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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Blazer Drive 12

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Mar 10, 2009 12:42 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 12

I don't know if I have to go into the point of begging, but . . . please proofread it . . . PLEASE . . . I know that I failed as a translator because my English grammars aren't that strong to start with, but . . . >_<"

Other than that, enjoy . . . nothing else I want to say other than, if you want to use it for scanlation, PLEASE proofread it . . . >_<"

Blazer Drive
12th BLAZE “The Light that Pierces through the Darkness”

Pg. 1
What is lurking in the dark: hope or despair?

Pg. 2
Misora – Yes!
I did it!!
I . . .

Had won a Blazer battle!
Wait for me, Daichi!

** Misora’s first victory! No one can interfere with her thought towards Daichi!! **

Pg. 3
Melon – Kuh

Guardian – The bugs!

They’re gone . . .

Pg. 4
Melon - Seems like someone in our division managed to strike down
The Blazer of Quilin Realm that was controlling those bugs then

Kuroki – The ability of this guy’s Kakutan is . . .

Pg. 5
Shuga – Glad to be at your service again

Pg. 6
Kuroki – So you finally come out

Shuga – How much longer are you intended to stand there?

Pg. 7
Kuroki – If my memory serves me, you’re Shoga, right?
Shuga – It’s Shuga, not Shoga!!
You did that on purpose, didn’t you!!!

Kuroki - . . . Really? . . . Such a complicated name to remember

I actually thought that you told me about your attack plan beforehand
To make us all gather up here while you head out to attack Daichi

But you end up really attacking the headquarter as you told me

Just what are you Quilin Realm planning on doing?

Answer me!!
Shuga – Hmph

Pg. 8
That boy indeed is our important guest

But let’s us both just enjoy this party together first!!

Kuroki – A party? Don’t joke around with me!!

Shuga – A party has to come with surprises

Pg. 9
Kuroki – It’s rather you guys

Who will be surprised for coming here!

Pg. 10
He’s gone!

Pg. 11
Shuga – Tch

Kuroki – I already hypothesized this, but I can confirme it now
The ability of your Mysticker, Black Kakutan
Isn’t to allow you to slip through things

But it’s an ability of moving inside the shadow

Shuga - So the reason why
You are standing beneath the light coming down from the hole
Without moving out of that area is to prove that?

Pg. 12
Kuku, but once you know it, you’ll end up
Just feeling more and more despair

Kuroki – This place has too much shades, so if I want to change the place
Even if I move, that guy won’t follow
Can’t help it then . . .


Pg. 13

Pg. 14
Heck, I overdid it
The Division Head will punish
Me to death for sure after this . . .

Shuga - You seriously made me laugh

You destroy your own home just for the sake
Of having less shadow around? How careless

Kuroki – When we have some guests coming, it will be rude if we don’t prepare
A lit-up place for the party, isn’t it?

From the battle just now, I also noted that the shadow have to be connected
Even for a split second for you to be able to move from one to another

Shuga – I never thought that you’ll figure it out so quickly from that battle ground
Kuroki . . . You’re a strong Blazer just as rumored
But you still can’t defeat me

Pg. 15
Kuroki - Enough of the tedious talk. Let’s move onto the buffet party now then!!

As long as there’s no shadow, you’re not as hard to deal with anymore


Pg. 16
Kuroki - Wow~ This one came out from his tongue!!
It’s good that I manage to defend it, but
Isn’t this just like I’m indirectly kissing him!!

Shuga – Damn you!


Pg. 17
Kuroki – What’s this!! It’s just a small wound but it’s burning hot
Those black weapons, they’re not just ordinary spikes now, it seems

Shuga – This guy is a dark-element weapon, just like your one
Even a small cut can turn into a severe wound

It hurts, doesn’t it?

Thanks to that, my classy suit is torn into pieces
Kuroki - His body!! . . . I get it now. He uses those silver earrings as the medium for his black weapons to come from his body
He's maintaining his distance while fighting then?

Pg. 18
Shuga – I’ll have you pay for it by taking your blood as wine then

Kuroki – Silver beads!?

Shuga – Eat this!!

Pg. 19
Kuroki – Kuh

Shuga – More now

You can dodge all of them, huh, haha
I see, you didn’t make even one careless move

But finally, you're in

Pg. 20
Kuroki – The shadow under the expressway!!

