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Tales of Innocence 7

Tales of Innocence act.7 : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on May 5, 2008 16:54 | Go to Tales of Innocence

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*depressed* Why do the manga that I'm up for scanning job decrease in size so drastically (Embalming and Kure-nai go down to about 20 pages in this issue, plus, Monster Hunter Orage goes down to 30-40) while the manga that I'm up for translating job hardly seem to bulge at all (Blazer Drive is 45 pages while last time it is 58(?) and Holy Talker keeps its super-long size of 74 from last time, 81. ToI never changed in size. It's always 45. I drop Embalming, so that doesn't count anymore.) . . . NOT FAIR!! T^T

Anyway, am depressed right now for two reasons. First is as mentioned (though I don't think it will affect me translating any of those. I still love to translate regardless :p ). Second is . . . :darn . . . *depressed*

5 YEARS OLD NEW YEAR RESOLUTION: IMPROVE ENGLISH GRAMMAR!! . . . and just by proofreading this myself, since well, I know that my grammar is horrible, I can catch 31 grammatical errors just by going through it again . . . my New Year's Resolution seems so much like a far away star~ Will it ever get better~~??!! T^T

Anyway, enjoy~ I'll go on to Blazer Drive next. As said, size doesn't really affect me that much. It's just that I would rather have the ones I have to scan remain the same rather than the one I have to translate (since translating take more time and energy. Scanning, I can probably just multi-task while my silly scanner do its job :p )

PS. And let me guess . . . there's something like 10 grammatical errors just in the rant I just made . . . right? >_<" (Not good at catching myself on the grammar and syntax stuff . . . >.>" )

Reserved for WoaA! Please do not use it for scanlation!

Tales of Innocence
act. 7 “Trust”

Pg. 1
Thitose – I’m Thitose
I am the person who was Sakuya in the past life

In this life, I’m a close follower of Mathias

Spada – MATHIAS!?

Thitose – Asras
Mathias is in need of you

** “Inanna” who wished for the Genesis to be seal; Who is this Thitose who had known of Iria in the past . . . !? **

Pg. 2
Please come with me . . .
Let’s live happily together

** The invitation to the Church of Alka **

Pg. 3
Ruca – Live happily?
Spada – Are you trying to say that there is some kind of joy waiting for us if we go to Mathias?

Thitose – If you stay in outside world, you will be captured under Regnum’s Detainment Law
If you come to the Church of Alka where Mathias is, you will be guarantee of the safety . . .

Iria – Wait! What is that you’re saying!!
There’s no way someone who destroyed my village is going to be safe!!

Thitose – Shut up

Pg. 4

Ruca – You
Know Inanna?

Thitose – You still didn’t remember?
I care about Asras so much, yet . . .

I always care about you so deeply . . .
More than anyone . . .

Pg. 5
Sakuya – The
Asras – Yes

Reuniting just the Heaven isn’t going to satisfy my ambition

I surely must obtain it

Pg. 6
Sakuya – I will do whatever it takes to grant your dearest wish
I, Sakuya, am going to use all the effort I have for your sake . . .

Please have me serve your military rule to the very last of me

Asras – Look up, Sakuya

I want to thank you for those words
But I don’t want my subordinate to give in or sacrifice herself like that

I can’t possibly let your beautiful body to be harm

Inanna – Asras

Pg. 7
Asras – Oh, Inanna
Inanna – Are you alright?

I heard that the Ratios had launched an attack . . .
Asras – As you see
There’s no word about the end of my ruling power

Inanna – I’m relieved

Sakuya - . . . Inanna . . .

She had changed Asras

Pg. 8
Also, ever since that girl
Inanna came . . .

No, I am not going to say anything
If I say, Asras will be troubled

If I don’t go down deeply
Into the feeling of jealousy

Deeply . . .
More than the ocean . . .
More than hell . . .

More than the Earth . . .
Deeply . . .

Pg. 9
Thitose – Deeply . . .

But right now, it’s different
I won’t sink into those feeling . . .

So, Asras . . .
Please come with me

Ruca – . . . I can’t do that
Thitose – Why?

Ruca – . . . I don’t trust Mathias

Since that person . . .

Pg. 10

Whatever you said, I still don’t trust Mathias and Alka which she is the leader of . . .

And you as well . . .

Pg. 11
Thitose – Asras . . .

