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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Blazer Drive 13

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Apr 17, 2009 02:45 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 13

EDIT: Just put in the extra. Sorry, I forgot . . . >_<"

Just a small update on the raw, I already had Buster Keel scanned for ages ago, but my internet isn't strong enough to let me upload it to any of the file hosting sites I usually will use (MF, MU and even MH) . . . since the file size is as big as 90 something MB because since I did make some changes in its dimension and stuff. So . . . I'm sorry for the lateness of the raw, especially to Lingwe (since I know that you've been asking me ever since a bit before its release . . . :( ) If anyone wants the second version (1500 px height) you can go ahead and go read it here, but I don't recommend you to use it for scanlation. Any further news, please read it at my LJ. Am sorry once again . . . :(

Anyway, to the translation . . . ENJOY~ :3

Blazer Drive
13th BLAZE “Blazer Drive”

Pg. 1
This left hand,
Will weave the future!!

Pg. 2
Kaine - What’s that thing behind you . . . ?

You used it to guard?

Pg. 3
Misora – Maybe I look a bit cooler than you right now.
Daichi – Ugh!
I must be the coolest for sure, since I've got my Tamamayu with me now.

Tengoku – How could you say that? Misora-sama had bravely fought a fierce battle
And risked her life to be able to deliver that to you.

I would appreciate it if you would be a little more modest!!
Daichi – Uwa, what the heck is this guy!!?

Misora – This is my Mysticker, Tengoku!
He’s also the one who protected us just now.

Daichi – B- . . . But this box can talk?
Tengoku – I’m a perfect square-shaped book, not a box.

Pg. 4
Misora – I’m going to fight along with you now.
The division head told me not to worry since everyone is already at the HQ . . .

Tengoku – Ah!
Misora – Hah
Daichi – Misora!!

Misora – I’m fine, just a little dizzy . . .
I’m ready whenever you are, Daichi.


Pg. 5
Daichi – Misora, take some rest.
Just like Tamamayu, you’ve already helped me by just being here.

Pg. 6
Misora – Y- . . . You seriously try to act too cool.
That sounded really obsolete, lame and intense . . . Daichi . . .

Daichi – Obsolete or whatever,
I can’t help sounding like that if it’s the truth.

How's that? I look so cool now,
That I speak it straight out, right?

Misora – Daichi . . .

Pg. 7
Kaine - That’s the worst noise I’ve ever heard of . . .

That girl just used up all of her power coming here. She isn't even
Capable of guarding like that again. Nothing more than a burden now, isn’t she?

There’s no way you can become stronger simply because someone else is standing by your side!!!
Are you stupid or what!!?

Pg. 8
That noise totally makes me sick to the point of getting the strings
In my head snapped!!

Daichi – What, so you’re becoming talkative, are you?

Since you said it, I’ll prove it to you then, that we can become stronger
Through the bonds we share with other people!!!

Pg. 9

Pg. 10

Pg. 11
Kuroki – Knowing that your ability is the shadow,

I would rather use a Light Mysticker, but

Shuga – He placed Dark Mysticker over it?

The shape of that big sword changed.
He coiled it around himself to block my Shadow Core from all directions?

Pg. 12

Shadow Needle can’t guard against it.

Pg. 13
Kuroki – A shadow armor?
Shuga – If I connect all the shadows from the piercings on my body,
I can even do something like this.

Pg. 14

Pg. 15
Heh, futile . . .

Pg. 16
Kuroki – Guh!

Pg. 17
Shuga – No use, no use.

What the, my shadow armor!!
It’s disappearing!!

The piercings!!

Kuroki – As I thought, I was actually right in attacking the media of the shadow.

Now, you won’t be able to use anything but the shadows on the ground.

Pg. 18
Shuga – Impossible! You remembered the location of all the piercings on my body,
while we fought!!?

And you managed to accurately hit all of them?

Kuroki . . . he's got both the sense of battle and the intelligence.
A battle genius . . . ? This guy is truly one Dom Perignon . . .
== Dom Perignon = one of France's high-quality champagne.

It would be bad if I prolong my fight like this.
It seems this party is coming to an end now.

Pg. 19
It’s surprise time.
This guy is one of the two visitors.

