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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Blazer Drive 3

Blazer Drive 3rd BLAZE : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jun 6, 2008 11:09 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 3

I'm not clear in many parts. I'll try to find out and fix it before I finish with the RAW. If any of the translators or anyone can suggest of something better, please tell me. I'm totally out of thought of how to phrase some sentence now . . . >_<"


OK, need to get MHO RAW done. So, enjoy while the RAW is not out yet. I'll fix something later, but once the RAW is out, the translation too should be finalized by then . . . >_<"

Complete~ Expect the RAW in less than half a day~ XD

EDIT: 4komas are added~ XD

Blazer Drive
3rd BLAZE “Starting Mission”

Pg. 1
3rd BLAZE “Starting Mission”

** The path we must proceed on
Is for us to decide **

Pg. 2
Radio – So, in a little more while, the play ball between the Next Giants and the Narrative Rivals will begin
As far as now, with power to opening the game with 7 chained victories, the Giants is truly strong . . . completely invincible

This competition will be broadcasted by satellite
And our supporter is the company which will lead the world to the better place with the new technology, NEXT Group

新発売 今度のミスティッカーはぐう~んとエネルギーアップ
New in market, the Mystickers this time has its energy increased
NEXT is going to be the test case for the city and its greenery principle
It will help Tokyo with the finest of all technologies

There goes the first throw!!

Pg. 3

Kuroki – We finally arrived
Daichi – Wow! This is the Guardian Division?!
It totally has the sense of the base
Misora – This is

A gas station

There’s still a gas station in Tokyo Section III!?
This is already the age of the Mysticker
There shouldn’t be any gasoline-powered vehicle left

Pg. 4
Daichi – The sense of the abandoned place like this is so cool
So damn cool it’s going to stuck in my heart now

Misora – The glass is all broken
And the inside is just full of dust . . .

It’s nice that they want to shelter me, but I really want to go home now . . .

Kuroki - Well, let’s go in and get something to drink
Daichi – Oh, OK! Cola for me!!
Misora – I’ll get tea then . . .

Kuroki – Got it

Daichi + Misora – Co-Coffee!

Misora – But I said tea . . . I can’t drink coffee as well
Daichi – Hey! Didn’t I say I want cola!!

Pg. 5
Kuroki – Who said I’m going to pay? We’ll buy those inside

Daichi – The vending machine is the secret door!!!

Misora – Staircase leading to the basement . . .
That coffee just now is the key . . .

Kuroki – Welcome to the Guardian Division

Pg. 6
Misora – I can’t believe there’s a place like this underground
Daichi – This truly is the underground

And there even are Mystickers I’ve never seen before here as well!!

But where do all these Rare Mystickers come from if they aren’t sold anywhere?
Kuroki – That’s what we Guardians are searching for

Daichi – What the? Even the Guardian doesn’t know that?

Kuroki – This is the Division Head’s room
Misora – Wow . . .
Daichi – This really is an underground . . .
== I don’t know what it is called. Underground here means the place where hidden (often illegal) things happens, eg. black market, or something like that . . . >_<” (I once again fail in giving a good explanation . . . >.>”)

Pg. 7
Is the Division Head some weird bossy guy or something . . . ?
Kuroki – Hey, shush!

Head – Oi!
Daichi – Huh!?

Head – Who is that you’re calling the weird bossy guy?
I’m going to tie you up if you don’t call me Lady Division Head

Daichi – UWA . . .

Misora – Ouch . . .

Th- . . . This SM queen a division head?!?
Head – Boy, who the hell are you

Kuroki – Division Head, this boy is Ginga’s brother . . .

Pg. 8

Head – This boy . . .

. . . Ginga truly is a great guy
Both as a Blazer and as one human being

Daichi - The only way to get closer to him is to move forward
I came here for that reason!

Head – And seems like you already passed Kuroki’s test, correct?

Welcome then . . .
To the Guardian Division!

Pg. 9
Hey, Kuroki, and that girl?
Kuroki – Oh!
Well, a lot happened, so she is not really a Blazer, but . . . well
Daichi – She really talks like a boss
Misora – A . . . A whip!

Head – So? Why the hell is she here then?

This girl . . .
Misora – Uwa~ She is scowling at me now

Kuroki – She end up involved in, so I think we better protect her for a while
Head – That doesn’t matter
Who tell you . . .

That you may hold my hands, you big idiot
Kuroki – Wow! I didn’t even notice

Head – Name?
Misora – I-. . . I’m Misora

Pg. 10
Head – OK, Misora, I like it
So I’ll protect you here then~
Misora – Li- . . . Like?
Uh . . . umm, I think it will just give you trouble, so I better go back . . .

