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Kingdom Hearts 10

Kingdom Hearts II Ch.10 : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 10, 2007 06:59 | Go to Kingdom Hearts

-> RTS Page for Kingdom Hearts 10

Decided to do a little warmup and refreshment at the same times. Since KH2 manga is actually about 2 times easier with the vocabularies, especially kanji, than TotA manga I think it will then be a relaxing translation after a chapter of TotA. And again, no prefix. (Seems like the three translations I did so far all got problem with the prefix thing because they aren't really translated that often.)

Since I know that Maximum7 is scanlating it up to chapter 7 so far, I will just make some jump right to chapter 10 for the fun of it. I did know that there is a translation out there already, but since I forgot where, just remembered myself vaguely saw it. Plus, this chapter is cool, so I enjoyed translating it anyway. ^_^"

Would be of great help if anyone can help correct me. ^_^"

Please do ask me before using this to scanlate the manga via PM, E-Mail, posting here, anything. I just need to know it beforehand!

キングダム ハーツII
第10話: ノーバディの涙
Kingdom Hearts II
Chapter 10 – The Tears of the Nobody

Pg. 01 –
ロクサス - ノーバディ
Roxas – Nobody
Born in the gap between light and darkness
The being that have any existence

One day, I
was born there.

Pg. 02 –
Feel nothing
Everything pure white

Pg. 03 –
??? - 意味が欲しいか?
ロクサス - 与えられたものは
??? - You want the meaning?
Roxas - The one who will receive it

??? - 新しい君だ
??? - Is the new you.

ロクサス - 名前と黒いコート
Roxas – The name and the black coat

??? - ようこそ XIII機関へ
ロクサス - 誘われるまま機関に入った
??? – Welcome to Organization XIII
Roxas – The one who was invited entered the organization.

Pg. 04 –
アクゼル - ロクサス 行ったぞ!
Axel – Roxas, they are going now!

ロクサス - いつまで続くんだ? こんな生活…
アクゼル - 終わる時は来るんだろ
Roxas – How long will it continue? This lifestyle . . .
Axel – The ending time will come
Someday . . .

Pg. 05 –
??? – ギニャ―ッ
??? – Gyaaa
I did it!!

サイファ - ぬあっ きたねえそ お前ら!
ライ - だもんよ!
ハイナー - ふっふーん
オレット - ならもう一回勝負するか?
Seifer – Hey, that is a really dirty trick, you guys!
Rai – As said!
Hayner – Fufu
Ollete – If so, how about another battle?

??? – ローマンチックに決めてやる!
わかった わかった
??? – Let’s decide by how romantic then!
Alright, alright.

Pg. 06
ロクサス- 彼らはうらやましかった
Roxas – I envied them.

If only I can become on of them . . .

Pg. 07
. . . That’s right
It was only a dream.

アクゼル- おーおーハデにやったなァ
Axel – Ho~Ho~ You have done something really vivid, don’t you?

ロクサス- …アクゼル
Roxas - . . . Axel

Pg. 08
アクゼル- やっと思い出したってか
でも もう遅いぜ
Axel – So you remembered now, right?
But, way too late.

Pg. 09
アクゼル- 俺はあん時忠告したよなぁ
Axel – I already warned you about this back then, right?

You know what will happen if you turn to the enemy to the organization
Even so, you still want to go out?

ロクサス- …誰も悲しまないさ
Roxas - . . . No one will be sad.

Isn’t it true?

Pg. 10
We are the nobodies . . .
Happiness, sadness, we can’t feel any of them

Even if we want to feel them
It’s because we don’t have a heart

アクゼル- おっ…
Axel – But . . .

Pg. 11
I am . . . sad . . .

Even if I return right now, I will only get eliminated.

You will be gone right here.

Pg. 12
ロクサス- 俺だっておとなしく消えるわけにはいかないんだよ
Roxas – I don’t intended to be gone easily though

アクゼル- キーブレードが…
Axel – The keyblade . . .

Pg. 13
アクゼル- 2本!!?
Axel – 2!!?

Pg. 14
ロクサス- っは!!
Roxas – Ha!!

アクゼル- そーこなくっちゃよ
Axel – That’s just what I want to hear!


Back then, wasn’t that fun?

ロクサス- もう戻れない
Roxas – I can’t get back anymore

Pg. 16
アクゼル- …っ
Axel - . . . ha
. . . heh
Seem like I made you to get too serious.

ロクサス- ああ…
If I got to the next life, let’s meet then . . .
Roxas – OK . . .
I will be waiting

Pg. 17
アクゼル- そうだな
Axel – Yeah
I will be waiting

Pg. 18
ディズ- よく来た
DiZ – Welcome
The brave one who is chosen by the keyblade

ロクサス- 何がしたいんだあんたは
Roxas – What do you want?

Pg. 19
ディズ- 間もなくキーブレードの〝真の〟勇者が目覚める
DiZ – Not long after this, the “true” brave chosen one will be awaken.

You have to return it to him
That “existence” back to him

Along with his awakening,
You will vanish.

Pg. 20
ロクサス- なんでだよ…
Roxas – Why . . . ?

ディズ- お前が彼の〝力〟の半分を持つからだ
DiZ - Because you have half of his “power”.
. . . and

Because you are a nobody.

ロクサス- …だから?
Roxas - . . . then?

Pg. 21
Then what of it?

ディズ- 悪いな
DiZ – Sorry
This is only a data-made hologram of me.

Pg. 22
ロクサス- あんたが憎くてたまらない
Roxas – I hate you so much that I can’t stand it.

ディズ- …ならばその憎しみもすべて彼にあずけるがいい
DiZ - . . . If so, then you can give all those hatred to him

Pg. 23
ロクサス- いやだ
Roxas – No
My heart belongs to me

Pg. 24
ロクサス- なぜ
Roxas – Why

Pg. 25
I who can’t feel anything
Feel jealous of them?

. . . Again

Being born again, unknowingly, inside the head
The vision which I never remember seeing before

Pg. 25
That “memories”
Becomes the cause of me carrying this unsolvable problem

アクゼル- 夢ェ?
ロクサス- 俺と同じくらいの年で…
Axel – A dream?
Roxas – Around the same age as me . . .

Pg. 26
That guy also . . .
Has the keyblade
His name is-

Pg. 27
. . . Sora

*Sora . . . Revived*

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