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Tales of Innocence 8

Tales of Innocence act.8 : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jun 5, 2008 17:25 | Go to Tales of Innocence

-> RTS Page for Tales of Innocence 8

I . . . gave up . . . T^T

Is there anyway of getting the picture from the flash movie other than print screen? I don't know, but I'm tired of print screening thing, get it into paint and try to remake a page again . . . not to mention that the RAW itself is so blurry that some part, I can't really make out . . . >_<"

Anyway, the RAW is up on JSQ homepage, on Tales of Innocence page. It shouldn't be hard to get there. Just google "Jump SQUARE", go into the main homepage and there's a banner above the announcement part where it's the picture of Ruca. Click on it and it should bring you to the ToI page with the link on the flash part to the chapter RAW. - -"

Reserved for WoaA. Hope you get all your files back soon, Miken~ :3


PS. The fact that they reach Sky Castle scared me a bit. That will mean it's bound to be ended in a couple of chapters if the mangaka doesn't come up with some trick to lengthen the manga above the game. (The game is initially set to be 25-hours game, according to the director of ToI. Sky Castle is the last dungeon in the game. It's very short, and I shouldn't have been surprised if the manga is going to end soon. >_<")

Tales of Innocence
act.8 “Reunion”

Pg. 1
** There existed the people who seek for the “Genesis” other than the Church of Alka which Mathias is the leader of . . . **

One month ago

Council – Oh
“The Genesis”, right?

Did you say that one who possesses it will have the power to do anything to this world . . . ?
Truly interesting

We have to find it before the enemy . . .

Pg. 2
Right, Oswald
** The fearless smile . . . **

Pg. 3
Oswald – Fufufu
My skill is aching all over, waiting to be tested

Council – Fuh, you really say something childish like that with such arrogance
What, it would take you 100 years to become fully adult

Oswald – No

I already am one

Council – What?
*HYUU* (leap down)

Pg. 4
*DAN* (thud)


Who are you?!!

Pg. 5
Hasta – Who am I?!!
*BA* (point)

Well, well then
Who do you supposed I am?

A. Hasta
B. Hasta
C. Hasta

Which one would you choose?

Oswald – Hasta, stop fooling around already
Hasta – Yes sir~~
*BISHI* (raise)

Pg. 6
Council – Oswald, what is the meaning of this!?
Oswald – Shut up

You guys would never get your hands on the “Genesis”

I’m the one who is going to get it
And become the God of this world

Do you understand what that means, sir?
Council - . . . You

You do know what you will end up like if you oppose us council members, right?
Oswald – Hah
Those words, I should return them to you promptly

Council – What?

Pg. 7
Hasta – POOON!!
*DOSHU* (slash)

*DOCHA* (collapse)
Council – EEEK!!

Hasta – Everybody
The surprise blood market shall open in 2 minutes

Council – Hii
*BA* (scared)

Oswald – Fuh

Pg. 8
*KA* (drip)
*KA* (drip)

Oswald – Hasta
*KA* (drip)
Are you done yet?

Hasta - Hmmmm
*KA* (drip)
*KA* (drip)
If I were to say whether it is done or it is not done, then it is done already, I guess.

But it’s all messy though
*KA* (drip)
*KA* (drip)
*KA* (drip)

Pg. 9
Oswald - Well then
*FUU* (blow)
Next is finding those three people

Hasta – And you do know where they are then?
Do you know?
Oswald - . . . There had been a report of someone like those guys in Naohs from the capturing team

From now, we will be going there
Better get it done quick than wait for later
Hasta – From now meaning from now?

Oswald - We’ve already prepared the transportation . . .
And also . . .

The person just for that sake

Pg. 10
Spada – It still hasn’t come yet
The ship

Hermana - It can’t be helped though
They only come twice a day

Though I’d say I’ll come to see you off, I’m getting a bit bored now as well. Should I just go already?

Pg. 11
Ruca – Iria

Are you alright?
Iria – Ruca . . .

Why do you think Inanna betrayed Asras . . . ?
. . . Didn’t she love him so much?

*ZUKIN* (pain)

Pg. 12
Ruca – Iria!?

Iria – Whenever I think I remembered, my head just . . .

Ruca – There’s no need to rush in memorizing it
You probably will remember it when time comes

Iria – I guess you’re right

But . . .
Even though I’m OK with waiting for the time when the memories come back . . .