Home . . .

This is imprisonment, not protection~~~
Head – Good material. If I polish you a bit, you should probably shine

Daichi - . . . So
What should I do first then? Some kind of practice?
Head - Practice?
That’s something you’ll talk about once you enter the Main Division

Pg. 11
The basis of the strength of the Blazer
Is to forge the power of mind and concentration

If you perfect those two, you can use the Mysticker you put on your body with higher efficiency
Kuroki – GYAA, I can’t pull it off
Head – And it also will not be peel off by other people’s will

Contrary, if the mind continues to be damaged
You will lose the ability of the Blazer and hurt yourself
Daichi – GYA
Head - You won’t be able to control the Mysticker
And it will just come peeling down right off

Normally, human can seriously concentrate their mind
Only up to the limit of several minutes

Kuroki – That’s the same as when you fainted after using the Mysticker
Head – Therefore . . . <3

Daichi – . . . Don’t tell me that the way to forge that is to
Head – Yes

Daichi – Eek

Pg. 12
Head – The cute child is sent out on the journey with totally nothing!!

After the lion push my child down the abysmal valley, it then use some pointed stuff to grind on it!!!

Daichi – Some . . . somehow, that sounds sarcastic
Even though she totally over-elaborate it . . .

Head – In another word

Real battle!!!

Daichi – Eh?

Head – The Rare Mysticker that is supposed to be delivered to the Division of Section XI
Is stolen near to Section III central station one hour ago
Probably by the Norabure (Stray Blazer) who had made the station his boundary
Meaning, it is still in our area

Pg. 13
Name’s “Yuuma”. He has the fire tattoo around his eye and the bizarre growth only at the right arm
Go capture him together with Kuroki

Daichi – Wow~ it gets horrible all of the sudden . . .

Head – Getting the Rare Mysticker back . . . that’s
Daichi’s starting mission as the Guardian

Daichi – Th-Then I’ll stay at that back of Kuroki
And don’t hinder him then

Head – You think that can lead you to where Ginga is!?

“To protect someone that’s important to us, protect this city from those Norabure”
That’s Ginga’s intention
As well as our

Pg. 14
Mission as the Guardian!!

We Guardians don’t need any chicken around here
Daichi, aren’t you the one who defeat Nanba the archer?

Daichi – It’s as she said. I’ve already made up my mind
As if cowering in the corner like this can save Ginga!

Whimpering is prohibited ever since you set foot in this place
Now, go search for that guy around Section III central station

If you get it now, then quickly get lost!!
Daichi – Y-Yes!

Pg. 15
That stolen Rare Mysticker
I wonder what kind of power it has
Kuroki – If she can entrust it to you, then it probably isn’t anything that grand

Daichi – That really ticks me off! Is the Division Head really that great of a Blazer?
As much as I saw, she’s really suspicious
Kuroki – The Division Head isn’t really a Blazer though

Daichi – Wha!!?

I thought people who are not Blazers cannot become a Guardian!!!
Kuroki – Shh, don’t shout too loud . . .

Daichi – Then how does she become the Division Head?
(side) I can’t accept that
Kuroki – You think it’s strange?
Daichi – Even I have to take a test to enter

Pg. 16
Kuroki – The Division Head has the ability
To differentiate Blazer and non-Blazer just by looking

That is something we Guardians must have
Daichi – Eh!! Then

Head - Good material. If I polish you a bit, you should probably shine
Daichi – That thing that she said to Misora just now . . .

Radio – The Giants are 3 points on the lead

Pg. 17
Kuroki – There he is!!!
That’s Yuuma

He really suit to be referred to as having a bizarre right arm
Let’s follow him
Daichi – Where!? Where!?

Yuuma – Betting on the Giants was really the right choice
Radio really is the best one for the baseball broadcasting

Kuroki – It surely is the correct choice for you
Yuuma – Huh?

Who the hell are you guys?!!

Pg. 18
. . . The Guardians, huh?
The baseball match is going well then you guys come out
Did you come to take back

This thing?

Too bad though, I have to get this to Master Beast’s hand
Instead . . .

Kuroki – Beast . . . I heard that name somewhere before . . .

Yuuma – I’m going to use my Mysticker
To end this game the same way as with that guy before

Kuroki – I am going to make it quick as well

Daichi – OK

Pg. 19
Yuuma – Bl- . . . Black big sword!!!

Pg. 20
Don-Don’t tell me that that sword is . . . Necromancer . . .
Kuroki – You’re pretty well informed
Yuuma – The-Then you’re that . . .

