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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Blazer Drive 6

Blazer Drive 6th BLAZE : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Sep 17, 2008 06:05 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 6

For any Rival's update (MHO, BD, HT, OC), go here. I'm not going to rant here now. - -"

Tenjik is sooooo cute though . . . :p


Blazer Drive
6th BLAZE “Misora’s Will”

Pg. 1
The light reflecting on those sharp eyes
Brightens the path one must take!!!

Pg. 2
-- Guardian Division --

Misora – Hello, mom, you don’t have to worry.
I’m going on the trip to discover my true self.

Mother – Stop the nonsense and come back home now!!!
Misora – Not in anytime soon though.

Please . . . believe me . . .
I actually did fool around a lot in the past,

But I finally . . .

Pg. 3
Seems to find something I seriously
Want to do.

Head – Misora,
You have the power of the Blazer hidden inside you, just like Daichi.
Misora – Eh!!

Head – My eyes never lie to me.

Misora – Then that means I can also help
Daichi to go rescue Ginga as well!!?

Pg. 4
Head – You do have the requirement,
But it’s not like anyone can become a Blazer.

You still need strong will and self-determination.

Misora – If I keep on being Daichi’s burden,
I can no longer be called as the leader of Team Sky.

I’ll show you the thought and will of the woman.

Head – Fufu, you really is my favorite.
Fine then, I’ll polish you well.

Misora – Yes!

Pg. 5
Father – Then do it
Misora – D-! . . . Dad!!? You’re there as well?!

Father – If you accomplish whatever you want to seriously do,
Then I’m happy with you.
Do it to the very end then.
Misora – Dad . . .

Father – But if you come back half-way, I won’t let you into the house, OK?
Mother – I don’t know why you say something nonsense like that as well, but come back home right now!!

Misora – Thank you, dad . . .
I’m sorry, mom . . .

Then I have to go now.

Pg. 6
Sign – I’m the idiot who can do a thing. – Kagekyuu
I’m the idiot who nearly died because I don’t know what strength is. – Daichi

-- Division Head’s Room --
Head – So the people that are targeting Daichi is still on the move then?
Kuroki – It might be just one person behind this, but he plans to kill Daichi while he’s off-guard.

He’s around the same age as Daichi.
Name’s Kaine.
He possesses the unique Weapon-type Mysticker that looks like guitar.

Head – Kaine . . . ? His name is not even in the Guardian’s wanted list.

Pg. 7
But he indeed knows about Daichi.
Even if he doesn’t belong to that organization,
It’s always better to think that he’s somewhat related to them.

Kaine – That’s the proof that you lack stability
In your concentration power to control the spiritual power.

Daichi – Kaine

Pg. 8
How much longer do you want me hanged like this?!!
Give me some training already.

Head – I’m really annoyed of selfish people like you!!
Is hanging not enough yet for you?

Kuroki – That rashness is what will mess up all your concentration, Daichi.

Head – Also, just you being targeted is really annoying me.

Let’s do some investigation on them.
A change in plan then.

Kuroki! Call in Misora.
Kuroki – Yes ma’am.

Pg. 9
Daichi + Misora – WHAT~!!!

Head – As I said, I want you two to go meet with Tenjik.
That’s your next mission.

Daichi – Us two? Then Misora really is a Blazer?!!
Misora – So I have a mission now as well?
Kuroki – Both are surprised but at different points then.

Misora – My very first mission and with Daichi as well. I have to try my best.

Daichi – And why give me a mission again!?
Didn’t you say that I still need more training?!!!

Pg. 10
You planned to get rid of us from the very start, are you? Are we that petty to you?!!
Head – Say whatever you want.

Go meet with Tenjik at Section II Division Storeroom;
That’s what you are to do next.

Daichi – Fine, I get it! Just go meet that Tenjik guy, right?
I’ll get it done and come back in just a moment then!!

Head – If he is willing to come out and meet you that is . . .

Daichi + Misora – Huh!

Head – If you get it already then go get yourself prepared!!
Daichi + Misora – UWAAA!!

Head – Kuroki, after you guide those two to the storeroom,
Go gather some information on those people who are targeting Daichi.
Kuroki – Rogers.

