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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Blazer Drive 4

Blazer Drive 4th BLAZE : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 13, 2008 03:03 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 4

*really big sigh*

Anyway, I still got Holy Talker, Monster Hunter ORAGE and Out Code to scan . . . XD

So, first latest Rival series~ I do it first just because the RAW is already out. This is how it's going to go. Decided that I'll drop Holy Talker and take on Out Code for translation instead. Blazer Drive, I'll do English translation until my Thai one caught up the latest one (planning to switch ever since the moment tora-chan said she's going to translate it. My Plan B for any English translation that I do~ >_<" )

And, just something from JSQ, I stop buying the issue, so no Embalming from me anymore (don't want to buy the issue just to read only Tegami Bachi. I already kind of stop reading Embalming already as well and ToI is online . . . >.>"). So, I seriously don't know who is going to scan Embalming next. (so far, I think Rena stop buying JSQ as well . . . since she said so . . . >.>") I know that people are waiting, but yeah, I stop buying JSQ since I run low in budget and I am getting Dengeki Maoh instead (I'm crazy about manga that's adapted from game anyway. ;) )

And the DS game is coming out for Blazer Drive. Guess you all know it already from the scan. XD

Enjoy then~

Blazer Drive

Pg. 1
Tamaki – Two dozen of Fire and Wind Mystickers please
Seller – Here you go
That’s the weird pet you got there

Tamaki – Ah! Should I buy some more Fire Mysticker~

Hey, Shiroh
What!? . . . He’s gone . . .

Gosh, that guy
He really has to learn not to get all hot-blooded and ran out by himself

Pettan – PETAA
Tamaki – Ah! Pettan, where are you going!?

Pg. 2-3
One’s Own Rule Is For
One to Decide
These Two are
The Strongest of the Worst

Pg. 4
Daichi – What! Me, Yuuma!?
What is he saying? Just who . . . is he!?

Shiroh – That Mysticker is Testarossa . . .

Still acting innocent?
I can’t help it then . . .

Daichi – Back then, that Yuuma guy did . . .
Yuuma - I have to get this to Master Beast’s hand

Daichi – I get it now. That guy is that Beast guy coming to get it back
No good now, and I already used up all my power in the battle just now

Pg. 5
Shiroh - I have to go by force then

Daichi – Dammit, no other way then

The water is connected to you as well
I have my territorial advantage now

Pg. 6
Shiroh – Then

I’ll just blow this water away

Pg. 7
Daichi – Guarding, huh?

I touch you now. I’m going to shock you!!

Shiroh – Release, Mysticker Valiant

Pg. 8
Daichi – Wow!

Shiroh – I already released Valiant but still got a bit of the damage . . . what is with that electrical power
The Mysticker with the power of the Lightning!?

Daichi – Wrong. This is the Rare Mysticker that generate endless electricity
It’s cool and tasteful, unlike your one

Shiroh – Then, what is with that power!? He didn’t even use any Amplifier Mysticker
How is that even possible!?
Who on Earth is he . . . ?

Pg. 9

Daichi - Trapped like this, now you can’t get away with something like be- . . .


Pg. 10
Fire Knuckle

What is that just now! He put the Mysticker over another Mysticker and combine it together!!
Is that even possible!?



My power is . . .

Shiroh – Chance

Tamaki – Finally found you!! Shiroh!!!

Pg. 11
-- Several minutes after --
Train Officer – Please use another train
This one is currently out of order
Girl – Did something happen?

Beast – So Yuuma is defeated . . .
Kukuku . . . had been a long time since it last happened

This is going to be fun

Pg. 12
-- Inside 003 Department Store --

Person – It’s going to be closed soon, so let’s get out

Daichi – Guh . . .

Tamaki – We are . . . truly, TRULY sorry!!!
Shiroh – Ouch!!!

Pg. 13
Tamaki – Seems like we’ve mistaken you for that that Yuuma person
Shiroh – What is with you all of the sudden?!!

Tamaki – Somehow, you’ve mistaken him with this face!
This is what you get from running off without looking carefully at the Guardian’s wanted posters
Shiroh – Gosh, quiet already

Daichi – Guardian!
Then you two are also . . .

Tamaki – Yep, we are the Blazers of Guardian
Somehow, both of us end up on the same mission it seems

I’m Tamaki
And this here is Shiroh
Shiroh – (side) Damn! How troublesome
Tamaki – And this child here who became attached to us is Pettan

Pg. 14
Nice to meet you!

Daichi – Oh! I . . .
I’m Daichi!!

