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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Blazer Drive 17

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Aug 7, 2009 11:00 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 17

Sorry to have to pull out the pre-raw translation for this one...since I want to ask people something and I know that I will never get you guys' attention unless I give you the translation and put my question along with it.

Spoiler: Please read.
So, I guess I'll be prioritizing BD for English until the Thai forums are up-to-date though. Problem is my brother translated chapter 1-10 and he still didn't get all of it updated on that side, so even if I speed through the translations for the Thai forums, it will never be used until the update on that side really catch up. That's why I'm prioritizing because...got to be honest with you, I find it totally irrational to delay the English translations for no particular reason other than my own self-entertainment (I can't lie with that. I do feel some kind of joy by translating something to Thai way faster than the English one will come out...well, too long interval made me extremely anxious though... .__.")

However, the problem is, I'm still wrestling around what I should do after the Thai one updated. Call me stupid or whatever, but yes, I'm the type who will worry about things WAAAAAAY too much than what might happen in reality. Can't say I don't have any lingering feeling to translate this for you guys as well. Should I prioritize the English and keep it going until another translators come like with CB? Or should I prioritize the Thai to increase the chance of the new translators coming in sooner? Regardless, for the manga like BD, I still believe it will get another translator on the job sooner or later anyway. I'm totally fine with either side, so I want to ask you for your opinion. Yes, call me stupid for asking this all you want, but I think it's best that I stop thinking something up myself and listen to others more as well... .__."

And once again, sorry for the pre-raw translation...>___<"


Please proofread before any use.

Blazer Drive
17th BLAZE "The Fortune-teller"

Pg. 1
Magazine - Pink Paradise Magazine
Once again full of info☆
☆No.1 Popularity☆
Get all you want about Ai-chan♡
** The path all men have to go through...!! **

Pg. 2
Daichi - Um...I was actually asked to buy this...
Shopkeeper - 800 yens.

Daichi - O...Okay!

Shopkeeper - Thank you very much.

Daichi - Dammit~ this is my mission, to buy this and go give it to him!
When I contacted Section XI HQ, the division head named Jonathan told me to do it for him since Shiroh isn't around.
== Judging from the context...Shiroh must be emoing right now then, isn't he? (if you play the game, you'll know what I'm talking about. If you don't, I don't want to spoil you more than that... ._.")

Misora - Then tell me: how can this be some kind of important mission.
Daichi - Don't ask me!!

Misora - But I got the Akashikibu-sama's fortune-telling book as well.
She's famous, so getting her to tell the fortune in person is really hard. At least the book finally came out.

Pg. 3
Daichi - Heh, women sure like those fortune-telling stuffs, hm? Even though it hardly is accurate.
Misora - I don't want that from a guy who just bought Pink Paradise magazine though.

Daichi - I said this is my mission that Jonathan guy gave me; to bring this to him!!
Misora - Oh? We'll see about that once we get to Section XI HQ.

Daichi - Looks like Section XI HQ just got attacked by Stray Blazers as well. So they are hiding somewhere else right now.
Misora - Eh? Where is that place then?

Daichi - ...Here...
Misora - Wait, "here"...?

Isn't this the adult's entertainment district, Pink Paradise? We really have to go in here!?
That Jonathan division head is totally the worst.
Daichi - Li...Like I have any other choice~ It's a mission after all~

Pg. 4-5
Daichi - Wow, this's awesome.
Misora - Sakuras are fluttering everywhere.

Woman - Oh my, you're perfectly my type.
Misora - Hey, let's get going.

Sign - Akashikibu
Ah, this is Akashikibu-sama's shop!!
Daichi – Heh…so that fortune-teller you were talking about is here?

Misora - Daichi, is it okay if I just go in for a bit?
Daichi - I'm on a mission now, alright?
Weren't you the one who say to hurry up just now yourself?

Pg. 6
Misora - Buying some H-rated book can’t possibly be called as a mission.
Daichi - A mission is still a mission!!

Misora - Then you go on ahead first. I'm going in.
Daichi - Whoa! Hey.

Man - I'm paying this much money already and you still won't give me your guidance!!?
Akashikibu - Please make your leave.

Whether you're a president of a gigantic enterprise or a politician, I still have the rights to choose who I should or shouldn't give guidance to.
Man - What?
Akashikibu - You still lack what it takes to get my guidance.

