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Blazer Drive 15

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jun 4, 2009 06:44 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 15

I would recommend the scanlator to wait for Rena's raw and use her raw for scanlation instead, but...>____<"


If some Japanese that I'm unsure of looks weird, I do apologize beforehand. Internet cafe computer can't actually read it, and I don't know how the unicode works...:(

Please credit erik-the-red for proofreading

Blazer Drive
15th BLAZE "The bond, once again"

Pg. 1
The bond lying within the boy's heart
dazzles inside the boy's eyes.

Pg. 2
Sumiya - Let's activate it.

Pg. 3
Once we feed these Mystickers, we're all done.
??? - Seriously. These Mystickers get to eat even when I'm hungry?

Pg. 4
It will finish soon.
As they said, you can't work while your stomach is empty.

??? - Hey! It's finally done
just when you mentioned it. <3

??? - Things just go as planned.

Pg. 5
Hoho, it's specially good this time, I see.

I would expect as much from the Guardians.

Next is our second plan.
If that also goes well,

Pg. 6
We can finally make some use of this guy, hohoho.

Pg. 7
-- The ruins of Section III Guardian HQ --

Daichi - Great, my ballboard is still working fine.
Yuyuka – Aow.
Kuroki - My-...My motorbike...

Tenjik - Right back at you for destroying the upper part of the HQ, I see.

Well, Yuyuka and I have to go back to the storage and deal with a lot of things there.
I'm worried about the animals as well.
Yuyuka – Eh.

Misora - Yuyuka-chan,

Pg. 8
Tengoku really is a marvelous Mysticker.

It talks just like a living thing and can even let out a huge fire-breathing dragon.

Thanks for giving it to me.
Daichi - What, a dragon!!?
Yuyuka - This old woman can use Tengoku better than me all of a sudden...
もしかして 子供相手にダイチお兄ちゃんの前で 私 イケているでしょ アピール?
Maybe I should find myself another boy before I get to Daichi-niichan?

This is why I hate old woman so much.
Fine then,

I got the Kakutan and another shapeshifting Mysticker, Vicious Cat.
So that's fine. <3

Pg. 9
Tenjik - I'm keeping this. It's dangerous, alright?
Yuyuka - Ah!

Gah, I hate everyone so much!

Daichi - What will you do then, Kuroki?
Kuroki - Ah...I'm going to split up with you guys,
since I can't possibly go with you now...

Oh yeah!

You can contact me with these communicators!
I keep on forgetting to give them to you.

Kuroki - As messed up as always...

Misora - So, what should we do then?
We can't go back to our house or the storage as well (delete this).
Daichi – Ummm,

Oh yeah!!
Let's go to Section XI Guardian, the Fenrir HQ, Misora!!

Pg. 10
Kuroki - You know where that is then?
Daichi - Nope...

Misora - Why Section XI HQ?

Daichi - That guy that gave me Tamamayu a while back!

Misora - You mean Shiroh...and Tamaki-chan, right?
Daichi - Shiroh might be all rude and troublesome,
but he's the one who called me as (delete) his rival.

Misora - Come to think of it, you said something
about Tamaki-chan being cute, didn't you? Then you just wanted to meet her again?

Daichi - Eh...

Yuyuka - One more old woman acting friendly to Daichi-niichan?
(I'll go get her afterwards for sure.)
Tenjik - Is this Tamaki-chan really cute?

Pg. 11
Daichi - We-...Well, let's just get going then...!
Misora - But you still don't know where is it, don't you?

Daichi - ...Eh? Kandachi isn't working?

Misora - Didn't your spiritual power just get messed up because your inner thoughts got revealed.

Daichi - No...it seems different from before.
I have a weird feeling about this!

Kuroki - Let me see your Kandachi for one sec.
Daichi - Ah...Alright.

Pg. 12
Kuroki - Looks like your Kandachi has a cross-like cut on it.

Daichi - Eh!!

Kuroki - You can't possibly get a clean cut like this from the battle.
Also, it's even stranger how it won't activate.

Daichi - But that's my precious Kandachi my brother gave to me!!

Misora - It's not just a cut?

Kuroki - Don't worry, Daichi.
Amongs the Guardians, there is a Mysticker artisan
just for this purpose, so you don't have to throw it away.

