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Tales of Legendia 2

Tales of Legendia Chapter 2 : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Dec 11, 2007 05:34 | Go to Tales of Legendia

-> RTS Page for Tales of Legendia 2

I'm really bad at translating SFX, I guess X3

Enjoy~! XD

Tales of Legendia
Chapter. 2 “The Legacy”

Pg. 1
Chloe – You insolent brute! PREPARE!

Senel – What on Earth . . .

Pg. 3
*ZUBU* (slip)

*BOCCHAN!!* (splash)
Chloe – KYAAA!!

WAI- . . . GAHO
WHA- . . .
ARG . . .
== I know I did terrible job with SFX and sound. Sorry. >_<”

Pg. 4
*HAH* (huff)
*HAH* (huff)

Arrow – Shallow
Senel – Because you didn’t say a thing

Will you guys just listen to what people have to say!
Shirley is . . .

*BO . . . * (glow)
*PAAH . . . * (glow)

Pg. 5
Chloe – Wha . . .

Will – This is . . . !

Senel – . . . Don’t stare at her like that

*POCHI* (ah)
Shirley – O . . . Onii . . . chan?

Chloe – Bro . . . Brother?
== I don’t translate the word oniichan because I don’t think there is any English word that can replace it . . . as far as I know. Meaning, the same meaning and the same sense . . . but it means brother anyway. The English version of ToL just use “Senel” instead of that though - -“

Senel – That’s why I told you to listen to me first, you reckless woman
Chloe – Reckle- . . . Who are you referring to?!

Pg. 6
Will – You’re saying that sea water worsens her body condition but if she bathes in fresh water, it recovers . . . ?
This is the first time I heard of such disease

Shirley – I would say that it’s more of the condition since birth rather than a disease though . . .
Will – Hmph
I’m sorry for the misunderstanding then

It seems like we didn’t introduce ourselves yet. I’m Will . . . Will Raynard
And this is Chloe Valens
Chloe – It’s not funny . . .

Why did you know my name?
Because you are well-known for acting according to your justice

Pg. 7
Chloe – Helping the one in need and never overlook the act of cruelty:
That is the duty of the knight
*CHA* (grip)

Senel – Making a mistake, pointing your sword at people and then embarrassed yourself, you mean?
Chloe – Qu- . . . QUIET!!

Will – What about your name then?

Senel – Senel Coolidge
And this is Shirley
Where really is this place?

Chloe – What? You two are lost?
Senel – Not lost, but rather faced a life-threatening situation
Chloe – Life-threatening!?

While we are in the middle of the ocean, our ship turned over . . .
Chloe - It’s good though that you are safe . . .

Pg. 8
Will – The Legacy . . .
Where we are now is the big ship which is left behind by the ancient civilization

Senel – Legacy . . . !

Pg. 9
A . . . a ship . . . ?
This place . . . ?

Will – Senel

Did you ever remember hearing the word “Merines” before?

Pg. 10
Senel – I don’t think so

Will – Seems like you know virtually nothing about the Legacy, right?
To make it easy, this ship is discovered 15 years ago
It carried with it many mysteries, but not all of those have yet been clearly explained . . .

However, it had been proved that this ship is once governed by the group of people called as “Merines”

Senel – . . . so what?

Chloe – There have been a legend in the Legacy

Pg. 11
That once the pole of light shines up again, it signals the revival of the Merines
I saw that light and come here

Senel – Light . . .

Will – Even if it is just a legend, it is common knowledge to those living in this ship
Once that beam of light has shine, it’s obvious that those living onboard the Legacy will become suspicious of it . . . you’re planning to not attract too much attention, do you?
Senel – Why do you! We have nothing to do with that!

Will – Even if you are not related, I would say that there are probably plenty of those people who are chasing you
Staying here for long would not be a good plan . . . let’s first get to the town then

Senel – Town?

*GRR . . . * (growl)

Pg. 12-13
Will – This is Weites Beacon
It’s built by both the scholars and the treasure hunters who are interested in the Legacy. So, it is pretty much a lively place

Shirley – This ship even has a town . . .
I can’t believe that this is abroad the ship

Pg. 14
Senel - . . . well
And why does the reckless woman have to come here as well?
Chloe – IT’S CHLOE!

I’m here in case you two got captured
I also have to apologize to you for my act of impoliteness
I want to lend you my power if necessary in the time when something happen

Chloe – WHAT?!
*GYA* (argue)
*GYA* (argue)
Will – You two are standing out . . .

Shirley – O . . . oniichan
Senel – What is it, Shirley?
*GORO* (glance)
Chloe – This man is . . .

Shirley – umm

Pg. 15
Chloe – How about like this?
Isn’t this cute?

Oh yeah, we must hide your hair, right?

What is it?

Shirley – This is the first time
I’ve been to the place like this . . .

