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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Kingdom Hearts 9

Kingdom Hearts II Chp. 9 : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 19, 2007 05:35 | Go to Kingdom Hearts

-> RTS Page for Kingdom Hearts 9

Ah, well. I don't know why, I love Roxas's 6th day, but not the first five day and not after that. Anyway, translating all in one sitting is kind of fun too. But I might need to organize my time a bit better. - -"

キングダム ハーツII
第9話: 崩壊
Kingdom Hearts II
Chapter 9: The Collapse

Pg. 1
ディズ- ロクサス 屋敷へ来い
Roxas, come to the mansion
The time had come.

ナミネ- あなたは存在してはいけないの
Namine – You are not really meant to exist.

アクゼル- この街はなァ あいつが作ったニセモノの街なんだよ!!
Axel – You know, this town is the fake town that guy created!!

Pg. 2
ロクサス- 邪魔だ
Roxas – Out of the way

Pg. 3
A key . . .

If you called, then open the door –

Pg. 4
Roxas – You are . . .

アンセム- 行け!
Ansem – Go!

ロクサス- 行けったって 鍵が…
Roxas – “Go”? But the key . . .

Pg. 5
Roxas – . . . It opened.

Pg. 6
Did Namine know of this . . . ?


I came.

Pg. 7
And there is no welcome party . . . ?

. . . Namine?

Pg. 8
She’s not here . . . ?

Don’t draw weird picture, would you?

Pg. 9

Pg. 10
アクゼル- 決めたのか?
Axel – So you’d decided?

ロクサス- なぜキーブレードが俺を選んだのか…
Roxas – Why does the Keyblade choose me . . . ?
That, I want to know.

Pg. 11
アクゼル- 機関にはむかうのかよ!?
Axel – You are going to turn against the organization!?

ロクサス- 機関…
Roxas – organization . . .
Organization XIII

ナミネ- 何か思い出した?
Namine – Did you remember something?

Pg. 12
ロクサス- …よくわからない
Roxas - . . . I don’t understand at all.

What . . . should I do?

ナミネ- …みんながキーブレードの勇者を必要としているの
Namine - . . . Everyone need the Keyblade chosen one.

From now, you should go and wake Sora –

ロクサス- 行って…?
Roxas – Go . . . ?

Pg. 13
ディズ- 何をしている
DiZ – What are you doing?

ロクサス- お前は―
Roxas – You are—

Pg. 14
ロクサス- ナミネ…!?
Roxas – Namine . . . !?

ディズ- この部屋(ここ)ではない
ロクサス- 待てよ
DiZ – This is not the room.
Go down to the reading room
Roxas – Wait!

Roxas – Return Namine to normal!
We are in the middle of a conversation

Pg. 15
ディズ- 話なら私が全部聞かせてやる
DiZ – As for the conversation, you can ask me all later.


ロクサス- な…
Roxas – Na . . .

ナミネ- ロクサス
Namine - Roxas

ディズ- ムッ
DiZ – Muh

Pg. 16
ロクサス- ナミネ…!
Roxas – Namine . . . !

ディズ- 本当に消されたいか
DiZ – So you want to disappear for real!?

ナミネ- ロクサス…あなたは消えるんじゃない
Namine – Roxas . . . You will never disappear
You will return to your true self.

Don’t forget that
Because we will meet again for sure—

ロクサス- ナ…
Roxas – Na . . .

Pg. 17
ロクサス- 消えるって…?
Roxas – Disappear . . . ?

ディズ - そこに入っていろ
DiZ – You stay there!

Pg. 18
アンセム- ディズ!
Ansem – DiZ!

ディズ- ナミネを始末しろと言ったはずだぞ
DiZ – I did tell you not to take an eye off Namine.

アンセム- 俺はそこまでする気はない
Ansem – I have no interest in doing that.
If you want it to be done, do it yourself

ディズ- フッ なるほど
DiZ – fuh, I see.

アンセム- それよりノーバディの数が多すぎる
Ansem – Moreover, there are too much Nobodies
Tell me then what to do.

ディズ- 最後のあがきか
DiZ – More reinforcement?

Pg. 19
だが もう遅い
But, it’s too late.

. . . kukuku

Pg. 20
素晴らしき哉 我が復讐の序曲
Isn’t it wonderful! The opening of my revenge.

ロクサス- あいつ…
Roxas – The guy . . .
He called me here and he isn’t here?

Pg. 21
ロクサス- うわ
Roxas - Wah

. . . Underground?

What is with these machines . . . ?

Pg. 22
Wah . . .

. . . Ah
My head . . .

Pg. 23
Why did the Keyblade . . .

Why me . . .

リク- なぜだ
Riku – Why?
Why do you have a Keyblade . . . ?

How should I know!!

Pg. 24
アンセム- どうするんだ?
ディズ- ナミネがソラの記憶を元に戻すまで時間をかせぎたい
Ansem – What should we do then?
DiZ – Until Namine returns Sora’s memories to what it should be, I want him to kill some time.

Pg. 25
Let’s just implant him with the different memory
And let him live life in a virtual town then.

XIII(じゅうさん) 機関の目も欺けるだろう
そして 時が来たら…
With that, we can possibly hide him away from sight of Organization XIII
And when time come . . .

We can just erase it

アンセム- 哀れな…
How pitiful . . .

ディズ- たかが ノーバディだ
DiZ – Even so, he is a Nobody

Pg. 26
Being able to have a happy dream is already quite fanciful.

Pg. 27
ロクサス- うあああああああああ!!!

I got tricked completely!

I don’t have anything to begin with anyway!

Pg. 28
*Roxas’s memories are the fake Diz made up!?*

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#1. by Obxist ()
Posted on Jul 19, 2007
nice ,.. thanks ju-da-su ,.. looks like Sora is not awaken yet >_<...
#2. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2007
Quote by Obxist;466479:
nice ,.. thanks ju-da-su ,.. looks like Sora is not awaken yet >_<...

Well, technically from the scan I have, he did. I just translate this because I like Roxas, though I should have progress, not degress. (I translated the tenth chapter first then the ninth and maybe the eighth in the future if Maximum7 didn't do it first)

Well, I could have translate forwards. I got the scan for up to Hollow Bastion, that's why. ^_^
#3. by Obxist ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2007
LOL,... where do u got the scan ??? >_> i really2 want it,.. anyway do u have KH I scan ?? i really2 want to read it ,... ah reading this manga makes me wanna play the games again,..
#4. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2007
Quote by Obxist;466941:
LOL,... where do u got the scan ??? >_> i really2 want it,.. anyway do u have KH I scan ?? i really2 want to read it ,... ah reading this manga makes me wanna play the games again,..


Well, I got the third and fourth volume and lost both of them for KH1. I got the CoM though, and is now planning to do the Thai translation for it since I'm sure Tokyopop got it out in English, but there is like 1% chance that it will be released in Thai. (highly encourage you to buy the manga, if they are already available ;) )
#5. by Eebee ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2007
Thanks for the translation! (And for alerting me to this nifty manga. Yay!)

I love Roxas' last day, too. But, then, I've always been a sucker for his sort of character.
#6. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Jul 21, 2007
Thx u for the trans! ^^
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