Pg. 13
Well, that's decided then.
Daichi - Eh!

Kuroki - You'll have to go to that artisan.
He's probably still up for the task.

They called him “Godhand”, the man who can
fix any Mysticker back to normal no matter how bad it is.
That person might be able to do something about this.

Daichi - (Godhand...)

Kuroki - I've transferred the map to his place into your communicator.
So, everyone, good luck.
Daichi - You too, and be careful of dogs.

Kuroki - Wha-...What are you saying, Daichi-kun?...hahaha
Le-...Let's split up!

Pg. 14
Misora - Looks like we're here. This is one pretty memorable house.
Daichi - Those solar cells looks great.

Excuse me.

Saki - Who are you?

Daichi - I'm Daichi. I came here because I want to get my Mysticker fixed.
(She looks younger than I thought.)
Misora - I'm Misora. The two of us are Blazers of the Guardians.
Kuroki told us about you so we came.

Saki - Guardian...!

Pg. 15
Daichi - E-...EH!? WAIT A SE-!

Saki - Please go back.
I am not repairing Mystickers anymore.

Daichi - What the hell? You're a Guardian too, aren't you!!?
I was told that a person who's named as Godhand might be able to fix it!!

Saki – I could if you’re talking about the past. I'm sorry.

Daichi - I'm begging you.
This Mysticker is my brother's memento. It's even more precious than my life for me!!

Misora - Daichi...

Daichi - Please!!

Pg. 16
Misora – Ah.

Saki - If you want me to just look at it…
-- Name: Saki --

Daichi - Thanks God.

Misora - (This person in this picture looks cool...is this her brother...?)

Pg. 17
Daichi - How was it? Can you fix it!?
Saki – Ummm,
Misora - Even though she's called as (delete) an artisan, I don’t see any Mysticker in here.

What's with this cross-like cut?
Not only is that in in the place it shouldn’t be in, but the cut also overlaps in perpendicular manner.

Gen - Hey, Saki. What are you doing here?
And who are these kids?
Daichi - Hm!

Gen - Don't tell me that you're fixing
those Guardians' Mystickers again.

Daichi - We-...Well, she really is, but...who are you!?
Saki - Dad!! I-I was just!!
Misora - Saki-san's father!

Pg. 18
Gen - Even after I told you so many times not to take Mystickers into this house ever again!!?
-- Name: Gen --
You kids too (delete) better get the hell out of here right now!!

Daichi - What is it, old man?
You don't have to tell me, since I'll be right out of here after Kandachi is fixed!!

But right now, I have some business
with this “Godhand.”

Saki - ...Daichi-san, the one who's called as Godhand
isn't me...

but my father.

Pg. 19
Daichi - Eh!

Th-...This old man is...
Gen - A stupid title they called me in the past.
Now, since I say to get out, so (delete) out you go.

Daichi - But you're a member of Guardians, too, aren't you!?
We’re supposed to be sharing the same will.

Gen - I already quit being a Guardian.
Not only that, but also of touching or using Mysticker.
If you get it now, then get your butt out of here.

Daichi – Kuh.
Misora - Let's go, Daichi.

Suzu - It hasn't been this noisy for a long while. Is something wrong?
Gen - Suzu, you-

Pg. 20
Saki - Mom!!
You can't be out of bed.

Suzu - I'm fine. I'll be back in a short while.
It isn't good for my body if I'm on the bed all the time, isn't it?
-- Name: Suzu --

Daichi - Heh!?

Pg. 21
Suzu - So you're back. Let me see your face clearly.
Where have you been all these years?

Gen - Suzu can walk without her cane...

Saki - Mom!
Her consciousness...is all blurry.

Suzu - And you even bring your girlfriend.
Misora - Gir-...Girlfriend...?

Suzu - Please don't go anywhere again, Jin.

Today is such a great day. I have to go pray now.
I'll make you the (delete) dinner, with all your favorite dishes.
Saki - Ah! Mom, I'll help you!!

Pg. 22
Saki - Can you two stay here for a couple of days?
I'll fix your Mysticker for you if you agree to this.

Daichi - Ah...OK, but...
just what was that all about?
Misora - Who knows.

Saki - Dad!
You saw mom just now, didn't you?

Gen - Tch, whatever.

