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Tales of Innocence 9

Tales of Innocence act.9 : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 29, 2008 09:54 | Go to Tales of Innocence

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I'm terribly sorry to everyone . . . actually have it left with only the last three pages undone for more than 2 weeks. The truth is . . . I actually forgot that I didn't get this chapter of ToI done yet . . . >.>"

I'M SORRY~~~!!! >_<"

And yeah, I got into DGM now, and thanks to my ridiculously slow reading pace, I've been reading DGM for the whole week and only got 50 chapters done . . . >_<" And I got Mid-Term exams going on right now as well . . . and my mom confiscate my NDS and many of my manga, including TotA vol.3-4 and this month issue of Rival because she wants me to study for exams . . . >.>" So, I end up with only any manga that is still "hidden", my Dengeki Maoh magazines and the PSP. Bad thing then, is if my mom would have confiscated anything that's not all of my Shounen Rivals, I would have Holy Talker ch.5 scanned by last Saturday (because she actually confiscated even our modem, so I don't have internet access for the whole weekend, but if only I have Rival, my scanner is willing to work and get it ready for upload ever since last Saturday . . . >.>") So, sorry. Got so much stuff to do with so little time and so little . . . stuff left hidden from my mom . . . >_<"

And yeah . . . thanks to my "I don't know how to stop taking on new work", I've decided that if no one is going to do something about Thai translation of DGM (the Thai DGM community made it into a summary which I don't like, so currently from my knowledge, there is no Thai manga community working on translating DGM . . . >_<"), I'll translate it from the next chapter onwards. Anyway, that will means another 15~ pages to translate weekly. XD

OK, done with my rant. Sorry again for the late translation. ENJOY~ XD

Reserved for WoaA scanlation group

Tales of Innocence
act.9 “Two destinies”

Pg. 1
*GOOOO* (engine)

Ricardo – This is . . .

Hermana – Seems like we finally arrived

Oswald - This is the graveyard of the past

Pg. 2
Sky Castle . . . ?

Hermana – Wow

Pg. 3
. . . It just changes so much
Look just like some haunted tower

*GYAKI* (point)

. . . Wha . . . What are you doing?
Oswald – I’ve safely found the Sky Castle now
Meaning you are no longer needed

Don’t worry
I’ll send those guys after you when I already asked them of the hiding place of the Genesis and the way of activating it

Might be a bit lonely, but you’re going there first then
Hermana – Tch

Pg. 4
*ZUZU* (clash)

Oswald – What is it!!
Ricardo – I don’t know!!
We’ve just suddenly lost control of the airship!!

Oswald – Do something then!!
*BI* *BI* (beep beep)
*GO* (falling)
Ricardo – It doesn’t work

We’re going to crash

Pg. 5
*GO GO GO * (falling)

*GO GO GO* (falling)
Spada – What’s that?
Ange – Is something happening . . . ?

*GO GO GO* (falling)
Hasta – Oh?

Is that an earthquake?

Pg. 6
*DON* (landed)

*GOOOOOOOO* (blast)

Pg. 7
*GOOOO* (wind)

*OOOOO* (wind)
Ruca - *cough* *cough*
Iria – Ugh . . .

Gosh! What is all that about!!
Ruca – Looks like the airship clash somehow


Ange – What is it, Ruca?
Ruca – This place . . .

Pg. 8
*BYUUUUUUU* (wind)

Ruca - . . . Seems like we’re floating
Ange – This place

Maybe this is . . .
The Sky Castle?

Ruca – Spada is gone . . .
Iria - Coda too . . .

Pg. 9
Oswald – Hmph

The plane clashed, we lost sight of those guys and Hasta is gone as well
This is just terrible

Ricardo – What are you planning to do next then?
Oswald - We’ll search for the Genesis and those guys by ourselves
I can’t just let them go without asking them of how to activate it

But you being the only battle force I have is quite unease

Pg. 10
How about using that then?

Come with me, Ricardo
Ricardo – To where?

Oswald – To the reinforcement

*GOOOOOO* (wind)
I’ll show you the success of the research on the strange power

*OOOOOOO* (wind)

Pg. 11-12
*GAN* (gong)

*GAN* (gong)
*GAN* (gong)
*GOOOOOOOO* (wind)

*OOOOOOOOO* (wind)
Balkan – Alright
I’ve given you the breath of soul now

Your name is Durandal
I shall engrave that name into the blade of yours

Durandal – Where is . . . this place . . . ?
*VUUUN* (aura)
Who are you . . . ?

Pg. 13
Balkan – Fuh
This is my smithy

I’m Balkan
So to speak, I’m your father

Durandal – For what reason do you give me this life?