Cr- . . . Crap! That guy is . . .

Daichi – What is with that guy becoming scared of Kuroki all of the sudden?
Is Kuroki really that amazing?

Kuroki – I already said it, don’t I?

That I’m going to make it quick

Yuuma – Kuh!!

Daichi – You got to be kidding me!!? You truly are amazing in the way!!!
Person – Ran-chan, where are you!?

Pg. 21
Yuuma – I don’t know what happened, but here’s my chance
Daichi – Dammit! . . . I got to go chase after that guy now . . .
Gosh, just why do dogs have to love the dog hater?

Radio – After 9 rounds, the Giant is still in the lead with 3-0.
Rivals now have the chance to strike back with no-out bases loaded

Daichi – Wait!!

Pg. 22
Yuuma - Who the heck are you?
I’ll make you cry for mommy

Daichi - Make fun of me

And I’ll shock you!!!

Yuuma – Uwo

People – KYA

Pg. 23
Yuuma – As said that the black clouds do not have the control of its lightning

Electricity will flow to whatever has the less resistance
Either something that is a very good conductor or something nearby it

Daichi – Say it clearly
Yuuma – This is the greenery monorail for tourism
If you use something that is like lightning, the electricity will spread throughout the ceiling and the passengers will receive the damage as well

With my strong arm
And my Mysticker that can create the metal ball

With this Cannonball

Pg. 24
I’m going to end this game in no time!!
Strong rm




Pg. 25
Daichi - EEK

Radio - 9th round Rivals’ first batter
All three strikes!

Yuuma – First then
Radio – 1 out

Daichi – What on Earth is that Mysticker!!!?
. . . Dammit!

Yuuma – Oh-oh, you sure you want to use that electricity?
It will just damage the passengers below though

Pg. 26
Daichi - Damn . . . that’s right

Is that why Ginga used the wire to control the electric current?!

Right now, the only way I can hit that guy
With the electricity is to shock him directly!!!

Yuuma – FORK!!

Daichi – Like I’ll let you use the same trick again!

Yuuma – That’s a foul

Daichi – EH!!

Pg. 27


Radio – Will the Giants get away with this!? Competing Rivals, 2 more outs and it’s over
Yuuma – I’d put a big bid on the Giants. Both the baseball match and this game is going so well

Pg. 28
Daichi – GAWAH

い 今のオレに敵はよりによって飛び道具系のミスティッカー
Wh-Why must my enemy of all possible type must be the firearm-type Mysticker user?
Totally the worst match-up . . .

There’re only . . .
2 Ice Mystickers in the pouch?!

Dammit, and I can’t put it to any

U- . . .

Oh yeah! I must give it a try then . . .
Yuuma – Haha! You still intend to stand on the batter box?

In some minutes, we will reach 003
And by then, it will be an end of the game for you, kid

Pg. 29
Radio – Will the Giants get away with this?


Daichi – I got you . . .

Pg. 30
Yuuma – Wow!

Daichi – Ouch

Yuuma – That was close. The speed just now is totally irregular
Never thought you would put make the ice under the shoe and skate at me like that

Radio – It’s the crisis for the Rivals now with 2 strikes
With that, they can’t afford losing anymore
Yuuma – Just a little bit more then you would have touched me out . . .
Quite a disappointment, isn’t it? Hahaha

Pg. 31
This ball then it’s the end of the game
The pitcher is holding up now

Take this. The victory is clear now
Yuumakyuu (Secluded Miracle Ball)!!!

Radio – Throw it . . .

Daichi – It really is the end of the game

Pg. 32-33
But for you!!!
Yuuma - AGIGI!!!

Radio – He hit it!! This is the big one! Really a big one!!

Yuuma – Wh- . . . Why?

Radio – SAVED!!!

The Rivals get back with all-bases homeruns!!!
Daichi – You won’t know the game until the very last minute

Pg. 34
That ice just now is not only for skating
Take a look at the trail I left after sliding carefully
Yuuma – Damn . . . my body . . . is all numbed . . .

The- . . . The trail left behind from the ice
Turns . . . into the water . . . trail

Daichi – Water is the good conductor
Didn’t I tell you that I’ll shock you if you make fun of me?

Yuuma – Yo- . . . You are telling me . . . that this is what
You aim for . . . from the very . . . start . . . ?

