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Blazer Drive 1

Blazer Drive 1st BLAZE : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Apr 17, 2008 04:26 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 1

59 PAGES~~~!!! XD

A thing is, I don't want to make another WIP. Whenever I make a WIP, I always forgot that I hadn't finish it yet. - -"

OK, I have to say, I don't understand why people call this a drawback. I think it looks great~! COOL~~!! XD

(and yep, I managed to totally overwork myself now . . . this is the eleventh series I am on for translations now, man . . . - -")

EDIT: Seems like I misnumber the page again . . . Gosh! D: *go back to find which page did I misnumbered* << DONE~*

Anyway, done is done~! ENJOY~~!!! XD

Any scanlator may use it. Just proofread it, please~ XD

Blazer Drive
1st BLAZE “The Inheritance”

Pg. 1
Narration - As the sticker-styled Drive System which one can just stick and trace the pattern to activate energies such as fire, ice, electric or light
The “Mysticker” got developed and had become the heart of many people’s lives as the new eco-energy

The world which moves toward the disruption in environment more and more
Due to global warming in the near future

The city which has become the test case for the new experiment; the policy which combine the city with the green trees

** The future that fuse nature and science together . . . **

Pg. 2-3
Big text on left-right – The Legend –
- Had Begun

Text in the middle – Overwhelming volume
Great excitement
59 pages of new serialization!!

Stick it on the left arm
And the Mysticker shall invite you into the world of battle!!

1st BLAZE. The Inheritance

(in circle) The royal evangelist of the shounen manga!!
Kishimoto Seishi

Lower-right hand – Signed Color Pictures Gift!
First issue memorial
For more detail, read page 587.

Pg. 4
Misora – Is the hot water done yet!?
??? - Ah! Sorry, Misora
-- Team Sky
Base --

Don’t you have any “Flame Mysticker” with you?
??? – Yep

I’m boiling it now!

-- Team Sky, Leader
Misora --

Pg. 5
Daichi – Alright, now the reparation is done
??? – Just hurry and try powering it

Daichi - Even if you didn’t rush me
All that’s left is putting the electric Mysticker on it

There!!! My ballboard is finally back to action!!!

??? – Hey, everyone!!
Daichi – What’s wrong!?

??? – Those guys . . .

Pg. 6
Typhoon – Hey!! Pass the Mysticker over!!
*cough* *cough*
Kuroki – UWA!?

??? – It’s Team Typhoon from Section VII!
They’re chasing someone

Kuroki – What are you talking about!
I have neither money nor Mystickers!!

Pg. 7
Daichi – Don’t come rampaging around our island!!
-- Team Sky
Chore boy who thinks he is the leader
Protagonist Daichi --
== Sorry, I totally don’t know what word to use for “someone who do various chore or job” - -“

Pg. 8
Typhoon leader – UWO!!
Typhoon – Head!!
HOT! HOT! *cough*

Daichi – Heh

Typhoon leader – Damn you~

Pg. 9
Daichi – Leave all your Mysticker here
Then we will forgive you

Typhoon – Didn’t the rule say that you should not put Mysticker on people!!
Typhoon leader – Guh
Daichi – And look who is talking

So cool! Dammit, now I’m just soo cool

That is so suitable for a leader. Did you take video of what I did just now!?
Misora – Shush!! I’m your leader; not your mom in the sport competition!!

Pg. 10
There are still more of them!
Daichi – Not good
??? – It’s all because Daichi act first before thinking of the plan

Typhoon leader – WAIT *cough* *cough*
Daichi – And why are you following just me!!

Typhoon leader – Caught up with you *cough* *cough*
I’m returning what you did just now

Take this Flame Mysticker
Daichi – KYAAAAAA!!

Pg. 11
Misora – Daichi!!

The Ice Mysticker!!
Daichi – Misora!!

Misora – Ah!! Daichi
Daichi – What is with this sense of freedom?

Typhoon leader – My motorbike . . .
I cannot forgive those guys now! *cough*

Daichi – Thanks for helping, Misora

Pg. 12
What, why does the energy have to run out in a time like this?

Need to use the spare Electric Mysticker
Wha . . . I forgot to refill. Not even one is left now . . .

