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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Needless 114

City Arc (25)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jun 18, 2013 16:48 | Go to Needless

-> RTS Page for Needless 114

Chapter 114


Right text: What is Blade, Eve, and Cruz's fate!?
Left text: Ultra Jump's leading long-running series comes to its emotional final chapter!!
Title: #114 City Arc (25)


Top: Thanks for the 10 years!


SFX: Rooooar
Saten: You will spend hundreds of millions of years in your own brain.
Saten: Before you can complete these last two steps, your nerves will be torn to shreds and your brain's lifespan will run out!!
Saten: You can never reach me!!

Blade: You're so pathetic it's almost refreshing!!
Blade: Is this the only way you could attack me!?

Saten: Didn't I tell you? My power is Dark Matter. It is foreign to this earth.
Saten: If I use this power to twist time and space, neither me nor this dimension will escape unscathed!!
Saten: You have forced me to use this!! Well done, Blade!


Saten: Take this! Sixth Wave!!!

SFX: Whoosh whoosh

Saten: This ability is the same as "heaven"!!
Saten: When humans die, they create a world that feels as if it lasts for all eternity.
Saten: And in the few seconds it takes for their sense of self to be destroyed, they live forever in that world that has destroyed the concept of time.
Saten: Your life flashing before your eyes is a precursor to that!!
Saten: Can you see it, Blade!?
Saten: This Sixth Wave is a power of an alternate dimension that forcibly sends you to heaven!! And it is impossible to escape!!


SFX: Throb throb
Blade: The gate has already closed!!
Blade: You can only remain almighty for another ten or so seconds!!

Saten: That is enough. It will only take 2 seconds in the real world for your brain to die of old age.
Saten: After that, I can regenerate...
Saten: and kill your comrades before even 10 seconds have passed!

Saten: Do not worry.
SFX: Rumble rumble rumble
Saten: I will heal Eve.

Saten: It's gone!?


Saten: Blade had Eve's head, but it's gone!!
SFX: Rumble rumble rumble
Saten: What did you do with it!?

Saten: You were holding her head just a moment ago!!

Blade: "I failed to mention it..."
Blade: "But my body was at its limit."
Blade: "The boundary between our minds could not be maintained."


SFX: Burst

Saten: She's inside Blade!?
Saten: Why is she in here!?

Eve: This may be a rejection to having a brain and abilities transplanted into me.
Eve: I can no longer maintain this form for long.
Eve: So I will return this now.


Blade: But if you return that to me...
Blade: your body will-...

Eve: Yes.
Eve: That is why I will rest within you, Blade.
Eve: And this is the only way to escape this place

Blade: Stop!
Blade: Eve!!

Eve: Farewell.


Researchers: He is...
Researchers: the next specimen, Onda Shizuma-kun.

Researchers: What an odd name.
Researchers: His foster parents gave it to him.
Researchers: It seems he did not say a word when they took him in.

Karin: That scar on your neck...
Karin: looks like it hurts.

Onda: It's fine. I'm used to it now and it doesn't hurt.

Researchers: It is time to enter the freezing device.
Researchers: Karin, you first.


Onda: This is goodbye,
Onda: Karin.

Karin: I will make sure to become Eve.
Karin: So you become Adam, Shizuma-kun.
Karin: Then we can meet again.

Onda: But this device will freeze our memories.
Onda: We will not remember each other then.

Eve: Don't worry. I won't forget.
Eve: I won't forget no matter what...
Eve: so I'll come see you again after the surgery.

Onda: Understood.
Onda: I will be waiting.
Onda: And I will do my best not to forget you, Karin.

Karin: Really?


Karin: Then let's see the real sky together.
Onda: Sure.
Karin: And eat apples together.
Onda: Sure.

Onda: I promise. Even if you forget me, I will make sure you remember.
Onda: When I tell you everything that happened, you're sure to remember.

Karin: Then we can be friends like we are now, right?
Onda: Yes.

Researchers: Specimen Eve-N candidate Karin will now be frozen.
Researchers: Please stand back.

Karin: See you again,
Karin: Shizuma-kun.

SFX: Creak

SFX: Shut


Researchers: Begin freezing.
SFX: Whiiiiiir

Eve: I don't want to forget you!!
Eve: Shizuma-kun!!

Eve: I want to remember at least your face...or your name.
Eve: I will always call it out so I won't forget.

