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Blazer Drive 16

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 23, 2009 05:03 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 16

*sigh*...I really am the biggest idiot around here. Just why do I have to be so soft when it come to this.

If any translator is working on this as well, please do not stop. Finish it and post it, so I know that I can drop this without any worry now. I promised that I won't even read your translation, so don't worry about me causing any more unneccessary drama. If any scanlator has already found a translator for this, please post your scanlation with credit to your translator. In short, just let me know when you have got someone on the job, so I can feel at ease that at least the series is not going to die even if I drop the series.

A point is, just think of this as me doing just to please myself. If you follow the first drama, you better know it by now that I always overreact to stuff. I don't like the idea that I promoted this manga up to this point just to let it die out. With Heiji dropping the scanning job now, I don't know what will things turn out like...with no translators yet still. Also, I've been looking at international forums for BD, and tbh, as a Thai translator, I just can't leave it like this. So, yes, I'm doing this just to please myself, so please bare with me.

So, let's do it like this then. I'll translate this for you until I find another translator to continue with it. I can't afford letting the series that I've been working ever since the first chapter to die out like this. So, for those who want me to stop translating this series, you know what you need to do now to get rid of me once and for all. Get another translator on the job or else I'm not dropping. Have your translator post their translation here. I already said, I promised that I won't read your translator's translation for sure, so don't worry about me badtalking your translator. I won't even go into look at what your translator say. After all, I'm going to make it really clear now, I have no plan to cling onto any of the manga I'm translating to English for public for long. Play fair and go get some other translator to translate this constantly in my place, please?

Alright...I'm going back to work on BD 13 Thai now...

Please proofread before any use.

Blazer Drive
16th BLAZE "The New Relationship"

Pg. 1
Any machine with balltires is considered as OK.
Commentator - The Dark Canonball Race!!
Going around 003 to the goal at air-conditioned Tubehall on the opposite side!!
-- 003 --
-- Start --
-- Goal --

Racers are free to go whichever way they wanted, and the winner
will be rewarded with the Champion Mysticker.

All obstacles are up to them to choose!!
Now, it had already started!!

Pg. 2-3
** The heating sensation races above the speed of sound!! **

Daichi - What the heck are those machines!!? Ballboard should've higher advantage
at the start from its lighter weight!

Racer - You think these are normal machines?
The power-weight ration got nothing to do with this race!!

Daichi - Dammit...bigger motors mean higher speed power.
I'll be falling behind too much like this.

It won't be good to put so much burden on my ballboard all of the sudden, but...!

Pg. 4
Racer - Fufu

Daichi - He pushed the brake!!

Pg. 5
Racer - GUWOH

Daichi - I don't have time to be playing around like this. I still have to
follow up with the Champion to get back Suzu-san's Mysticker of bond.

Racer - I'm the first now.


Pg. 6

No ground!!?

Commentator - Wow, the race just started and one person already retired~
So it seems that the creator didn't make a plan for the motorbike to run here~ See ya then~

And look at that gorgeous technique!!
Our champ is riding on top on the pipe with a single wheel!

Pg. 7
But the pipe got all shaky now. No way can it ever be used for the next one!!
Did he think about those behind him as well!!? That's pure win, champ!

Let's see how those following behind will work this out!!
Yaiba - It's easy.

Commentator - What's that! He swings off to the side!?

Pg. 8
There he goes, that cool-acting guy~!!
True, with the tube-like course like this, even the roof can become a path with some centrifugal force!!!

And the next guy also did the same thing.

Daichi - What!? There's no ground!!?
I'll do the same thing then.

Commentator - Oh? A payback from before? Is he planning to push that brat forward like that!?
Daichi - Wha! You,
What the, I'm stuck!!

Pg. 9
Racer - Good luck falling along with this.

Commentator - Fall to hell with that machine!
Daichi - Wait, uwa

Pg. 10

Daichi - Eh!?

Pg. 11
Commentator - Wow! That ballboard brat didn't go down!?
I think I saw him vanished just a short while there.
Wha-...What exactly just happened!? A BIG QUESTION~~!!

Daichi - Do-...Don't know what happened there, but I'm saved...!?
B...But...that's really...stylish of me...!?

Wait, why the hell am I looking at the back! I still got to catch up!!