I’ve already placed
Another visitor inside your headquarter

Kuroki – What are you trying to do!?

Shuga – Didn’t I already say it’s a surprise!?
What's going to happen . . .

Kuroki – STOP IT!!!

Pg. 20
Is the fun that follows after I trace

And activate this guy!!

Pg. 21
Misora – The sound....
Is gone!

Kaine - The same sound frequency . . .

That pose . . . using wires as a speaker to control the direction and volume of sound produced from the lightning . . .

Pg. 22
Misora - He didn’t just simply unleash the lightning like last time.
1000 Hz
1000 Hz
He used the lightning to create the same sound frequency as the guitar and neutralize the sound.

Being able to use Kandachi and Tamamayu together so well like this.
Daichi – Alright!
Misora - Daichi’s power right now is truly amazing.

Kaine – If so, I’ll go with the tune instead of the volume then.
I’ve already finish my preparation as well.

Puppet Dance.
Edie Fascination.

Pg. 23
Daichi – You think I’ll fall for that!? I can just cover my ears and--

Misora – Daichi?
Daichi – My body is moving on its own!!

Get away!! Misora!!!
Misora – Eh!?

Pg. 24

Daichi – Dammit, you manipulated my body!!
I could still hear the tune even though I covered my ears!?

Kaine – I already said that I had made all my preparations.
The sound of this tune can go right to your brain while you’re watching the performance, providing that you've already heard it once.

Daichi – That time!!


Misora – Daichi!

Pg. 25
-- Inside the HQ --

Shuga – An explosion!!?

Pg. 26
Yuyuka – Even if the path up to the surface is blocked, you didn’t have to do like that.
Tenjik – What the!!?

We didn’t make it in time!!?
Yuyuka – Uwa, the HQ’s upper half is gone!!

Kuroki – Tenjik! Yuyuka!!
Tenjik – Kuroki!
Kuroki – Then that explosion just now was Tenjik’s Blast Plus?

Shuga – Tenjik . . . and Yuyuka . . .
Neiru must have been defeated.

Tenjik – That guy did all this? Gosh, what the heck did you do!!?

Kuroki – Ah! . . . Umm . . . actually . . . I was the one who . . .

Yuyuka – You’re kidding me!
Tenjik – Huh? Kuroki, did you hit your head or something?
Kuroki – Wait, you just did something similar, didn’t you? With that explosion.

Pg. 27
Kuroki – Then, what is with that guy’s surprise . . . ?

Shuga – It’s an awesome Mysticker.
So it will take a while to activate after being traced.

Go ahead and clean up this mess afterwards.
I'll see you later. I've got to go and help my comrades.

Tenjik – What!!

Yuyuka – He’s sinking into the ground!!

Kuroki – Not good, he’s going to escape through the shadow.
Yuyuka – Shadow!!

Shuga – Well, good luck then~

Pg. 28
Kuroki – I won’t let you!!

Shuga - The expressway’s shadow is huge,
There's no way you'll be able to find my exact location.

Kuroki – Target confirmed. Here I go.

Around here.

Pg. 29

Pg. 30
Kuroki – Tenjik! Yuyuka!!
Tenjik – OK, got it.


Shuga – Don’t tell me you’re....!!

Pg. 31
Tenjik – Blast


Pg. 32
Shuga – He isn’t aiming at me,
But at the expressway, which is the source of the shadow .What are these guys?

No way, the shadow.
It's disappearing.

Dammit, I can’t go down!!
I have to find some other shadows.

Pg. 33

Shuga – The closest shadow is over there.

It's small, but it’s connected to a bigger one behind it.

I can escape through this shadow.

Heh! Tough luck for you, idiot!

Pg. 34
The shadow is!!

Kuroki – You’re trapped now.

You were foolish. That’s my shadow!!
If I let you into that big shadow, you'll just dodge my sword to no end.

I already told you, didn’t I? My Necromancer
Can cut through shadows with no problem.
Shuga – Dammit, I can’t move to another shadow right now!!

And with this much shadow, all I can do is guard.

Kuroki – Soul Eater!

Pg. 35-36

Pg. 37
Shuga – What . . . it doesn’t hurt at all . . .
Kuroki – Necromancer doesn’t cut the body
What it cuts is the soul.