Iria – You really said it well, Ruca
Ruca – Eh
Ah . . .

Thitose – And you’re saying that you trust that person?
Iria – Eh?

What all of the sudden . . .

Thitose - Oh
You still didn’t remember

Pg. 12
What you did?

You really didn’t remember it yet, huh?

Or is it rather . . .
That you are just pretending that you can’t remember it?

Pg. 13
The traitor . . .

Spada – Inanna a traitor?

Ruca – What do you mean?

Hermana – Tch

Thitose – Please realize it, Asras

Pg. 14
Because that girl was the main cause of the fall of Heaven

Pg. 15
Ruca – Inanna destroyed Heaven . . . ?
Spada – How could something stupid like that be true!!

Thitose – Fufu
Then how about you ask her directly?

Spada – Iria
Is that true?

That Inanna destroyed . . .
Iria – I don’t know

I don’t know
I- . . .

Pg. 16
Ruca – Iria

Are you OK!

Hermana – Not good now

She is going to discharge

Pg. 17

Pg. 18
Thitose - So you reveal your true self now
The main cause!!

Ruca – Iria!?
Spada – What happened!?

Pg. 19
Hermana - She can’t tolerate herself, leading to her losing her consciousness
Ruca – Eh!?

Hermana – Can you stop her?

Ruca – Hermana

Who really

Pg. 20
Thitose – Too slow!!

You think you can kill me with that kind of attack!?

How long have I been waiting for this day to come?

Pg. 21
I’m not going to push myself down anymore!!

Asras is mine!!

And the one who’s going down
Is you


Pg. 22-23

Pg. 24
Ruca – Ugh
Iria – Ruca . . .


Are you alright!?
Ruca – Hehe
You’re back to normal now?

Iria – Eh?
Back to normal?
Ruca – Haha
You can’t remember?

Thitose – Asras

Why did you protect that girl?

Pg. 25
That person . . .
Ruca – I believe in her

Thitose – Eh?
Ruca – I don’t know if Inanna really betrayed Asras or not, but . . .

I believe in Iria who is standing right here and now

Thitose – No!! Asras
If you do that, Inanna will betray you again!!

Ruca – That won’t happen

Pg. 26
That’s because the trust
I share with Iria, and all my friends, will never be destroyed . . .

Iria – . . . Ruca

Thitose – Asras . . .

Mathias – Persuasion failed then?

Pg. 27
I actually thought that if I use Thitose, even Asras will side with me . . .
It’s not as I expected then, it seems

Ruca – Those are
The people from Alka?!!

Mathias – Long time no see, everyone

Ruca – That voice . . .

Mathias – I’m really pleased to meet you again
Asras . . .

Ruca – Y-

Pg. 28

Pg. 29
Mathias - Yes
Have you been remembering more bits from the past life?

Spada – OOO
Ruca – Spada!

Mathias – Fuh

Pg. 30
Spada – What!?

Mathias – Fufu
As hot-blooded as usual I see

Pg. 31
My real self is at the Main Church of Alka
Whatever you do here is futile

This feeling is . . .

That girl really is interesting

Pg. 32
Vritra, right?

Ruca – Eh?

You’re . . . that . . .

Pg. 33

Hermana – Yep
I used to be Vritra

もー アンタもばらさんといてやー
Gosh, and I was planning to keep it quiet
I can’t be help then, I guess

Ruca – Wh-Why didn’t you tell us
About your past life
Hermana – Well

I think it will turn into a lot of troublesome stuff
So I just keep it quiet

Pg. 34
That’s why, but there’s also something that I have to communicate to you
Iria – Communicate?

That mural?
Hermana – Yep

I went trouble lots of trouble trying to just memorize the letters . . .
Well, but I still can’t read it

Ruca - So, leading us up to here is so that . . .
Hermana – Though having those guys coming in is not in the plan, but yep.

Ruca - Wh- . . . why did you do that . . .
Hermana – Well

I didn’t really do it

Pg. 35
It’s what Vritra wanted me to do
Ruca – Vritra?

Hermana - Even though Vritra was the one who said it, it still doesn’t fade away. It’s as if Vritra’s intention stays within me even now.
Though I didn’t really know exactly what is it

Finding you guys was really quite a challenge
Though just found you all of the sudden like that is too much of a coincidence

Mathias - No, that too is fate

You are drawn to each other by your past lives

Pg. 36
Hermana – Hmmm
Fate, huh?