Pg. 11
Though I guess those two will be surprised once they know of the trick to enter the storeroom
Head – No, what will really get those two surprised . . .
Is when they meet with Tenjik . . .

Pg. 12

Pg. 13
Bird – *chirp*

Pg. 14

Pg. 15

Pg. 16
??? – Alright, finally found Kaine the loner!

OK, OK, I have to give this a little fix.

Pg. 17
I’ll be setting my hair a bit.
The mess of the appearance shows the mess of one’s heart.

You ask what’s the mess of one’s heart?

It leads to the mess of the organization, alright?

Pg. 18
The order of our organization, the Qilin Realm,
Is absolute!!

You shouldn’t disobey the order,
And approach Daichi whenever you want.

If you are going to return boss’s favor for buying your power by becoming his enemy,
Then you sure will die.

Kaine - I’m a loner. Never even think of associating with you “humans” even once.
So, I’ll get rid of that noise right now.

Pg. 19
??? – Stop right there, Kaine.

I’m speaking to you as one of the Four Emperors of Qilin Realm,

And I’m warning you here.

Pg. 20
Just when we are about to get Daichi from those Guardians
And even have a plan of a very big party,

You start doing whatever you want.
The party will go to nothing, you know that?

You don’t want to be hung at the champagne tower of blood again, do you?
Kaine – Well?

??? – The one whose life is cutting short
Might end up being you.

Pg. 21
Gosh, I’ve been up working all night and the daylight is just too bright,
My head is aching like hell.

If you ever do that again,
I’ll break you into pieces, no different than the scattered champagne glass.

Pg. 22
Kaine – The noise is finally gone . . .

My concert
Doesn’t need any conductor.

Pg. 23
Daichi – This is the storeroom!?
Kuroki – Yep.

I need to go on with another mission,
So I’m departing with you two here.
Misora – Eh!!

Kuroki – Good luck then.
Daichi – Ah!

Misora – Somehow, I feel somewhat strange about this.
Daichi – This storeroom also have the hidden door like the Division Head then?

Pg. 24
What is with this weird guy?
Misora – No one is here . . . so the pet shop is really a mask then.

There’s nothing that seems like an entrance to the storeroom as well.

Daichi – Oh!

The fluffiness of these white furs
Really reminds me of Shiro.

Pg. 25
Daichi – AAAAAARGHH!!!

Misora – Ouch!

How dare you do this to me, you porcupine!!!

Stupid!! Running right into the small doghouse like this, you cornered rat!!

Daichi - . . . He’s . . . gone.
Misora – What . . . what’s the matter, Daichi?

Pg. 26
Daichi – What the? This doghouse is connected to a tunnel!!!
Maybe we’ve just unexpectedly found the entrance.

Misora – What!?

Daichi – Alright, I’ll try going ahead then.

Misora – Heh?

Daichi – D-Dammit, I looks so horrible right now!!!
If this is really a tunnel, then I want to get in now!!!

Misora – To go in and fart more?

I’ll go first then!
That way, I don’t have to smell your fart if you let it out again.
Daichi – OK . . .

Pg. 27
Even if it made me looks bad,
But letting out a “fart” there might be a correct thing to do.

Misora – If you ever peek under my skirt, I’ll kill you.

Daichi – I- . . . I won’t!

Misora – So much had just happened that my underwear is starting to have holes in them.

Daichi – Huh?
Don’t worry. This one doesn’t.

Misora – You really are peeking then, you perv!!!
I’m actually tricking you to see if you’re lying.
Daichi – ARGGGGH, MY NOSE!!!

Pg. 28
Misora – Wow!
It’s kind of wide here.

Thanks. You really helped us find the entrance.

Is this the storeroom?

The entrance!!!

Pg. 29
Daichi – Well, but that seems like a door leading ahead, isn’t it?
Misora – Huh!? It’s locked. It won’t open!!!

Daichi – What? Does that mean we got locked here?

Head - If he is willing to come out and meet you that is.
Daichi – Is this what she meant?

Misora – We got to find the key
Before we go meet with Tenjik.

Daichi – Look, Misora, there’s one Fire Mysticker here!
Misora – What is this? There’s an Ice Mysticker here.