Pg. 12
Racer - Tch

Daichi - WOW!!

Pg. 13
Racer - Ah

You dor-


Pg. 14
Daichi - Thanks for these then.
See ya.

Racer - He didn't!!

Damn, that brat got me!!

Daichi - From that move just now, this guy must be really tough to deal with.
Yaiba - Don't disturb.

Commentator - Oh no, Those brats are following up close now~

Pg. 15
Champion - Such a pain.

I'll finish them both with this.

Commentator - Our Champ is leaving ice on his trail!!

Racer - Uwa

Commentator - YAHOO! They'll get crashed
if they come on it!!

Pg. 16
Yaiba - An eye for an eye.



Daichi - A Weapon-type Mysticker...
Then this guy is also a Blazer!?

Commentator - What the, is he acting a knight with his sword out now? This guy is giving me a creep!!

Pg. 17
He slashed through the ice like a piece of cake!!

And that ballboard brat is following right behind.
Daichi - That guy isn't just some Blazer.

But time never waits~~!!
The giant fan at the end of the hall is about to spin!

You can become a piece of sliced ham if you're going in without any plan!!
B-But our Champ just went through easily!!

Yaiba - The wind!

I can

Pg. 18-19
Daichi - Wow!!
Yaiba - Fly!!

Pg. 20
Daichi - You serious!!!

Sa-!! Save!!
Yaiba - Out of my way.

Commentator - Our Champ is running at the bottom of the highway!!

Here it is, the power of the Champion Mysticker!
Activating it and you'll get the best grip with zero torque!
Plus, it's the shortest way with no normal car running.

Daichi - Said who? The shortest way got to be to speed on 003!!

Pg. 21
Commentator - They're getting closer to the goal now!
Audiences - Shake them off!!
I bet all my money on you, dumbass!
Commentator - This week sure is our rare dead heat!

Daichi - Caught up with him now.
Champion - Tch.

Yaiba - Don't tell me!!

Pg. 22
Girl - KYAA!!

Champion - Haha

Daichi – Dammit.

Get to her!!!


Pg. 23
Phew, that's goo-...

Yaiba - What an annoying guy!

O gallant companion of mine...

place thy pride with my blade,

and descend down from the sky.

Pg. 24
Daichi - Uwa, what's this!!? I'm flying!!
Yaiba - Sleipnir.

Woman - Wha...What's this?...A...A flying horse...am I dreaming?

Daichi - Who exactly are you!? And why are you...

Yaiba - Since you remind me of one of my friends, jumping on ahead without even thinking.
I'm Yaiba.

Pg. 25
You're on this race for some purpose, right?
You didn't seem like a bad guy at all.

Daichi - I have to win this race,
and get it back from the Champion;

that important Mysticker
of the bond of the family.

Yaiba - I entered the race because of some purpose as well.
I'm not here to win the race,
so I'll give that to you then.

Daichi - Is...Is this a Summon-type...
Yaiba - If you want to win the Champion, then just leave the talk for later.

I'll help send you flying closer to him with my technique.
You can fly!!!
Daichi - Wha...What the heck is with this guy, saying some embarrassing line like that as if it's nothing? This is creepy!

Pg. 26
== Yes, I fixed it up a bit...First, "End of world" just sounds strange. Second, the game used "End of the World." (Yaiba's Legend Mysticker's attack) If you think the other one is just better, then change it back.

Commentator - Oh, our champ really is the leading one!!

Champion - No one can win me as long as I have the Cham-...

Pg. 27

Commentator - He's coming!! What's this? He engulfs himself in electricity and is dashing at incredible speed!!!

Pg. 28

Audiences - Which one got in first!?
They were so close.

Commentator - The instance they entered the goal will be shown on the monitor then.

The ballboard brat got in before the Champion!!!

Pg. 29
We got a new champion!!!
Daichi - Yeah, now I can get back the Mysticker of Bond!!!

Audiences - Fuck, a dark horse?
My money...

Champion - No way...

Don Glory - Hey
Servant - Yessir! Understood, sir.

Don Glory - Who told you that I'll give this to you?
Daichi - WHAT!!!

Pg. 30
Don Glory - This is my property.

I'll only lend this Champion Mysticker
to the winner to use during the race.
Let it race on the race.

