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Blazer Drive 14

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on May 12, 2009 09:14 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 14

Just one (stupid) question: Do you guys want me to continue with this series, or do you guys think I should just step down already? I mean, I'm serious. Even if I do admit that I probably overreacted on stuff, but I feel like . . . disqualified for being a translator for such a great series like this. BD is my favorite manga in Rival and that will never change. Sorry for being slow with it and all, but if you guys think you want a better translator to take on this series, then I'm more than welcomed to step down. Dropping KHR and CB almost at the same time didn't make me hold on to this more than before. Actually, it loosens it up, since I think I became a lot more ready to drop anything than before thanks to those two series . . . >_<"

Anyway, guess I seriously still feel very guilty for what I've done. Just . . . take this chapter and I'll see the response first. Thank you for reading . . . *off to try to write up a summary for FLAGS*

PS. Sorry about the elipses, I'll try to undo my habit of putting spaces between dots, though it may take a while . . . sorry once again . . . >___<"

Blazer Drive
14th BLAZE "The place one must return to"

Pg. 1
** The Quilin Realm's trap is activated!! **

Blazer - Hah

What's this!!?

Pg. 2
** The battle against Quilin Realm has come to it's climax!! **

The unforgettable portrait of his family.

Pg. 3
Kaine - Yo!! Wanna join in!? You punks!!!

Daichi - Blazer Drive?
Somehow, the atmosphere around him just changed.
Misora - Be careful, Daichi!

His Blazer's tension just maxed out!!
Daichi - (What?)
Misora - His power has increased several times and he'll no longer feel pain now!!

Pg. 4
Daichi – Eh!?



Pg. 5

What's with this power and speed!?
It's completely different from before.

Damn you!!

I'm going to crush that power right now!!

Pg. 6
Daichi - He still smiling after I hit him . . . ?

Kaine - Jeff Blast!!

Misora - Daichi!!!

Daichi - I won't let you!
Our bodies were already in contact!!

Pg. 7
Kaine - GWAA!!

Kuh . . .
Ha . . . haha . . .

Daichi - Ugh!

Kaine – You!

Pg. 8-9
Stop acting so tough already!!!

Daichi - GAH!!

Kaine - Jeff Blast: Fast Beat!

Misora - DAICHI!!!

Pg. 10
Blazer – Fire won’t work!!

Melon – Kenya!! Miyoshi!!

Wh- . . . What exactly is this!!?


Pg. 11
Blazer – UWAAAA!!!
Melon – Ren!! Yasu!!

Blazer – My power's been drained!!

Division . . . hea- . . .

Melon – What!! It doesn’t notice my presence!!?

Does this mean!!

That monster will only attack Blazers!!?

Pg. 12
Yuyuka – HAH!!

Tenjik – Oi! This thing..
It’s restoring itself!!


Pg. 13
Yuyuka – Tenjik!!

Tenjik – Blast!

I get it now! This monster is draining the spiritual power from Blazers!!
Yuyuka – Eh!?

Shuga - So go gather up all your
All-mighty Blazers, OK?
Kuroki – Or does he!!!

I get it now. So this is what he meant. . .
Dammit, it's going just as the Quilin Realm planned.

This was seriously unexpected.
Yuyuka – What do you mean . . . !?

Pg. 14
Kuroki – The aim of the Quilin Realm this time,
Is neither Daichi nor destroying this place!!

It’s to gather up all the strong spiritual power of the Blazers
That gathered to protect the HQ!!

So this is what that Visitor can do . . . ?
Shuga – It’s surprise time.

Yuyuka – What should we do? That thing will engulf the HQ.

Tenjik – What are those Quilin Realm up to, collecting something like that?
Kuroki – I don’t know either, but first, we've got to find the origin of these tentacles.

Pg. 15
Misora – Daichi!

Pg. 16
He weaved Tamamayu’s wires into a net to defend himself!!

Kaine – Hah!

Pg. 17


Daichi – It doesn’t last for long, huh . . .

That Blazer Drive state.

Kaine – Your HQ has probably been destroyed by now. With no more place to return to,

You’re just left-overs like me now!

Pg. 18
Daichi - . . . I shared your viewpoint in the past...

But . . .

Pg. 19
I’m different now.

Pg. 20
Misora – Daichi . . .

Kaine - . . . What’s this feeling . . . his eyes . . .

. . . How could he make
Those kind of eyes!

This feeling . . . it can’t be . . . does this mean right now,

For a split second
I was jealous of his eyes!!?

Impossible! Nothing else can shake my heart except for my own sound!!