Shuga – What the hell is this . . . !!
Is this the side effect of using Kakutan Mysticker!!?

Haha . . . hahaha, it’s already time then . . .
Such a lame joke . . . heck . . . haha . . . goddammit.

Pg. 38
You Guardians . . . just enjoy the surprise until then
Darkness awaits you just a little further . . .

Tenjik – He laughed at others while disappearing,
till the very end.

But I was really surprised that Kakutan actually existed.

Kuroki – Shuga . . . while you kept on using the Kakutan,
You became the shadow of your own shadow.

Pg. 39
Tenjik – Say, what’s that surprise he’s talking about?
Kuroki – Oh yeah, we've got to find that Mysticker quickly.

Daichi – Ugh!

Kaine – How’s it then? The feeling of strangling yourself
It’s Rock, right?

Pg. 40
Your resistance is futile, since this tune goes right to your brain through the ears and then down into body .

The sound of your heartbeat is loosing its rhythm.
Such a nice sound.

Misora – From the brain down into the body . . .

I get it now, Daichi!! Your electricity!!

Let your electricity run down your body like you always did!
You should still be able to use your Mysticker even when you can’t control your body.

Daichi – You’re telling me to shock myself at a time like this?

Misora – Just trust me.
Daichi – Dammit, fine then. In a situation like this, I’ll do anything without regret!!

Pg. 41

Daichi – Ouch . . . wha?
It’s gone! I'm in control of my body again!

Misora – As I thought!! The reason why our body moves the way we wanted it to is because of the electrical signals sent from our brains.
Inside the square – Fold my right arm.
Misora –Your electricity cuts out the signal from the guitar.

Daichi – Thanks, Misora,
(Even though that really hurt . . . )

Kaine - My lovely tune,
That girl’s noise totally destroyed it.

Pg. 42
I already told you, didn't I? That noise,
Is enough to snap the string in my head.

Daichi – Why do you hate the bonds people have with other people so much?
Kaine – People always betray you.

That’s why I don’t believe anyone.
Whoever it is, the only person you really can trust is yourself, isn’t it?

Daichi – If so, then what about your family?

Pg. 43
Kaine – I already told you, the only person I trust is myself!
Only myself! Only myself!! Only myself!!! ME AND ONLY ME!!!

Daichi – I don’t know what happened to you, but if that's the case,
Then why you are that angry?

Isn’t it because you're jealous
Of the people who had friends around them!!?

Pg. 44
Kaine – I don’t hear anything . . .

Daichi - No, you do freaking hear it!!
But you're betraying your own thoughts.

A person who lies to himself,
Is the most pathetic kind of man!!!

I don't care if it sounds obsolete.
I can’t help sounding like that if it’s the truth.

How is that? I look so cool now,
That I can voice my own opinions, right?

Pg. 45
Kaine – I can’t turn back anymore . . .
That’s why, Daichi . . .

Manson Head

Daichi – He isn’t attacking.... What’s he doing?

Pg. 46
What the!? He did something to himself?

Misora – His body is turning red . . . this sensation
Could this be . . .

Melon – During a battle, as the Blazer puts on his or her Mystickers, something similar to tension, unique to Blazers, starts to rise.

It might be a bit rare, but when it reaches it's peak, the entire body will turn red.
Pain can no longer be felt, the Blazer's power will increase exponentially, the burden put on the body will also be huge . . . that condition is called . . .

Kaine – BLAZER DRIVE~!!!
** Kaine explodes out!! **

Thank you for reading . . .

EDIT: SORRY!! Seems like I forgot to put in the extra . . . >_<"

Pg. 47
Rival Gag Parade RETURNS!
** The unexpected Shuga takes the leading role! **

Shuga-san gets bullied
Daichi - So you're "Sho"ga? Such a pathetic name you have
Shuga - It's "Shu"ga, not "Sho"ga!!

Daichi - Your body is all spotted
Shuga - These are my body piercings!!

Daichi - Wow! Hairs grow out of your warts!!
Shuga - Fine, say what you want!

Shuga gets bullied again
Tenjik - So you're also a talking porcupine?
Shuga - I'm HUMAN!!

You can't take off your needles like me, can't you!!?
Tenjik - 10,000 NEEDLES

Shuga - I'm not staying with these guys anymore!!


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