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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 235

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Mar 27, 2009 18:20 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

-> RTS Page for Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 235

Off to sleep . . . as usual, please proofread it.

And, I guess I'll just continue to do it until some other translator picks it up. I don't care if it's not being used as scanlation (though I'm totally fine with people using it), at least I want to give it a try.

PS. Update on CB, Miken is busy with exams, it seems. So, CB 37 might be a bit late. Sorry for the inconvenience. -_-"


Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Target 235 “Start of the Training”

Pg. 1
** The future Dino & Dino-Reborn!! The super reliable tutor combo!! **

Pg. 2
Dino – How are you guys then?
** He comes from afar to aid his little brothers!! **

Tsuna – Dino-san!!

Yamamoto – Cool! He is riding on a horse
Gokudera – The orange flame . . . the Sky Box Weapon then, huh?

Pg. 3
Dino – But well, hahaha
You guys from 10 years ago are seriously just a bunch of kids
Gokudera – What!

Reborn – What time do you think it is now? It’s bedtime for a kid like you already

Dino – Never thought I would be able to meet you again . . .
Reborn, my mentor . . .

Reborn – What is with that face?
The greenhorn still haven’t gone away even after 10 years, I see

Dino – Che, no matter how long had passed, you’ll still treat me as a kid, huh?



Pg. 4
Dino – Ouch

Tsuna – Eh!?

Yamamoto – He landed head-first . . .

Gokudera – Hey
Don’t tell me

Dino – That’s weird . . . I tripped and messed up so much today . . .
And it took me three full hours to get here while I was only 1km away . . .

Tsuna – Umm . . . Dino-san
What are about your subordinates?

Dino – Hm?
Romario went to get some drinks with Kusakabe three hours ago

Everyone – Seriously . . .

He is still the same awkward guy like 10 years ago when his subordinates are not around!!!

Tsuna – That was how we reunited with the future Dino-san . . .

Pg. 5
Haru – So, shall we start from cleaning up the leftover from the welcome party then?
Kyouko – Alright!

Haru - Someone is already here . . .


Pg. 6
Chrome - . . . I
. . . I’m sorry

Well . . .
I was just trying to . . .

Pg. 7
Tsuna – Dino-san, who didn’t bring any subordinate with him, is totally a klutz . . .
Dino – What is it, guys?
I was really amazed how he’s just the same friendly Dino-san as he was 10 years ago!

Alright, so you all are here now
From today on, we’re going to be training on the basics of box weapons

And I, Reborn’s number one student,
Will be the one to divide you up and tutor each of you

Pg. 8
Be good then

Gokudera – Will I ever actually get along with that greenhorn, I wonder
Tsuna – But when Dino-san is in front of his subordinates, he’s really strong

Reborn – Which then means, that I’ll be in a higher-up position this time, as the “Tutor Fairy”
Tsuna – Like you really will become a fairy!!
(You’re just using the wire to keep you floating!!)

Stop it, Rebob-!!

Dino – Well, let’s get started then, but . . .
Before that, Chrome

Just a check on your resolve

While you’re the Vongola Guardian, you are also an ally to Mukuro
Is it really OK for us to count you in as an ally during this battle with Millefiore?

Pg. 9
Chrome - I
Want to become . . .
A stronger person . . .

And that’s

Because I think it is linked to the way to get back to the past . . .

Dino – Alright, we’re depending on you then
And I’ll be giving Lambo the basic training as well
We do need the power of all the guardians in order to defeat Byakuran

Tsuna – There really is no other way . . . to work this out?

Dino – I’ve already talked to the Tsuna of this era
So I more or less know about your Vongola Boxes

After thinking over it, I plan to train each of you differently from others
Hibari Kyouya already started his training with me

Tsuna – Eh!? Hibari-san already!?
That means you found him already then!! Hibari-san!!
Dino – But he’s just as stubborn as always though

Pg. 10
So, Sawada Tsunayoshi! I’ll start with the details of your training first
Tsuna – Ah . . .