That . . . kid

Pg. 35
Daichi - Now that is totally something stunningly cool of me
Got to keep it alive forever with the photo
== I don’t often put random T/N notes, but now I’m curious . . . what exactly is he taking the picture of?? The train?? I mean, the camera is pointing outwards so . . . >.>”

Announcement - 003 Department Store

Daichi – This is it then

So my mission is accomplished
Got to take another shot of the cool me

Pg. 37
??? – Finally found that Mysticker
You must be Yuuma then?

Daichi – Eh!?

** Friend or foe!? Who is that boy who appears out of nowhere!? **
??? – Will you return that to me?

Thank you for reading . . .

Pg. 38
RIVAL Gag Parade

Daichi - Even in the 4komas, I'm still so cool!!

Kishimoto Seishi

The Zoo
Daichi - I just went to the zoo yesterday, see?
I got lots of pictures taken using the mobile phone as well
Sign - Zebra


Standing Red Panda, Kiritsu-chan

Kuroki - He really didn't take the photo of the animals . . .
Daichi - Isn't this bear cute?
Misora - Just when will he stop being so swell-headed already . . .

Pg. 39
Funny Picture
Misora - Funny picture?

But there isn't anything different from those that you take at the zoo
You are there as usual
Daichi - Then slide down a bit then

Misora - Ah, I get it now, fufu
Kuroki - I-I just remember that I have to be doing something

Misora - Oh? There's also the picture without Daichi in it
Daichi - Ah!!

Misora - Since it only got me in the picture and not you . . .
Want to do some retake?
I really feel like doing it as well
Daichi - I just remembered that I have to be doing something elsewhere as well

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#1. by Fitrojoke ()
Posted on Jun 6, 2008
OMG !!! *_*
Ju-da-su U are my god XD !!!!
Thanks =P !!
#2. by LegACy ()
Posted on Jun 6, 2008
Well well, looks like our monthly dose for shonen rival wil soon come

Thanks a lot Ju-da-su!
#3. by ChaosCloud ()
Posted on Jun 6, 2008
thanks for the trans
#4. by n0ia ()
Posted on Jun 6, 2008
but somehow i cant find the raw :S
#5. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
Quote by n0ia;895487:
but somehow i cant find the raw :S

RAW is not out yet. For Blazer Drive and Holy Talker, I translate before scanning. >.>" (because I like translating from the magazine . . . )

Translation is out therefore meaning expect RAW in the next week . . . >_<"
#6. by tora-chan ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
I tried reading the first 2 chapters of this manga a few weeks ago and I like it, so I think I'll take it up when I have time, since at the moment I'm only doing Naruto :D
Unfortunately I'll be VERY busy until at least June 19th, so I won't be able to do anything until then... x__x When I finally find some time to work on it, I'll come here and check your translations too :D I'm sorry for not being able to do it now, but I'm very very busy and I already have less time than I'd need ;__;

By the way, THANKS a lot for scanning this series! :D:D
#7. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
Quote by tora-chan;897042:
I tried reading the first 2 chapters of this manga a few weeks ago and I like it, so I think I'll take it up when I have time, since at the moment I'm only doing Naruto :D
Unfortunately I'll be VERY busy until at least June 19th, so I won't be able to do anything until then... x__x When I finally find some time to work on it, I'll come here and check your translations too :D I'm sorry for not being able to do it now, but I'm very very busy and I already have less time than I'd need ;__;

By the way, THANKS a lot for scanning this series! :D:D

Meaning . . . you're going to translate it?!! :blink



PS. Sorry, I'm just a bit in conflict at the moment, since I normally will stop translating on the series once some other translator works on it, but I don't want to drop Blazer Drive. It has already become my favorite Rival manga, more than Monster Hunter Orage and Holy Talker by far. I just love the stickers. *confused* >_<"
#8. by Hokage-Echizen ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
Thks again Ju da Su :p I hope the raw come tomorow :)
#9. by tora-chan ()
Posted on Jun 8, 2008
Quote by Ju-da-su;897171:
Meaning . . . you're going to translate it?!! :blink



PS. Sorry, I'm just a bit in conflict at the moment, since I normally will stop translating on the series once some other translator works on it, but I don't want to drop Blazer Drive. It has already become my favorite Rival manga, more than Monster Hunter Orage and Holy Talker by far. I just love the stickers. *confused* >_<"

Oh no, please don't stop! >_> You shouldn't stop translating just because someone else is doing one series... Having more than one translation is good, not bad :D Especially if it's a manga you like :) Since we're translating for free, it's only natural that we translate what we like better... You don't have to stop doing a manga you like just because someone else is doing it too.

(Also, I'm not the fastest person in the world, so I cannot assure that I'll be able to translate a chapter as soon as it comes out... =_=;; )

Anyway, don't stop! :p
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