Saki - Are you alright, mom!?
Suzu - I'm totally fine.

Pg. 23
Everyone - We're eating now.
Daichi - Ugh, I seriously stay calm in a situation like this.

Guess I have to just slowly taste this curry.

Pg. 24
Daichi's mom - Oh, you're done already. Alright, dear.

But you shouldn't eat too much, OK?
Ginga – Keep your manner, Daichi.
Daichi - But...

Mom's curry is really tasty!!


Misora - Daichi...
so that reminded you of your parents...

Pg. 25
Suzu - Is it too spicy for you?
Daichi - No, it's so tasty that I just can't hold back my tears.

Some! Some more please!!
Suzu - Yes, dear. You really like curry, don't you Jin?
Daichi - Eh! Umm, actually, my name is...

Gen - He was just getting carried away.

Saki – Ah.
Gen - Suzu!!

Pg. 26
Daichi - MOM!!!

Suzu - Thanks, Jin...
Daichi - Eh!
Just now, I...

Pg. 27
Daichi - How's she?
Saki - I've already given her the medicine. She's in bed right now.
This is normal, so please don't worry about it.

Daichi-san, thank you.

Daichi - Eh!?

Saki - For acting like Jin-niisan for us.

Daichi - Ah! No, I was just!!

Misora - Is Jin-san the one in that photo...?
Saki – Yes.

Misora - But where exactly is he, then?
Saki - ...In heaven, probably.

Daichi - Heaven? Then you mean...
Misora - Eh!
Saki - Actually...

Pg. 28
My brother used to be a Guardian.

One of his missions required him to enter the Dark Blazer Race
in order to get close to a certain organization.

Daichi - And he died in the middle of that race...?

Saki - No, my brother died

right at the start of the race.

Pg. 29
Daichi+Misora - Right at the start!?

Saki - And it happened because the Rare Mysticker my brother was about to use in the race
accidentally discharged itself.

That Rare Mysticker is so beautiful
that my mom asked Jin-niisan to give it to her once he came back safely from his mission.

My brother promised her to make it his present for her,
and headed out to his mission.

Daichi - Mysticker can discharge itself like that as well?

Saki - When we found that Mysticker at first,
it was completely torn...

Daichi - But he can't possibly use that kind of Mysticker in the race.
Saki - Yes...! But...

Pg. 30
My father, the Godhand,
was the one who fixed it.

Misora - The-...
Then that...

Gen - I already quit being a Guardian.
Not only that, but also of (delete) touching or using Mysticker.
If you get it now, then get your butt out of here.

Daichi - So that's why.

Saki - My dad lost both his son and his self-confidence as an artisan due to that incident,
and now, even my mom...

Pg. 31
Misora - Is Suzu-san's condition really that bad?

Saki - ...We've been keeping this from her, but in fact,
my mom won't live for long now due to the disease.
Daichi+Misora - EH!!!

Daichi - Why...

Misora - I'm sorry!!
For asking you those questions without knowing about that.

Saki - It's fine...You two really help cheer up my mother today.

Her body is so weak from the disease
that she forgot about my brother's death,
and even misunderstood Daichi-san for Jin-niisan.

I really gave in that time. To be honest, I was a little bit joyful,
wishing that my mom can have this pleasant moment till the last of her life.

Pg. 32
I really have to apologize to the two of you,
for having you do all these things for us, even though we just met for the first time.

Daichi - That "Mom" that I shouted a while back...
wasn't really my act to be like Jin though.
Saki - Eh?

Daichi - Th-...That curry brought back my memory of the curry that my mom used to make for me.
So it made me think of my passed away mom…

Saki - Daichi-san...you've already lost your...

Daichi - GAAH~~ Hell! So-...So, all I have to do is to act like Jin as much as possible
to continue to trick Suzu-san, right? Well, umm...that's...

Pg. 33
Saki - Thank you, Daichi-san.

-- Several days later --
Misora - Next is?
Daichi - Umm, beef and carrots and...

Misora - She's so fast.

Daichi – Nishishi.

Pg. 34
Should I drop by
to buy Shibaya's Taiyaki for Suzu-san?

Girls - Eeeow~
Who's this guy? That's so gross!

Shihara – I thank you all for your support.