Balkan – . . . To let many others live on
But that also depends on your owner

Durandal – I’m the sword
You’re saying that the mere weapon like me let many other live?

Balkan – Yes, that’s correct
I’ve forged you for that purpose

Pg. 14
Let’s have a talk
My son

I’ve forge one spear before you
Out of the wish to make it the strongest spear which can pierce through anything ever existed on Earth

But that turns out to be a mistake

I wonder why there is a mistake when I wish for the greatest of the weapon
I’ve misunderstood the real self of power . . .

It’s not the question about the capability of slaughtering the enemy in the battlefield

Power is to control people

Pg. 15
Control people, control place, control time
Whatever leads to those are what power is called

Durandal - . . . I don’t understand
Piercing through the shield, crush the armor, cut through the soul of the enemy; isn’t that what weapons are for?

Balkan - To the weapon, it is righteous
But in the ends, it goes down to only the quality of the weapons itself

When there is no relationship with the user
*GOTO* (place)

The spear made from the wrong power turns rampage

Pg. 16
Its power is drunk with the blood of its own user, and began taking lives of others, friends or foes alike
That spear is the corrupted creation

It’s the foolish weapon made by the foolish smith who has mistaken the meaning of “power”
And the name of that spear is

The demonic spear

Gae Bolg . . .

Pg. 17
Coda – Spada!!
*BUSHI* (pat)
Spada – Huh . . .
*PETSU* (pat)
*PETSU* (pat)

Coda – Wake up, Spada

Wake up
*PETSU* (hit)
Wake up
*PETSU PETSU* (hit hit)
Spada – No
*PETSU* (hit)
I’m up
I’m up
*PETSU* (hit)

. . . And so

Where is this place?
Coda – Dunno

Pg. 18
Everyone’s gone too
Spada – Tch
Just what one Earth had happened?

Coda – Spada, you alright?
Seems like you’ve a nightmare
Spada - I just had a dream

Coda – A dream?
Spada – Yeah

A dream . . .
About my past life’s father

Coda – I’m hungry
Spada – Are you listening to me?

Hasta – Oh my?
*ZA* (step)

Pg. 19
Just when I wonder who might it be, it's one piece of throwaway meat then

So what are you doing here then?
with empty hand

Spada - Tch

This is bad

Pg. 20
Oswald - Fuh

The box seems to be safe then

Let's see the inside

*GAZUN* (insert)

*BASHUUUU* (open)

Pg. 21
*GOOOO* (engine)

Ricardo – This is . . . a Gigantes . . .
Oswald – Fuh
Not the usual old Gigantes though


Pg. 22
Ricardo – This . . .
This is . . .

Oswald – An Inousha

Separating the power that the Inousha have and change it to the mechanical power source of the engine cause the capability of the Gigantes to soar up high

This one is just a test case, but in no time, I’ll use many more Inousha to become the power source

Pg. 23
Well, it probably wouldn’t be of any used after I become the God though

Ricardo – Is this Tenseisha going to be safe?
Oswald - No need for the safety, isn’t it?

Mechanical power has no soul anyway

Let’s go then

Pg. 24
*GYAKI* (point)

Oi oi
Your duty isn’t this, isn’t it, Ricardo?

What are you thinking?
Ricardo - The duty of protecting you is just temporary . . .

My goal is different now
Oswald – Goal?

Ricardo – Yes . . .

Pg. 25
My real goal is to find my past life’s brother who is right here

Oswald – Your past life’s . . .

. . . After hearing about my brother captured and arrested, I begin my own search . . .
I thought approaching you who is the one in charge of the research will help me to some information . . .

But it seems . . .

Like it turns to the worst case possible now . . .

Pg. 26
Oswald – Oh yeah . . . ?

Seems like I’ve just done something really regretful then
Ricardo – Silence

This sin
I’ll let you atone it with this shot

Oswald – Haha
No use on me though

*KAPI* (turn)

*BASHUUU* (smoke)

Pg. 27
Ricardo – Tch
Oswald – Hahaha, like I’ll die before I can get the Genesis

I shall use much of your brother’s ability then!!

Ricardo – Kuh

Oswald – With this Gigantes Omega!!
*GOOOO* (tension)

Pg. 28
Ruca – This really . . .
Is the same scenery as the one I saw in my past life
Ange – Seems like we managed to come to the Sky Castle somehow

Ruca – I do feel as if I know this place well though
Iria – This castle is once used as the fortress of Census, right?