Typhoon leader – Found you!!!
Daichi – Not those people again . . .

Typhoon leader – Hah

To ensure that you can’t escape, I’m going to put it on not the shirt
But directly on your body and freeze you right to the ground

Level 3 Ice Mysticker!!

What? Why isn’t it activating??
Is this a defect?
Misora – Wait, what are you doing to Daichi!!!

Pg. 13-14
Daichi – GUH
Typhoon leader – UWO!!!
Misora – KYA!!

Daichi – Wh- . . . what is this . . . feeling just now . . .
My left arm is . . .

Why are there ice . . . in front of me . . . ?

Also, just now . . . isn’t that Misora’s voice . . . that I heard . . .

Typhoon leader – Th- . . . That was close . . . So it really isn’t a defect . . . that Mysticker
But why is the ice, all pointy ones, coming at me rather than that guy . . .

And that woman seems to get some damage as well

And that guy didn’t even get a scratch
From all those ice . . .

Pg. 15
Ginga – Are you OK!!
Just what is happening here!?
Typhoon leader – I don’t know as well
Anyway, let’s just kidnap those that fainted then

Ginga – That then is something I can’t ignore
Typhoon – All of the sudden
Typhoon leader – Who are you!!?

Ginga - Who knows?

Pg. 16
Typhoon – They’re gone!!
The two that were unconscious are gone as well
Dammit! They escaped!! FIND THEM *cough*

Pg. 17
Daichi – Stop doing stupid things already!!

Ginga – Quiet!! You always put your nose into others’ business!!
Daichi – But those guy rampage our . . .

Truly speaking, if “you” don’t come in and intervene
I would have won that battle already!!!

Ginga – Up to the point that you have to harm your friends . . .

What you did is not a battle or anything . . .
Daichi – What did you say!

Pg. 18
Ginga – You’re just picking fight!

Daichi – I am not “picking fight”!!
I am battling, risking my life!!!

That’s why the injured one is wrong!!
First and foremost, injuries are like the victory of the battle!!

If I can defeat the guys like those today
And get the rarer Mysticker that are not found in store
I’ll become stronger!!

Pg. 19
Ginga – You are still weak

Even if you get
Some kind of rare Mysticker in your hands . . .

Daichi – You think so!
Then I’m going to get a great Mysticker

And will defeat you for sure
Be prepared!!

Pg. 20
Why is it . . . always . . .
Have to be like this . . .

Pg. 21
I just . . .
Ginga – If I would just think that you will end up crying
Daichi!! What is with all those wounds!!

Daichi - I helped this dog
From the bullies
I’m not crying or anything

Ginga - . . . Yeah, you are not crying, yep!
Those are just mucus, right!

You are pretty strong. Right now though
You’re still totally no match with me
That’s why, you got to move forward

Pg. 22
Mucus stop
== “Liquid” mucus. ^_^”

Daichi – Hehe
I just . . . want to . . . call you . . .


Like that again
That’s all . . .

Pg. 23
Typhoon leader – Who are you? How . . . did you stick the Flame Mysticker directly on your body and . . .
Nanba – And didn’t get burnt, you mean? . . .

What? You didn’t know? About people who can control the power of the Mysticker
About the Blazers

Typhoon leader – Bl-Blazers!!
Isn’t that just some kind of rumors!!?

Nanba – I want some information about some kid
That’s why I capture you here <3

Well, shall I begin asking for details then?

Pg. 24
Misora - Ginga-san is pretty angry just now
You didn’t get pressed too hard again, do you? Daichi . . .

Daichi – That got nothing to do with what he said
Misora – Right

Then I should be eating too, right
Thank you for this meal

Ginga – Up to the point that you have to harm your friends . . .

Misora – What are you staring at me for?
I’m not giving any to you
As- . . .
As if I asked for it

Misora - . . . You have something you want to talk to me?
Daichi – Umm, not really . . .

Pg. 25
??? - Daichi and Ginga-san did seem to be really closed in the past though
Daichi – Ugh
Misora – Wha- You shameless person

I’ll buy it for sure. I won’t get home until I get it

Daichi’s mom – Huhu, I know
But I will make the dinner a bit late then. OK?