Pg. 30
Daichi – Is this all?

Does this mean we have to do something with only
These two Mystickers? What on Earth . . .

Misora – This angel statue in the middle of the room seems a bit suspicious as well.
Daichi – I can see that.

Misora – She’s holding a book in her right arm.
Daichi – Ah! Look here,
Are these text supposed to be the hint!?

Ummmm . . .
No good! I failed at English . . .

Pg. 31
Misora – “The fountain of wisdom opens the gate when the ice stands on the fire twice.”
Daichi – Yeah, yeah, that’s it!! That’s probably what it is . . .

Misora – This really is a hint.

Daichi – It’s so different from the entrance to Section III Guardian Division. What a pain.
Misora – Tenjik must have been the one who built all these.

Yuyuka – Fufu

Pg. 32
-- 30 minutes passed --
Misora – The book does say that the fountain is the key, but . . .

I’m starting to think that this is not it now.

Daichi – What? Isn’t the fountain of wisdom means our brains?
Misora – Can’t say your brain is like that though.

Daichi – Well YEAH!!! I’m a big idiot, that’s why!!!
あー 逆ギレ!! ちゃんと本読んで勉強しないからでしょ
Oh, now you made me irritated!!! It’s just because you never read book and study!

I get it now . . . so that’s how it is.

Just like how we got the hint from that book,
What’s written in books will go into people’s brain.
In another word . . .

Pg. 33
This book is the fountain of wisdom!!

Daichi – Then this book is the key?

But how are we supposed to put it into that keyhole?

Misora – Well . . .
Daichi – That’s not it then.

Misora – Eh!?
Why is this word written in cursive
While the others are in block letters then?

Daichi - ? Cursive meaning the one that looks like worm, right?
The one that the letters are connected?

Pg. 34
Misora – Connecting letters . . .

So this is it!!
This word is the key.

Misora – We did it!!!

Daichi – Hey, but wait there a second. Even if we know that now
How are we supposed to get the key out of this word?
Misora – That’s the problem.

“The fountain of wisdom opens the gate
When the ice stands on the fire twice” . . .

Pg. 35
It’s certain that we will need to use these two Mystickers.
Daichi – Ummmm, the ice standing on the fire twice, huh . . . ?

Does that mean we put the Ice Mysticker
On top of the Fire Mysticker then?
Circles – Ice
Daichi – I seriously am so cool and smart.

Misora – If you do that, then you can trace the fire, so we won’t be able to use it.
Also, what’s the “twice” supposed to mean then?

Daichi – Th- . . . Then since it’s twice . . .

The- . . . Then we . . . used it
Twice!! . . . Or not? Maybe . . .

Misora – Use the ice above the fire twice . . .
Outside text – 2 times
1 time

Pg. 36
The carved texts on the book . . .


Fufufu, I get it now. <3

First, we put the Ice Mysticker on top of the book.

And quickly trace the Mysticker without taking
Any caution about the power it will produce

Pg. 37
And make a lot of ice. That’s once now

“The ice stands on the fire twice” meaning
Leave the Ice Mysticker there

And under the book here is where

We’ll put the fire Mysticker

Pg. 38
The fire will come out

Daichi - Then the ice above will melt into water

Misora - If we did so,

Daichi – Oh!
The water stays inside the words that are carved on the book!!
Misora – That’s right.

So now, “twice” means
We are to use the Ice Mysticker again,
But now, we have to slowly trace it and carefully control its power.

Pg. 39
Daichi - Then now we only froze the water.

Misora – You seriously are stupid. Still don’t get it yet?

Once we get ice out!
There, we got the key!!!

Pg. 40
Daichi – WHAAT!!!

Alright, there’s the click sound now!

This knob that looks like a hand is so creepy.

Alright, here we go!!!
Misora – Geez, but I was the one who unlocked it.

Daichi – ARG!!!
Misora – What’s it!? Something’s wrong, Daichi?!!

Pg. 41
Daichi – Gosh

What the heck!? It won’t open!!!
Misora – Eh!
Daichi – Not even when I already tried both pushing and pulling!!!

Misora – KYA

Daichi – Water!?
Misora – What? It’s rising so fast.

