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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Kagijin 3

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 25, 2009 11:22 | Go to Kagijin

-> RTS Page for Kagijin 3

This might not be totally marvelous, but...just bare with me, please? >__<"

Please proofread before any use.

Chapter 3 "The True Freedom"

Pg. 1
** The slash attack of Tsubame's "Zettoukuusen" bursts at the inhuman Kagijin, Deneb!! Cutting right across the horizon!! **

Pg. 2-3
** His attack leaps to the sky...like a soaring swallow!! **

Pg. 4
Jilda - This...This is....
[That Tsubame...he did it!?]
[Incredible...none of the Kagijins I've seen before...can do something as great as this.]

Zel – It cut right through the farthest place.
Distance means nothing in face of his sword.

That blade will cut through
whatever he sees...as if it's cutting an image.
Jilda - What...?

Pg. 5
The Key will open the gate to one's body,

and uses the souls within its Kagijin,
to form the "Kamui", which is its true form to be used as weapon.

That sword, too, is the the Kamui of "Dankuu",
Tsubame's power...!!!

Pg. 6
Tsubame - You're not hurt, right?

so I'm really limited to 2 swings per day only then...?

Jilda - ...You...

stupid idiot!!!
Tsubame - Oww!?

Pg. 7
Tsubame - What the heck was that for? That hurts!!!
You returned my favor like this for the second time now!!
Jilda - Why did you help me!!
Tsubame - Huh!?

Jilda - The Empire will know about Deneb's death in no time...
You can never run away from them now!

What you did just now is the same as announcing to the world about your existence.
You should just give this filthy Key away and it'd be all fine!!

Tsubame - What the hell, give it back!! [Since when did you snatch it from me!?]

And say, why the hell did your ally try to kill you, idiot?
Jilda - I don't recall being called an idiot by an idiot, you biggest stupid idiot.

Pg. 8
Kids - YAHOOO!!

Pg. 9

Jilda - I never thought the sand ship can sail this fast!!
This is awesome, Tsubame!

Tsubame - Huh,
don't you underestimate my ship.
This is not the same as the army ship, alright!!?

Pg. 10
Jilda - ...Listen!
Right now, the empire is under the control of a single man!!

That senator turns the young emperor into a mere piece of decoration, and seizes all the power.
The frenzy of the empire
had started from that time.

That guy exiled anyone who opposed him or who he doesn’t like from the palace, and only work towards his demonic experiment;
Tsubame - Give me back my Key, dammit!!

to develop the Kagijins!

Pg. 11
He plans to revive the power of the "Keys" that destroyed the ancient civilization,
and use that power to step up and become the king of the continent...no, of the whole planet.

That person’s name is Dejanila Leonidas!!

Tsubame - ...Dejanila...!?

The man
who made me into the Kagijin,

and took away
all my freedom!!

Jilda - I cannot accept what he’s doing!
Too great power only call forth destruction...history is a perfect evidence for that!!

Pg. 12
So I'm always against his plan,
which makes me nothing more than a hindrance to the Empire.

Tsubame - Then what...
will you
do after this



Kino - 'Morning.
What are you two doing~? (Having a quarrel?)

Jilda - Hmph...I see, so you're just a normal person without your Key!
Tsubame - Damn you~
Jilda – Do you even have to ask
what will I be doing after this?

Pg. 13
I'm going to fight back the empire.
The started fight need to be done till it's finished.

There are groups of resistances who Dejanila had exiled.
I'll join up them,
and overthrow Dejanila from his power.

you only have two choice left for you now.

You either have to escape from those who're after you for the rest of your life,

Pg. 14-15
grab onto the true freedom together with me.

Tsubame - ...The true freedom...you said!?

Jilda - Yes.

Pg. 16
Can you lend me your hand in this fight,

Pg. 17
Tsubame - Hmph...

No way!!

You really are an idiot, aren’t you!!?
Have you lost your mind!?
Pointing your sword at the world's strongest army?...That's the same as digging your own grave. No way I'll go with you on that!!

Well...we're here,

Pg. 18
the endpoint of the sand sea.
-- Belona Plain --
I'll drop you here then.

If you walk for about half a day, you'll get to the town called Reto.
Buy a horse there,
go around the coastline for 6 days and you'll get to the empire.

Izoo - Jilda...you really are alright? You seem a bit troubled. [With that fight and all.]
Kino - Boss, that's really mean!
Why not just drop her off at her home?

Pg. 19
Jilda - I've really been troubling you guys a lot.
I'll never forget this debt
That you’ve saved my life.

That soup was really delicious.
Kino - Hehehe...

Zel - Tsubame.

Tsubame - That woman is just an idiot.

Jilda - So,
farewell then.

[You either have to escape for the rest of your life,]

Pg. 20-21
[grab onto the true freedom.]

Tsubame - Hold on!!!

I'm coming with you.

Pg. 22
I've run away from the empire,
run away to the furthest end of the world,
in hope of finding my own freedom.

But that's not it.
No matter how much I run...the past will always come chasing after me.
Getting something by running away is just a downright lie.

Sorry, Zel,
but I'll be away for a bit.
Zel - I knew that you'll say that.

See!! Here're all your luggage!
Kids - That's our boss for us!!
Tsubame - You guys...!!

Pg. 23
Penda - Jilda!
Whenever you're in trouble, just let Tsubame works out his miracle, alright!
Jilda - Ah...
Echo - Pye!
Izoo - I don't really get it, but you can always leave the fighting to Tsubame!!

Tsubame - Count me in
on your fight then.

I'm going to kick that Dejanila's ass,
and after that...I'll get my true freedom for real.

Jilda - ...Alright,
but let me give him a punch when that time comes as well!!

** He always knew...where the true freedom is. They're ready to go!! To make this meeting turns into a "miracle"!! **

Thank you for reading...

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