*GYU . . . * (grab)

Ruca - . . . Iria . . .

Pg. 13
*BOO* (horn)

Hermana – Ah
Here comes the ship

Spada – Tch, they made us wait for 6 hours
*PA PA* (jump)
Hermana – Isn’t good enough that it doesn’t get dark yet?

Ruca – Thank you for everything, Hermana
Hermana – Never mind
There’s no need to thank

Let’s meet again when we have chance
And when that time comes, I’m asking for 60 Galds, OK?

Spada – Gosh, I really don’t wish for it
Ruca – Hehe

Pg. 14
*GOU* (descend)

*OOOOOOO* (wind)

Pg. 15
*BAKI BAKI BAKI BAKI BAKI BAKI BAKI* (crash, crash, crash, crash)

*OOOOOOO* (wind)

Hermana – Why is there airplane in the place like this . . . ?
Spada – That’s terrible
It just land on the people’s houses

Oswald – I’ve found you!!

*GASHA GASHA* (open)

Pg. 16
Long time no see
Inousha guys and girl

Iria – Oswald!!
Spada – You’re still alive?!!

Oswald – Hah
You think that kind of thing can kill me?

Spada – You
*ZIKI* (draw)
“That kind of thing” you said!?

*HYU* (leap)

Pg. 17
*GAKI* (clash)

Hasta – Heeeelloooo

Spada – Who are you?
Hasta – Who who who me?
Well, who do you think I am then?

A. Has-
Oswald – Get back here, Hasta

Hasta – Eeeh? But I want to cut these guys into pieces, Oswald-kun
*ZUZUZU* (trail)
様だろうがよ 様!!
Oswald – Look at where we are up to first!!
I can’t let you cut these guys into pieces just yet!!

Pg. 18
Those guys are the important hints to the “Genesis”

Iria – The Genesis!?
Spada – Tch
What the hell are you thinking . . . ?

Oswald – Hahaha
I got some interest in the talk you had with Mathias during that case of the Inousha Research Center before

Meaning, I did some extra research

“The Genesis” . . .
. . . Isn’t that something really wonderful?

Pg. 19
It’s something that will lead me to the absolute power

Spada – You
Stop joking around already

Oswald – Oh my
I think it would be best if you don’t be so hostile to me though
Spada – What did you say?

Oswald – Fufu
*SU* (pull)
I’ve already prepared the special guest so that you guys don’t resist me

Pg. 20
Spada? – ANGE!!

Oswald – Haha . . . I’ve heard that you guys have cause quite some rampage at Naohs
So I’ve planned to ask for you guys’ whereabouts from this girl

And I can even use her as the hostage so that you guys won’t resist as well
Meaning, killing two birds with one stone

Spada – Kuh
Ange – I’m sorry, everyone . . .

Pg. 21
Just my power and the children’s power alone can’t ward off these people . . .
I told them because I can’t help it since the children are all taken hostages . . .

I’m truly sorry
Ruca - . . . Ange . . .

Oswald – As said
Spada – Tch
You really are playing dirty

Oswald – Fuh, wouldn’t you think this is more like a neat strategy?
Iria – You said it now

Oswald – Well then, enough of the abusive words
Are you going to answer to me already?

Pg. 22
About the whereabouts of “the Genesis”

It won’t be strange anymore if you know something about it
Answer me or else this girl is dead

Answer me

Pg. 23
*BA* (bang)

Iria – Now!
*DON* (shot)
*DON* (shot)

Spada – Ruca!!
Hasta – UWA
*GAKIN* (clash)
*DA* (dash)
Ruca – Alright

*DA DA DA* (run)
*DON DON DON* (shot)

Ruca – Ange!!
Come on over . . .

Pg. 24

*GOOO* (tense)

Ruca – You- . . . You are . . .
*OO* (tense)

*OO* (tense)

Pg. 25
Ricardo – It had been a while, Ruca Milda
Ruca – Ricardo . . .
But why . . . ?

Ricardo - . . . I’ve accept Oswald’s request for the job

That’s all
Ruca – Bu-

But that’s
Oswald – Gosh
I can’t be off guard at all, can’t I?

Hasta – Oswald
Can I slice these guys’ meat?
Spada – Kuh

Oswald – Didn’t I already say it!!
We can’t kill them till we know where is the “Genesis”
. . . But . . .