Hermana – Hey, everyone

Ruca – Hermana
Hermana – Hi

Pg. 29
Ruca – Are you alright?
Hermana – Not really alright though
Gosh, I actually thought I was going to die

Where are Spada and Coda then?
Iria – Well that . . .

Ruca – Seems like we got separated
Hermana – Really . . . ?

Those two are probably OK
I think
Ruca – It’d be good if it’s true though

Hermana – More importantly, is it really OK for you guys to be unarmed?
If you meet with them, you can’t help yourselves anyway, can’t you?
Ruca – Ah, umm

Hermana – So, here’s the deal

I just found your weapons, but how ‘bout 60 Galds then?
Ruca – What?
Hermana – Hahaha, kidding, just kidding

Pg. 30
*BYUUU* (wind)

*TAH* (dash)

Spada - *hah*

Hasta – Wait there~~~~

*ZAZAZAZA* (slide)
Spada – Tch

Pg. 31
Go hide, Coda!
Coda – OK

*DA* (dash)

Hasta – MIN~~~~CH

*DOH* (bang)

*ZAZAZAZAZA* (slide)

Pg. 32

Spada – Kuh
*BA* (swing)

*GIN* (break)

Hasta – Hahaha, no use
That fragile weapon won’t help you with your meaty business!!

*DON* (stab)

Pg. 33
*DA* (run)


*GORO* (roll)
It hurts more than incurvated nail
It hurts more than gout
*GORO* (roll)

Pg. 34
*GOOOOO* (wind)

*OOO* (wind)
Spada – This . . . This is . . .
Census’ people . . .

Does this mean . . .
This place is the Sky Castle then?

Hasta – Sky Castle~ . . .

Well, how long had it been already? It has been so long that’s it’s getting scary
*DON DON DON DON* (prick, prick, prick, prick)
So that’s why I was thinking that I’ve seen this place somewhere before

Pg. 35
It’s coming back now . . . those countless day of slaughter
And my life as the demonic spear

Spada – Demonic Spear?

Balkan - And the name of that spear is . . .
The demonic spear, Gae Bolg

Spada - . . . You are . . .
Gae Bolg then . . . ?

Pg. 36
Hasta – Oh? You know about my past life as well?
*DON DON DON DON* (step, step, step, step)
Spada – Tch
Is this what they called as fate as well . . . ?

Hasta – Huh?
*DON DON DON* (step, step, step)
What did you say again?

Spada – Listen carefully

My past life
*DON* (step)
Is the Sacred Sword, Durandal

Pg. 37
*ZA* (stab)

Hasta – Oooh
So you’re Durandal then?

Spada – You don’t know?

Hasta – Meh, I know
I already know

Because I have such a great resentment for you
Spada – Resentment?

Hasta – Oh? You still don’t remembered?
I ended up having to remember it though

That seriously hurts

Pg. 38
*DOH* (whoosh)

Census – GYAAA!!
It’s Gae Bolg!!

Gae Bolg – Hahaha!
What a pathetic cry of agony this is!!

Asras – Enough
*ZA* (step)
Gae Bolg – Hm?

Pg. 39
Asras – Demonic Spear Gae Bolg
I shall settle that rampage here and now

Gae Bolg – Haha!!
Asras of the Census, hah?!!

I’ll gouge out all your organs and pour out all your blood onto the ground!!

Asras – Fuh
Having an eccentric enemy truly gets on my nerve

Pg. 40
I’m going now, Durandal

Durandal – I shall pierce right through your soul and send you out of the wheel of reincarnation
*VUUUUN* (aura)

Gae Bolg - Leave it out!!
I too will cut you into two!!

*GAH* (clash)

Pg. 41
Hasta – GYAAAA!!
*ZA* (kneel)
I remembered it again

That really hurts . . . you know?
*BIKI* (dip)
I was totally defeated
*BIKI* (dip)

Never thought not being able to see blood again will be that painful
*BISHI* (dip)

. . . But this time
*BIKI* (dip)
It’s your turn now, Durandal
*BISHI* (dip)

Pg. 42
*KYUUDO* (bang)

Gae Blog – Eh, what?
What, what, what?
What is this sensation?
*GOOOOO* (wind)

It’s fine I guess
Somehow, I am feeling superb right now~
*OOOOOOOO* (wind)

So said, the surprised blood market will stop for now then
And more than that
*OOOOOO* (wind)

Pg. 43-44
It’s the opening of “slice you” festival!!
** The battle of fate is now repeating . . . !! **

Thank you for reading . . .

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Ouch...I guess...>_<
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Posted on Jul 29, 2008
Hwa~ Awesome! *cough*
Thanks so much, ju-da-su~
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Thx a lot Ju-Da-Su!

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