Daichi – YIPEE!!!
Ginga – Hey, Daichi
Don’t talk so selfishly like that

Daichi – If that time, I didn’t say such selfish thing
My parents wouldn’t . . .

Pg. 26
That time, the guy who used to be so kind changed
That’s why he

Resent me even up to now

Pg. 27
Misora - . . . Oh yeah

I won’t need this
So I’m giving it to you then

Daichi – WOW!! THIS IS COOL!!!
I never saw a Mysticker like this before!!!

It just totally fit with the cool guy like me
Why are you giving me this then?
Misora – Well, just take it then. It’s my feeling, get it? My feeling
Should I say that I just picked it up from in front of the house?!

More than that, despite of being a Mysticker, when I try to activate it
Nothing really happens . . .

Daichi – But what energy is this then?
Misora – Come on, since it is rare, don’t go around and just use it! It’s a lucky charm! Lucky charm!

Pg. 28
Daichi – Lucky Charm, huh . . .
Misora, don’t tell me that you like . . .
Misora - . . . It’s completely a wrong guess, but . . . he did seem to be livelier . . .

Daichi – I’ll win that guy with this for sure
Hehehe . . .


What are you doing? Give it back!! Misora gave that Mysticker to . . .

Pg. 29


Pg. 30
I totally get it now
What you are feeling . . .

Pg. 31

That’s the first time Misora ever gave something important to me . . .

And now I see it really clear . . .

That guy really
Resents me

. . . But . . .

Somewhere inside me
I still think . . .

Nanba – Playing with those hoodlums is really quite troublesome
But it is as I’ve predicted

You’re Daichi-kun, right?

Daichi – Who the hell are you!!?

Nanba – My name is

Pg. 32
Nanba. LERO~~~N
== Sorry, problem is, I try to find what leron means. It doesn’t seem to be his last name as well. I only found that it means “circle” in French and “song” in Israeli . . . - -“

Daichi - What is that Mysticker!!
Also, that guy sticks it on his arm!!!

Pg. 33
So!! Daichi-kun is fine as well, right
Daichi – Rather than talking about that, apologize to me about the water!!!
And also, how on Earth did you know about me!!?

Nanba - Wonderful
A big hit

I’m going to say for you to come with me and be useful
== I’m not that confident with this. A problem is, the word and the furigana(?) doesn’t really go together, and since I usually go with the furigana (since I take it as that manga is meant to be read aloud, like anime), the furigana is troubling me a bit, since to me, it doesn’t really go together. >_<” (furigana: “muteki” (invincible) and “taiatari” (to tackle) . . . doesn’t really go that well together . . . @_@ )

You won’t mind if I do anything to your limbs, right?

This is the Rare Arrow Mysticker
Nothing will happen if used by normal people

Pg. 34-35
But not for me
This is what Blazer is all about

Daichi – Blazer!
Wha!! What is that! Something just came out!!

Nanba - First is the legs, so that you can’t escape

Daichi – UWA!! But what really is this!!
Why am I being!!

Pg. 36

Civilian – KYA!!

Nanba – Wow hey, so Ginga comes in and intervenes again
Just a little bit more and I would have got Daichi-kun

Pg. 37
Daichi – Why . . .

Nanba – So you never heard anything about it
Our organization wants you, Daichi-kun

That’s why you’re-
Ginga – Shut up!!

Daichi – Electric Mysticker on the arm . . . !?

If you do that, you’ll!!!

Nanba - Don’t be so shocked about it <3
Since that guy too can control the power of the Mysticker . . .
A Blazer

Pg. 38
It’s just always like that, Daichi-kun

You didn’t know that your brother, Ginga, had always been protecting you

Ginga – SHUT UP!!!

Step back from me a bit
If the wire touched you, you would die from electric shock
Daichi – Are you stupid? The one who seems to be dying is you

Nanba – Ah, your brother is not stupid
He actually can penetrate
The Persuit Mysticker pretty quickly, isn’t he?

Daichi – That Mysticker is the same one as the one Misora gave me!!