Eve: Onda Shizuma...
Eve: Onda Shizuma...
Eve(thought): I...won't forget.
Eve: Onda Shizuma...
Eve: Onda Shizuma...
Eve: Onda...shizu...
Eve: On...da...

Eve: On...da...

Eve: Da...

Eve: ..."da"...


SFX: Crash

Saten: Impossible!!
Saten: He destroyed the Sixth Wave!?

Saten: Did he fuse with Eve...
Saten: and destroy my ability!!?


Blade: Ohhhhhh!
Blade: I don't need millions of years to kill you!!!

Saten: Regenerate!!!
SFX: Charge
Saten: Gaaaah!!

Saten: Get back to heaven!!!

SFX: Burst


SFX: Boom

Saten: Wh-why!?
Saten: Whyyy!!?

Blade: Did you forget?
SFX: Rumble rumble rumble
Blade: Any blow you turn my way...
Blade: I can send right back at you!!

SFX: Bulge bulge


Eve: I am a mirror!
Eve: A mirror of truth that perfectly reflects your ugly form!!

Blade: I am a mirror!!
Blade: A mirror of retribution that returns your malice right back at you!!

Blade: You're this ugly because you got greedy and tried to cram...
Blade: too many toys into too small a container!!!


Text: Judgment: Execution!!


SFX: Burst

SFX: Rumble rumble
Blade: Die in the very heaven you created!

SFX: Fade...

Blade: My almighty powers are disappearing.
Blade: Eve!!

Eve: We need to...
Eve: use that power one last time.


SFX: Roar

Eve: We need to lend a hand to someone...
Eve: who saved us in the past.

Blade: What?
SFX: Bright

SFX: Sparkle

Blade: I see...


SFX: Rumble rumble rumble

Cruz: What!?
SFX: Rumble rumble
Teruyama: He suddenly exploded!?

Cruz: Father and Eve-san's head are gone!!
Disk: It can't be!!

SFX: Sparkle sparkle



Cruz: H-
Cruz: Her...

SFX: Sparkle sparkle

Disk: That choker!!

Disk: Don't tell me Blade and Eve...
Disk: fused together!?
Teruyama: Whaaaaaat!?

SFX: Clench

Cruz: Um, father...
Cruz: Is that you?
SFX: Rumble rumble

Blade: Yes.
Blade: It seems I fused with Eve once that miraculous power ran out.
SFX: Sparkle sparkle


SFX: Wind
Seth: Blade, I'm sorry.
Seth: We came back to life, but Eve...

Eve: I am fine, Blade.
Eve: Two souls reside in a single heart.
Eve: We have truly become one.
Eve: And that is not too bad.

Blade: Yes. Indeed.
SFX: Wind
Blade: I can't separate Eve out without obtaining that power once more!

Cruz: Father...

SFX: Transform


Blade: And I'll work all of you to death...
Blade: until I find a way.
SFX: Dramatic

Mio: Sure!! That's fine!
Teruyama: Okay, I'll help you.

Solva: I know!! Maybe a portion of the holy remains or an angel are still around!!

Disk: And we also need to find some parts for my body.
SFX: Broken
Seth: Only if it pays.

Cruz: And I need to find...
Cruz: a way to go back to being a guy.

All: Not a chance!!!
Text: Shaaa!
Cruz: Ehhh?


Text: In the end...

Text: Nothing about the world changed.
Text: The City remained a cold place, the walls are still there,
Text: and the Black Spot is still a world of survival of the fittest.

Text: Father could have changed or erased this world.
Text: He could have altered the very rules of the world.
Text: But he didn't.

Text: That is very like father.
Text: I doubt he will ever change.


Blade: Let's go, you small fries!!!
All: Sure thing!!


Blade: Okay, Yamada! Go buy me a Dorodoron Drink!
Cruz: Ehhh? Again?
SFX: Ksshh
SFX: Click
Mio: Mio wants eggplant flavor!
Text: Ehhh?
Cruz: Does that even exist?
Teruyama: I'm fine with miso soup!!
Blade: Why don't you just drink gasoline?
Teruyama: The hell did you say?

Announcer: A new fashion is spreading through the City.
SFX: Ksshh ksshh ksshh
Announcer: Some claim it is inappropriate...
Announcer: but it cannot be controlled as it has been a traditional uniform of Japanese woman for over 3000 years just like "naked with gloves".

Girls: It's just so comfortable.
Text: Look forward to Imai-sensei's next work!!
Girls: Eh heh heh. It keeps you nice and cool.

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