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Kingdom Hearts 14

Kingdom Hearts II Ch. 14 : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 27, 2007 15:44 | Go to Kingdom Hearts

-> RTS Page for Kingdom Hearts 14

Don't ask me why I skip, like, the whole 4 chapters. I already said that I like Roxas and anything related to him, and found those 4 chapters not as fun as this one. So, I translate this one first. :D *act like a bad translator*

Anyway, I got it, fall in love at first sight at the scene with Namine and Axel. So, I decided to skip those 4 chapters to do this interesting one first. I'm going to admit that I spent a lot of time trying to figure out which Organization XIII is talking in that meeting room, only give up afterwards because of the confusing seating arrangement (I assume that the meeting room is arranged in order from I to XIII. Since I never remember the number of the Organization XIII except for Xemnas, Axel, Demyx and Roxas, I got no clue as to which seat is which except for those obvious ones that I can break the code through speech and action. Though, I got confused as to, like, "Wait a sec! There are two guys next to each other. Not another one. So it must be Luxord and Demyx. But why on Earth are they sitting near to Roxas's seat (the lowest one)?" Something like that. Well, if any KH2 fans are willing to help me as to how the seats are arrange or any suggestion as to who is speaking what, I will highly appreciated. ^_^" (I played KH2, just that I didn't play it for half a year now and didn't pass Roxas's six days in my KH2FM+ ) -*-

PLEASE!!! If you are going to use this for scanlation, please read here first. It's not that complicate, so please take it into account!

キングダム ハーツII
第14話: ギザギザハートの会議室
Kingdom Hearts II
Chapter 14: The Meeting Room of the Crooked Heart

Pg. 2
シド- はっはっは
みんなでテーブル囲むのひさしぶりだな オイ!
Cid – Hahahah
I have been a while since every sit around this table, isn’t it!!

ホレ どんどん食って力つけな!!
マーリン- 何かなこれは…
Well then, eat all you want, collect some energy!!
Merlin – What is this supposed to be . . . ?

レオン- しかしXIII(じゅうさん)機関か…
Leon – But, the Organization XIII . . . ?
It seems like they work separately though.
I would say keep looking out for it.

Pg. 3
ユフィ- そいつらノーバディを統率してるって?
Yuffie – Those guys are controlling the Nobodies?
They must be planning on something evil for sure.

シド- ああ
A cruel thing, huh? The Threat of the Nobodies
Cid - Ah

レオン- 俺もこないだ自転車のサドル盗まれたんだ
Leo n – I can’t go too. The bike’s saddles just got stolen.
Though that thing is still kind of cute-looking, what did they do before this then . . . ?

シド- なにっ
Cid – What!?

シッド- 俺の自転車のサドルはなくなってもいいってのか!
レオン- そんなことは誰も言っていない!
Cid – You say I lost my bike’s saddles is OK!?
You sure hit right on spot!!
Leon – No one said like that!

Pg. 4
エアリス- ソラ元気ない…
Aerith – You aren’t well, Sora . . . ?

レオン- XII(じゅうさん)機関にこてんぱんにやられて自信を喪失したんだろう
Is it about that you got beaten by Organization XIII so you lost some confidence?
I’m more beaten than you, you know!?

シグバール- キーブレードが泣くぜ
Xigbar – The Keyblade would cry, you know!
This is about you never being able to pull out its true power with the power you have now.

ソラ- 見ろよ 俺たち全員が注目してるのに全然気づかねぇ
Look, all of us here didn’t know at all if we are being watched.
It’s not that we are in a very bad condition but . . .

Pg. 5
チミニ- でもこれで少し慎重になってくれるといいんだが…
Chimney – But we just have to be a little bit more careful and it will be OK, but . . .

エアリス- 虫のしらせというかね
チミニ- 私は今度の旅も長くなるって気がするんだ
Aerith – You mean the insect’s report, right?
Chimney – I got worried because I got taller too in this trip.

シグバール- もっとうまく使いこなしな
Xigbar – Can you just handle that more skillfully?
If it is like this, then what is the meaning of that guy vanishing?

Pg. 6
ソラ- わかったぞ
Sora – I got it!!
By saying “That guy”, don’t tell me he means Riku!?

