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Tales of Innocence 6

Tales of Innocence act.6 : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Apr 6, 2008 17:25 | Go to Tales of Innocence

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OK, no more El-scream from me now. I know that it is weird. I'm not trying to imitate Veigue, but I just love Hermana soooo much. EL~~~~!!! XD *shot'd*

Reserved for WoaA scanlation group only. Please don't use it for scanlation except for WoaA

Enjoy~! X3

Tales of Innocence
act. 6 “Memories Space”

== I’m not totally sure if there is a proper word in English or not (I did saw that word in the game - -“) It’s . . . the shiny place where you go in and there will be the scene from the past life. I am not that far into the game, but I know that there is one in Regnum underground dungeon, and one in Garum Volcano, not sure if there is one in Ashihara or not (the one shown in the manga . . . even though it is in Ashihara, but it show the memory we will get at Regnum . . . and yeah, they move El-chan to Ashihara and forget about going back to Regnum - -“) It’s “Kioku no Ba” in Japanese, literally means “The place of memories” . . . ^_^”

Pg. 1
** The place where Ruca, Iria and Spada head for next in search of “the Genesis” . . . **
Iria – That’s a really long boat trip
Ruca – Yeah

So this is

Pg. 2
The East Country, Ashihara . . .
** The mystery of the past life that is going to be explained **

Pg. 3
Somehow, this seems to be a really lonely town
Spada – I heard from the sailor just now that in the past, this is the ocean country with a vast amount of land

Iria – Then what do we do next?
Spada – First is finding information, of course

If we go together, it won’t be that effective, so each of us will go around the town by ourselves and come back to meet here
Iria – So, we meet up here by sunset then, right?
Ruca – OK

The sun already goes down and I still can’t get any information . . . ?

Everyone would be angry at me for sure like this . . .

Thitose – Good evening

Pg. 4
It has been a long while

Ruca – . . . Ah-umm, have we actually met before?
Thitose – Yes

From the very beginning
We’re always

Ruca – From the very beginning?

Pg. 5
Thitose – You might try to go to the King’s Tomb located at the town’s north-east direction

Ruca – Eh?

Thitose – You’re searching for something, don’t you?
Maybe that thing that you’re searching for is there

Ruca – Who are- . . .

Iria – RUCA~~~!!

Pg. 6
Iria – You got any information?
Ruca – Eh? Well . . .

She’s gone

Iria – What are you making scary face for?
Ruca – Just-Just now, there is a girl here . . .

Iria – Huh? What are you talking about?

Pg. 7
Spada – The King’s Tomb at North-East?
Ruca – Yep
That girl said that we might find the thing we are looking for there . . .

Spada – Is this thing we are looking for means the Genesis?
Ruca – Dunno . . .

Iria – Though when I came, that person is not longer there
Spada – You’re sure that you’re not just daydreaming?

Ruca – No! I’m sure that she was there!!
Spada – Well, first, we will go see that King’s Tomb place then, shall we?

Pg. 8
Hermana – Hiya
Iria – Wh-what the!?

Hermana – I just happened to hear, but you want to go to the King’s Tomb, right?
Then you know where this King’s Tomb is?

Spada – We-Well that . . .
Hermana – You don’t know, don’t you?
I can guide you there if you want to

In exchange

Pg. 9
Hermana – I want 60 galds for the guiding fee though
Iria – Huh?

いるんだよ こーいうやからが
Spada – This kind of people do existed
But we can just find the King’s Tomb ourselves, can’t we?

Sorry, but you go ask somewhere else
Hermana - Oh OK then
See you

Hermana - Oh yeah! But since we meet each other now, I’ll tell you one thing

There are guards at the King’s Tomb, so it won’t be that easy to get in
Also, the people in the town don’t really want to talk about the King’s Tomb much, I would think that they won’t give you the answer even if you ask them.

Though if I’m with you, I will take care of the guards and the way in the King’s Tomb for you
Ruca – Hmmm

Pg. 10
Hermana – I can give the discount for now as well if you want
How ‘bout half price: 30 galds?

Iria – Really?
Spada – Hey!!

Iria – 30 galds for guiding and talking with the guard to let us, isn’t it?
That’s pretty cheap

At least it’s better than going into trouble with finding information, isn’t it?
Spada – Tch
Can’t help it then

In return, I want the money I pay to really worth it, OK?
Hermana – No problem

And I haven’t introduce myself yet, haven’t I?

Pg. 11
I’m Hermana
Hermana Larmo

Please take care of me
Ruca – Ah

I-I’m Ruca
Iria - I’m Iria
Spada – I’m Spada
Coda – Coda

Hermana – Well, let’s get going
Ruca – OK
She really changes so fast

Is this really fine . . .

Pg. 12
Spada – Hey, are we there yet?
How much longer do we need to go?

Hermana – Well, don’t complain too much
We’ll be there in a second

Look over there

Pg. 13
Spada – I see, so those are the guards?
Iria – Doesn’t seem like they will let us in that easily as well

Hermana – Just leave the rest to me
You all wait here

Spada – Is she really going to be fine?