Shiroh – Just seriously where is the difference?
Daichi – That’s just like mistaken Kappamaki and Ootoronigiri! Just what is with your sense!!!

Shiroh – Hah? You too, just what is with that twisted taste for clothing you have there: to put the necktie around your hood.
Daichi – You call the coolest guy on Earth like me twisted?!!!

Shiroh – Oi, you still use mobile phone in this age?
Aren’t you so old-fashioned and twisted there?
Daichi – Old or new; cool is still cool
I think it’s cool, meaning it’s cool!!!

Pg. 15
Tamaki – Neither want to lose maybe
Stop it already, Shiro
Shiroh – No way I’m going to accept this guy as my companion
Daichi – Shiro?

Fufuh, so you’re called Shiro, huh?
Same as my dog at home then

Tamaki – Isn’t that just fine? I like dogs
Shiroh – . . . that’s totally not a compliment

Daichi – Is that just like a casual way of saying that she likes him . . . ?
. . . Don’t know why, but I feel defeated

Tamaki – But, Daichi, your porch just got nothing in it other than that phone
You didn’t bring any Guardian’s communication device or Support-type Mystickers?

Daichi – What’s that?
Tamaki – You normally should’ve gotten one

Pg. 16
Daichi – Damn you, that SM Division Head. You really just throw the mission at me without giving a single thing
What a S-woman she is . . . !

Shiroh – How much longer are you going stay chattering there?
Let’s go already, Tama

We already retrieve Testarossa as well

Tamaki – All that’s left is to bring it back to the division
Then mission accomplished

Daichi – Wait a sec, since when did you!!
Shiroh – While you fainted, of course

Pg. 17
Daichi – Give that back to me!! My starter mission is to retrieve that thing!!
(side) It’s one more step approaching my brother

Shiroh – Like I care
We are planning to get it back to our division as well so isn’t that basically the same thing?

Daichi – ARG!!!

Shiroh – So stubborn!!!

Daichi – Ouch

Hehe, I got it

Pg. 18
Shiroh - What is that you’re saying? Testarossa is here, you idiot

Daichi – Huh!? What the heck is this!?

Shiroh – Hey! That’s the Mysticker Tamamayu (Douppioni) that I’ve found. Give it back!!
Daichi – Give Testarossa back to me first then!!

Pg. 19
Daichi + Shiroh – Wha-What is this feeling . . . ?

Tamaki – What’s wrong, both of you

Pg. 20
Daichi - An-Anyway, give that back to me!!
Shiroh – I’m the one to say that

Tamaki – Gosh

Daichi – Hah, I got it back now this time

And I gave back your Tamamayu already now too
Shiroh – Tch . . .

Daichi – Just one thing, even though both of you
Are Guardians just like me . . .

Pg. 21
Like I’ll pass it to someone who I don’t think
Is on my side

Tamaki – We’re REALLY sorry!!!
Even if you’re Guardian like us, we took a thing out of your porch while you’re unconscious!!!

Pg. 22
Daichi – Ah . . . well, no . . .
We’ve met just now as well, so . . .

Shiroh – My- . . . My head . . .

Daichi – By the way, you combined two different Mystickers back then, right!
Is that even possible!?
Shiroh – Like hell I’ll tell that to someone who I don’t think is on my side

That guy too back then boost the power of his Mysticker without any Amplifier-type Mysticker

Tamaki – Those two, just seem like they can never come to like each other for life

Pg. 23
Daichi – Dammit . . .
In the end, I am getting confused of just what is the Mysticker

Just how did they put in those capabilities
Into the thin sheet of stickers like this?

Tamaki – I don’t know about Rare Mystickers
But for the normally on sale Mystickers

Seems like the enterprise, Next Corp.
Made it using some secret technologies

See, that’s their CM

Daichi – Well, I’m pretty sure that I’ve heard of Next before
Tamaki – They have their own baseball team as well

Pg. 24
Ah! There, the person in that statue

That’s Professor Yan, the Father of all Mystickers
He used to be the researcher of the Physics of the Fourth Dimension

Daichi – Fourth Dimension??

Tamaki – I don’t exactly know the detail
But ever since the past, people used to use anything that’s convenient
Without doing much thinking, right? Like the electrical appliance

Shiroh – What an idiot for becoming a Guardian when you don’t even know who Professor Yan is
Daichi – (side) What, you still want to pick a fight with me?!!

Pg. 25-26
Beast – I’ve heard quite something now

Tamaki – That guy!!

Pg. 27
Beast – You’re the one who defeated Yuuma then?