Hey, I'm saying a gag just now, with the race and the race.
Servant - Hahahaha

Don Glory - But if you behave, I might consider giving it to you.
What do you have to do when you're begging someone then?

Daichi - I'll do anything for that
Mysticker of bond!!!

Don Glory - Hahaha, so you really know what you have to do!

Pg. 31
Thanks to you winning this week's race,
all my gambling money goes to null.

Hey, play around with this guy a bit.
Servant - Understood, sir.

Daichi - Guh!!!

Don Glory - Hahaha, just look at how pathetic you are.
Come to think of it, you really look like that guy I switched this with the explosive Mysticker back then.

Seems like he was a Guardian, but he just got down to hell
without even realizing anything. Ahahaha.

Pg. 32
Where did you enter!!
Wh...Who're you!!?

Yaiba - I heard it now...just think of me as an acquaintance of Jin.
You killed him, didn't you...

Daichi - Jin's acquaintance...

Don Glory - You're a Guardian!!?
Yaiba - Organizer Don Glory, I'm on the race just to get close to you.

Pg. 33
You also killed the former champion
to shut up his mouth, no?

Don Glory - If they know that the organizer and the champion who are entertaining them are connected, no one will come, won't they?
You want the money too, right? How 'bout you partner with me?

Yaiba - You bloody bastard!

Don Glory - I'm not a Blazer.
Guardian won't attack normal citizen, won't they?
Yaiba - I'm not as soft-hearted as to let you get away with this though.

Servant - Don't act so cocky, you brat!!

Don Glory - Hahaha, well done!!
Now I'll burst your head open. Good luck in hell!!!

Pg. 34
Daichi - I'm going to

beat the crap out of you as a person even before
Don Glory - What!!?

Daichi - as a Guardian!!!

Pg. 35
Yaiba - So you really are a Guardian as well then.
Just leave the rest here to me.

Daichi - I got a lot to ask you...!

Yaiba - Glory's family will be coming here soon. You better make your run.
If you're also a Guardian, we're bound to meet each other again sometimes soon, so hurry up!!

Pg. 36
I'll return you that favor the next time we meet for sure.
Yaiba, you're...

really cool.

Yaiba - Hmph,

Of course.

Gen - What's this scar?
It's as if...

Damn...I can't fix this without a Repair Mysticker.
But...I already threw it away when I decided to quit being an artisan...

Saki - Dad...

Gen - Hell...what the heck am I thinking? If I didn't get myself involved in this,
My son, Jin wouldn't have to die. Then what am I doing now!

That boy isn't my son. He's just a stranger.
Even if he entered the race, it got nothing to-...

Pg. 37
Gen-san, Saki-san, Suzu-san is!!!

Suzu - Ugh.

Gen - Suzu!!
Suzu - Hah
Misora - Suzu-san.
Saki - Mom, I'm going to phone the ambulance right now!!

Suzu - It's fine. Don't...I'm the one who know myself best.
Let me have my last moment in this house full of memories...please...

Gen - Suzu...

Saki - Mom...

Suzu - Where's Jin?
Gen - He...He's...

He went to that dark race, right...?
To keep...the promise he made with me...

Pg. 38
Gen - How did you know that!!
Suzu - Of course I do...he's our beloved son...

His eyes...are just like those of yours in the past...
strong and honest.

Misora - Suzu-san really is still mistaking Daichi for Jin-san!!
Come back quickly, Daichi!!

Suzu - And I have...to give this to...

Gen - The Repair Mysticker that I threw away...
Suzu, don't tell me...that you've always...

Suzu - It should...be fine right now...

Gen - Suzu...

Pg. 39
Suzu - Saki...

You've always been trying hard...but don't push
yourself too hard, alright...?
Saki - I know,
so please say no more, mom!!

Suzu - And I...want to ask...
you something...for one...last time...

Daichi - My heart is racing already. It feels so good inside...
What am I, an idiot? I'm just playing as Jin. That's all.

I'm back...oww!!

Pg. 40
Mom, look, it's the Mysticker
that I promised you!!!

Suzu - Thank you...


Pg. 41
Daichi - Heh?

What're you saying? Who's that Daichi...I'm Jin, alright?
Look, stop smiling and take a look. It's the Mysticker I've promised you.