As a governor of Tokyo, I, Shihara, promise that I will bring even more
prosperity to Section XII of Tokyo in the future.
Text below - Shihara

Mystickers have now played a crucial role in our ecological life.
Daichi – But before that, do something about your body.
Misora - Haha, you can say that.
Shihara - However, many people use them as the mean to commit crimes.
== Not sure about this one. I know that it’s a pun, but…>_<”

Pg. 35
Recently, we have been working towards controlling the mad Mysticker race.

Daichi - Race...

Blazer 1 - Che, they can never completely control those Dark Races.
Blazer 2 - Are you in it?

Blazer 1 - Like hell I'll enter. No one can beat the current champion anyway.
The Mysticker he used is just way too awesome.

Right now, tons of people enter the race just because
they want the champion's Mysticker as well.
Blazer 2 - Yeah, I want it also.

Blazer 1 - I've heard that there was one guy who died just right at the start of the race.
That Mysticker used to belong to that guy, but
the current champ went in and switch it with a fake right before the race

Pg. 36
Daichi - Where the hell is that race!!!?
Blazer 1 - Wha!! What the fuck are you?

Daichi - Tell me where it is!!

Blazer 1 - E-...Every Thurday's morning, at the air-conditioned tube path, top floor to the North of 003 in Section III.

Daichi - Misora, what day is today?
Misora - Daichi, don't tell me you're entering that race.

Pg. 37
Saki - Sorry for having you two go out to buy stuffs for us.
Eh! Daichi isn't with you?

Misora - He came to know about the Dark Race while he was in town,
and it looks like the current champion is using that Mysticker Gen-san repaired as well!!

Saki - ...But that Mysticker got destroyed along with...

Misora - Actually, I've heard that the current champion switched that Mysticker with a fake before the race.

And because of that, Jin-san...

Saki - Eh!

Misora - I already tried to stop Daichi since it's dangerous, but

Pg. 38
Daichi - That Mysticker is Mysticker of bond;
that old man's pride as an artisan,
the trust Jin had for his father and the promise he made with Suzu-san.

Kandachi is also the bond I have with my brother, so I do understand.

That Mysticker doesn't belong to some high-nosed guy like that champion.

Saki - That Rare Mysticker is so beautiful
that my mom asked Jin-niisan to give it to her once he came back safely from his mission.

My brother promised her (delete) to make it his present for her,
and headed out to his mission.

Pg. 39
Daichi - I'm Jin right now, am I?
As long as Suzu-san still misunderstood me for him,
I do want to fulfill her son's promise for her.

I'm going to enter the Dark Race,
and surely bring back that Mysticker of bond.

Saki - Daichi-san did that for us?

Pg. 40
Commentator - So it's finally start for this week's
Cannon Ball Race!!!

Pg. 41
And as the name said, any kind of vehicles is fine as long as it uses ball tires.
Racer 1 - Ahahaha, never thought I'll see a ballboard in this race?
Commentator - This is the race with lives on the line.

The goal is the tube hall at the opposite end around the 003.
The racers can take any courses they think is the shortest, and can always trash out anyone in their way!!
-- Start --
-- 003 --
-- Goal --
And anyone who reaches the goal first will get the Champion's Mysticker.

Daichi - I see now, the race with all kinds of obstacles, huh...?

And who the heck is the champion!?

Pg. 42
Commentator - And there comes our number 1 popularity and bet, our current champion,

Daichi - (That guy is the champion...?)

So if I can defeat that guy, I win the race.
Can I really win that machine back?

Commentator - And the rest are just stupid idiots without any lives~~

Yaiba - Nonsense...

Pg. 43
Daichi - I'll get that Mysticker "of bond" back for sure.

Well, let's get started before
those pandas come along!!
== Pandas = Police (the reading is actually police, but I think I better go with Panda, which is the written one, since it shows how dismissive the person is.)

Our host, Don Glory, has raised his hand now.


