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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Blazer Drive 2

Blazer Drive 2nd BLAZE : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on May 7, 2008 13:47 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 2

SO~~~~ HO~~~~~T!! @_@

But . . . finally done anyway . . . >_<"

This month's Holy Talker is freaking me out a bit now though . . . 74 pages with lots of talking @_@

Anyway, will go on to Holy Talker next. Monster Hunter Orage RAW up in about 2 hours as well (since I was translating and scanning at the same time). While translation has the text problem, scanning MHO really is something too though, since I can't turn on the fan (or else pages for both MHO and Blazer Drive will be send flying everywhere) and there's no air con near to this computer, so I ended up sitting here, scanning 59 pages of MHO in the hot temperature (it's about 33-34 degree C here - -") . . . anyway, both are done. MHO RAW is uploading right now, and Blazer Drive RAW, I believe it will come tomorrow? XD

Anyway, regardless of anything, enjoy~ Just make sure that if you are going to use it for anything, please proofread it before you do anything to it. My grammar is still not good. XD

Blazer Drive
2ND BLAZE “The Decision of Setting off”

Pg. 1
2ND BLAZE The Decision of Setting off

Opening of Kishimoto Seishi x Sega
Enter the New Dimension

The Lightning in this Hand
Is The Proof of the Inherited Strong Heart

Center Color 46 Pages

Pg. 2
** Dashing through Tokyo, what is on the path that the two had taken . . . ? **

Daichi – Kuroki, can you wait here just a bit?

Pg. 3
Kuroki – Are you ready now, Daichi?
You might not be able to come back again
Daichi – I did say that you don’t come in

Kuroki – You should also think of it as that
It might get leaked to those guys as well

Get rid of all the notes with your numbers on it and other personal information stuff

Daichi – Tch

Who really are those guys!!?

Kuroki - Those guys too can paste the Mysticker directly on their body
And unleash its power

So, they’re the same as us just up to the fact of being Blazers

Pg. 4
The difference is those guys are indulge in the power, and go off-track
Those stray Blazers, we referred to them as Nora-bure
== Stray Blazers is written as “Nora no Bureizaa”, so I think it’s just chucking the words together, kind of abbreviate it, thus Nora-bure . . . ^_^”

Usually they undertake awful job behind the scene
There are a lot of adhesion they have with some enterprise or government

That’s why I side with the organization that’s put up
To fight against those guys

And that’s the same with Ginga . . .

Pg. 5
Ginga - I’m sorry for hiding the fact
That you are targeted . . . up till now

I didn’t want you to be drawn into this world . . . like me
That’s why . . . I forsake you

Daichi - But I don’t remember picking fight with those guys at all
Then why did they have to prowl after me all the time!!?

Is it because I’m a Blazer as well!?
But Ginga is also a Blazer then why only me!

Kuroki – That . . .

Pg. 6
. . . I don’t know as well . . .

Daichi - Ginga must have known something
Something that he can’t tell me

But . . . he is . . .
Ginga is . . .

Kuroki – It’s not like he’s going to die just from that . . .

That Ginga!
People call him “The Remarkable Genius”

Pg. 7
And he’s a best friend of mine
Somehow, that pulls down your persuasiveness . . .
Somehow, that just pulled down
Daichi – Somehow, that doesn’t seem to help in persuasion at all . . .

If I am those guys, I wouldn’t kill Ginga
I would have just lure Daichi out and take as a hostage

Anyway, just a bit after you activate the Mysticker from your body
You just faint nearly right away, and right at that time . . .
Daichi – Yeah

There’s going to be no more me
Who have to be protect

Ginga – That’s why you got to move forward

I will keep that promised I made at that time

Pg. 8
I’ll become stronger!

Pg. 9
For that reason, I’ll do anything no matter how uncool it is
And after that, fascinatingly and coolly

Find my brother and help him out

Kuroki – Hmph
If that’s so, then maybe we might find the reason of why those guys
Is targeting you as well

I didn’t tell him that I already know it
And also, right now, it’s still . . .

Pg. 10
Shiro – Woof

Kuroki – OIIII!!!
Y-You have a dog? Y- . . . You can’t bring him along, OK!
Only the Blazers that are recognized as a friend are allow in the organization, REALLY!!!
Shiro – Woof
Daichi – Ahahaha

There’s no way I’m going just leave Shiro here
And don’t tell me . . . that you’re scared of dogs, do you?

Kuroki – Hahaha, no way . . . am I, who had eliminate many strong Blazer alongside with your brother going to be scare of just a- . . .
Daichi – Shiro, go play with him

Shiro – Woof

Daichi – What is with this guy . . . ?

Then I have to take Shiro and go to Team Sky’s base first then

Pg. 11
Kuroki – No . . . you can’t. We have no time for that. Al-Also, for the dog to come with us
Daichi – I won’t let him be in danger though
I’m just going to drop him off there

Or you want him to go with us from now on?