Pg. 39
That’s why you destroyed it . . .
. . . I’ve been protected after all . . .

Nanba – Such a big brother who bravely protect his younger brother
from knowing anything . . . kuku
Kukuku. I’m so moved. AHAHAHAHA

Well? You’re going to keep on intervening, right? <3 Bu~~t this time
I have the Ultra-rare Dimension-Shift Mysticker with me now

Pg. 40
The body that came in touch with it

Will vanish from here
Just seeing this happen

Will be my greatest joy

Ginga – I won’t give you a chance to attack!

Nanba – Tch, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate and aim if it is like this

Such a troublesome weak point

Pg. 41
How ‘bout this then
Ginga – Dammit, he went into my blind spot


Nanba – Take this

Ginga – Kuh

Pg. 42
Nanba – Tch
I missed

Daichi – Ho- . . . HOW CAN THIS!!!

Pg. 43
What the, it won’t come out!!
Shit, it got stuck!!

Oi!! Hang in there!!
Didn’t you always act cool!!!

Ginga – Quiet . . . down . . . I can hear you even if you don’t shout . . .

Daichi – Now, we got to get away from here
Ginga – I’ve . . . no time . . . left . . .
Listen . . .

I’m sorry for hiding
About you . . . being targeted . . . up till now

I don’t want you . . . to be drawn . . . into this world like me . . .
That’s why . . . I forsake you . . .

Somehow . . . I cannot . . . protect you . . . any- . . . more
Daichi – What are you saying all of the sudden
Don’t fool around with me!!

Pg. 44
Daichi – What did I ever do!! Why are they targeting me!! . . .
As if I can pick a fight with a guy like that!!

Ginga - . . . This is not just picking a fight . . .
It’s a battle!!

Since the very beginning, your heart is purer than anyone . . .
And it possesses . . . great strength

This is . . . the Rare Mysticker that can endlessly produce electricity
Kandachi (God’s Stand)
== Sorry for being extremely literal. I actually am really bad with names (and I’m pretty convinced now that this is a name - -“)

Stick it on your body and activate it . . .
If it is with you, you should be able to pull out all of its power . . .

Daichi – Even if I do that
It’s obvious that I would get shocked as well!!!

Ginga - . . . You won’t
Because you and I are the same . . .

Pg. 45
We’re both Blazers . . .

Daichi - It’s no use!! I can’t fight in battle!!!

Ginga - The battle . . . is not about
Getting a medal . . . or a reward
It’s about you deciding . . . on your value of protecting something, like your friends or your belief

Pg. 46-47
That’s why you got to move forward . . .

Daichi - I helped this dog
From the bullies
I’m not crying or anything

Ginga - You are pretty strong. Right now though
You’re still totally no match with me
That’s why you got to move forward

Stop Mucus . . .

Daichi – Thank you . . .

Pg. 48
Nanba – And that’s a really valuable Mysticker
Operation failed

Gosh, he did get in the way till the really last minute
That scum

Well, no more your protective brother
Are here for you now </3
I’ll pick a fight as you like then </3

Aww~ I’m not going to just smash his limbs now
I want to kill hi~~~m <3
== Sorry, can’t do sparkling. XD

But patient . . .
Come on . . . be patient

Daichi – It’s not going to be just picking a fight now . . .

Pg. 49
This is a battle!!!

Nanba – I
Lost patience

I’m getting bored of that leftover Electric Mysticker now!!!


Daichi – My belief . . .
My brother’s thought . . .

Pg. 50-51

Nanba - Wha- . . . What is with . . .
This electrical discharge . . .

Pg. 52
Damn ya

Kuroki – Aren’t you one step too slow?

Pg. 53
Daichi – What . . . Are you that guy’s comrade?!!
Kuroki – So you’re Daichi-kun, right?

I’m Kuroki
The best friend of your brother, Ginga

Daichi – . . . My brother’s . . .

Kuroki – So he really is the one who create that lightning just now . . .
But that big of a size
If it isn’t use together with the Amplifier Mysticker, it can’t be that big

Pg. 54
It’s just like what Ginga said. This boy is . . .

