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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Tales of Vesperia 8

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jun 19, 2009 11:08 | Go to Tales of Vesperia

-> RTS Page for Tales of Vesperia 8

...I feel like an idiot...I FEEL LIKE AN IDIOT FOR BEING LATE WITH THIS!!!


*go back to fangirl over puppy Repede*...just why is he so cute~ If only the manga gives him more scenes...if only he gets the Sorcerer's Ring and can talk like Mieu...

Reserved for Eternal.

Tales of Vesperia
Chapter 08 "Port Nor"

Pg. 0
Estelle, who has decided to continue journeying, witnesses the sea for the first time.

Yuri, who is searching for the cause of the malfunctioning of the Aque Blasita, and a girl named Estellise, who is searching for Flynn, set out together on a journey outside of the imperial city. On the way, Estellise’s strange power restores the Shield Blastia that protects the city of blossom, Halure, which had incidentally lost its power. The party, after saving Halure, arrives at the sealed city of scholars, Aspio, in search for those who had stolen the ‘core’—a vital part of the Blastia. There, they meet a magician girl named Rita, and with her guidance, go to the Shaikos Ruins which is said to be where the thieves are headed. There, they find out that the real Blastia thief is in Port Torim: but Estelle has decided to revisit Halure.
However, what awaits the party on their arrival to Halure is a group of pursuers who attempt to recapture back Estelle. Even though Estelle feels the responsibility for putting Yuri in the dangerous position, she decides to continue journey on.

"If I journey on, I’ll be able to see lots of other things" -- and what then is waiting for them out in that sea?

Pg. 1
*AH~A* (Aw man)
Karol - Ah, I see...so it's your first time seeing the sea as well.
Well, as expected from some research freak with a lonely life.

Rita - ...When you said that to me, it made me really want to die,
*HAA...* (sigh...)

You dork.
Karol - Wha!?
Estelle - Fufu
Our journey has become a lot livelier with more members.
Yuri - You really seem happy, Estelle.

*PORI* (splat)

*GOROGOROGORO* (rumbling)

Pg. 2
*ZAAAAA* (rain)
Rita - What...a heavy rain?
Yuri - The weather sure changed really quickly...

Estelle - Should we take cover somewhere?
Yuri - Yeah, I guess so...

Karol - Hey, look over there!
Port Nor is just a bit up ahead!

Yuri - Well, if we stay here, we would just get all wet.
Let's find the inn once we reach Port Nor then.

Pg. 3-4
Estelle - ...Eh...

This is...Port Nor...?

I thought it would be lively...since it's a port town.

Yuri - Yeah...dead silent, huh?

Pg. 5
Rita - A suiting place for that Blastia thieves to be in though.
Yuri - But isn't that supposed to be Port Torim?

Rita - They're the same town anyway, so they should be the same there, isn't it?
Karol - It's not like that!

Port Nor has quite some problems, so...
Man - Please, give back our son!
== Typo? I mean, from the context, it can't possibly be Port Torim that Karol is talking about, isn't it? Plus, with the "kono" in front, it would make completely no sense if Karol is really talking about Port Torim...taken that they're in Port Nor. >_<"

I'm begging you!!
Tax collector - Then pay the tax already.

Man - The weather has been really bad for the past few months. The ships can't even depart.
I can't possibly pay the tax wit-...
Tax collector - What!?

Pg. 6
Hurry up and go capture the monster named Ribgaro then.
Yeah! If you sell Ribgaro's horn, you won't have to worry about tax for your whole life.

Man - But that's...
Tax collector - If you want to save that brat, then go capture it already!!

Rita - ...What is with those barbarians?
Yuri - So that's it then? The problem in Port Nor...
Karol - Yep...

Capua Nor is heavily influenced by the empire.

Pg. 7
The new consul that just came was really self-indulgent
…but I heard that he holds a pretty high position even in the empire.

Rita - You can't complain no matter how barbaric the governor is, huh?
Estelle - ...That's horrible...

Please don't go!
You will die if you go!!

Man - But I have to!!
If I don't, my son will...

*GAH* (trip)

Pg. 8
*DOSA* (fall)

What are you doing...!
Yuri - Oops, my foot just stuck out.

Estelle - Oh please...
*BASHA* (dash)

Woman - ...Excuse me,
but we don't have any money to pay for that...
Estelle - Eh?

Pg. 9
Yuri - ...What is the first thing you should really say?

Man - Tha-...!
Thank you very much!
Estelle - I've healed your wounds now!

Yuri - Those guys followed me here...!

Pg. 10
Just give up on it. Don’t do something like catching a monster if you’ve never done it before.
Man - But...if I don't, my son will...

...Never mind,
that got nothing to do with you anyway.

Estelle - ...Yuri?

Pg. 11
Yuri - ...Playing hide-and-seek?
Why don't just come out already then...?

*GATA* (step)

Pg. 12
*BAH* (leap)

*GAH* (slash)

*GAH* (punch)

*GIN* (clash)

Pg. 13
*BAH* (slide)

*GUH* (grab)

*GOH* (throw)
'bout this!

*ZAZAZA* (march in)

Pg. 14
...This is not the end yet, huh?
(...These guys are really serious.)

*BAH* (dash)

*GIIN* (clash)



Pg. 15
*BAH* (slide)

*GAKI* (clash)

Thank you for reading...

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#1. by Expel ()
Posted on Jun 19, 2009
thumbs up :D
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