People – (side) What’s that?
(side) Kya
Tamaki – The high-ranking Blazer in all of Guardian’s wanted posters!!

Daichi – He knows Yuuma . . . that means he is . . .

Beast – Correct

Pg. 28
Tamaki – Daichi, how did you know that person’s name?!!!
Daichi – Yuuma said it, that he got to go give Testarossa to Master Beast

Beast - If the Rare Mysticker is taken as planned
Naturally, the strong Guardian person will come

I don’t care about that Mysticker from the very start!!
As long as I got to fight with someone strong, I don’t care about anything else!!

Show me the power that defeated Yuuma, will ya?
Daichi – Who will play with that hobby of yours?

Beast – Then I’ll take that Mysticker back from you

Shiroh – So annoying, but if that’s the case, then I’ll say . . .

Pg. 29
When the fight is picked, it got to be taken on

I’ll attack him. Daichi, you support me a bit
Daichi – What?!!!

I’m going!! And you do the support!!!

Beast – Let’s enjoy then!!!
Tamaki – We alone can’t fight against him!

Pg. 30
Shiroh – Uwo
Daichi – Wah
Tamaki – Ah

Daichi – Gah!!
Tamaki – KYA

Pg. 31
Daichi – Dammit

Shiroh – Don’t get in my way, Daichi!!!

Pg. 32

Pg. 33
He countered my Valiant
With bare hand!!

Beast – Fufuh

Tamaki – Wind + Aphrodite

Pg. 34

Daichi – That girl also combine two Mystickers together?!!
What is with that attack!!!

Beast – Oh? Spikes Storm?

Pg. 35
Tamaki – Impossible! He wards all those thorns away!!
What is with that tough body!!

Pg. 36
Beast – Gahahaha! Good, a really enjoyable fight!!!
Come on out with whatever you got!!!

Daichi - If so, then I won’t hold back anymore then

Beast – He couldn’t be trying to!!!
Shit, my legs are already opened . . .

Daichi – Take this

Pg. 37
Kinte Kick


A righteous hero in the shounen manga like you . . . can do something dirty like that . . . GUUU
Daichi – You said it yourself to come with whatever I got
Since that part is not that hardened as well

Tamaki – Is it . . . is it really that painful?

Shiroh – How long are you planning to stand there?! You won’t to get punched or what?!!

Pg. 38
Daichi – Eeek!!

Shiroh – Done
Daichi – No kidding, you want to hit me too, are you?!!!

Pg. 39
Beast – Oi oi, this is only just the beginning
Can’t help it then, I actually don’t want to use this . . .

But this is also for the fun of the battle

I’ll let you see my prized Rare Mysticker like you never seen before


Pg. 40
Daichi – Wh-What is that Mysticker? You got to be kidding me!

Tamaki – Sha-Shape-shifting Mysticker!!!

Beast - It’s finally hunting time
Well then, let’s start . . .

With you first!! You really have done it just now

Pg. 41
Daichi – UWA


What a speed and power

Pg. 42
Tamaki – Shiroh!!
Shiroh – I’m alright . . .

Beast – GAAAAAH!!!
Shiroh – Tama, we got to use that, so even if you don’t like it, endure it

Pg. 43
Beast – GUH

Ugh . . . you dare do something impertinent with me?

Planning to hide, huh? Too bad though, right now

I have this nose of mine

I can smell it, right there!!!
Shiroh – Kuh

Pg. 44
Daichi – HIYAAAAH!!

Tamaki – Kya
Shiroh – Uwa
Daichi – Argh

Shiroh – Kuh, damn you for overdoing it
Daichi – More like you got into my way

Beast – That’s quite a distance

Tamaki – You two stop already!!!

Pg. 45
If we don’t fight against him as one under this kind of situation
There’s no way we’re going to win!!!

Aren’t we all Guardians?!!!

Beast – It’s futile. You all are just basically too weak
No matter how many of you come in all together

This overwhelming “fist” that can destroy anything
Is what the really power is!!!

Pg. 46
Tamaki - I’ll be the decoy

During that time, you two combine your power and attack him
Shiroh – What are you saying, no!!
Also, this guy is not our comrade. He could’ve run away at any time

Tamaki – It’s alright
Not only Shiroh . . . but also Daichi

I do believe in you

Pg. 47
Daichi – Here you go
Since we have the same goal, and both of us are Guardians as well

Like I’ll pass it to someone who I don’t think
Is on my side
Shiroh – You

Tamaki – Daichi . . .

Shiroh – Gosh, so annoying

No getting expensive stuff for free. So, this is just a trade
Daichi – You really are unaffected, are you?

