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Blazer Drive 5

Blazer Drive 5th BLAZE : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Aug 11, 2008 11:48 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 5

I know I'm an idiot . . . >.>"

I mean, you might ask "Why on Earth is the translation always out first? Can't you just get the RAW first?! WE WANT PICTURES!! )< " but yeah, didn't exactly start scanning Blazer Drive yet. One problem is, I want to translate it from the book. Blazer Drive finally becomes the only Rival I translate . . . >.>" (I turn MHO over to my brother for Thai translation - -") and since I want it still attached to the magazine, I scan something else first (usually MHO. Sometimes, I multitask and do translation and scanning at the same time, so . . . >.>") and I'll start scanning Blazer Drive right after that when the translation is done.

So, sorry . . . because I still want to scan it as well . . . >_<"

So, pre-RAW translation. Holy Talker ch.5 got into some trouble due to my vanished August issue. I might ask someone to scan ch.5 instead if I need to, but please let me have sometimes to find it first. And I dropped Holy Talker for translation because . . . you will see how H-rated chapter 6 is. It gets too much for me. *shot'd* Plus, new lots of Tales manga means I have to make as much free space as possible . . . >.>"

And MHO is coming in about an hour (meaning the R/T/S). It's uploading . . . :3

Enjoy~ XD

Blazer Drive
5th BLAZE “Requirement to Become Superior”

Pg. 1
Follow me!
The future is just up ahead

Pg. 2

Pg. 3

Pg. 4
Team Taktos - Hey, the holy church is not some place
For you to play amplified electrical guitar, OK?
That clamor is just so noisy already

Planning to act like a musician?
No one is gonna listen to you though

Hey, look at that guy’s guitar!
Oh!! Isn’t that a rare sticker you got there?

Give it to us, will you?
If that’s a Mysticker, it might make us some fortunes
You ever heard of the Mysticker Hunters, Team Taktos?

Pg. 5
Hey!!! Don’t just ignore us, idiot

Serve you rights for not passing it to us

What!? The sticker just now is gone?

Pg. 6
Kaine – . . . I can hear it no matter where I went

Team Taktos – Huh?

What, that guy!! Since when did he peel it off?

Kaine – I no longer want to hear it . . .

Those lousy clamors

Team Taktos – Hahaha, what do you think you’re doing, putting that on your own body!?
That guy is such an idiot

Pg. 7
Huh? . . . what the heck . . .
The- . . . the guitar is . . .

Kaine – Come on out, Jimmy
First up with this tune

Howling Voice
Jeff Explosion

Pg. 8
Team Taktos – GAAAAAH!!!

The sound is echoing in my head!! . . .

To the trash like you
All the good timbre you know is a scream

That’s why all you can hear is the scream
That is played on my Jimmy

Pg. 9
-- Guardian Division –

Daichi? – GYAAAAA!!!

-- Division Head’s Room –
Head – You dare rampage in such an attention grabbing place as 003 . . .
Don’t you that how hard it is to conceal that afterwards?
Daichi – Why do I have to end up like this?!!

To make it worse, you even let
That Shiroh guy from Section XI Division took away the Testarozza

Now people will think that our Section III
Is the good-for-nothing division!!
(side) Can’t take it anymore . . . I’m going to die already

Pg. 10
How should I know?!! Isn’t that supposed to be delivered to Section XI anyway?
Then isn’t it the same as a successful mission, you old hag!!!

Head – Ha- . . . Hag?

Call me the Queen!!! Damn you!!!
It’s reputation that I’m talking about here!!
Which means it’s already half failed!!!

And . . . Kuroki, what are you doing when you’re supposed to be watching over him?
Kuroki – That would be a REEEEEEALLY long story to talk about though . . .
Daichi – He- . . . he became a dog’s toy and fainted . . .

Kuroki – Hey, hey, Daichi~~~!!!

Head – Mugen Nibenryuu . . .
== Translation: “Fantasy dual whip style” . . . >_<”

Pg. 11
Kuroki - Her bloodlust is . . .
Daichi – Wha . . . dual whip meaning me too?!!

Head – OSHIOKI!!! (Deadly Ember)
Kuroki + Daichi – GYA-GYA-GYA-GYA

Head – Hm?

That- . . . that Mysticker . . .

Pg. 12
Kaine – So, I have tamed every one of you now

Then I can live without . . .
Having to listen to the noise of society again

Pg. 13
Head – Daichi, where did you get
This Mysticker!?

Daichi – Who cares where I got it
Quickly give it back to me

So, he must have instead got this Tamamayu in exchange with giving
Testarozza over to Shiroh . . .
Sign – Daichi, Section III
Shiroh, Section XI

Head – Tamamayu . . .

