the brother from back then.


Blade: Heh heh heh.
SFX: Rumble rumble
Blade: You completely fooled us all!!

SFX: Charge

SFX: Wham


Blade: I never thought the two of you were behind it all!!
SFX: Flame
Blade: Little Boy!!

SFX: Flame
Gido: Little Boy!!

SFX: Boom

Blade: I see. It makes sense that you would be able to make another clone!!
SFX: Rumble rumble


Gido: There was no way I could tell you!
SFX: Rumble rumble
SFX: Crack crack
Gido: It was all for this day!!

SFX: Rumble rumble rumble


Disk: Gido's body...
Disk: is growing younger!!

Gido: This is the power of Adam!!!
SFX: Wham


SFX: Crash
Gido: I have...
Gido: always been searching for a way to bring Kasumi back.

Gido: I attempted to remove Kasumi's right brain after implanting Blade's Doppelganger...
SFX: Rumble rumble
Gido: but it was no use.

Eve: You mean...
SFX: Shock
Eve: you were the one that dissolved me!?


Blade: Damn you!!
Blade: How rotten can you be!!?

SFX: Repeated impacts

Gido: But...
Gido: I have one final hope!!

Blade: A hope!?


Gido: Everyone assumed a meeting with the unknown would come from the sky, but first contact had already occurred deep underground below the blast site.
Gido: I will never forget what I saw there.

Gido: Its form was completely different from that of a human!!
Gido: And yet it was much too similar to a human for a being from a completely different universe!!

Gido: I could not help but dig up an old ridiculous theory of mine.
Gido: The theory that the truth of the universe could not be solved via humanity.

Gido: Why was the decimal number system created?
Gido: Was it because humans had 10 fingers?
Gido: But a day has 24 hours and a year has 12 months.
Gido: Was it possible the secrets of the universe could only be solved with a base 12 system!?


Gido: Had the development of human science stagnated because it used base 10!?
Gido: And it all came together when I saw their fingers!!

Gido: Over 300 million years ago, some creatures on the earth had 7 or 8 fingers on a hand.
Gido: But the process of evolution left most with no more than 5.

Gido: What a shame!!
Gido: Our civilization was left immature due to a failure of evolution!!


Disk: You don't mean...
Disk: you plan to go to the other side to save her!?

Cruz: Ehh!?

Gido: Yes.
Gido: Their level of civilization should have a means...
Gido: to separate Kasumi from Eve and bring her back to life!!

Gido: They have to have the ability to let both Eve and Kasumi live!!

Teruyama: That's crazy!!
Teruyama: You're planning to kill most of humanity for that!?

Gido: Of course.
Gido: Since the day Kasumi died...
Gido: I created clones of the Second Christ, I created Arclight, and I created his clone. It was all to bring Kasumi back to life.
Gido: I have preserved this gate while watching over Eve!!


Teruyama: You're insane!

Gido: And I have sealed...
Gido: my powers as an Adam for this day.

Saten: Due to a different number of chromosomes, an Adam's life is shorter than that of a human.
Saten: Doctor Gido had little time left since he joined the Adam Series past the prime of his life.
Saten: And so he sealed away his memories and power.
Saten: And he left me the key to bringing back his powers.

Blade: Hah!! I know what Gido wants!
Blade: But what are you after!?

Saten: The same as my duplicate.
Saten: The idea of creating a world of only Needlesses with an Eden's Seed bomb was my idea.


Saten: We clones of the Second Christ are similar yet different to the original.
Saten: The power of the angels was weakened, so we were left empty.
SFX: Rumble rumble
Saten: We started at Zero.

Saten: We were born as a case for 1000 different colors of colored pencil...
Saten: yet we only had 2 colors inside.
Saten: We were born defective.

Saten: But if the gate is opened and we devour an angel from the other side, our case will be filled.
Saten: We will likely gain power equal or greater to the Second Christ.

Saten: That power has yet to be named, but I would call it...
Saten: the Almighty!!

Cruz: The Almighty!


Saten: Yes. We would gain any and all power just like the Second Christ!
Saten: We would have the power of a god from a legend.
Saten: We could accomplish anything we imagined.
Saten: We would have enough power to rewrite the entire earth if we wished.

Saten: But you...
Saten: were trying to close the gate!!!

Arclight: Gh!!


Disk: But the other side has a civilization well beyond earth's and is crawling with creatures with power equal or greater to the Second Christ, right!?
Disk: This galaxy would be blown away if we made enemies of them!!
Disk: It makes sense to close the gate and prevent them from getting in!!

Gido: It makes sense to close the gate?
SFX: Rumble rumble
Gido: Such fools!!

Saten: An unknown civilization and unknown life forms exist beyond the gate. Don't you want to see them?
Saten: Don't you want to learn of your own roots?

Saten: And...don't you want to obtain all of their power?

Disk: You're insane!!


Arclight: Gwoooohhhh!!
SFX: Burst

Cruz: Ahh!!
Disk: Arclight's body!!

Gido: The collapse has begun.


Arclight: Why!?
SFX: Wheeze wheeze
Arclight: Why is my body crumbling!?

Arclight: I absorbed a god! I should have become almighty!!
Arclight: Why!?

Saten: Heh heh heh...
SFX; Rumble rumble
Saten: This isn't surprising. You have a mismatched body like one forcing together pieces of different dolls.

Arclight: What!?


Saten: You thought there was meaning in the locations the Stigmata appeared in.
Saten: You thought bringing them together would make you a god.
Saten: But you were mistaken.

Saten: You only obtain the power once the 12 Stigmata reside in the proper locations.
SFX: Rumble rumble

Saten: The Bible tells which powers go in which locations.
Saten: You would know that if you had properly decoded the chip.

Arclight: You did something to the chip!?

Saten: I had Primaria...
Saten: delete a few lines.
SFX: Rumble rumble


Saten: The current Bible includes a third section called the New New Testament that records the actions of the Second Christ after World War 3.
SFX: Whoosh
Saten: It records the true form of god that the people saw!!

Saten: Zero.
SFX: Whoosh

Saten: The Fourth Wave
SFX: Whoosh

Saten: Rainmaker.
SFX: Glitter

Saten: Magnetic World

Saten: Bermuda Asport.
SFX: Glow


Saten: Ice.
SFX: Glow

Saten: Flame.
SFX: Glow

Saten: Psychokinesis.
SFX: Glow

Saten: Graviton
SFX: Glow

Saten: Agnishwattas

Saten: And Doppelganger.

Cruz: The Stigmata are...


Cruz: creating a human form!!!
Text: Are all the secrets finally being revealed!?

Saten: This is...
SFX: Dramatic
Saten: the true form of god!!

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