Kuroki - Let’s head for Team Sky’s base then

Daichi – Ah!!
If you don’t know where it is then don’t take a lead!!

Pg. 12
-- Team Sky’s base --
No one’s here . . .
Well, I’m more at ease that way

Those guys really left my share for me . . .

So this is going to be my last cup noodle then . . . ?

. . . but can’t they just put the hot water in after I arrive?!!!

Shiro, I’m really sorry. Everyone in Team Sky will treat you well
I’ll come back for you for sure

Pg. 13
Hey, are you listening, Shiro . . .?

Misora – Uwa!! W- . . . Why is Daichi’s Shiro here!!?
??? – Oh, he really is here

Did Daichi take him here?
Since Shiro is still eating the noodle, it would mean that he came just now then
Where is he then?

Misora – What is this note?

Pg. 14
I found you!


Daichi – Oh no!!
Misora – Hey! Wait

Daichi – Su- . . . such an uncool way to die . . .

Pg. 15
Misora – What is with this!!?
And why are you running away. Explain to me!!
Note – I’m leaving Shiro to you guys for a while, and I’ll come back for sure
(side) Only give him maximum 5 sticks of jerky per day

Daichi – Umm, well that’s
Misora - And you even leave cute Shiro behind
And didn’t say a word as to where are you going!!?

That’s very strange!! You could’ve left him at home with Ginga, could you?

Or you don’t mean . . .

You’re going to throw Shiro away!? You’re really horrible!! You beastly evil
Daichi – And that prejudice of yours is just horrible!! You beastly woman

So you just have a big fight with Ginga
And are running away from home then?

Pg. 16
Misora – Anyhow, Daichi is always the one who is wrong
So if you want to apologize, you better do it quick

Wait, and what is with that attitude!!!
Daichi seems to act strangely from before . . .

Did something bad happen!!
If that’s the case, then tell me more about it!!
You are one or my important friends

Ginga - Up to the point that you harm your friend . . . ?

Pg. 17
Daichi – That time . . . I didn’t say it yet . . .

Misora – What are you staring at me for?
I’m not giving any to you
Daichi - As- . . .
As if I asked for it

Misora - . . . You have something you want to talk to me?
Daichi – Umm, not really . . .

I’d been running away, this time as well . . .

Pg. 18
I’m sorry for injuring you

Misora - What is with you saying sorry now?
And up till now, you never said such thing

Don’t try to fool me like that

Daichi – Can you
Leave me alone for a while?

Pg. 19
Misora – And yeah, Shiro is very pitiful for having an owner like you
You’re going off without telling just like that!?

Daichi – Then I’m leaving Shiro to you
Please take care of him for me

Misora - What are we really are . . .
In your eyes . . .

Daichi – I’m sorry, Misora . . .
Everyone . . . Shiro . . .

Pg. 20
Kuroki – So you made such a cute girl like that cry . . .

Daichi – You were listening to all of that? Dammit, and just now, I was so uncool
Kuroki – Is it?

You decided to keep silent at those kids
Because you don’t want them to get involved . . . do you?

Isn’t that the same as what Ginga did
In order to protect you then?

Pg. 21
I think you just now
Is absurdly cool though

Daichi – Heh

I get it even if you didn’t tell me about it
Of course, my way of life is to be c-

Kuroki – Let’s get going
Daichi – LISTEN TO ME!!

Pg. 22
And here I thought it is going to be some great base
Isn’t it just a normal bowling alley?
No one’s here as well

Daichi – OOOH!! I get it now!!
Since it’s a secret organization, the entrance is a hidden door, right?!!

Pg. 23
Then! Then!! What kind of trick then?
Kuroki – Fufu

You get a pretty good guess there. Be patient.
Getting into the base isn’t that easy

The trick is go to the first lane on the right end

Get the 13 pound ball

And strike

Daichi – There is a great trick like that as well!!?

Kuroki – Fuh

Pg. 24
Daichi - Garter

Kuroki - And strike
Daichi – Another garter

Kuroki – GARG!!

OK, Daichi, your turn
あんた よくそれで今までやってこれたな…
And why don’t you just let me do it till now if it is like that . . . ?
Alright!! Now the hidden door will open
I’m just way too cool

But where is it?

Pg. 25
Kuroki – Oh! And I forgot to say, but there’s no trick or anything
Quickly, in this room

Daichi - There isn’t?

That’s way too uncool!!!


And all he got were garter
Eh!? Kuroki . . . where are you now?

Pg. 26
Gangster – Oi oi, what is this brat doing here by himself?
You know what is this place, kid?

This is our meeting area
Seems like you enter the wrong place
Daichi – Who are you guys!!?
That Kuroki, where on Earth did he went?