Pg. 14
The “cocoon” that produce flexible yet durable wire-like threads that can be controlled as if it’s alive
If used properly, those thread can be weaved together into all kind of shape; a weapon with both the offensive power and the defensive power

To Daichi who mainly use electricity in battle
This is just a perfect Mysticker to use

It will enable him to have a better control of the electricity

Originally, it’s the Mysticker that Ginga tried to find after hearing its rumor
In order to further improve from using the wire

Shiroh is the Guardian in Section XI Division
At that place right now . . .

Pg. 15
Is that Jonathan

Testarozza was originally bound for Section XI
And this Tamamayu came here instead . . .

Does this mean that Jonathan actually was aiming this from the start
And gave Shiroh the same mission as Daichi . . . ?

Gosh, is he planning on giving Section III a little present or what?
That old guy really is fooling around with us

Pg. 16
I’m keeping this
It’s still too fast for you to have it
Daichi – What!!?

Because you didn’t get anything from the mission?
Don’t bullshit with me!!!

Just what is the difference between that Tamamayu and this Kandachi!!?

Head – Ordinary Mystickers are those in Energy-Type which release fire, wind, ice, electricity or light
Kandachi too is on the same type with the ability of producing limitless amount of electricity

But that Tamamayu is the mysticker that “transforms to its true self”
Using Blazers’ spiritual power
It’s the Weapon-Type Mysticker

Pg. 17
Daichi – So what of it?!!!
Head – Kuroki
Kuroki – Yes

My Necromancer is the Weapon-Type Mysticker just like Tamamayu

Initially, the Mysticker on my arm
Has the power of controlling the spiritual power to change it to its true form

In another words, if you have a stable concentration power

You can suddenly lost control of it, and might even get hurt from it
That’s what it is

Pg. 18
Daichi – But I was able to use it once back in the battle at 003!!!
Head – Didn’t you faint just right after that though?

Someone who can’t even use Kandachi properly like you
Can’t really say that you have experience using it

Kuroki – Daichi, it’s not like you are disqualified or anything
In order for you to master it, you have to wait until the suitable time . . .
Daichi – Fuh

You are just . . .

You are just jealous that because I got
Some really great Mysticker, don’t you? . . . Give that back . . .
Head – What!?

Pg. 19
Daichi – GIVE IT BACK!!! That’s one more step closer for me to get to Ginga!!!

Head – If you really want become stronger
You must first have the courage to accept your weakness

Kuroki – He really is still a kid
Can’t see anything other than what’s obvious to him

Pg. 20
Head – I can expect what he’ll do next
Take care of him, Kuroki
Kuroki – Yes ma’am

Misora – Ah!

So you are safe!!
Daichi – Misora

Misora - So goo- . . .

Pg. 21
Daichi – GUBOH!!!

Misora – Ah!

Any- . . . anyhow, I’m so glad that you’re safe

Daichi - This is . . . not what you can call as safe . . .

The Division Head is even harder to deal with than the mission itself
Misora – Well, guess you can say that

Pg. 22
Wonder how everyone is Team Sky is
And that Shiroh guy as well . . .

Misora – I really want to go back
They surely must be worried that I suddenly just disappear like this

Daichi - Shall we then?
Misora – Eh!?

Daichi - Let’s go meet everyone . . .

Misora – Is it really OK that we got out by ourselves?
If something happens to you again . . .

Daichi – Just one night shouldn’t be that much of a deal. And also . . .
Even if something happens, I already have

Pg. 23
Kandachi and
Tamamayu with me

I’m different now, you know?

So, let’s go, Misora

Misora – Can you just slow down a bit?
I’m using a ballshoe here, OK?!!

Pg. 24
Daichi – Hey, I’ve bought some food now

-- Section III, Central Park –
Huh? Where did she go off to now?

. . . What, you’re here?

Misora – Shh!! You’re too loud
Daichi – Ugh!

Pg. 25
Old man – And that’s it for today from me, young lady

Misora – That’s it?
Daichi –Yep, that’s it
Didn’t I already tell you that we should quickly eat and head of to everyone?
Old man – Sorry

Misora – There’s another guitarist over there
Daichi – He-Hey, Misora!!

Gosh, that’s why I don’t like girls

Pg. 26
Well . . . it’s once in a really long while . . .
Plus, Misora seem as if she can stay here for days as well . . .

Pg. 27-28
Misora – Eh? The melody changed . . .

Pg. 29
Daichi – Just what happens? The melody . . .

Just seem to get somewhat creepy

Misora, stay away from that guy!!!

Pg. 30

Pg. 31
Daichi – That was close!
That guitar really is a Mysticker
And it gives out such an awful noise

Kaine – Very well done indeed, but . . .
The one with the awful noise is rather you


Daichi – How did you know my name?!!
Does this mean you are the same as that Nanba guy . . . ?

