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Blazer Drive 7

Blazer Drive 7th BLAZE : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Oct 10, 2008 02:38 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 7

Not going to say much. I'll see if I can get the RAW done by tonight so you guys don't have to wait too long for it. :eyeroll

Enjoy~! XD

Blazer Drive
7th BLAZE “The Shadow of Qilin Realm”

Pg. 1
What is sprinkled onto the lone flower downtown
Is the kind heart of the warrior.

Pg. 2
-- Section III 003: Underground Entertainment Zone --
Kuroki – Talking about investigating, it just have to be here, huh?

Would be great if I know the name of that organization though . . .
They aren’t even in our main database as well, it seems

I’m eating my lunch first then

Guess what all I can do first is just hope that someone with Rare Mysticker
Just come bumping into me then

Pg. 2
Nushibia – I smell something good.

Kuroki – Oh! You can have some of these taiyakis if you want.
Nushibia – Thanks. Sorry for sounding as if I want it.

5 Taiyakis . . .

. . . Oh, I see

So you’re a Guardian then?
What kind of information do you want?

Kuroki - I want even the smallest bits of information regarding Stray Blazers, teams, organizations,
Or whoever that has been using Rare Mystickers recently
Nushibia – Hm!
These are not Shiba Shop’s taiyakis, are they?

Pg. 3
You probably can’t tell, but I’m a gourmet. You can’t trick me.
Kuroki – Wow, you already noticed it? Sorry, I’m broke right now

Nushibia – Go under the Katoki Bridge

Some boastful Stray Blazers with Rare Mystickers just recently take that area as their hideout

That all I can get from these taiyakis.

How ‘bout give the rest to the dogs in the park?
Kuroki – D-Dogs . . .

Nushibia – You’re not up for it?
Kuroki – N- . . . Next time, I’ll make sure to get the taiyakis from Shiba Shop!
しっぽにまでアンが入ってないよ まったく…
Nushibia – I am not trying to be hard with you, you know . . . ?
Kuroki – Thanks, Nushibia

Pg. 4
Daichi – Yo-!

You’re Tenjik?!!!
Tenjik – Yep

Daichi – How on Earth can a porcupine talk!!?
Misora – You even use the Mysticker that is attached to your body!!

Pg. 5
Yuyuka – That’s obvious.

Tenjik - . . . That’s because
I am also a Blazer

Daichi – You really can talk!!! This is a dream. It got to be a really bad dream!!!

Tenjik – Why are you that surprised about me being a Blazer?!!!
Daichi – Uwa . . . it really isn’t a dream . . .
Tenjik – Just what the heck is wrong with talking porcupine anyway?!!
I’ll let you eat my Thousand Needles!!!

Pg. 6
Misora – I think both things are rather surprising though . . .

Daichi – I’m just reacting to it because it’s so weird!!
I’m just questioning your existence a bit, OK?!!

Yuyuka – You are really weird as well
But this type is just my favorite

Can you get away from that girl with the same age as you
And come stay with Yuyuka?

Misora – Now that’s kind of creepy
Daichi – Wha- . . . What the heck is with this girl . . . ?

Pg. 7
Tenjik – No, don’t, stay away from that beast!!
Daichi – You are the one who is the beast, damn porcupine!!!

Tenjik – Since when you like something, Mystickers or whatever, you always want it as well

Misora – Though I never thought that my starter mission
That the division head gave me would be to come see the strange-looking porcupine in the storeroom . . .

Tenjik – That’s right. She wants you to come see the glorious me
(side) *kiss* <3
Misora – I didn’t say anything about being glorious though
Daichi – This porcupine is above the level of “strange” now. It’s getting to the “disgusting” level.

Tenjik – Oh? You think that’s fine?
To say something like that?

Pg. 8
I am taking care of you two just because Section III Division Head
Melon-chan has asked me to, so listen up

Daichi - . . . Is that Section III
Division Head’s name . . . ?

She’s called Melon?!! Fuh- . . . fufu
That division head Melon?!!!

Melon – I’m Melon
Daichi – Hahahahaha, and hers aren’t even watermelons yet!!

Misora – Today really is just full of surprises

That means the division head wants us to have some training then
Tenjik – Correct
Daichi – Training!!!

Pg. 9
Tenjik – The path you two took before you come to know of my real self
Is also one of the trainings, for me to see your power.

Daichi – Look, Misora, there’s one Fire Mysticker here!
Misora – What is this? There’s an Ice Mysticker here.

