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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Needless 111

City Arc (22)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Mar 18, 2013 20:00 | Go to Needless

-> RTS Page for Needless 111

Chapter 111


SFX: Wind
Text: For the clones scattered around the world, the moment of fate has come!

Woman: Sam! There you are.

Woman: You aren't wearing a coat.
Woman: Hurry on inside.

Woman: Eh?


SFX: Bulge

Woman: N-
Woman: Noooooooo!


SFX: Burst
Title: #111 City Arc (22)
Woman: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
Credit: Imai Kami


SFX: Rumble rumble rumble

Saten: This is the true form of god!!

Disk: Saten is...
Cruz: carrying the Stigmata!!


Upper middle article: <Breaking News> Mysterious Explosions Around the World
Lower middle article: Consecutive Terrorist Attacks in America, England, and France
Possibly Hundreds Dead

Disk: The clones around th world are exploding one after another!!
Teruyama: The Eden's Seed bombs!!?

Arclight: Wh-why!?
SFX: Pant
SFX: Ooze
Arclight: I haven't done anything yet.

Gido: You are nothing but one of the clones around the world set to explode.

Arclight: You don't mean...
Arclight: I will also...!?

Gido: Be gone.


SFX: Boom

SFX: Burst


Cruz: Arclight exploded!!
SFX: Splat

Disk: How could...
Disk: this happen!?

SFX: Whoosh


Gido: Now. Let's go, Eve.
Gido: Come with me to the other world.

Eve: Gido...
Eve: I am thankful...
Eve: but I am no longer Kasumi.

Gido: You will remember who you are soon.
Gido: I will take you along by force if necessary!!

SFX: Grab


Blade: Oh? Wait just a damn second.
Blade: So you'll be taking Eve's brain...
SFX: Rumble rumble
Blade: and Saten-kun will be taking her body since he was rejectd by Riru despite being the real Arclight?

Blade: Then I have no choice but to kill you!!!
SFX: Wham


SFX: Fly

Mio: Mio won't forgive you either!!
Mio: You killed papa and mama!!
Teruyama: Yeah!! Let's do this!!

Both: This ends here!!!


Blade: And after hearing I can become the ultimate god if I devour an angel...
Blade: I want to join in...
SFX: Charge
Blade: and become a god myself!!

Blade: Graviton!!!
Blade: Plus Bionic Compressor!!
SFX: Thoom

Blade: Now you can't move an inch!!!
Blade: Time to die!!

Gido: Fine then.


Gido: Psychokinesis!!!
Gido: Plus Magnetic World!!!
SFX: Shoot

SFX: Crack
Blade: Gwoh!

SFX: Release

Gido: Dean Drive Rocket Sled!!!
SFX: Wham


SFX: Spin
Eve: Deadly Maelstrom!!!

SFX: Roar
Gido: Gokumon Eryouju!!!

SFX: Freeze

Eve: Oh, no!!
Eve: He stopped the rotation!!!

SFX: Glow


Gido: Agnishwattas!!!
SFX: Break

Eve: Ukh!
SFX: Crash

Teruyama: Vulcan Shock Little Boy!!!
SFX: Roar

Mio: Mio-chan Punch!!!


SFX: Burst

Teruyama: What?
Teruyama: Not even my full power is enough!!?

Saten: Hmph
Saten: Take this.
Saten: An impact from another dimension.

Saten: Fifth Wave!!!
SFX: Flash


SFX: Boom

Teruyama: Gwohhh!!

Mio: Nyahhh!

SFX: Collapse
SFX: Rumble rumble


Saten: Didn't I tell you?
Saten: Our Stigmata is the power of god that lets us do anything so long as we have it.

Saten: None of your powers will work on us!
Saten: Especially those of you without Positive Feedback or Doppelganger!!

Cruz: Nothing will work!?
Disk: And Gido knows Blade and Eve's fighting style too well!!

Cruz: At this rate...
Cruz: the world will come to an end!!


Blade: Ohhhhh!
SFX: Charge

Blade: Agnishwattas!!

SFX: Crash
SFX: Whoosh

Blade: Tempest Thread!!!

SFX: Impacts


SFX: Impacts

Saten: A futile struggle?
SFX: Impacts
Saten: That isn't like you at all.

Saten: Did you actually think this would work?
SFX: Impacts

SFX: Rumble rumble
Blade: What are you going on about?

Blade: I never had any intention of fighting you two.
SFX: Rumble rumble
Blade: Didn't I tell you, I'm interested in becoming a god?

Saten: What?!


Blade: What do you think this is!?

SFX: Crash
Blade: It's the gate and its cover!!!

SFX: Rumble rumble
Cruz: Waahhh!!

Disk: So this thing that's been visible at our feet...
Disk: is the dimensional gate!?


Cruz: It can't be!
SFX: Crack crack
Cruz: So father has been using simple but highly destructive attacks at the ground in order to...

Disk: Wait a second, Blade!!
Disk: Are you trying to open the gate!?

Cruz: No way!!
SFX: Wham wham

SFX: Wham wham
Blade: Hah hahhhhh!


SFX: Boom

Eve: The cover is crumbling!!
Eve: This light!!

Saten: Now you've done it!!

SFX: Crack crack crack


SFX: Crack crack crack

Teruyama: The...
Teruyama: The other side...
Teruyama: has noticed!!!

SFX: Throb throb


SFX: Boom

Mio: The dimensional gate is opening!!

Blade: Re mi do do so!


SFX: Burst out


SFX: Roar
Text: How will this unpredictable showdown end!?

Cruz: That's...
SFX: Rumble rumble rumble
Cruz: an angel!!

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