Saki - That's enough now, Daichi-san.

Pg. 42
Daichi - What the hell? I don't get it.

Suzu - I want to ask you something
for one last time.

Can you tell me the name of that boy
who'd been playing as Jin?

Gen - Suzu, you!!
Knew it from the very first...

Misora - Suzu-san said she's sorry to have to trick you,
and that you're also her beloved son...

So she wanted to thank you
as your very own mother.

Pg. 43
Gen - Daichi, the minute you've entered this house,
Suzu had recognized you as Jin,
and you even revived our memory as one family.

I always thought that I was the one
taking care of Suzu,
but in fact, it's just the total opposite.

Daichi, I'll get Kandachi fixed for sure.
This will be my condolence to Suzu who had always believed in me as an artisan.

Daichi - Thank you...Gen-san!!

Pg. 44
Misora - Thank you for taking care of us.

Saki - If you really are going, then...could you possibly stay for jus-
Gen - Don't say something stupid like that. We already fixed his Kandachi fixed.
There's no use trying to hold the Guardian back.

Daichi - Sorry...but I got to go find my brother
who gave me this Kandachi.

Also, I am being targeted by a certain organization,
so I don't want to stay here for long. I might get you two into some danger if I stay.

Gen - I've never saw that kind of scar like the one on Kandachi before as well...
does this mean there's something special about Daichi...?
Then that might be what that organization is really after.

Misora - Gen-san, Saki-san, thank you very much.

Saki - No, we actually have to thank you.
You've helped us to remember our bond as a family.

Pg. 45
Gen - And if anything happened to Mysticker again,
just feel free to drop by, alright?

Daichi - Alright! Then I'm not going to say good bye...
Misora - Yup

Daichi + Misora - I'm off now!!!

Saki - Be safe!
Gen - Go,

my stupid son.

Sumiya - He is progressing faster than I've expected.

Pg. 46
But still a long way to go...

That certainly is a power of a Mysticker...
It really existed as we've planned then.

who would've thought that he would step on my head like that.

I would've burn him a bit if I'm working in suit, but...
the discovery of his power is already a pleasant news for us Quilin Realm.
** The lurking Shadow of Quilin Realm...!! **

Thank you for reading...

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#1. by puremadniss ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
dropping ??... why what happened
=/ so confused
sumthin must have happened
i hope i can do sumthin
#2. by toni783 ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
thanks for this , its a shame that you have to drop this
#3. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
@puremadniss: You mean me dropping or Heiji dropping? .-.

About Heiji, he stated so here (don't know why he choose to announce it in the raw that only get 73 downloads instead of something like WSM or WSJ raw though. Not that very many people realized it, it seems. -_-")...and Rena told me afterwards that it's because he's returning to France and will no longer have an easy access to the magazines. If you want the detail on that, ask him yourself. That's all I know. .-.

And...well...expect me to drop stuff for English like a falling rain. Unlike with my Thai translations, I have no plan to cling onto the English for long if there's another translator up on the job, unless under certain circumstance, like the joint translation for Gamaran (got to be honest with you, if not because of Lingwe, I would've drop it ever since the first chapter) or reserved translation. I can just easily switch it to Thai if I want to continue translating it, since there's no need for me to stay if there's another good translator doing it. .-.

@toni783: ...how so? Tons of people want me out of the job. I know that they all probably hate me for doing this chapter again as well, so how is that considered as a shame, may I ask? .-.
#4. by Lingwe ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
The thing Ju-da-su is referring to is basically that both her translations and the raws were taken over by some other people a couple of months ago. Ju-da-su basically has a policy that she won't work on a series that someone else starts on. Since another translator did a chapter of Blazer Drive, and then Heiji started scanning the Blazer Drive raws it became a problem. And then when she did the chapter last month and asked people to wait for Rena's raw a big arguement broke out between Heiji and her and Rena and a group of other people....