Tenjik – Misora, you’re the type with brain who think out the situation

While Daichi, you’re the type who bash in like an idiot without thinking
You even go ahead and destroy the door
Daichi – Tch

Tenjik - . . . But getting the normal Ice Mysticker to be at that level
Without using any Amplifier-type Mysticker surely isn’t normal . . .

Pg. 10
Daichi – Having a porcupine to teach me stuff like this
It kind of gets me mad somehow

Tenjik – Yet this porcupine has already taught people like Ginga or Kuroki

Daichi – Eh!! Ginga as well!!

Tenjik – Unlike you
He didn’t judge things by appearance
A very great person

Daichi – So this is the path that Ginga used to take as well?

Alright!! So, let’s quickly
Go for a training then!!!

Pg. 11
Tenjik – Nope
Daichi – Huh?

Misora – Why?

Tenjik – Of course, a cute girl like Misora is OK by me
But I seriously don’t like you, Daichi
Daichi – GUWO!!!

Yuyuka – Well, Tenjik doesn’t really like simplistic people

Daichi – Dammit . . . Stupid porcupine . . .
. . . No, patient. Tolerate it. I will become a person capable of using Tamamayu
Tenjik – Hmph, go home
Daichi - I already decided, didn’t I? To do even the uncoolest thing for that sake . . . I can’t lose to just one stupid fart . . .

Pg. 12
I have some photos of Misora in swimsuit doing that kind of pose in my phone as well, you know?
If you let me train with you, I’ll show you all of them. How ‘bout that . . . ?

Tenjik – You stupid!!!
Daichi – Dammit, it really doesn’t work!

Tenjik – If you got those, you should’ve said it faster
Daichi, you come with me too
Daichi – So fast!!
Just what a perv this guy is!!!

Yuyuka – Yay! You are staying here as well
Yuyuka still doesn’t give up on Daichi though
Misora – Huh . . . ? What do you mean . . . ?

Tenjik – Daichi, you aren’t that bad after all, are you?
Daichi – Not up to your level yet though, Master Tenjik. Fufufu

Pg. 13
Stray Blazer – Please forgive us!!
Kuroki – No

I’ll see if I’ll forgive you or not after you answer me
Stray Blazer – Anything, just take anything but please, not our souls!!!
Kuroki – Seems like I missed then . . .

Where did you get that Mysticker from?
Stray Blazer – Yes

S- . . . Some chancy business man gave it to us for free
Saying “Don’t you want to rage a bit more?”!
. . . I’m not lying!!!

Pg. 14
Kuroki – I get it. Now, go
Next time, if you do anything bad and rage around
You’ll become this guy’s prey, OK?

Stray Blazer – Yessss!!!

Pg. 15

UWAA!! What’s this!!?


Pg. 16

Kuroki – What was that just now!!?

Pg. 17
Shuga – Glad to be at your service

Misora – Daichi, look here. It’s awesome.
They’re all Mystickers we never saw before
Daichi – All I care about right now are Kandachi and Tamamayu

Pg. 18
Misora – Wow, there is even a book Mysticker

. . . What’s this feeling?

Yuyuka – They’re all my favorite collection. Great, isn’t it?
But I’m not giving you any of them though.

Daichi – Huh, not even one of them?

Yuyuka – I’m fine with giving it to you though. <3

Pg. 19
Misora – Ah! There’s nothing in this showcase
Yuyuka – That’s the special one

It’s reserved for the superb Ultra-Rare Mystickers
Known as “The Qilins”

Misora – Reserved?

Yuyuka – Well, since Yuyuka still can’t find them
It’s rumored that there are only 5 of them in the world

Daichi – Qilins, you mean those horned legendary creatures?
Are those Mystickers really that great?

Tenjik – Youngsters like you two might not know of this, but . . .
Daichi – Like you porcupine can say that. Just how old are you anyway . . . ?

Pg. 20
Tenjik – Around the time when there is a confirmation that Blazers do existed
They are the Mystickers which are rumored to be the strongest of all

They are five of them all together, with different colors
To distinguish their marvelous abilities

The Black Kakutan

The White Sakumei

The Blue Shouko

The Crimson Enku

Pg. 21
And the Yellow

Yuyuka – They said that each of them
Even choose their own Blazers as well. Cool, isn’t it?

Daichi – You mean there are 5 different people in the whole world with
Each of these Mystickers?