Man - That's very rude, choosing your own customer like that!
Misora - Uwa

Pg. 7
Wow, the real Akashikibu!!

Um, could you please tell me my fortune?

Akashikibu - Very well.
Please sit down.

Misora - Yes! She's going to tell me my fortune!
Akashikibu - No, not you,
but the one behind you.

Misora - Eh?
Daichi - What's with that guy just now?

Akashikibu - I shall tell you your fortune from cracks on this crystal ball.
Daichi - What the heck is with this?
Misora - Why can someone who made fun of fortune-telling get his fortune-telling...
while I can't?

Pg. 8
Akashikibu - Oh my.

Your father has ceased to be,
dead, correct...?

Misora - Yes, Daichi's father indeed is already dead, so he is no longer around. Wow, she really got it right.

Daichi - Hmph...Misora is getting all excited,
while I'm totally calm with this since I'm not at all interested in it.

Ceased to be dead, huh...
...while it can mean "already dead and no longer existed in this world" it can also means "didn't die yet".
== I know that it may or may not be correct. Problem is there is an ambiguity in the word Akashikibu said. To explain what it is, basically, the Japanese word "shindeinai" can mean two opposite things depend on how you divide up the sentence. If read "shindeinai" as a whole, it means "isn't dead yet". However, if read "shinde inai", it implies the meaning of "is dead, and no longer around". It's just some kind of ambiguity that fortune-tellers like to use to ensure that they're right anyway...-_-"

Pg. 9
Akashikibu - ...Misfortune shall fall upon your beloved friend...
Maybe it might even happen already.

Daichi – There it comes, the usual trick
to make a person feel insecure.

Sorry, but I'm out of this place now.
Misora - Ah, wait.
What are you saying? That's really rude.

How much is that then!?
Akashikibu - No need for any payment.

Daichi - Some famous fortune-teller she is. Just some piece of shit.

Pg. 10

??? - I bumped into a person.
This got to be because I lost my lucky item of the day.
Have to go see Akashikibu-sama right now.

Daichi - Hey...do you even know how to say sorry?

What the fuck? Why are there so many weirdoes around here?

??? - Akashikibu-sama, what should I do
to make me a "good" person?

Pg. 11
Akashikibu - Alright, listen carefully.
??? - Yes.

This is what you must do

to make you

Daichi - Here it is then, the Ayashi shop.
Misora - Whoa, it's just as shady as its name.
== Ayashi means shady.

Pg. 12-13
Blazer - Hey, you guys.
Daichi - Ah!...A guy named Jonathan had requested me to...

Blazer - *sigh*...Not that Pink Paradise mag again, geez...
Alright, go on in.

Misora - Wow, there are stones in the middle of the mansion as well.

Jonathan - So you've come.

Good job with this very important mission,

Misora - Oh, so there are some kind of secret codes
only known by Blazers hidden in this Pink Paradise magazine then...?

Pg. 14
Jonathan - OOOH

Ai-chan's special volume as well. I thought it would be sold out before I could ever have my hand on it.
Daichi - Last one in the shop, if I may say.
Misora - Whoa, and you still call that a mission!?

But why do you have to stay in this place?
What happened to Section XI HQ!?

Jonathan - Similarly to Section III HQ, each Guardian divisions were attacked by groups of Stray Blazers,
though in our case, it's by another group, not the Quilin Realm...

There are various types of people in the Pink Paradise,
which makes it a perfect place for us to hide.

Daichi - But what do you mean you can't contact Shiroh?
I actually thought we'll finally meet again already.

Pg. 15
Jonathan - Let's leave the talk about us for later.
There's a report coming in just now,

that your division head, Melon,
was attacked by an unknown individual.

Daichi - Eh!!
Misora - The division head got attacked!!!

Jonathan - Don't worry about it. She did get some minor injuries,
but was already sent to Section I Medical Center, so she should be fine.

Akashikibu - ...Misfortune shall fall upon your beloved friend...
Maybe it might even happen already.
Daichi - That prediction...

Misora - That prediction really was correct.
Let's go see her right now, Daichi!!
Daichi - No. You stay here, Misora.

Pg. 16
Misora - Why!?