Dino – You are to stay alone until you can open your box correctly

Tsuna – Eh!? . . . Alone, meaning
Being alone, all by myself . . . !?

Dino – Rather, you and your box together. When there’s problem with the box weapon
The user should always stay beside it

Tsuna - . . . Is that
. . . all?

Dino - What I said was just a hint

Tsuna – Eh?

Pg. 11
Dino - Next is Gokudera Hayato

You are to take care of Sasagawa Ryouhei and Lambo
Who are still new to the box weapons.

Gokudera – WHAAT!?

Damn you, Dino~!! You said you’ll be the tutor yet you push it to other people!!?
And what the heck is with me having that stupid extremist and idiotic cow as my students? Like hell I’ll accept that!!!

Pg. 12
Tsuna – That’s great, Gokudera-kun
You’re already a teacher?
Gokudera – EH!?

(G-great . . . !?)

Gokudera – No, no, those words are too good for me!! I’m still just a little chick as well, so!!
But, if I can be of your help, I give in all I have to it!!
Tsuna - (Chick?)

Ryouhei – But I don’t want that octopus head to help guide me though
I’m depressed to the extreme

Lambo - Lambo-san rea~lly hate that idiot as well

Gokudera – Say whatever you want!! This is a request given to me by the Tenth!!
I’m going to teach you all even if that means I’ll have to drag you!!
Tsuna – I’m not the one asking though!!

Dino – Next is Chrome Dokuro

For half of the time, you’re to train with the program Arcobaleno Mammon had left behind to improve your illusion, thus strengthen your box weapon
And the rest of the time is for you to improve your martial art . . . those two over there will help you out

Pg. 13
And Yamamoto Takeshi
Yamamoto – Alright!

I’ve been waiting!! Dino-san!
What should I do then?

Dino – I actually thought that he would still be down from losing to Phantom Knight . . .
But he just seems so cheerful . . .

I’ll pass on you
Just standby

Yamamoto – Heh?

Tsuna – P- . . . Pass!?
Gokudera – (Nice!!)

Pg. 14
Dino – Also, I can’t really do much to you
If I make any mistake in teaching you, that guy will kill me for sure

Yamamoto – That guy?

Dino - That person who knows best about your potential is really serious

Yamamoto Takeshi, the training for you this time
Might turn into something really awesome

-- Pacific Ocean --

Pg. 15
Ship - Dairyoumaru
== Ship’s name . . . :3

Radio – Typhoon 16 is rapidly growing and- . . .
Captain – Stupid Satoru is really a rain bringer~~
Sailor – Sorry
Captain, you too better get into your life vest

Captain – WAH

What was that crash just now!?
Did something just hit into the side!!
Sailor – Side . . . ?


Pg. 16

It’- . . .
It’s a shark~~!!!

Did the shark, big enough to make you lose your legs, just came onboard?
It’s not Jaw, isn’t it?


Squallo – This ship is heading to Japan, right?
Let me hitch a ride then

Captain – Wh- . . .
Where did you . . . ?

Squallo – Yamamoto Takeshi
That brat . . .

Pg. 17
Squallo – What the hell do you mean
You already lost!!!!
** Squallo, arrived at Japan with the demonic look!! The hell is about to begin . . . !? **

Thank you for reading . . .

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#1. by ibn. ()
Posted on Mar 27, 2009
thank you again.
#2. by DrunkDragon ()
Posted on Mar 27, 2009
Hahaha, thats squalo and Dino for you :D Thanks for the Trans.
#3. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Mar 27, 2009
กำ พี่พลอยมาดึกแท้ *-*
#4. by Phillick ()
Posted on Mar 27, 2009
Thank you so much... fast quality work for a manga that was really needing it.
#5. by lapouet92 ()
Posted on Mar 27, 2009
merci beaucoup ^^
#6. by alazim ()
Posted on Mar 27, 2009
nice one..can' we to see the scan
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