Pg. 16
Chloe – To a tailor shop?
Shirley – Yes
Oniichan always bought it for me

Chloe – Huh . . . that boy . . .
Shirley – Because I can’t go outside of the house

Chloe – Wouldn’t it be better without hair ornaments? Since you’re wearing some hat
Shirley – Ah, no, this is . . .

Senel – . . . so long . . .
Will – Then why don’t you go in?

She always hides her hair?

. . . Will you answer my question?

Pg. 17
Will – When you said that you had faced the life-threatening situation, do you really mean it?

Senel – What will I get from lying?
Will – What about other passengers? Where are you planning to go next?

Senel – Whatever!

They had been . . . following after us

We don’t have any place to go . . . only Shirley and I

Pg. 18
Will – Never mind. Don’t say it
I don’t want to get you to into danger

You said you’re being followed? By who?

And you really don’t know anything about Merines?
It’s not only with the beam of light

I didn’t say it before
But it had been said that Merines’ hair can glow and they can breathe under water
I used to think that it is just an ordinary legend . . . but that girl

Pg. 19
Senel – We had been chased by those like you who just only think about Merines!

Shirley has nothing . . . to do with that
Don’t talk about Merines in front of Shirley

She . . . she finally . . . has just being able to smile like normal . . .

Chloe – Sorry for keeping you waiting!
*KARAN* (ring)

Pg. 20
Chloe – Did . . . something happen?

Senel – Is there any way we can get out of this ship?
Will – It’s quite simple
You can board a ship at the port

But ever since the case of the beam of light
There probably will be lots of people going through and from the Legacy

Chloe – You live here for a long time already? You seem to know a lot

Will – Well, I’m the sheriff of this place
Chloe – A sheriff!?

Pg. 21
My real occupation is actually a scholar of biology!
== Not really biology, but it’s the study of plants and animals, but I don’t know the exact word which combines botany and zoology together - -“
. . . well, more important than that, I’ll go check on the situation at the port then
Chloe – A sheriff and a scholar . . . ?
Will – You all wait for a little bit then

It’s quite a relief to have the sheriff helping us out like this
Senel – Hmph

Don’t worry, Shirley
We will get out of here in no time
Shirley – OK . . .

Pg. 22
*RIN* (ring)

Jay – Yo, oniisan
== I personally think it’s better to translate it as oniisan, rather than brother . . . I mean, brother seems a bit too . . . close?

You’re a new face . . . is this your first visit to this town?
*CHIRIN* (ring)

Senel – Yes
What is with that?

Pg. 23
*NIKO* (smile)
Please don’t make scary looking face like that

That paint on your face of the Marine Trooper? That’s quite a rare sight

This is the first time I saw someone coming from the fountain rather than from the port

Senel – This guy . . .

*KU . . .* (crackle)

*TOH* (jump)

Pg. 24
*TON* (thump)
Jay – Hah

Oh, so you’re an eren?

An iron eren, right?
And also, your face said that you want to just act first rather than thinking

Senel – SAY WHAT!?
Civilians – What is it?
Chloe – Stop it, Coolidge!

Jay – Actually, I’m also an eren

Pg. 25
Don’t you think that having two same things at the same time is a bit of a worry?

*GA* (grab)

*DOGA* (slam)

Pg. 26
*BYU* (whoosh)

*GO* (thud)

Senel – You . . .

Jade – Wow, strong aren’t you?
*STA* (stop)

Civillain – Hey, would someone just go stop and them?
*SAWASAWA* (chat chat)
Don’t say something impossible like that. They both are erens
Where is the sheriff?

Shirley – PLEASE STOP!
Having a fight in the middle of the town like this . . .

Pg. 27
*GIKU* (hesitate)

Will – What is all this commotion!?
Chloe – Raynard!

Jay – Well
Seems like it’s better if we stop here for now

Senel – HEY

Jay – Let’s meet again
Marine Trooper oniisan, and also

Pg. 28
Senel – WAIT!
Who the hell . . .

Will – Senel!
For you to act like that . . .
He . . .

Pg. 29
(side) Wha-

Will – All the people who cause disorder within the town must be punished
*GIRA* (click)
== It sounds like a click: the sound of a person pulling his glasses up . . . I’m not that good at deciding which word to use for SFX, but that’s just my opinion ^_^”

Pg. 30
Senel – Punished?

Civilians – CAPTURE HIM
== As I said, I’m no good with SFX. - -“ (a group of people is like . . . “HIYA!!” at him ^_^”)

*GASHAN* (slam)

Pg. 31
Senel – What are you doing! Get me out of here!!
Will – I will release you, so be grateful!
You are being followed, don’t you! What do you think you are doing, making yourself to stand out like that!

Senel – That’s because that side start it first . . . !
Will – Such a hotblooded guy . . . but also mad

You won’t be able to protect her with that

You’re right

Pg. 32
Because I saw her hair glowing, I only think of her as Merines
You can say that it’s the nature of a scholar

Because she had been suspect of being a Merines, you two probably go through many hard times together, right?