みんな- …へ?
Everyone - . . . huh?

ドナルド- あいつって?
レオン- すごいな あの状況で聞いてたのか会話を
Donald – That guy?
Come to think of it, that Organization XIII guy did said “Handle the keyblade more skillfully or else what will then be the meaning of that guy vanishing” or something like that.
Leon – You’re awesome, to listen to the conversion in such situation.

Pg. 7
ソラ- 俺がキーブレードを使いこなせてないって最初に言ったのもリクだったし…
Sora - The one who said that I can’t master the keyblade in the first place is also Riku . . .
Talking of “that guy” to me, there is no other alternative rather than Riku.

チミニ- ふむ
Chimney – uhm
And because you were thinking about that, you seem quiet, right . . . ?

ソラ- でも「消えた」ってどういう…
Sora – But what does “vanish” mean . . .
. . . it can’t be
Something happened to Riku’s body . . . ?

Pg. 8
レオン- 探しに行ってやれ
Leon – Then go find him.

ソラ- でも ハートレス退治が…
レオン- こっちはいろいろ準備もある
なあ シド
Sora – But, the problem with the Heartless . . .
Leon – We did a lot of preparation here as well
There is no need to hurry
Right, Cid?

シド- おうよ!
ユフィ- ミエはりやがって
Cid – Yeah!
Yuffie – His face doesn’t seem like it though

ソラ- また戻ってくるよ絶対
Sora – I will come back some day for sure.

Pg. 9
レオン- フ…待ってるぞ
Leon – Heh . . .we will be waiting.

ソラ- 何これ?
What is this?

ホロウバスティオン再建委員会 特別会員…
Hollow Bastion Reconstruction Community, Special Member . . .

グーフィ- アッヒョ 会員証だ!
ドナルド- かっこいい!!
Goofy – Ahhyo, a membership card!
Donald – So cool!!

レオン- それを出せば商店街でのショッピングは5%オフだ
ソラ- お得!!!
Leon – If you show this card to the shop downtown, you can do a 5% off shopping as well.
Sora – A profit!!

Pg. 10
ソラ- あっ
Sora - Ah

ドナルド- ソラ!
Wait there!
My 5% off!
Donald – Sora!

ソラ- 鍵穴…?
Sora – A keyhole . . . ?

Pg. 11
チミニ- あれは…ゲートを開く鍵穴だ!
Chimney – That’s . . . the keyhole to open the gate!

グーフィ- ゲート?
ドナルド- そうだよ! ゲートを開かないと先に進めない
Goofy – The gate?
Donald – Right! Because the gate hadn’t open yet, we can’t progress forward.

ソラ キーブレードを!
ソラ- わかってるって!
Sora, use the keyblade!
Sora – I know!

Pg. 12

XIII (じゅうさん)機関を追いかけるぞ!
To find Riku and the King
We need to defeat the Heartless while
Chase after the Organization XIII

Pg. 13
レオン- やることの確認は大事だな
エアリス- 3つ以上あると忘れるから
Leon – Confirming the thing they have to do is a really important thing, right?
Aerith – So they can forget the thing other than those three.

Just like Leon

ソラ- 行こう!
Sora – Let’s go!

XIII 機関- 落ち着きのない行動
Organization XIII - The moment that isn’t taken easily
The move that is full of futility
The creature with raging spirit

Pg. 14
The hero of the light got so confused after hearing that.
To be able to master the keyblade should take that kid 10 more years.

But isn’t that great?

Isn’t that the slow and naïve movement?
Like that, it seems a bit more like the light.

Pg. 15
サイズ?- そうでなければ…
Saix? – If that is the case . . .
There is worthless then.

XIII 機関- その通りだ
That’s correct.
That guy doesn’t show us that he put effort into changing at all.

デミクス- ね

あいつって 誰?
Demyx – Hey
Sorry but
Who is that guy you guys are talking ‘bout?

ラクソード- ソラとペアのカード
Luxord – Sora and his pair card

Pg. 16

XIII機関- フン くだらん
Which card shall we use? . . . We shall see in the end.
Organization XIII – Fuh . . . how silly

デミクス- ああ
Demyx – Aah
So it’s about Roxas?