Pg. 44-45

** No one knows what's up ahead!! The extreme race has started!!! **

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#1. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2009
LOL. Now if someone would actually use my raws for scanlation...no one did it last month =/ I guess no one really cares about my raws for Blazer Drive. This series really needs a constant scanlator that uses my raws -___-
#2. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2009

EDIT: Not only that...last month seriously was a big pile of mess for everyone...>_<"
#3. by reinen ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2009
Thanks for the translation!
I'm working with Rena Chan's raw, but always get left behind with other stuff. Don't worry! I'm gonna finish it.
#4. by Amit ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2009

There you go Rena~~~~
#5. by kakashi919 ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2009
thank you so much!! but i already cleaned heiji sama's raw :( sorry
#6. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2009

Reinen! You're working on it? You're my hero *hugs*

I'll wait as long as I need to, I need decent scanlations (at least MQ) on my comp not shitty ones DX
#7. by Searinghawk ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2009
Dude its not jealousy. Its you scanning a series others are already doing a perfectly good job on. And even then your scans are mediocre at best, I guess you love your e-penis eh?
#8. by kakashi919 ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2009
ummm....not something like this again...why is there always a problem with this series when there shouldn't be any at all? no one said the raw was shitty.
#9. by kakashi919 ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2009
lol ok well maybe they did... but she only recommended using rena's raw. it's not like we HAVE to use it.
#10. by Third_Eye ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2009

I don't get you Ju-da-su, you say heiji's stuff is crap but use it anyway. It's kind of hypocrite don't you think.
I really hope you, rena and the others childish will stop that kind of none sense.

Rena, Heiji and others are kind enough to buy the magasine and scan them for us.
They all merit some respect. Whatever you like their scan or not.

And i'm sure when heiji will be off japan, the ones who insult him will be the first to complain that they don't have their raw soon enough.

Grow up damnit.
#11. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Jun 4, 2009
Everyone's time and effort is appreciated. Each person provides a service optional to each member. There's no reason to start an un-needed war o.o, so either stop or take it to some other private means.

#12. by kakashi919 ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2009
yes i agree with njt... it's almost the same as last month. and i don't want a repeat of that
#13. by naruto+4s ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2009
Last month it was translations, this month raws?? Is no one else allowed to work on blazer drive?
#14. by naruto+4s ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2009
We get it, you two like BD alot but you shouldn't put others down for effort they try to put into the series.
#15. by Searinghawk ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2009
lol, this is funny the only thing heiji can say is my comment is stupid, when everything i said was true. Anyway, Rena and Ju-da-su have a right to be angry. They've both scanned the series they do for a long time now, and then heiji and his e-penis comes in and starts making his own scans of Fairy Tail, Code Breaker, Blazer Drive KNOWING they both got their scans out weekly/monthly.
#16. by naruto+4s ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2009
What you say is true. I'm just saying they need to start acting their age, people do stuff like this, look at fansubs, 10 groups tryin' to sub on anime = fansub drama. It does happen to everyone though, like cnet and sket dance. If you're a scanner, scan a manga that isn't already being scanned, if you're a translator, translate a manga no one is translating. That's what most people want right, but we're human, we're gonna scan or trans what we want went it comes to the botten line. Example, Cnet translate what he wants even if someone else is on it but he gets angry when someone translates sket dance. Look, the world is fucked up, just let people do what the hell they want.
#17. by reinen ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2009
#18. by Searinghawk ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2009
Angry for what? For buying the magazines with their own money and taking their own time to scan the raws. If it weren't for them we wouldn't have most of the scanlations for series like Fairy Tail or Blazer Drive since their raws have filled up the majority of the chapters. What do you do except sit on your butt all day leeching, huh? Start scanning raws and then come back and say that stuff. Now stop being an ungrateful b*sta*d you da*n leech.
#19. by or-jador ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2009
Angry for what? For buying the magazines with their own money and taking their own time to scan the raws.
-->Exactly the same things like heiji, and who cry like a little baby ?
heiji ? no, but this f**k*ng b**ch of rena !

Seriously what the hell she are for say who can do this series or not ? for say what raw use or not ?

if U want my opinion U don't help this freaky little s**t to grow up by your f**k*ng encouragements d**b.
#20. by kakashi919 ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2009
aparantly no one read njt's comment? take it privatley and stop spamming the translation
#21. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
OMG, I was ONLY saying things about scanlations, NOT raws. This HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RAWS. Now will you all stop SHOOTING me OFF FOR NOTHING???