Hermana – Greetings

Pg. 14
Guards – Who are you!!

Iria – WHAAAAT!?
Spada – Tch, we really got cheated?

Guard – You foreigner!! What business do you have in this sacred grave tomb?!!
Go away right now!!

Hermana – Aww . . . don’t be so cold. Can’t we just befriend with each other?
Guard – What are you talking about!? We have no need to even care who you are!!

I’m just joking

Pg. 15
Ruca – Eh?

S-Seems like it’s going good
Spada – Yeah

Guard – Hahaha
It’s fine

Iria - I- . . . I’m going in now
Guard – No, no
It actually is really nice

Pg. 16
Iria – Wow, this is huge
It seems more like a temple than a grave now
Ruca – Yeah
Spada – Agreed

Spada – You really help guide us in. It’s 30 galds, right?
Hermana – Thanks

And also, you want me to guide you on the inside as well? It’s rather like a maze here inside the King’s Tomb, so you probably will get lost, don’t you?
I can help guide you through many interesting things as well, right?

Hermana – Now, I’m giving you as discount of 30 galds from 60
Spada – Geez
In the end, it’s 60 gald, huh?

Ruca - Being together up to now must be because of some relationship we shared, so we’re counting on you
Hermana - Anytime

Pg. 17

Pg. 18
Iria – This is
Ruca – Seems like some kind of wall painting

There are texts written on it as well, but . . .
Spada – Dammit, I never saw these kinds of letters before, so I can’ read it

Hermana – Want me to translate?
Spada – You can read this text?

Hermana – You can’t tell from the surface, but I’m actually intelligent
How ‘bout you give me 1 gald and I’ll read it?
Spada – What?

Ruca – Let’s just have her read it for us, Spada
It might be some clues
Spada – Tch, can’t be helped, huh


えーと 初めは天も地もなく原初にただ創造神ありけり永劫の孤独を癒すべくして体を世界とし…
Let’s see, at first, there was neither the Heaven nor the Earth. Originally, there existed the Creation God who intended to cure the eternal loneliness by using His body to creat- . . .

Pg. 19
Spada – Oi, it’s not like I can understand all that. Are you planning to continue like this forever or something?
Can you explain it so that it is easier to understand?
Hermana – Fine then
I’ll explain it in the simpler way

It seems like this is telling us about the Heaven
The Heaven begins from the death of the Giant of the Origin

Ruca – Giant of the Origin?
Hermana – Seems like he is called the Creation God

At the very beginning, there is no world. Just one giant
That giant is lonely, so he use his body to create the world . . . the Gods born from his head

Pg. 20
The Gods prospers, but among them, the evil Gods also begin to increase
Because of that, the Gods create the Earth and isolate the evil Gods down there

The Gods who got sent to Earth and got their power taken away become “humans.”
Long time had passed by since that event

That’s about it
Iria – Umm

So it means that we are the descendants of Gods then?
== Thank you, DeepEyes for pointing this (reverse - -") mistake out. ^_^"

Ruca – Asras

Pg. 21
Why did Asras want to unite the Heaven and the Earth into one . . . ?
Using the Genesis

Not good
I still can’t remember

Iria – Something wrong, Ruca?
Hermana – Are you not feeling well?

Ruca – No
I’m fine

Hermana – OK

Let’s move on

Pg. 22
Spada – Hey, not another wall painting
Hermana - Maoh raised the Genesis up high and with it power, wake up from the long slumber
== Maoh (or Ma-ou . . . I’m extremely bad when it comes to names - -“) can be translated as Demon King. (and of course, it’s not Mao, since Mao is cute little guy who use Fire Force, not the king of the evil *shot’d for the randomness*) ^_^”

That’s what is written there
Ruca – Maoh?

This picture is Asras and Inanna, right?
Iria – Guess that’s right . . .

Pg. 23
Then what about the one on the left

Ruca – Maoh?

Pg. 24

Pg. 25

Pg. 26
Ruca – UWA

Iria – Ruca!!
Spada – Are you OK!?

Ruca – Umm yeah
Hermana – Something’s wrong? From a while before

Hermana – Something bad got into you?
Ruca – Ah, no

Maoh . . .

Pg. 27
Spada – But Hermana
I’ve been a bit fed up with the wall painting for a while now. So isn’t there anything else?

Hermana – Don’t be too rush
The real thing is really starting from now

There’s something big I want to show you

The “Memories Space”

Spada – Memories
Ruca – Space?

Pg. 28
Ruca - . . . This is the Memories Space?

Isn’t it seem to be shining?
What is it?

Hermana – This keeps the memories of Heaven
Ruca – Eh?

Pg. 29
Hermana – If you touch it
It let you into seeing the history of heaven

Iria – What does that mean?