Pg. 42
Daichi - But we already put in the key.
Why won’t it open?!!!

Misora – This isn’t good. We’ll drown if it keeps coming out like this!!
Daichi – I’ll kick that Tenjik guy’s ass once we meet him!!

Dammit . . . if it won’t open, then I’ll

Burst it open!!!

Misora – But how are you going to destroy it!!?
Daichi – I don’t know,

But I’m going to freeze all those water coming in,
And stop the flood!!
Misora – You can’t with that amount of water!!

Pg. 43
Daichi – Don’t underestimate the power of Blazer.
Misora, you climb that angel statue and get above the water level.

Everything will be frozen here except for me.
Misora – OK.

Yuyuka – Level 1 Ice Mysticker can’t destroy it though.

Daichi – Alright, here I go!!!

Pg. 44

Pg. 45-46
Misora – Wow~ It all froze now!!

Daichi – Not done yet!!!

Yuyuka – Wha- . . . what’s with that power!! Impossible!!!
But that’s just Level 1 Ice Mysticker!!!

Pg. 47
Daichi – OPEN UP!!!


Misora – Ah!

It opened . . .

Pg. 48
But I didn’t realize that there’s still
That way though.
Daichi – I was so cool saying that, right?
That I’m going to burst it open.

When the water freeze, it expands and increases its volume,
So the water pipe that connects to that door bursts out

Daichi – A- . . . All went just like I planned!
I’m just so freaking damn cool right now . . .
So . . . So that’s how it is! . . . I’m so lucky!

Misora – . . . But I
Really am just a burden to him when he’s in trouble . . .

Daichi – But so to say, it’s all thanks to Misora for making the key and open that door
That the water comes out in the first place.
Misora – Eh!

Pg. 49
Our Team Sky’s combo might really be the best, I guess.

I also help
To support Daichi . . .

Pg. 50
In fact, when I first got into the Guardian,
I was so scared right to the bottom of my heart . . .

But if I’m with Daichi,
If I’m with my friends . . .

I surely will
Become stronger!

しかしあの仕掛け テンジクってやつ
Daichi – But all these stuff, that Tenjik guy
Isn’t some kind of eccentric, is he?

Also, there surely must be a different way in.
This is all because this stubby porcupine-

Pg. 51
I’m not letting you go anymore!!!


Yuyuka – You really are dumb.

Pg. 52
Daichi - What!?
Ah! Oh, it’s not really like that. I mean,

Is that your pet then?!! It really needs to learn some discipline!!!

Yuyuka - The one who need to learn some discipline is you.
That door, once you unlocked it,
You should have just slide it and it’ll open.

I see with my own two eyes now;
A really idiotic Blazer.
Daichi + Misora – Eh! Is that so?

Misora – Then a young girl like you is also the Guardian’s Blazer!?
Yuyuka – Yep.

Pg. 53
Youth is the best weapon of female,
Even though an old girl like you didn’t have it anymore.

Misora – Old? Old?
Daichi – Let us meet with that Tenjik guy
We have no time to play with a kid and a porcupine!!

Yuyuka – Tenjik . . . if that’s who you’re looking for, then he’s right here,
Right before your eyes.

Daichi – EH!?

Pg. 54
Misora – Then you’re . . .
Daichi – This can’t be true; a kid like you . . .

Yuyuka – Nope <3
It’s not me.

Misora – Eh! But you just said that person is in front of us.
Daichi – NUUGH

Stop teasing around with your senior already!!!
You want a punch in a face or what?!!!
Yuyuka – KYA

Pg. 55
Daichi - *cough* *cough*
That hurts.

Pg. 56
Misora – Daichi!!

T- . . . t- . . . th- . . . the-
Then right before our eyes meaning . . .

Yuyuka – Yep
That’s why I said
He’s right here before your eyes.

Tenjik – If you ever lay hand on my cute Yuyuka,
I’ll never forgive you.

I’ve seen quite a lot of your power now.

Pg. 57
I’m the caretaker of this place,
Tenjik the porcupine.

Yuyuka – Fufu

Misora – You . . .

** The (way too) stunning revelation!! **

Thank you for reading . . .

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thank you, ju-da-su^^
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