Pg. 26
*PAN* (bang)

Ange – Kuh
Oswald – That as the punishment
Ruca – Ange!!

Oswald – Well, quickly tell me its location
If you don’t, I’ll blow a hole on this girl’s head
Ruca – Kuh . . .

Hermana – Wait there first, old man

Pg. 27
Oswald – Who are you?
Hermana – My name is Hermana Larmo

In the past life, I used to be Vritra

Oswald – Vritra?
If I remembered correctly, that name does appear in the ancient documents

Hermana – Probably because she was extremely well-known in the Heaven . . .
Consider it good luck that you have the former celebrity coming to you

About the Genesis
It’s somewhere in the Sky Castle

Iria – Hermana!!
Hermana – Don’t worry, don’t worry

Pg. 28
But old man
Do you think you can use it once you had obtained it?

Oswald – What does that mean?

Hermana – Meaning there’s also a procedure you must follow in order to use the Genesis
Oswald - Procedure?

Hermana – Correct
Too bad though, I still can’t remember that part

I don’t think any of us know that as well
Since everyone’s memory is still unclear

Pg. 29
So, I have a suggestion
I’ll guide you the way to the Sky Castle

Meanwhile, everyone should try to remember the way of activating the Genesis
Not a bad idea, isn’t it?

Oswald – Fuh

Then will you lead us then?
Hermana - Alright!!

Oswald – However, if that thing turns out to be a lie
Hermana – Yep
You can cook me or fry me or do whatever you like

Oswald – Hah!!
Come abroad then!!
Hermana – Well, shall we go on in then?

Pg. 30
Iria – Hermana . . .
Why . . . ?
Hermana – Can’t be helped, can’t it?

I don’t want to see anyone’s blood anymore

We can think about what to do after this onboard the plane

Ricardo – Well, go in

Ruca – Ricardo . . .
Ricardo – What?

Pg. 31
Ruca - I didn’t want to meet with you again with this kind of situation
Ricardo – Are you speaking those words with hatred?
Or is it with sentiment?

Whatever it is, it got nothing to do with my job

We’re going to take off

Pg. 32
*GOOOO* (engine)

*OOOOO* (engine)

Ricardo – Is this direction really better?
Hermana – Well
I guess so

Oswald – You
Hermana – I’m kidding. Just kidding.
This is the right one without a doubt

My memory from past life says to go forward

Pg. 33
Vritra had always flied freely around the big blue sky
Oswald – Hah
Who cares about those memories?

Hermana - You want me to stop guiding you?
Oswald – You are only to just leading us to the Sky Castle

Hermana – Then, is the others going to be fine then?
Oswald – Yeah

They’ve been kept in the separated room that they won’t be able to escape
Well, if they manage to escape, I can use you as the hostage and they can no longer do anything to me anyway . . .

I’ll give them all time to slowly remember the way of activating the Genesis

Pg. 34
*GOOOO* (engine)

Hasta – Ah
Mumble-mumble No. 805

I want to open
The surprised blood market already

*OOOOOO* (engine)

Pg. 35
Iria – Are you alright, Ange?
Ange – Yes
This small of a wound will just heal itself

More than that, I’m really sorry . . .
Because of me, you all are . . .
Ruca – It’s fine
There’s no other way out of it anyway

Spada – That guy . . .
Where did I . . .

Pg. 36
Ruca – You looks serious all of the sudden. Is something wrong?
Spada – Eh, oh
No, nothing!

More-More importantly, we need to remember out the way to activate the Genesis as Hermana said

Well, even if I can remember, there’s no way I’m going to tell Oswald anyway . . .

Ange – I do know
Spada – Huh?

Ange – I do know it
The way of activating the Genesis

Pg. 37
Spada – WHAT!?
Iria – Shhh
Don’t shout it out so loud

Ruca – What do you mean, Ange?
Ange – I have the memory from the past life
The memory of the conversation with Asras

Ruca – Ange’s past life is
Orifiel, right?

Ange – Yes

Pg. 38
Asras – The Genesis
“Devotion and trust: thou shall prove those for us to become thy power” . . . huh?
== Yes, I’m horrible at this kind of language . . . I never read the bible and didn’t read much of Shakespeare either . . . >_<”

Orifiel – Lord Asras

Asras – Oh
Isn’t that Orifiel?