I don't like KakashiGuy's scanlations BECAUSE they're LQ. I want MQ or higher scanlations. This HAS NOTHING to do with RAWS. JEEZ, I WASN'T EVEN FLAMING ANYONE. SEE WHO IS THE ONE THAT IS ACTUALLY THROWING A BITCH FIT. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS. I'M JUST STATING MY OPINIONS. It is NOT the raws that make the scanlation shitty. It's the scanlator that is unable to make it look nicer, OKAY???

And Ju-da-su is just recommending people to USE my raws, you DON'T have to use them if you don't want to. Don't DRAG HER into this. She HAS her own personal problems. DID YOU KNOW SHE CRIED BECAUSE OF THE DRAMA FROM LAST MONTH??? HUH??? DID YOU KNOW SHE HAS SOME FORM OF SICKNESS???


#22. by naruto+4s ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
I see what you're saying but you're previous comment doesn't sound like it. read it closely and you might know why heiji is offended.
#23. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
I dunno how people interpret things sometimes. I never intended for it to start a drama. I was only stating my own opinion and my own preference.

Maybe I need to stop stating my opinion. I always get attacked for nothing. I even get attacked at my own Journal.
#24. by kakashi919 ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
see...i told you all it wasn't the raws... in fact i knew she was talking about my scans... (which is why i asked reinen for advice and help) and now people has caused yet another drama with ju-da-su for their misinterpretation of a statement.
#25. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
You know, I'm glad you recognize that and seek to improve. I'm sure one day you'll be able to churn out decent MQ scanlations. I will await for the day that you will.

BTW, I'm curious, are you going to scanlate Gamaran? O_o I get this impression you're a fan of the stuff Ju-da-su works on...

Oh, and another thing, if you're going to be using Ju-da-su raws for any scanlation, you'll first need to know how to recognize double pages since she's not joining them (it happened with FLAGS Ch 1). If you're not sure, you can like ask me or Ju-da-su...or something .-. It's not hard to tell, really. And not at least putting the double pages into one image (minus redrawing/joining them together) is one of the worse things a scanlator can do.

*went off-topic*
#26. by naruto+4s ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
I admit, it went a bit out a order but judas started the last one herself
#27. by kakashi919 ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
@ Rena well i do want to scan gamaran... however it will take longer than usual to do it because it's like 76 pages and i am kinda busy these days with work, but i will finish it some day >_< and yea most of her work are manga that i find interesting
#28. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
Ah...the evils of the first chapter...not only that, it's a weekly manga, so it will be a killer ^_^" Remember that Gamaran is a shared translation between Ju-da-su and Lingwe though.

I don't care what started it. All I know that I want it to stop. Also, I'm seriously considering stopping EVER stating my opinions, why? Cause it's clear that someone is extremely sensitive (to me?) down here and I'm sick and tired of sensitive people that misinterpret things because those are the types of people that caused me a lot of problems and stuff when playing MMOs and even here at work.
#29. by reinen ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
[^_^] v2
#30. by naruto+4s ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
I believe that has rapped this misunderstanding turn drama, the sun is coming up over here in england, have a nice day. I believe we can avoid this by just commenting only on the translations.
#31. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009

Alright, I'm going to say it. I'm totally fine with waiting for my own issue to translate it. I'm even more fine if I never do this at all (since as I said, I'm fine enough with dropping it right here and now. After all, BD managed to climb up here and I consider it as that my job is already done, and other series, especially in Rival like Holy Talker, need translations more than this. -_-") I already made it really clear in my LJ that once I get my own issue, I may or may not translate BD at all. I'm fed up with all the drama around these popular series.

Well, from the look of this chapter and the last chapter, I find it to be even more clear that people want to kick me out of this job so badly already, for both translation and raw, so...-_-"

GAAAAH!!! I hate drama so much!! Kakashi, one thing though, I believe I don't have the rights to tell you which raw to use. I'm the translator, not a scanlator...well, I'm a shitty raw provider, but...just use whatever you want! I know less about scanlating than a lot of you guys who decided to surprise me with yet-another-stupid-drama for BD do, and am just taking opinions as said by other scanlators that I know. I have no rights as to specifically tell you what to use. You, as the scanlator, have to choose it yourself in the end anyway, so go ahead and use whatever! (was just saying that because I know that Rena will be mad at me. That's all...>_<")