ロクサスいい奴だったのに 消えちゃって残念だなぁ
Roxas, what a good guy. Too bad he already disappeared.

XIII機関- ボロボロこぼすな
Don’t just go on and gossip

Pg. 17
デミクス- え!? そうなの?
He didn’t disappear
Roxas is inside Sora
Demyx – Eh!? Is that so?

XIII機関- よさんか 心乱れたふりなど
Hoooo~~ . . . So that’s it
I’m so relieved~
To know that he’s still alive
XIII – You sure act as if you have a heart

デミクス- あれ
XIII機関- 不自然きわまる
セムナス- 諸君
Demyx – Huh
Is that something strange?
XIII – Unnatural to the very end
Xemnas – Everyone

Pg. 18
The hero of the keyblade has once again started his move
To sole the seeds with those hands . . .

Shouldn’t we allow him to water them?
In a while, they will give fruit. Until then

Pg. 19
デミクス- なんの種?
あ わかった 柿の種だ
XIII機関- …ひとつ気がかりが
Demyx – What sort of seed?
Oh, I get it. It’s the Chinese orange seed.
XII - . . . I got one worry.

セムナス- 言え
Xemnas – Say it

For not completing the duty . . .
What will be of Axel?

Pg. 20
. . . He will be thrown out
That guy probably can no longer return to this place


Pg. 21
再び我々の前に姿を現すようならば その時は
If he ever appear in front of us again, that time
Let’s give him the chance of being punish

Pg. 22
ねーかなぁ どっかに…
Not here, Where the hell . . .

なんだよ 雨ガッパか…
What the? A rain coat . . . ?

ドア- 清掃用具入れ
ナミネ- 誰かいるの…?
Door – Please keep cleaning materials here
Namine – Someone there . . . ?

Pg. 23
Thank you
That was the second time you save me now, right?

アクセル- ずっとあんな所にとじこめられてたのか?
知ってんだろ 闇の(とおりみち)の開き方
Axel – You have been locked in there this whole time?
You know it, didn’t you? How to open the path of darkness.

Pg. 24

ナミネ- うまくいく時もあるんだけど…
アクセル- 何度か やってりゃ慣れてくる
Namine – There was a time when I’m pretty good at it, but . . .
How many time will it takes for you to get use to it?

ナミネ- あなたはどうしてあそこにいたの?
Namine – So, why were you there in that place?

アクセル- ああ
ナミネ- 着替え?
Axel – Ah
I thought I should find some clothes to change
Changing clothes?

Pg. 25
アクセル- ほれ
このままじゃ 闇の回廊通れねーから
Axel – See
With this, I can’t cross the pathway of darkness

ナミネ- 縫ってあげる
Namine – I’ll fix it

Sit down

アクセル- おい いいって
ナミネ- 助けてもらったお礼
Axel – Oi, it’s OK.
Namine – A thank for helping me.

Pg. 26
アクセル- いいってのに…!
Axel – I said it’s OK . . . !

アクセル- おまえ
どうすんだ? これから
Axel – You
What will you do then? From now on
You are no longer in used, right?

Pg. 27
ディズ- ナミネを始末しろと言ったはずだぞ
ナミネ- うん
DiZ – I did say to keep an eye on Namine, right?
Namine - Yeah


アクセル- 俺ももう機関には戻れねぇ
Axel – I can’t go back to the organization too.

it’s not like we have any places to go or return to start with, huh?
The beings that don’t exist like us.

Pg. 28
ナミネ- でも…
Namine – But . . .
I have a place I want to go to

Have a person who I want to meet with

Pg. 29
アクセル- 俺もさ
Axel – Me too

Isn’t that strange?
Even though we Nobodies don’t have a heart

Pg. 30
Where does that come from?
The feeling that “I want to meet” someone.

ナミネ- できた
Namine - Finished

Pg. 31
アクセル- ほー
Axel – Ho!
This is pretty good . . .

Pg. 32
ソラ- ここが次のワールド…
ドナルド- 何か手がかりあるといいけど…
Sora – This is the next world . . .
My butt hurt all over . . .
Donald – I would be good if we find some clue here but . . .

This place is just so huge

ビースト- グルルル…
Beast – Grrrrrr . . .

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