Daichi - If the one attacking the Division Head, who isn't even a Blazer, was really the Quilin Realm,
then don't you think it's kind of strange, taken that their target is actually me?

I have no proof to this, but I seriously get a bad feeling about this.

Anyhow, it'll be too noticeable if we go together.
It wouldn't be good if the Quilin Realm found out the whereabouts of the Division Head.

I'll just make a quick sneak out
and go see how the Division Head is doing.
Misora - But...

Daichi - Also, don't you see?
That prediction might actually apply to you as well.

Misora - And you said you don't believe in fortune-telling...
Alright, alright.

Pg. 17
Jonathan - Oh~~ We have the pure youth in action other than in this magazine here~

Nurse - You're here for a visit?
Daichi - Yes.

??? - Division Head, you're here, right?

Pg. 18
I've come to pay you some visit.

Daichi - Who the hell are you!!

Pg. 19

You're that guy who bumped into me at the fortune-teller's place!


Damn! I’ll chase after him later.
Division Head, are you alright!!?


Pg. 20
Melon - Hey.
Daichi - Whoa, Division Head!!!

Then this is...

A pillow and a wig...

Melon - That bed is just a dummy. Good thing I took the precaution there.
Daichi - The other bed!!
Blazer - Yo, Daichi.

I've heard about you from Jonathan.
Your Division Head is in my care, so don't worry about her.

Daichi - Never mind my worry. How's her wounds?

Melon - While I'm S, I'm also M...
This much pain actually makes me feel great, if you didn't notice.

Pg. 21
Daichi - Oh yeah.
Now I really regret worrying about her.

Melon - But those people who attacked me were probably from the Quilin Realm.
Daichi - So it really was those guys.

Melon - Daichi, I know that you already knew about this, but those people...

Daichi - Yeah, they're after me.
But something doesn’t seem right about this,
since after they attacked Section III HQ, their next target turned out to be you, who aren't even a Blazer.

Quilin Realm; what exactly
are they trying to do?

Blazer - Right now, each Guardian Divisions
are also busy with gathering our comrades and planning out our attack on that side as well.

If we at least know where their base is, we might be able to make some move.
Daichi - If that guy who came to attack the Division Head just now is from the Quilin Realm...then I know where I might be able to find some clue.

Pg. 22
Blazer - Really?
Division - Alright, go get him, Daichi,
but don't go too far, understand?

Daichi - Don't know if you'll be OK to this, but I'll try whatever I can then.
Well, I'm off to my mission now.

Melon - *sigh*...yes, just do what you can.
Now, go.

Blazer – That Daichi, he sure is becoming stronger and stronger like Ginga.
Melon - Guess you're right.

Pg. 23
??? - I can't fulfill what you've told me to. If things go like this, I'll...
Akashikibu-sama!! Please tell me what I have to do again!!!
Akashikibu - You didn't do anything wrong.
It was your past life that was wrong.

Your past life was a hypocrite wolf under the sheep's hide, deceiving lots of people.
The result of that is your suffering in this life. So, if you put aside the fake sheep's hide and stays as a wolf,
the hide put on you will be instead of the wolf.

If you do so, you'll be able to throw away the wolf's hide
and finally become a sheep.

Sense of justice itself is some nonsense the hypocrites say.
Self-denial will do nothing but poison your own self.

Pg. 24
??? - So I really didn't do anything wrong.
Then please, tell me what I should do next.

Akashikibu - Alright.

Go wait inside the jail room in the mask shop.
In a short while, a young boy named Daichi will visit that place,
got trapped inside the jail, and you shall bury your fangs into his legs.

That boy was an enemy of your past life...
This is your only chance. Finish him off in this life, and luck will be pouring onto your side.

??? - Understood, Akashikibu-sama.
Thank you for your guidance.

My only chance...
This time, I'll be sure to complete what you told me.

Pg. 25
Misora - Her prediction really was right...
Akashikibu-sama really is awesome.

That's right!
Maybe I can ask her about that.

Jonathan - Something's wrong?

Misora - If I ask her to predict "that", then maybe!!

I'm going out for a bit.
Jonathan - Eh? To where.

Misora - To somewhere that's not shady.
== It's a pun. As I said, Ayashi, the name of the...hotel(?) they're in right now, means "shady". So, going to somewhere that's "not shady" means anywhere but not this hotel.