Although now Heiji may have stopped scanning and nobody else is translating it so she really should keep on doing it because we all love her :prod
#5. by Alucar D raculA ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
Hi Ju-da-su
I was used to click on the « thank » icon when I was using your translation, but I think that I should write you a post to really thank you for the entire job you have done on this manga.
Blazer Drive is one of the main projects of our French scanlation team (Tnsensei) and, according to the number of downloads we have, it is well appreciated by the French community. I did not said anything when you decided to stop BD English translation because I totally respect your decision, but we are really pleased to see that you decided to continue this project until that a new translator decides to take it in charge. Blazer Drive deserves to have an English translation and RAW for scanlations.
(I am not really used to write in English, sorry if my post is difficult to understand...)
Thank you =)
#6. by Chakra ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
A tons of thanks for your hard work, Ju-d-su-san. ^^

I'm an english-hungarian translator from the hungarian Naruto-kun Website Team (Naruto-kun.hu). I use your translations for make the hungarian BD. My translator pals and I are very satisfied with you job. So we won't wanna shearch and use another *no comment* quality trans.

My advice for you:
Don't deal with another translators. We will use your translations, and nobody's else. You are the best BD translator, and nobody can take it from you. ;)

p.s.: I'm a translator, but I hate write english text, so sorry for my confused message. ^^"
#7. by foxthedoc ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
im a translator as well, but an italian-english one, and i'm traslating BD from teh very beginning too. i'm very ashamed u have to drop this... but i can understand your choice. (Minse scanlation group too had to drop few manga because of lackness of editrors/translator)
I hope this manga wont die here!!!

THANKS for your great work ju-da-su!!!
(i hope that i dont have to lern thai or japanese to read this manga XD)
Thanks a lot again
#8. by winnkey ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
well thanks for the work you have done so far Ju-da-Su. i scanlated blazzer drive a little while back i would of done more but well im travelling atm. Im with you, im really hoping Blazzer Drive does not die out, i love this manga. and yes when i get back home i will be starting to scanlate it again.

i find it sad to hear ur dropping it but, cause when i think blazer drive i think of you as well (its like shoes and socks) :D
#9. by kakashi919 ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
thank you so much for actually doing this chapter... i thought u weren't gonna do it at all, but thanks again ^_^ but i wouldn't be able to have this up in time seeing that i need a new mother board -_-
#10. by Farfalla (Great Pure Magi notice me please =3=)
Posted on Jul 24, 2009
Thank you so much^^
I really don't know why people hate so much when Heiji provides a raw =/
If he can do it faster, with the same quality, everybody that reads the serie wins...
Maybe people are being a little proud =/ *or I am too selfish...*
#11. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jul 24, 2009
@Lingwe: In fact...it'd be lovely if people even take note that 1) I drop scanning the raw because I believe (from my very bad eyes, as Heiji said) that my raw isn't that good and Heiji's one is fine enough to be used for scanlation; 2) I do buy my own Rival monthly and in fact, doesn't need his raw to get my translations done; 3) the most important thing of all...I'm a TRANSLATOR (well, Thai translator...:p ), NOT SCANLATOR!! I don't even plan to become one because I suck at photoshop big time. Who said I have the rights to go tell the scanlator who know a hell lot than me about Photoshop of which raw to use!? DDX (don't even have the rights to tell them which translation to use, in fact... .-. )

But...true...it'd be lovely if people know my policy as well...but...it's screwed...T^T


@Everyone: Thanky...>___<"

@kakashi: ...In fact, I planned not to do it at all, like you said...but got to be honest, after seeing the intl. sites and forums (intl. meaning anything that isn't in English. I've been looking at quite a few French, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Brazilian sites), I think it softens me down a bit. Yeah, no English translator yet as well, so it got me nervous and overreact again...sorry... .__."

Np...just take your time. I know you got lots to do...>_<"

@Farfalla: Tbh, I don't hate him or his raw personally. Any raw that I can read, for me, is considered as good enough after all...so, in fact, I don't mind if the raw is just a cam raw or a very well-cleaned HQ raw. They're all considered as good IMO, as long as it's not too blurry to read. Point is, from what I've heard from some of the scanlators, looks like quite a lot of the scanlators hate the fact that Heiji precleaned his raw, with filtering and cleaning stuff which I don't understand. I bet you know about it better than I do. At least that's what I've heard. .-.
#12. by Farfalla (Great Pure Magi notice me please =3=)
Posted on Jul 24, 2009
Ahn^^ Got it... Thx...
I'm sorry for what you're going thru... wish you the best, as I've said before =/
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