Pg. 39
It’s quite a honor for you to come to my army like this
Orifiel – Though I do not know if I’ll be off any help or not

Asras – You here alone would probably brings my army the brain equivalent to those of 1000 men, no, 10,000 men
Orifiel – Fufu
Are you overestimating me a bit?

By the way, Lord Asras, what is it that’s worrying you?
You don’t seem to be happy at all

Asras – Hm

It’s about the way of using the Genesis

Pg. 40
Orifiel – . . . I see. That’s quite some trouble, isn’t it?
Asras – Totally!
I finally get the Genesis into my possession, yet with that procedure, I still can’t use it

Orifiel – Please wait, Lord Asras
It would seem that the Ratio and the Census differ in the explanation of how to use the Genesis though

Asras – What?
You’re saying that Ratio too has the way of using the Genesis?

Orifiel – Yes, that’s correct

By Ratio’s interpretation, “devotion and trust”, one that can satisfy both qualities . . .

Pg. 41
In another words, the Genesis is to be used together when the person is together with the closed person who acts like another half of you

Asras – . . . I see
By the mean of trust . . . right . . . ?

Hahaha, that’s good!!
Isn’t that a wonder procedure?!!

I thank you . . .

Pg. 42
Ange – And that’s what it means . . .

Ruca - . . . The closed person who acts like another half for Asras then is . . .
Spada – That would mean Inanna

Iria – But . . .
Inanna betrayed him . . .

*OOOOO* (engine)

Pg. 43
*GOOOOO* (engine)

Ricardo – This is

Hermana – Seems like we’ve finally arrived

Oswald – This is the graveyard of the past

Pg. 44-45
Sky Castle?

** The Stage of the Decisive Battle!? **

Thank you for reading . . .

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#1. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2008
Thx a lot! =D
#2. by adachi2 ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2008
Thanks ^^
#3. by Rena Chan ()
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You'll need something more powerful than paint to pluck out the raws from the flash movie using print screen. It's hard for you since you lack the necessary programs to do so.

I can do it, but eh. I don't really have too much time and I'd rather wait for the tankoubon to be out (and since I'm releasing the tankoubon version with WoaA...)
#4. by Ju-da-su ()
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I know I need something other than Paint, but my PC doesn't have any other programs and the disk space already used up (and my laptop, which has Photoshop has no internet, so I can't get to JSQ homepage in it . . . >.>")
#5. by Rena Chan ()
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If your laptop has wireless connection support and you have a wireless modem/router, you can connect to the internet that way.

Or you could install Photoshop onto the computer you're using =o

I noticed you started adding in the sfx =o
#6. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
Too lazy to come back and put in SFX. Better to just put it while translating the chapter than waiting for when the tank is released to come to edit anyway. Also, so it will be in the proofread script and I don't have to wait for the scripts afterwards . . . and of course, I am likely to forget it until the tank is released then I have to do something like 4-5 chapters at the same time. Better to just do it like this, I guess . . . :p

My PC has only 300MB something left last time I checked it . . . and it gets ridiculously slow when I try to open some big program (thus why if I'm multitasking between scanning and translating, I always have both my PC and my laptop open. PC for scanning, laptop for translating or else Words and the scanning program will kill my PC . . . >.>"

And, I am totally a computer dummy. Don't know how to choose the modem . . . :p
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So I guess if I tried to explain anything computer related, you won't know what I'm trying to say or referring to >_<
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I still want to slap myself silly for forgetting the password into the WoaA ftp *is waiting for Abby on that one* But thanks a lot for the translation, Ju-da-su~! I still can't do anything much on my laptop photoshop related until probably after the 13th... -_-""

I'm going to go to the local electronics shop to buy myself a nice external the next time I get the money. XD
#9. by Ju-da-su ()
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Computer problem first . . . it's just that I remembered you telling me that you can proofread stuff even with the problem, but no photoshop, so . . . >_<"

Hope your computer is back to normal soon, Miken~ XD
#10. by Miken-chan ()
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I have a lot of stuff to proof in the meantime, but I think I can manage. *mostly ToA stuff* We still have to figure out the RAWs too.
#11. by Ju-da-su ()
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Take your time, Miken . . . :3

Oh! And I might pull off on ToS ch20 trans sometimes next week as well though . . . but seriously, take your time. XD
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