Hermana – You won’t know till you try
Go on in
Ruca – Wah

Pg. 30-31
== <3 <3 <3 VRITRA~~~!! XD (yeah, I know, I got kind of obsessed with El-chan for some reason . . . she is my favorite characters in ToI ever since I got her in the game and now I just love her so much . . . so do her past life . . . @_@ )

Pg. 32
Latio soldiers – WITHDRAW!!



Pg. 33
Asras – LISTEN!!
I, Asras, declare that I will reunite the Heavens with this one victory in battle!!

Pg. 34
This war no longer has any meaning!!
I, Asras, shall promise you all people of Latio the courteous welcome!!

Pg. 35
Durandal - This should end the war in a little while then?
Though it might be a bit lonesome, this also is determined

Inanna – Asras

So you finally will be able to reunite the Heaven, right?
This will lead everything to become one . . .

Asras – That’s right, Inanna

Pg. 36
With this, you will be able to see the light which brings back the beauty of the past shone on this world

Vritra – That’s quite a pleasant thing, Asras
To be able to accomplish this masterpiece using the legend of the elderly like me as the fundament

Asras – That’s right, Vritra

The world that you once live in the past
The bedtime stories you told me certain is my greatest treasures of all

Vritra – Returning my favor?
You indeed are a faithful child . . .

Pg. 37
Spada – Hey, did you see that just now . . . ?
Iria – Yeah
I saw it in my head as well . . .

Ruca, are you OK?

Pg. 38
Inanna – Asras
Please seal the Genesis

Asras – Inanna?
Inanna – That thing is dangerous
I’m begging you

Pg. 39
Asras – What’s wrong, Inanna?
That’s not really like you . . .

Right now, I’m really happy

I want to stay with you from now on as well

Asras – What are you saying, Inanna?
I’ll always be by your side, no matter what . . .

Pg. 40
Inanna – Asras
Let’s seal that power together

So that neither the people of Census
Nor the people of Latio will be able to obtain it

Asras – Inanna

Pg. 41
Ruca – Iria

Iria – Ruca
Ruca – Are you OK?

Just now
We also saw it

That Inanna wants to seal away the Genesis

What does that mean?

Pg. 42
Iria – Ugh
Ruca – IRIA!!

Iria – When it seems like I can remember it
My head is . . .

It’s like
I should not remember it

Thitose – Asras

Pg. 43
Spada – Who is she?
Ruca – Ah

It’s that girl!
The girl I met in the town

Pg. 44
. . . you
Just now, you called me Asras?

Thitose – You still cannot remember me?

I’m Thitose
The one who is Sakuya in the past life

Ruca – Sakuya?

Thitose - In this life, I am the close follower of Mathias

Pg. 45
Spada – MATHIAS!?

Thitose - . . . Asras . . .
Mathias is in need of you

Please go with me
Let’s live together happily
** What is the truth behind what Thitose is telling!? **

Thank you for reading . . .

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#1. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Apr 6, 2008
Thx a lot! =D...

Btw... You will do the great scans of ToI and Embalming this month too? *-*
#2. by black_crow ()
Posted on Apr 6, 2008
Thank you :)
#3. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Apr 6, 2008
Quote by DeepEyes;808580:
Thx a lot! =D...

Btw... You will do the great scans of ToI and Embalming this month too? *-*

I'm uploading ToI right now, but my next on the list is Monster Hunter Orage though; not Embalming. If I finish Monster Hunter Orage (which I doubt to that it will be quick, since Shounen Rival RAW . . . are gigantic. Actually never saw a chapter of RAW with more than 150 pages before and now I saw it. @_@ ) and no one did Embalming yet, I'll do it. ^_^"
#4. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Apr 6, 2008
Thx a lot! I was waiting too for Monster Hunter Orage *-*... But... 150 Pages! That's crazy >_<... I will wait for your trans =D

#5. by Miken-chan ()
Posted on Apr 6, 2008
Thanks so much, Ju-da-su!

I have to get a DS eventually so I can play ToI without the lagging problem on the way I play it now... ^-^""
#6. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Apr 7, 2008
#7. by herolove ()
Posted on Apr 7, 2008
Thanks for yhe translation!!
OH an then Miken-chan talks abuout the game I start wondering then it is coming in English (USA or PAL, ether works), and I remind myself I hawe to Clear the ToP game
#8. by Viewtiful ()
Posted on Apr 7, 2008
Hey, Ju-da-su, thanks for your translation ^^/

You missed two balloons at page 9.

Hermana – I want 60 galds for the guiding fee though
Iria – Huh?

いるんだよ こーいうやからが
Spada – This kind of people do existed
But we can just find the King’s Tomb ourselves, can’t we?

Spada - ???????
Hermana - ??????

Hermana - Fine! But since we meet each other now, I’ll tell you one thing

There are guards at the King’s Tomb, so it won’t be that easy to get in
Also, the people in the town don’t really want to talk about the King’s Tomb much, I would think that they won’t give you the answer even if you ask them.

Though if I’m with you, I will take care of the guards and the way in the King’s Tomb for you
Ruca – Hmmm
#9. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Apr 8, 2008
Opps, sorry. Fix'd. :'D
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