I hear nothing!!
I’m going to silence your heartbeat in one blow!!!

Pg. 21
The only one left alive here will be me!!
Me, who doesn't trust anyone!!!

Daichi - Wherever I am, I always . . .

Pg. 22
Have a place to return to!!!

Gather up at one place . . .

And blast out!!

Pg. 23
Kaine – LES PAUL!

It’s different from the lightning before, huh?
But I can just dodge it!!

Pg. 24-25
Since when did he!!?

Daichi – ITZUNAGAMI (Lightning God)!!!

Pg. 26
Misora – KYA!!

Pg. 27
Kaine – Ugh!

One day . . . you too will be betrayed . . .

Daichi – There’s no way people can trust

Pg. 28
Someone who lies to themselves like you.

Kaine - You’re saying that . . . to me? I would never imagine such absurdity . . .

Misora – Let’s hurry back to the HQ, Daichi.

Daichi - All right.

Ah . . . that’s right.
Kaine . . . just now, when you were yelling out . . .

Pg. 29
I heard it as, “Trust me” , though.

Kaine – You misheard it . . . such a horrible noise . . .

Pg. 30
Kuroki - That thing . . . just blocked out the path.
Yuyuka – It’s drawing near now!

Tenjik - We can’t get to its origin like this.

Yuyuka – It’s duplicating itself and fire isn't working! We can’t cut it or destroy it either!!
Is there any other way!!?

Kuroki – There’s probably only one way to instantly damage its own body.
Yuyuka – What is it!?

Kuroki – Electricity!
The current can flow throughout its whole body
And we can even hit its origin with that.

Pg. 31
Yuyuka – If that’s the case, I have one Electric Mysticker with me here.

Kuroki – That probably won’t be enough to reach its origin though.

Haha . . . in the time like this..
If only Daichi was here.

Yuyuka – I’m trying my best, alright? . . . Just what’s with that attitude?
This is why I really hate adults!

Kuroki – Kuh!

Pg. 32
Daichi – Kandachi!!!

Pg. 33
Kuroki – Daichi!!! Misora!!!
Daichi – Save the talk for later. Don’t touch the wires, OK?
Misora – Sorry to keep you waiting.

Pg. 34
Kuroki – Alright!! It’s retreating now!!

Daichi – Fuh~
Awesome, I’m just way too cool right now <3

Everyone’s eyes are flashing with env- . . .
. . . Wha, hey, guys . . .
Kuroki – (Let’s charge in.)

. . . Hm, so you guys are too excited by
My dazzling appearance. . . that’s too bad.

Wait up!!!

Pg. 35
Kuroki – It’s becoming smaller. In that case, it's origin must be around that corner.

Daichi – Who’s there!?
Kuroki – You’re not a Guardian!!

Pg. 36
Sumiya – Ah! Greetings, sorry for coming in here
Without making any appointment.

Sorry for the late introduction as well. It’s just . . .

My personality.

Daichi – Mysticker . . . ?
Kuroki – Be careful.

Card – Can fight 24 hours long
Blazing Salary Man
Quilin Realm
Sumiya – My . . . My name card!

A pleasure to meet you all.
Daichi – Th . . . Thanks.

Can fight 24 hours long
Blazing Salary Man

Pg. 38
Card - Can fight 24 hours long
Blazing Salary Man
Quilin Realm

Daichi - Then you seriously are from Quilin Realm, aren’t you!!!
Sumiya – Yes.

Pg. 38
Kuroki – Kuh!!

Daichi – Ho- . . . How did he release himself from Tamamayu’s wires!!?

Sumiya – Please return Kakatan to us sometime, since our boss will be really mad.
But this one is more important right now, so..

Kuroki – That flame doesn’t burn up the Mysticker?
What does this mean!?

Sumiya – Oh my, it’s already this hour.
I’m late for my other job.

Pg. 39
Daichi – Wait!!!

He . . . He’s gone . . . !!

Melon – So these are all the survivors who are left.

I’m sorry.
Because of me, everyone in this division has to . . .

Blazer – Why are you apologizing, division head?
Despite whatever some people might say, all of us are here
To protect the Guardian.

Pg. 40
Misora – That’s right. Your eyes had chosen all of us here.
We're all friends.

Melon – Everyone . . .

Daichi – So what now? Our HQ is in shambles and the new guy from Quilin Realm just came out.
Kuroki – (Hey! Daichi, could you read the situation around here for a bit?)
Daichi – We can’t stay here anymore, right?

Tenjik – They already found the storage as well.