Meeting you is also fate, is it?

Iria – Then . . .

Mathias is also a tenseisha!?

Mathias – Fufufu

Pg. 37
Ruca – I-If so, then who really are you . . .
Mathias – You still don’t know?

Recall it from the deepest of your memories

There is an answer within your dormant memories

Ruca – My

Pg. 38
I-It can’t be . . .
Maou . . . ?

Mathias – Fuh
So you remembered now

Pg. 39
We shall meet again

Thitose – Asras . . .

Ruca – Ma-



Pg. 40
Hermana – Oh, you do have a really great recovery power, then? It’s already healed
Ruca – Hahaha

Spada – So, Ruca, that Maou guy who destroyed the Heaven is Mathias?
Ruca - . . . Yeah

Mathias is planning to destroy this life using the Genesis
Spada – Gosh

It seems to become worse, isn’t it?

Ruca – Something’s wrong, Iria?

Pg. 41
Iria – Sorry
Maybe I can’t go with you guys anymore . . .

If I lose my consciousness like what I did just now . . .
I might end up . . .

Ruca – Don’t worry about it

I’m going to protect you

Iria – Ruca

Pg. 42
Hermana – Aww~ You two seem really sweet together
Ruca – What do you mean sweet . . . ?

Spada – But who would have thought that you are that Vritra?
I was really surprised
Hermana – Is that so?

Oh yeah

I overheard you guys talking a bit, but you’re finding the Genesis, right?
Then, do you know where it is?

Iria – EHH!?
Ruca – You know?
Hermana – Kind of

Spada – Dammit
I don’t have 60 Galds . . .
Hermana – It’s fine
I’ll just make it as a loan

Pg. 43
Ruca – Reimei Tower in the north-east?
Hermana – Right
The Genesis is in the place there called the Sky Castle
== I’m going to assume that this is supposed to be about the last dungeon (Tales series’ cliché = Last dungeon is always a big floating something - -“) which will mean that I’m not there yet even in the game. So, I’m not that sure about the official name . . . XD (I mean, ToI game gives the English name of cities/dungeon every time we enter the city/dungeon . . . right? ._.” )

Ruca – The Sky Castle?
Hermana – It’s what’s left of the Heaven
The Genesis should be there as well

Vritra had observed both the death of the people and the destruction of the Heaven
But the only thing that was left undestroyed is the Sky Castle

After the fall of Heaven, Vritra seemed to be alone for hundreds, or even thousands years
She muttered Asras’ name till the very last moment

Pg. 44
I’m begging you, Ruca

I don’t want to see that image again
That depressing and lonesome image . . .

Therefore, never let go of the Genesis
This is what Vritra and I wish for

Ruca - . . . Hermana

Then why don’t Hermana just come with us . . .
Hermana – Nope

Sorry, but I don’t want to get involved in troublesome stuff
Also, that’s all I know already

Pg. 45
Well, if I can remember something important, I’ll be rushing to you then
In exchange

Information fee
60 Galds, OK?

Ruca – Haha
Spada – Oi, oi

Can we just make it a loan first then?

** To the next land . . . !! **

Thank you for reading . . .

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#1. by black_crow ()
Posted on May 5, 2008
Thank you very much
#2. by adachi2 ()
Posted on May 5, 2008
Thanks Judasu ^^
#3. by Miken-chan ()
Posted on May 6, 2008
Don't worry Ju-da-su, you're grammar is improving! Over time, I've noticed that I edit less and less based on grammar (most of the other stuff is for conciseness).

I checked this site
Reimei Tower = Tower of Dawn
Ratio = Latio (not really known, but a lot of the sites seem to use this)
Sky Castle is good as it is
#4. by Viewtiful ()
Posted on May 8, 2008
Thanks for your tranlsation, but...

At page 43, there is a baloon missing D:

Ruca – The Sky Castle?
Hermana – It’s what’s left of the Heaven

Vritra had observed both the death of the people and the destruction of the Heaven
But the only thing that was left undestroyed is the Sky Castle

After the fall of Heaven, Vritra seemed to be alone for hundreds, or even thousands years
She muttered Asras’ name till the very last moment
#5. by  ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2008
maybe you are right. lol.
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