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Tales of Eternia 29

Tales of Eternia STAGE.29 : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on May 29, 2008 15:16 | Go to Tales of Eternia

-> RTS Page for Tales of Eternia 29

OK, done~

And that means my ToE RAW ran out. *check ToE off the list for now* So, guess after I finish ToD: DC (which actually missed some pages, so I can't proceed - -"), I'll be on ToL then. (got to keep myself busy or else I would probably become extremely hyped that I go onto translating SO2 without noticing. (Gosh, first chapter is epic, and for my favorite seiyuu to voice as the character I always like most of that series, I really am going to get the game by all means . . . >_<")

Oh! And Rena, may I ask you what really has become of ToD2? I mean, I haven't seen any release for it . . . though ToD2 ch.4 is, as I'm not mistaken, actually translated before ToE ch.27, but it never comes out . . . (and I did checked. It's still in proofreading, so I'm just curious >_<") So, I get all curious . . . :3

Anyway, reserved for Eternal

Enjoy~ :amuse

Tales of Eternia
STAGE. 29 “Celsius’s Song”

Pg. 148
Gaston – I really have to thank you for saving me
Farah – No, it’s not that big of a deal . . .

Gaston – Are you all travelers?
Farah – Yes

We are currently searching for the place called Balir Castle . . .

Pg. 149
And we are wondering if the resistance group might know it or not

Is there any rumor or anything that you’ve heard of it?
Gaston – Eh?

Well, not really
The resistance group isn’t really that simple to located though

Farah – I see . . .

Rid - Should we walk around the town for a bit then?
Keele – You mean in this unusual coldness?

Pg. 150
Gaston – Oh . . . this coldness is probably because there are Ice Craymels living on Northern Mountain
There have been the rumors all over that it is because they are probably angry right now

Rid + Farah - Ice Craymel!?

Gaston – But the people who goes out to climb it to investigate never come back though

That’s why we don’t really know for sure

Pg. 151
Farah – Let’s try meeting with the Ice Craymel. We might be able to form a pact as well!
Keele – Yeah!
Gaston – What!?

Meeting, you mean . . .

Rid – Well, they will end up freezing the whole town, won’t they?
Farah – But if we don’t do something about the coldness, it’s impossible for us to walk around

Meredy – Well, let’s meet with the Ice Craymel and ask her a favor then
Rid - . . . that’s what I meant
Farah - OK, it’s decided then!

Pg. 152
Rid – We need to get going now then
Farah – Don’t worry. Toughness is the only thing we can be proud of.

Gaston - . . . There is a shop that sells items for mountain hiking here by
I’ll lead you there so you can buy all the heavy coats there

Pg. 153
Rid – Wow
Farah – This is so much. Which one should I pick then?

Gaston – Choose whatever you want, and I’ll pay for it for you
Rid – Eh . . .

Gaston – Just my way of showing gratitude for helping me!
Farah – But . . .
Gaston – Don’t worry!

Farah – Well . . .

We accept the offer then!
Meredy – Whee, if we have this, there’s no worries

Pg. 154
Rid - . . . I guess this is OK

Meredy – Meredy is taking this!

Farah – OK, so soft and warm!

Keele – I’m taking this
Long sleeve will block the outside air and also enable ventilation

Pg. 155
Gaston – I’m going now then. Good luck.
*OO . . . * (breeze)

Rid – OK

Farah – Thank you very much, umm . . .

Gaston – I’m Gaston

Farah – Thank you, Gaston!

Pg. 156
*GOOO* (wind)

Rid – Th- . . . This is the Northern Mountain!?
I can’t see a thing!

*BA* (flash)

Efreet – Leave it to me then!!
Keele – Efreet!
*SHUU* (swirl)

Pg. 157
*BO* (burn)

*BO* (burn)
*BO* (burn)

Efreet – This is the Ice Craymel’s turf, so I don’t know how much will my power actually last
*OOOO* (burn)

Go quickly!

Pg. 158
*SHUU* (calm)

Keele – . . . Thank you, Efreet

Rid – Well, let’s get going then
Keele – OK
*ZA* (breath)

Pg. 159
*ZA ZA* (step)

*OO . . . * (wind)
The wind is pretty strong here

Rid – Not only the wind . . .
Did you hear something?

Pg. 160
From above . . . ?

*ZA ZA* (climb)

*GOU* (wind)

*OOO . . . * (wind)

Pg. 161
Keele - . . . a song . . . ?
Rid – Is that the Ice Greater Craymel . . . ?

Pg. 162
Keele – The Greater Craymel, did you hear our voices!?
*OO . . . * (wind)

*BASHU* (flash)

Efreet – Hey . . . Celsius!