Melon – Our battle is what’s up ahead. This is still just the beginning of it.
We are going to spread out into other divisions.
Just to deceive their eyes for the moment.

Pg. 41
Despite our appearance,
We, Section III Guardian Division, will never be gone.

As long as we still have you all.
Everyone – YES MA’AM!!!

Pg. 42
Kaine – I don’t trust anyone . . .
. . . I’m all alone . . .

Daichi - The one who lies to himself is the most pathetic guy ever!!!
I heard it as, “Trust me” , though.

Kaine – Trust me!! You can’t go.
Please, believe me!!

Pg. 43
I don’t . . .
I don’t trust anyone.

Neesan . . .

Sumiya – I’ve returned now.
With both Visitor and Kaine.

??? – What about Kakutan then?
Sumiya – It’s with the Guardian right now . . . but no need to hurry, since they probably can’t use it anyway.

??? – So both Kaine-dono and Shuga-dono really were defeated,
Just as the flower had prophesied.
== It’s actually “bite the dust”, but . . . IMO, it doesn’t suit. The phrase “bite the dust” sounds a bit . . . too . . . informal in this context, I think. >_<”(yeah, bite the dust doesn't fit the context.)

Pg. 44
Then let’s finally.

** The sacrificed spiritual power . . . What is the goal of the Quilin Realm!? **

Thank you for reading . . .

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#1. by naruto+4s ()
Posted on May 12, 2009
Please don't stop.
#2. by kakashi919 ()
Posted on May 12, 2009
thank you for the translation as always... i will upload the scan soon... and no, you should not stop! continue with your great work.
#3. by Chakra ()
Posted on May 12, 2009
Thanks for the franslating.
You are the one and only translator for this manga. ^^
#4. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on May 13, 2009
That . . . I have my doubt.

I mean, Blazer Drive has become a very good and indeed the most popular manga in Rival now that MHO already ended (I know that Mashima-sensei is drawing another one next month . . . but I don't put any expectation on it though . . . -_-") I'd be surprised if no other translator jump at it sooner or later. As I said, I'm pretty much prepared to drop it already if anyone else jumps in, and yes, even if that someone who makes that jump is new to translating or is just translating for practice (especially when it's reserved. I would assume that the scanlator already know what they're supposed to do)

After all, it proves that I'm wasting my time doing something that someone else already did. One thing you have to know, I'm a stupid pessimist . . . as soon as I see translation by someone else, I will assume at first glance that that other translator is better than me, no matter who that is. If it's something I already did, I will consider dropping it right away. (The story will become different if I start reading through the translation and think it isn't that good . . . and that's what happened with Hananira and naruto+4s, since as soon as I start to look through it, I think they still need to put more into it than this, and that's the only reason why I keep on translating CB even though Hananira already released it. With naruto+4s, it's a little different because even so, I thought hash will do something about it afterwards anyway, since it's reserved. That's why I say, I totally don't mind dropping the series if scanlators know what they're doing)

That's why, tbh, I don't ask other translators to drop what they're doing, since I'll be the one who drop it myself before they did. The translator being new or translator-in-practice doesn't justify for the reason why I shouldn't drop it, as long as that translator continues with it and scanlators know what they're doing. For something like BD, meh, I already put aside my hope that I'll keep this going for long as well, since it has become popular, so there's nothing strange if another translator will want to translate it. I'm glad enough to be translating it from the beginning. Plus, the argument that "there is more than one manga in this world" actually applies to both side as well, since once I dropped one series, I look for another, something else that doesn't get as much attention or something that's new. That's actually one of the reason why I pick up FLAGS (though the series is actually very promising in itself. I like it as well, but at the same time, I think the reason why I start on it is because I was considering dropping BD, since naruto+4s wants to translate it. So, FLAGS is more or less like a fill-in-the-gap for BD, tbh) However, since naruto+4s said he's dropping it, but what happened seriously makes me feel like I seriously am not suit to be a translator for a popular series like this, I think I would ask you guys if you want me to drop it or not. If you think I should continue, then fine, I'll continue until another translator jumps in. (and if that happens, it will seriously be the last time I'll be translating BD, since I'm not going to ask again and will not say a single word to the translator as well. Took way too much energy for a social phobic like me, plus chance is it will make thing even worse and of course, doesn't even worth the effort.) If you think I should stop doing it, then I'll not translate BD anymore, or at most I might make my translation reserved for a certain group or just act as a temporary translator when some gaps need to be filled for whatever reasons.
#5. by Sado_kun ()
Posted on May 19, 2009
Please don't stop this works. We need it
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