Pg. 32
Kaine – I’m alone . . .
Everyone lies
If only my ear don’t listen to it, I would have be able to live without hearing those lies

But because I want to hear my own voice
I pretend that I didn’t hear any other noises

Misora – Wh- . . . What is he saying . . . ?
Daichi – So you really don’t want to hear what others say, huh

Just why did you target me!?

Kaine - Daichi, you probably didn’t notice yet
But you have . . .

Pg. 33
“The power” . . .
That we didn’t have

Daichi – The power . . . ?

Kaine – I too had already fought with your brother
Daichi – What?!!

Kaine – That’s why I can hardly get close to you

If I can solve the mystery inside you, I’ll be a bit closer to my goal
Therefore . . .

Show me your inside

Pg. 34
Don’t say something

Laughable like that!!

Pg. 35
Daichi - ! He absorbed all my . . .
Kandachi’s electricity!!

Kaine – Jeff Explosion MAX Volume

Pg. 36
Misora – Kya!!!

Daichi – He made use
Of my lightning to be like an electrical guitar?

Misora – Ugh
Daichi – Misora

Pg. 37
Dammit! If I discharge my electricity randomly, that guitar will just absorb it in
The only thing I can do then is to control the electricity someway and make it hit his body directly

In the end, only Tamamayu will work for that!

Head - I’m keeping this
It’s still too fast for you to have it

Daichi – I can handle it!!
Just watch

This time, I’ll combine it with Kandachi!!!

Pg. 38
Kaine – Thread!? No . . . wire!!

Daichi – Hehe, now you can’t move, can’t you?

Misora – What is that?!!

Pg. 39
Daichi – Alright, I’ll take you down with this Tamamayu

Kaine – The Weapon-Type Mysticker like mine?!

Daichi – Take this directly right on your body!!!

Pg. 40
Kaine – This is one pretty dangerous attack

Chainsaw Noise

Slash Slaughter

Daichi – He cut them!!!

Pg. 41
Just now, Daichi is just too great my body . . . can’t move

Is this the battle between Blazers?

Kaine – Got to admit that I didn’t think that you will have that kind of Rare Mysticker with you
Just now, it was indeed really close

Daichi – Hah
He uses the sound to change it into a vibrating cutter . . . ?

Kaine – What? Exhausted already?
Can’t say you really can use that Mysticker then
How pathetic

Daichi – That’s not funny!! If so, then I’ll make more thread
This time, I’ll make your roll up in a ball that you can’t even play that guitar!!

Pg. 42
What!? The target is over there . . .


Misora – Uwa!

Daichi – ARGHH!!!

Pg. 43
Kaine – Such a nice sounding
Seems like you got it wrong
About becoming stronger through getting stronger Mysticker there
(side) *laugh*

Misora – Daichi!!

Kaine – That’s the proof that you lack stability
In your concentration power to control the spiritual power

Show me your inside!!

Pg. 44
Slash Slaughter

Misora – Stop!!!

Kaine – Didn’t I already told you that I don’t want to hear
Any useless babbling!!!

Pg. 45
Kuroki – Stop right there!

Pg. 46
You won’t even scratch this with that thing you’re holding
Kaine – Black big sword

Kuroki – I won’t let you

Kaine – Ugh!


Misora – Kuroki!

If dogs can walk in it, I wouldn’t show up
But no dog will be walking around here!!!

Pg. 47
Daichi – Kuh . . .
Kuro- . . . –ki

Misora – Are you alright, Daichi!!
Kuroki – Save the talk for later. Grow up and stay back

Kaine – I nearly got him already
Then there come another noisy sound

Kuroki – Who are you!!
Are you the Blazers from the organization that target Daichi!!?

Kaine – I don’t form any band though
I’m all alone

Kuroki – Say out your name

Pg. 48
Kaine – I’m Kaine
Nice sounding to it, isn’t it?

Daichi – So he’s called Kaine then, that bastard . . .

Kuroki - I’ll make you spit out all the details once I caught you
Just be prepared

Kaine – Sorry, but it’s getting to the last song now

Pg. 49-50
Puppet Dance
Edie Fascination

Misora – Eh!

All these are his company?

Pg. 51
Kaine – Nope, I’m alone, but these guys . . .
Are enthusiastic fans of my melody that I met in front of the church a while back

I just made them all unconscious

They really are powerful, you know

Kuroki – His music controlled all these people?
Misora – He used people as if they’re just mere tools

Kaine – These guys are not Blazers but ordinary people
Do you dare attacking them then?
Misora – That’s not fair

Pg. 52
Kaine – Go!!

Kuroki – Wake up, Necromancer
It’s breakfast time

You’re drooling already?