He managed to make me come under this!!?
This is bad. I got to go away from the shadow!!


Pg. 21
Daichi – Dammit! As long as he’s dodging like this
Kandachi can’t hit him at all

Kaine – Seems like you’ve learned to control your spiritual power now . . .

Pg. 22
And you’re not using that Mysticker? The division has it then?

They took away your precious thing, didn’t they?
It’s just like that. People can just take anything from anyone without any thought

Daichi – He already knew that I don’t have Tamamayu with me . . .

Kaine – My sound attack actually is a wide-ranged attack
But it will hit even in the tiny space

Pg. 23

Pg. 24
The climax of the song just easily comes to the end, so now . . .

I can see your inside


Pg. 25
Daichi – It works! So you fell in the trap hole now!!
This is just one of the ones I made for Tenjik to fall into when I was training!

The uncool one around here is you, Kaine

Pg. 26
No way can dodge this now!!
Eat this!!

ITZUNA OTOSHI (Lightning Fall)!!!

Pg. 27

Kaine – It won’t work

Pg. 28
Daichi – He uses that guitar to absorb Kandachi’s lightning again!!?

Hah, don’t think that I’m the same as before though

I’m going to open up my power pipe more and more now!!

Pg. 29
Kaine – Kuh

Pg. 30
Daichi – Hahaha, it reached its limit, huh? How was it then, seeing my cool power!!
You can go ahead and play my theme song with that guitar

Kaine – Ku . . .



Pg. 31
Daichi – What the!?
What are you laughing at?

Kaine - Just controlling your spiritual power, Daichi, you really can

Make the Mysticker reach its limit without attaching
Any Amplifier-type Mysticker

You pull out its power to the amount that’s impossible in reality
It’s as if the Mysticker grows and evolves once put on your body

Pg. 32
That’s what is important for me to achieve my goal!!
I seriously want to look at your inside and see who really are you!!!

Daichi – So you’re saying that that’s my special power . . . ?
I don’t really get . . . why you guys are after me though

Kaine – You don’t know how valuable you are

I will play your theme song for you

As you wish then

Pg. 33
Daichi – Huh!!

Pg. 34


Pg. 35-36
What the heck was that! But I already dodged it
Was that because of that tune just now?

Kaine - I’ll destroy all the noises


Pg. 37
Kuroki – Kuh
Shuga – Ah
You pierce right into the shadow!?

This is the first time I got injured while staying inside the shadow
I’ll expect as much from you, Kuroki the Necromancer . . .

Looks like it is really true that that sword can slash through formless objects

Kuroki – The spike in my foot is gone as well
Now I know one more new thing

Pg. 38
Shuga – Huh!?

Kuroki - While you’re inside the shadow
You can’t indirectly attack me from further away

You have to approach the target to get into your range of attack

To use the shadow far from your body
You’ll need the silver medium

Shuga – Very good analysis
But in the party, one person will have to come down from the stage

Kuroki – I don’t want that from a sly guy who always hides in the shadow

Pg. 39
Shuga - You Guardians pay in the darkness just to become brighter
The shadow of that light too is clearly becoming bigger and bigger

Kuroki – What is it you want to say?

Shuga – Whatever it is, as long as light touches it, there will also be the shadow
Whenever the sun goes down

Everything will turn into the pit darkness!!!

Pg. 40
Kuroki – The silver beads!

Shuga – Down here as well

The shadow needles from all direction, no way you can ever guard this!!

You’ll be tainted red just like the broken wine glass

Pg. 41

The only one that can color all things is the pit darkness
A rather enjoyable show to have in the party

Pg. 42
Kuroki – No matter how dark it gets, the sun surely will rise again

Pg. 43

Pg. 44
Kaine - Enough . . . enough already. Such a persistent brat you are
Your division should be destroyed by now, and your friends will never come for you, so give up already

Daichi - I really love the word “cool”

For me, I really hate the antonym

To that word, like “giving up”

Pg. 45-46
Daichi + Kuroki - Don’t you belittle us Guardians
** Preparation completed!! The counterattack will start in the next chapter!!! **

Thank you for reading . . .

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