Pg. 27
Gangster – For the entrance fee then!!!


Pg. 28
Daichi – Dammit~

Gangster – Hoh~ You want to pick a fight?
I’ll play with you then, boy

Ginga - What you did is not a battle or anything
You’re just picking fight

Pg. 29
Daichi – I’m stopping now
I have no intention to fight with you guys

I’d promised with my brother . . .
I’m not going to pick fight. Also, this isn’t a place for me to use this Mysticker

Gangster – Ha . . . haha, he’s intimidated already, hah
How pathetic hahahaha!!

I wouldn’t let you get away though
Even if you don’t want to

I still want to have a fight though, idiot
Come on! Try to counter me then

Pg. 30
So boring, don’t want to pick fight, you said? And yet you try to look good, huh
If so, then how about . . .

Pg. 31
If we are Blazers too . . . what’ll you do then?


Daichi – This guy is a Blazer?!!

Pg. 32
Misora - *ha*

Daichi – MISORA!!!
Why are you here?

Misora – But you . . .

Gangster – Who are you!?
This is not in the plan now. What should we do with her?

Pg. 33

Since you have seen too much, it can’t be helped then

Misora – What’s that!? His arm is covered with ice

Gangster – Just watch from here then

I’m going to play with you after . . .

Pg. 34
I finish with this girl!!!


Pg. 35
Daichi - . . . I’m not going to pick anymore stupid fight . . .
Gangster – You

Daichi – But . . .

If it’s a battle to protect something important

Pg. 36-37
I’m willing to risk my life!!!

Misora – Daichi . . .

Gangster – ARGH!!!

Pg. 38
Misora – J-just now, what!!? . . .

What really
Is happening!?

Daichi too put the Mysticker directly on his body

Daichi – I promised . . . with my brother

Pg. 39
Kuroki – OK
Well done, everyone

You passed!

Daichi – Passed!? . . .

What passed? And just where have you been till now?!!
Kuroki – I’ll explained to you, so be patient

Pg. 40
Daichi – The pain is gone . . .
All my wounds are . . .

Kuroki – Sorry that I have you do this unpleasant job
Gangster – Just give me a treat afterwards then, Kuroki

Misora – What is with those people, putting the Mystickers directly on their body? And even Daichi
Daichi – I should be the one who ask

Pg. 41
Gangster – Let’s just say, we put up an act
Aren’t we good actors?
Sorry, Daichi-kun
And also Misora-chan as well

Daichi - So this is?

Kuroki – It’s a test of everything
That you must take to get into the organization

Daichi – A test . . . for being a Blazer?

Kuroki - No, it’s the test of the strength of heart

When obtained the power of Blazers
There are some that their heart lose to the power and go off track

Pg. 42
Daichi, you as a Blazer knows where you are to use your power
And that leads the testing to the end

But thanks to that girl coming in

That we got to see Daichi’s resolution as well

Welcome once again then

Gangster - Nice having you
Daichi – But you really startled me . . .
Kuroki – Ginga . . .

Pg. 43
Daichi really is your brother, huh

But, Misora-chan, you following us even in here
Is really out of what I planned though

Daichi – Yeah, and didn’t you said to me that I go off without telling?
Misora – But that is!! That’s just because you said to leave you alone!!!

Gangster – Daichi-kun, didn’t you just confess your first and only love just now?
Daichi – Eh!!

Kuroki – If it’s a battle to protect something important to me, I’m willing to risk my life
Gangster – Daichi~~~

Pg. 44
Daichi – I just say that to you by chance
But really, umm, I mean everyone else as well . . .

Misora – Daichi really do
Think of us as important friends after all

Maybe I should look at him again a bit

Daichi – Why are you grinning now? It’s making me feel creepy
Misora – I-I’m not grinning

Gangster – I love you, Daichi
Kuroki – I love you as well, honey
Daichi – You guys as well, stop acting those kinds of skits already!!

Pg. 45
Misora - WHAT

But that’s, then Ginga-san is!!
Daichi – That’s why I don’t want to get Misora involved

Misora – I’m sorry, Daichi
I say something mean to you like that
Without knowing anything

Daichi – Misora, you go back

Kuroki – No
We’re taking her along

Daichi – What!

Gangster – Yeah . . . after all, you already know about us
We can’t let you go back just like that
Even though Misora-chan doesn’t intent to tell out,
There’s still possibility that the information will leak out

Pg. 46
Kuroki – Therefore
As for the sake of safety, I am taking you to the real base just for a short while

Daichi – EH!! It’s not here?!!
Kuroki – We came here only for the test

Now, I’m going to take you out once again
To where your brother used to be

To the Guardian Division

** The Door, opened from the surmounted trial, leading to the true battleground **

Thank you for reading . . .

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