Please forgive me . . . for not being able to free myself from that loop of thought
From now on, do be careful

Even if I don’t understand what really happened, if you don’t want to talk about it, then I’m fine with that
But will it be OK if I’m going to lend you my power?

Pg. 33
But you have nothing to do with us . . . both you . . . and that girl

If I were to let you follow that girl alone, I surely would be very worried about it
If I let someone unreliable get out of sight, I wouldn’t be able to stay calm

Senel – What is that supposed to mean!

Shirley – Oniichan!

Thanks goodness . ..
Will – This is my house, so make yourselves like home

Pg. 34
Chloe – So he has a jail room in the basement of his own house?
So he is really a type of person who won’t let someone get out of sight?
Will – Sorry, because I got called back due to the fight, I haven’t checked the . . .

*GOFU* (snarl)

Chloe – They are inside the town!?

*GASHAN* (crack)

Pg. 35
Moses – I see, so that girl is a Merines?
*JA* (step)

Because there were four people there, I might capture the wrong person

Will – The man with an eye patch who stay with the Grand Galf . . . you’re Moses!?

Moses – Gahaha! So I become famous, huh!
Let’s go, Giet!!
Giet – GRR

Pg. 36
Shirley – KYAA!

*BASHU* (slash)
Giet – GYAN

Moses – What?

*DOGA* (strike)

Pg. 37
What the hell!?

Chloe – This time, he is unmistakably a rascal
Will – He is the leader of the bandit. You can do as much as you like
Just not to the extent of destroying my house

Pg. 38
Senel – You two . . . are erens?

Moses – Ho, you too, huh?!
Moreover, an iron eren and a crystal eren together, right?!
This is going to be fun! Let’s compete!

Chloe – too?

*BYUU* (throw)

*GA* (crack)
*KA* (stab)

Pg. 39
*DODODODODO* (flash)
Chloe – KYAA
Will – Argh

*BYU* (snatch)
Shirley – Kya

Senel – SHIRLEY!!?

Pg. 40
Moses – Later then

No one other than the Merines is of any use

Senel – SHIRLEY!!

Pg. 41

Moses – See ya!!

Senel – SHIRLEY!!!

Thank you for reading . . .

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#1. by Mooncrow ()
Posted on Dec 11, 2007
Thanks for the Trans!

Btw, on page 21, depending on context, biology can be correct since it's the study of both zoology and phytology (botany); or ecology might work as well if you're talking about the study of both within their habitat.

Thanks again!
#2. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Dec 11, 2007
thanks ju-da-su!!!
#3. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Dec 11, 2007
*secretly plots a new year release with this hopefully XD*

Ecology sounds to be the best for that (I wish I could remember if this was mentioned in the game or not in the first place -_-'), but I do remember that Will studies plants and animals and seemed to have been related to habitats too, so...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, can you number the page numbers according to what is given in the raws (in the future)? ^^; I keep on having to change that, and it will confuse the editor (and me when proofreading) as to which page we're on if it's not kept this way...>_<
#4. by imintheradio ()
Posted on Dec 11, 2007
yeeha,thanks yah!
#5. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Dec 11, 2007
Quote by Rena Chan;644304:
*secretly plots a new year release with this hopefully XD*

Ecology sounds to be the best for that (I wish I could remember if this was mentioned in the game or not in the first place -_-'), but I do remember that Will studies plants and animals and seemed to have been related to habitats too, so...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, can you number the page numbers according to what is given in the raws (in the future)? ^^; I keep on having to change that, and it will confuse the editor (and me when proofreading) as to which page we're on if it's not kept this way...>_<

OK~! And possibly ToE ch.26 as well? (since I'm doing it right now. ToE is short compared to ToS ch.14 which is 50 something pages :amuse )

OK . . . I never remember the quotes word by word, and often don't just go to the game for the translation (especially when my PS2 is not with me. My mom took it because it's exam week and I got a bad habit of sleeping after about 20 minutes into studying for exam. That's why I translate full speed and play ToI at the same time, because my NDS and PSP are still with me :p ) My brain doesn't enable me to remember the words precisely. Plus, every Tales games I played, except for TotA, are only in my first playthrough, either in the middle or finished but didn't start second playthrough yet. And TotA is only in the middle of second playthrough. So, I only remember what the person says in general; not what he or she really say. :p

I will try to remember about page number then. I tend to just start with page 1 all the time, but I will try to remember it for next time . . . and you want that with ToE as well? ;)
#6. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Dec 11, 2007
Yeah, for anything you're translating for Eternal. That would be great =)

Oh BTW, one of the pages is numbered wrongly (it is actually only one page but you labelled it two pages). For a moment there, I wondered why the page numbers didn't tally with my raws...but I found it though.
#7. by Miken-chan ()
Posted on Dec 12, 2007
xD Nice job, ju-da-su~! It makes want Akane's RAWs even more~

Go, Eternal~!!
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