But it’s just rumor, isn’t it?
Tenjik – We can’t reject it
If those five come together, they’ll have unbelievable power

I’ve been hearing the Organization that take on the name “Qilin” lately as well
Would be good if it is just some Stray Blazers borrowing that name, but . . .

Pg. 22
Daichi – Well, it’s not like those rumored people will suddenly
Run into each other, will they?

Shuga – Oh my, never think
That my prey will be eaten by some black cockroach

Kuroki – Is he . . .
. . . The right one then . . . ?

Pg. 23
Shuga – Kuroki the Necromancer, correct?

Pg. 24
Kuroki - He’s gone!!

Shuga - Shadow

Pg. 25
Kuroki - Above!?

Pg. 26
Shuga - Guarding my attack with the great sword in an instant, huh?
Letting it slide down and lose its power:
You sure must be really experienced in fighting

Kuroki – It’s not only a weapon-type, but it also has some mysterious ability
That Mysticker . . .

Then your organization must be . . .
Shuga – Kukuku . . .

Pg. 27
Daichi – Wow! It got connected to the place like this as well?!!

Totally a place that give a sense of training!!
Tenjik – It’s just the wood backyard though

Pg. 28
Daichi – Great, just tell me what I have to do, and I’ll do it!!!

So, what do you want me to-

Tenjik – Hm
Daichi – Are you seriously going to train us?!!!

Tenjik – I am. Just filling my tummy out a bit
(side) So annoying

Daichi – We didn’t eat anything yet and you’re eating alone!!
Tenjik – Eh~~
Never think you’ll associate porcupine with humans

Pg. 29
Daichi – This damn porcupine sure is getting on my nerve
Misora – But we’re hungry as well

Tenjik – If you’re hungry, then concentrate
Training in this condition will make your concentration power develop better

Yuyuka – That’s why it’s a good time for training
Misora – I seriously don’t go with this girl
(side) Just why does it have to be corn . . . ?

Daichi – Then what kind of training are you going to have us do?!!

Tenjik – I’m not only eating it . . . we’ll be
Using this in the training as well

Misora – A can . . .
What are you making us do . . . ?

Pg. 30
Tenjik - Kick-the-Can!

Daichi – Huh . . . ?

Yuyuka – Fufufu

Shuga – It’s like what you think, we are . . .

Pg. 31
The Qilin Realm

Kuroki – It really is not just a rumor?

Shuga – Sorry about before though

Kuroki – What for?
Shuga – What for?

For helping us take care of Kaine

Kuroki – Kaine . . .

Pg. 32
I see, he did say it himself that he isn’t in any organization
But never thought that he actually is with you

Qilin Realm is after Daichi . . .

Shuga – Probably because he’s in his age. Wouldn’t listen to what we said at all; what a pain

Kuroki – We’re going to protect Daichi
No matter what

I’ll take you as captive and make you say everything about Qilin Realm!!

Pg. 33
This guy!!

Pg. 34
He’s gone!!!
The sword should have hit him already!!!

Shuga – You really don’t need to go through the trouble finding us
Since we are going to bring the champagne right to you
Kuroki – What?!!

Pg. 35
Shuga – In that gas station

Kuroki – The whereabouts of headquarter of section III is leaked out!!

Shuga – There!!!

Pg. 36
Kuroki – Not too fast

Pg. 37
He really just vanished

Is this the ability of the Kakutan!!?


Pg. 38-39
What the heck is that!!?

Pg. 40
The body is sunk in the ground!
Shuga – Seems like my old trick doesn’t work with you . . .

Pg. 41
Come and find me next time then

Kuroki – You think I’ll let you escape?

Shuga – Didn’t I say you don’t have to be that rushy? We’ll go right to you

So go gather up all your
All-mighty Blazers, OK?

Or else, I’ll be drinking
The blood-red wine

Kuroki – Say out your name

Pg. 42-43
Shuga - One of the five pillars of Qilin Realm
Shuga the Black Kakutan

Kuroki – Shuga . . .

Shuga – Next time, I surely would like
To be at your service again

Pg. 44
. . . He went ahead and exposed himself
Never though that they’re planning to attack the headquarter

Planning to come after Daichi while we’re strengthen the headquarter?
Or are they really planning to attack the headquarter . . . ?

Organization: Qilin Realm
Just what are they planning . . . ?

** Everything is mystery – But the fact stands that they’ll be drawing near to the Guardians unnoticed!! **

Thank you for reading . . .

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