Misora – Huh!! You’re going to slash all these people?
Kuroki – I sure am

Pg. 53-54
But only their evil soul though

Tamashii Kui (Soul Eater)

BAN (World)

SAN (of)

Pg. 55
KAI (Ten-Thousand Feasts)

Pg. 56
Thanks for the meal

Daichi – So-So this is Kuroki . . .
Misora – So strong!! He can take down that many people in just a second!!

Team Taktos – Huh, what are we doing here?
Aren’t we supposed to be . . . at the church?

Pg. 57
Misora – The slashed people didn’t die?!! What is with that sword?
Daichi – And that guitar bastard . . . ?

Kuroki – Seems like he got away
Team Taktos – What are those guys talking about?

Daichi – Misora is not at fault. I just drag her alone without thinking
Kuroki – It is just like what the division head said

It’s good for you there that I’ve been
Secretly following you

Pg. 58
Daichi – I am . . .
I am such an idiot!!

It’s just like what he said, I did got it wrong
About becoming stronger through obtaining stronger Mystickers . . .

Even compared with all the things I did in the past, right now
I’m just extremely pathetic!!!

Pg. 59
Misora – Daichi

Daichi – Kuroki! I . . .

I want to be able to master Tamamayu

Once I get back, I’ll apologize all I need to the division head!!
I’ll take any kind of punishment!!

So . . .
So . . .

Pg. 60
Please teach me everything about how to control the spiritual power!!!

So he finally willing to understand to the heart of it now . . .

Alright! So then
Let’s get back and let the division head punished you two
** This bitter memory turns into power!! **

Thanks you for reading . . .

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#1. by Godaime_Raikage ()
Posted on Aug 11, 2008
thank you very much. lookin forward to the scan
#2. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Aug 11, 2008
Blazer Drive! Thanks a lot.
#3. by Assymilum ()
Posted on Aug 11, 2008
Thanks a lot. Take it easy, we're not in a rush or anything. Enjoy and cherish your time with your still-attached Blazer Drive chapter 5. :D
#4. by Quasar ()
Posted on Aug 11, 2008
thanks Ju-da-su!
#5. by adachi2 ()
Posted on Aug 12, 2008
60 pages? O____________O
thanks judasu ^^
#6. by ShiRo5aKi ()
Posted on Aug 13, 2008
Thanks a lot :D
#7. by Jio Freed ()
Posted on Aug 13, 2008
nice! thank you.
can't w8 for the raw
#8. by pranabowjake ()
Posted on Aug 16, 2008
zomg tyvm i've been waitin on it. your amazing ja-da-su. dont worry, having the translation first or the raw first its all the same most of the time. i <3 you for your hard work in the most ungay way
#9. by basH ()
Posted on Aug 16, 2008
#10. by sabret00the ()
Posted on Aug 17, 2008
Can't wait to see the scan of this. I haven't read the script but thanks anyway.
#11. by fizzil ()
Posted on Aug 19, 2008
thanks a lot Ju-da-su!
btw is there any raw or scan out there? it's been some time since the translation was finished :P
anyways i hope everything turns out well and thanks again Ju-da-su :)
#12. by Hokage-Echizen ()
Posted on Aug 19, 2008
Thks ju da su. Someone will scan the raw?
#13. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Aug 19, 2008
I don't know if anyone is going to go read my LJ or not, but . . . if you didn't (which I highly doubt anyone would anyway . . . >.>") I have to apologize here. Got into small technical problem that I have to delay the RAW till this Friday. The RAW will definitely be out by this Friday's night in my time (meaning around Friday's morning for Americans, and you calculate the time from there if you are in any other countries . . . >.>") I only need to resize the RAW, zip it and upload it and it's done. The problem is, I came to stay in a dormitory since this Monday, and left my RAW at home because my thumbdrive is too small for the RAW that hasn't been resized yet. I'll be back home again this Friday, so getting Blazer Drive RAW out is my first priority once I got home. Sorry again for the inconvenience and for keeping you all waiting . . . >.>"
#14. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Aug 19, 2008
Yeah, I read your post at LJ. Perhaps you should do what I did by posting your LJ URL and tell people that you will post updates on delays or whatever on the RTS that you create, one for the latest chapter of each manga that you're scanning. No need to do it for future RTS, just the most recent one as you post it.

You can also put it in your sig.
#15. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Aug 19, 2008
I guess so . . . >.>"

Need to put fit in into my sig somehow then . . . >_<"

For those of you who want to know the detail why the RAW is delayed, here.

And yep, the only way you will know what is my status for anything is actually to either go there or look in my translation thread for any series (it's jumbled up. I do remember that I say I'm dropping Holy Talker in . . . I think a translation thread for some Tales series I can't remember now before talking about it in anywhere else . . . >.>") Mostly, it will either be a short translation update or a random rant, but the rant is, I guess, where I say most about my status on scanning stuff . . . >.>"
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