Pg. 163
Celsius – Don’t come near me!!
*BAH* (swing)

*GO GO GO* (thrust)

Rid – Wha . . .

Pg. 164
*BA* (dash)

Keele – ERUPTION!!

*DOGON* (explode)

Pg. 165
*GO* (burst)

*ZUSHA* (dash)

Rid – Wh-Why is she this angry!?
Keele – Who knows! Maybe it’s her personality!!

*ZA* (glare)

Pg. 166
Celsius – ICE NEEDLE!

Meredy – CYCLONE!!

*ZUBAN* (rebound)

Celsius – Guh . . . !

Pg. 167
*GOO* (swirl)


Pg. 168
*GO GO GO* (thud thud thud)
Meredy – Uwa!
== Normally, I would have kept the “baiba” since it’s Meredy’s . . . uniqueness, but . . . - -“
Farah – KYAA!

*GOGO . . . N* (fall)

Rid - . . . You alright!?
Farah – Yeah . . .

*GO . . . * (fall)

Pg. 169
*BA* (draw)

*GA!* (boom)

Pg. 170
Celsius - . . . Ugh

*BUN* (duck)

Rid - . . . What?

*ZA* (swirl)

Pg. 171
*BYU* (swoosh)

*GA GA GA* (punch)

*GA GA* (punch)

Celsius – Stop me

Pg. 172
Please . . . stop me!

*ZA* (slash)

Pg. 173
*DO . . . * (collapse)

Gnome - . . . Celsius!
*SHUU . . . * (swirl)
Efreet – Hey, hang in there!

Pg. 174
Celsius - . . . hm

. . . What
Did I do just now . . . ?

Rid - . . . You can’t remember?

Pg. 175
Gnome – It’s because of the calamity
It’s because of the calamity is happening in the Human World that its effect goes to the Craymel World as well

It’s because Celsius is a sensitive person . . .

Meredy – How come!
Grand Fall has an effect on the world of the Craymels as well!?

Farah – That’s horrible. There’s no time for us to be carefree now!
Keele – Yeah, since we want to stop that calamity!

Pg. 176
Will you lend us your hand?
Celsius . . .

Rid – Grand Fall . . .

The world is heading to its destruction
If we don’t hurry . . .
** Tales of Eternia 5, end **

Thank you for reading . . .

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#1. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on May 29, 2008
Okay...you're really trying to give me more work to do XD

ToD2 got stuck at the proofreading stage for a very long time. I got another person to work on it, and I just got the script back. I'll probably be passing it to the typesetter this weekend after I've looked through it.

Hmm...which series to scan first...I'm still not yet done with TotA Vol 2 though >_< which one do you want first? ToE or ToL, or do you want me to bounce between the two? Or do you want to finish ToD2 Vol 1 first while I get some scanning in?

Uhh...you know that I'm looking for a dedicated monthly translator for SO2 Second Evolution right? Well, I still haven't found one yet. If you actually want to do so (without getting yourself overloaded), you might as well t/l it monthly for me...although I really hope that you won't pick up any more series until you're done with some of them >_> Unless you're really sure you want to take it (I won't mind though XD)
#2. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on May 29, 2008

Not really, I saw that you said you might get ToE ch.28 out next month, so I go ahead and translate ToE ch.29 first. (plus, I'm kind of in a good mood today :p )

Either ToE or ToL is fine with me actually. :3

ToD2, I want the scanlation of ch.4 out first before beginning to translate ch.6 though, since I jump to the series where I think translation is more needed first. >_<"

For SO2, I actually want to apply for translator ever since I saw the news about SO2 manga in Dengeki Maoh, but I did think that you might not want me to pick up any new series before I get something done. (Planning to get ToS done and out of the way as soon as possible because of that. I just like SO2 so much. First game (and actually only game) I know of the series . . . though to be more correct, it's the anime that I know, not the game. >_<") So, I'm self-conflicted (not to mention that I want to do something monthly for Eternal because I already do ToI for WoaA and back in the beginning of the year, I ended up feeling a bit guilty because it turns out that I translate ToI, then ToI and ToI just because it's monthly and I don't have time for the rest. >_<")

So . . . is it OK if I translate SO2 as monthly manga for Eternal? *w*
#3. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on May 30, 2008
If you feel you're up for it (and can handle it), feel free, I don't mind. The main thing is that you're happy to work on it and won't feel pressurized by it.

You can start translating it. Just translate what is included in the LQ Raw zip over at the recruitment thread (yeah, SFXes apply and I'm also doing pages 51-54 since it's the mangaka's notes) XD

And yes, I am planning to release ToE 28 sometime in June, since it's so easy, but I'm going to have the typesetter do ToD2 Ch 4 first.

And thus...it is time to recruit more cleaners and another typesetter...
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