Daichi – Just what is it just now!!?
Kuroki – If you want to know, then take this hand
What happened today is just the beginning

From now on, you will continue to be targeted
Do you have the courage to let go off your daily life and learn of the truth?

Daichi – The truth . . .
Kuroki – Take this hand that your brother also had taken

Pg. 55

Pg. 56

Pg. 57

Pg. 58
* The reaching out hand forms the new bond . . . The Mysticker leads Daichi into the great battle **

Thank you for reading . . .

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#1. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2008
Thx a lot! Ju-Da-Su! n_n

Aren't you interested in translating Holly Talker or EMMA? ^^U....

Thx again!

#2. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2008
I thought shrimpy said s/he is going to do Holy Talker and squirrellord is working on EMMA right now . . .

Holy Talker does seem like an interesting one to translate though . . . :'D *shot'd*

I'll see first then. If no one jumps at Holy Talker before I finished my homework and two other translations (initially planned as Songkran translations . . . or rather "belated" Songkran release now T^T ), then I will try Holy Talker. But I don't think I want to do EMMA (the story doesn't seem that interesting to me, sorry. >_<")
#3. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2008
thanks Ju-da-su!!! How long did it take for you to translate this??? I'm not gonna even gonna bother to try and scanlate this, I would die before I finish it.
#4. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2008
I didn't time myself, sorry . . . ^_^"
#5. by Paku ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2008
thank you very much ^^
#6. by adachi2 ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2008
Thanks :luv
#7. by LegACy ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2008
Now all that's left is holy talker!
#8. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2008
Quote by Ju-da-su;827642:
I thought shrimpy said s/he is going to do Holy Talker and squirrellord is working on EMMA right now . . .

Glad to hear that *-*... Thx n_n.

#9. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2008
Thanks XD

Is someone gonna scanlate this? =o
#10. by janu_onliners ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2008
Thx alot !!! We need more ppl to scanlate this!!
#11. by Fitrojoke ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2008
Thanks man !!! XD .... Blazer Drive 01 italian is arriving XD !!!!!
#12. by Farfalla (#<3mommyholt)
Posted on Apr 17, 2008
Thank u so much ><
#13. by nxlouco ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2008
#14. by zenozatch ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2008
Thank You! Finally there's a translation! Thank you Ju-da-su!! ^^

*bows in thanks*
#15. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2008
(and yep, I managed to totally overwork myself now . . . this is the eleventh series I am on for translations now, man . . . - -")

That's why you need to leave Embalming to Episilonium...>_>
#16. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Apr 18, 2008
Quote by Rena Chan;828729:
That's why you need to leave Embalming to Episilonium...>_>


I want to, but I got hyped every time I got the new issue . . . >.>"

I really am lacking self-control, I guess >_<"
#17. by Raeious ()
Posted on Apr 18, 2008
Hello~ Has anyone scanlated this yet..? I wanna give it a go. :D
#18. by Hokage-Echizen ()
Posted on Apr 18, 2008
Tnsensei.com has finished to scanlate it in french since yesterday ;)
#19. by Raeious ()
Posted on Apr 19, 2008
Uhhhhm, just a request... you missed some text in the fourth page. Second bubble, first panel. :D I'm scanlating it right now, by the way~

<edit> Oh, nvm. A friend did it for me. Thank you for the translations. (:
#20. by d4v1d_su ()
Posted on Apr 19, 2008
I think "mystique" sounds more appropriate than "mysticker"
Just my opinion.
#21. by Raeious ()
Posted on Apr 19, 2008
I was actually wondering about that, but since they're Stickers, I assumed it was okay. Haha.
#22. by d4v1d_su ()
Posted on Apr 19, 2008
it says
mi - su - ti -kkaa = "mystique"

for "mysticker" it should be
ma - i - su - te - kkaa
or something like that
#23. by Hokage-Echizen ()
Posted on Apr 27, 2008
In french we took mysticker...
#24. by Rock-Bird ()
Posted on Apr 27, 2008
thank you !
#25. by obito_uchiwa ()
Posted on Apr 28, 2008
I would like to know if in your scantrad team, you have a translator for 'Holly Talker' ?!

Because with tnsensei team we really want to translate into french this manga !!!
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