...Come to think of it...maybe I seriously should just switch for BD already. I don't care who start what, since everyone just misunderstand each other it seems. I want it end, and if I'm the cause of it (according to a lot of people) I will put it down without even giving it a second thoughts, if it can help the drama to come to the end. After all, from what I've seen, I face a lot less problem with I go to do things for Thai manga community than English. Blazer Drive is more or less safe to switch as well. I'm repeating, I'm totally fed up with all these drama with popular series, and I believe from the look of it, everyone wants me to stop doing it anyway. :S

@njt: Sorry for being a bad moderator...only pulling up more problem and don't know how to get it solved...:(
#32. by kakashi919 ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
*sigh* yes i know i can use which raw i want, however IF there is a better quality raw that can be used i will use that one... anyway like we said it was all a misunderstanding and it shouldn't prompt you to drop the series, although that is your choice and yours only... i personally don't want you to drop this series.
#33. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
Mad? What mad? I never said anything about being mad. I really can't be bothered anymore. I just want to enjoy what I'm doing during my free time after I reach home from a day of work and not have to deal with all these stuff. I'm already stressed enough from work as it is. I don't want to have to deal with anything that will add more stress when I reach home. I'm supposed to be relaxing when I'm at home :/

I think I'm going to stop stating my opinions to people, unless I'm sure they are not sensitive and will not misinterpret things.

Although, you know what? Maybe you should just switch. Then I can stop scanning BD. I'm only scanning this for your sake and because you're translating it. Then maybe all this stupid crap will stop because the both of us are sick and tired of this. Then maybe we both can start enjoying what we do again instead of having people shoot us off left and right for nothing.

Just to let you know one very important thing, my raws and Ju-da-su raws can never come very fast because we only get our copy of our magazines like a few days later. Even if we immediately scan, it can NEVER compete with people that do it for speed and can get the magazine earlier, but of course, we are not even here to compete anyway.
#34. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
@Rena: *point at my LJ*

And...am thinking of picking up Holy Talker again in BD's place...yeah, I'm totally fed up with these drama with this popular, great series. I'm going to go ask my brother if I can have his job (he's doing the Thai one, even though he has been slacking off for a couple of chapters, not like I mind going back a bit for him though though.) At least Thai one is more or less safe...:') Plus, as I already said, I'm a lot more pleased to work with Thai as a language than English, and at least Thai manga communities didn't want to kick me out so badly for doing this job with this anyway...save me a whole lot of time and trouble and I don't have to stop reading it, since I don't have to take away the proofreaders' times to look through my bad translation and I don't even have to try so hard to perfect it...well, even worse, just to get people to bash me more, of course...*sigh*

@kakashi: Like Rena said. Plus, I still don't think I'm doing a good enough job as a raw provider. Not only am I slow, I don't know how to perfect it, thanks to my limited and lazy brain. Also, I don't like competition of speed. Only shitty work can come out from that, in addition to my already shitty attempt to provide a good and better raw. At least I for one like quality a lot than more speed. >_<"
#35. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
Yeah, I read it. Maybe we should just do it and see how everyone will react and who will be the one to step in to continue translating it.

Holy Talker is looking more interesting now. But you'll have to scan in the chapters from where it was left off...that's quite a good number of chapters isn't it? I still have Out Code to do anyway so dropping Blazer Drive will give me the chance to catch up to it =/
#36. by kakashi919 ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
i understand... btw did you upload your raw Rena Chan? :S i don't see it in the Blazer Drive releases..O_o
#37. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
I haven't scanned it yet. My priority is getting my Weekly Shounen Magazine raws done first before working on stuff from Rival and Jump SQ.

Thanks to this drama, I've decided what to do tonight and tomorrow afternoon in the raws department when I get back from work.
#38. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
@Rena: True enough...I mean, I stopped at the most ecchi chapter so far (with all those underwears...I was like... ._.") But it got a bit better right now...especially with Amakusa and his demon self and the turning point about Sinclair and stuff, so it's good enough...:3

I care less about how will step in. I don't even care if no one ever steps in again because of all these dramas. At the very least, my goal initially is to push the series on, so...I consider it as my job is done ever since naruto+4s translated the last chapter. Do note that the first comment I made about his translation before even that drama and stuff is that I'm dropping it, and I consider myself to be dropping this series ever since that time already...so...like I care...-_-"
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