Pg. 48
Beast – JUUGAMOU (Spike Beast Hair)
My power

I’ll show you what true power is like!!!

Tamaki – So, let’s go

Pg. 49
Shiroh – Stay back, Tama
Daichi + Shiroh – We two are
Daichi – Going to show him the true power

Daichi + Shiroh – I really can feel something coming from this

Pg. 50
Shiroh – Sword!!!
Daichi – This is!

Pg. 51
You think you can handle that!?
Daichi – Same to you


Pg. 52
Daichi – Wow!!

Pg. 53
Beast – Futile!! Right now, I can pierce through anything!!!

Tamaki – The power from those two’s Mystickers are merging together
It’s just like a fiery hand, filled with thoughts . . .

Shiroh – UWOOO
Daichi – OOO

Pg. 54-55
Beast – Wh-What?!! My power is . . .

People – (side) Uwa!! There’s people fallen from above!!
Beast – Guh

Daichi – It used up more power than Kandatsu . . .

Tamaki – Shiroh!! Daichi!!

Pg. 56
Beast – Guh

Truly an enjoyable battle
I am quite busy as well, so I’ll end here for today

People – Police, right here!!
Police – This is really severe!! . . .

-- 2 hours later, 003 Front Station --

Daichi - You take care of Testarossa and return it to your division
Shiroh – Just who are you talking to?

Pg. 57
Daichi – Tch
I’m the one who defeated Yuuma
And you just took all the good parts away

But . . . well . . . you seriously are strong
So I think it would be OK if you become my rival . . .

Shiroh – Huh? Don’t you get carried away
The one horned head is just way too clichéd as well

Daichi – EH!!!
Tamaki – Wait, Shiroh!
Shiroh – Let’s go, Tama

Pg. 58
Daichi – A-Absurdly uncool
Damn you, Shiroh

Hah, dammit . . .

He really is unaffected to the very end
** The rising hand is the proof of friendship!! **

Thank you for reading . . .

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#1. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2008
So you're going to switch over for Blazer Drive?

So I guess Holy Talker has finally driven you nuts? XD Out Code is easier for you? Hopefully someone would pick up the translation for Holy Talker. I've kind of lost interest in Holy Talker myself =/

And yes...I've stopped buying JSQ...I didn't really like that manga magazine in the first place and there really isn't much of anything I see anyway ever since ToI went online. Rival is just much better >_>
#2. by Rock-Bird ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2008
Thank you, im considering now to do a scanlation. This series seems pretty interesting :)
#3. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2008
Quote by Rena Chan;945422:
So you're going to switch over for Blazer Drive?

So I guess Holy Talker has finally driven you nuts? XD Out Code is easier for you? Hopefully someone would pick up the translation for Holy Talker. I've kind of lost interest in Holy Talker myself =/

And yes...I've stopped buying JSQ...I didn't really like that manga magazine in the first place and there really isn't much of anything I see anyway ever since ToI went online. Rival is just much better >_>

Yep, I'm switching over. At least that's what I already did with MHO and it works out quite well (since Thai manga community seems to be a bit slow with monthly stuff. Not to mention that Rival series are rather new, so no one is translating it just yet :D )

Plus, I think I need more Thai translation to work on . . . despite of the fact that I got my hand already full. Just need something more for Thai, but I got to find some way to clear out what's on my hand first . . . >.>" (want to do Persona 3 in Thai as well. Manga, jumpy as it is, is really interesting . . . >_<")

Though I seriously don't know how long will it takes for me to catch up with Blazer Drive in Thai. I feel more and more hyped into speeding TotA and finishing ToS that I think I am kind of procrastinating on translating Blazer Drive into Thai (so far, I got only the first chapter done . . . >.>")

Out Code seems easier. At least it seems to have less text than Holy Talker (despite of the fact that it might get more and more. I never translated any crime manga before, but from most of the ones I've seen, the text tends to get more and more as it goes on . . . >.>")

And ToI going online actually makes my interest in JSQ to decrease by half . . . >_<" Remembered now that I start buying it in the very first place because I want to get ToI scanned and translated faster . . . >.>"

PS. Gosh, I forgot to look up the name . . . *search* . . . OK, I seriously don't know how to name stuff. *change "Testalossa" to "Testarossa"*
#4. by VASSiLi ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2008
However, thanks Judasu ^^
#5. by Farfalla (#<3mommyholt)
Posted on Jul 14, 2008
In page 8, after the "wow", there's a space in blank (I think it's Daichi screaming something). Could u tell me what it is? Thank u, Ju-da-su^^
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