Pg. 26
Misora - Can you give me some guidance!!? Please!!!
Akashikibu - Are you not the follower of that person who headed off in the middle of my fortune-telling
whose name is Daichi?

Very well. It really is dishonorable of me as a fortune-teller for the costumer to leave in the middle of my fortune-telling like that.
I shall fix that by giving you my guidance then.

Misora - Really!!? Thank you so much!!

Akashikibu - So what do you want me to guide on?
Misora - Umm, well. I want you to...

tell me the whereabouts

Pg. 27
of Ginga who is the brother
to my friend, Daichi.

Akashikibu - Understood.
Well, let's see then.

I can see it really clearly.
Misora - Where...Where is he then...?

Akashikibu - That place is...

Pg. 28
inside your heart.

Misora - Inside my heart?...do you mean...
he's no longer in this world!?

Akashikibu - No, he's still alive.

Misora - Eh!...Then what do you mean by he's inside my heart?

Akashikibu - I'm saying that there's an answer inside your heart,
and that continues to swirl within your heart.

and inside that whirl lies the man named Ginga.
Misora - Somehow, I feel like I’m being tricked.

Pg. 29
Akashikibu - Qui

What's wrong?
You seem surprised.

Oh yes, and something about you came out with it as well.

Your name is Misora, a Blazer of
Section III Guardian.

Let me warn you to be careful,

since I also foresaw the warning that at this moment, your body...

Pg. 30-31
is going to freeze solid!!!

Pg. 32
Jonathan - Oh, you're back now?

Daichi - The Division Head is just as healthy as I thought.

Everyone's out?...Eh! Where's Misora?
Jonathan - She told me that she's going to somewhere not shady though...

Daichi - And I don't get any response from her communicator as well...

Jonathan - What is it? You're on a mission?
Daichi - Yeah.

Gosh, where'd she go off t-...

Got to be that fortune-teller again.

Pg. 33
What...is this...?

Just what the heck happened...


Pg. 34
Sign - Daichi-kun, your precious is in the mask shop.
Mask shop

Daichi - That Akashikibu girl really was
a Blazer of Quilin Realm!!

I'm sure that that red-hooded guy who attacked the Division Head is connected to Akashikibu as well.

They're trying to get me indirectly rather than coming face-to-face with me!!

Misora, please be safe!!!

Pg. 35
Is this the place!!?

Pg. 36
Misora, where are you!!!

So it's not the fortune-teller,
but you, the red-hooded guy!!?
??? - You're Daichi, correct?

Why don't you tell me your name
before asking me for my name then!!!

??? - Akashikibu-sama's guidance was really fabulous...
I got to do as she foretold me to do.

Pg. 37
Daichi - You're really from Quilin Realm, are you!!?
Where is Misora!!!

Dammit, this really has to turn out like this, huh!

??? - I have to do as told.
As Akashikibu-sama's guidance told me, I have to...

Pg. 38
bury my fangs into your legs!!!

Pg. 39
Daichi - THERE!!!

Pg. 40
A dog's mask?...No, a wolf's mask...?

I have to follow what Akashikibu-sama told me.
Have to follow her guidance
on everything,

or else I will never be "good"...

Pg. 41
I will never be able to pull off the wolf's hide and become a

The legs.
The legs.

“Follow her guidance on everything"!?
Then this guy was told to aim for my legs?

??? - I'm going to bite your legs off!!!

Daichi - Aren't you depending a bit too much on Akashikibu's guidance?
Can't you think for yourself!!!?

Pg. 42

Pg. 43
Damn you.

Let me see your real face then!!!

Pg. 44
You...Your face...
** The fearsome face hidden behind the mask!! The wolf who was bewildered by his fate bears his fangs towards Daichi!! **

Thank you for reading...

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#1. by zefur ()
Posted on Aug 7, 2009
If you prioritise the Thai when they have been updated will you still work on the English but a bit slower?

If thats the case then prioritise the Thai because there are many English translators and hardly any Thai that I know of and it will get to a wider audience that way
#2. by kakashi919 ()
Posted on Aug 7, 2009
yeah i agree with zefur... if you are still going to do the English translation, then you should prioritise the Thai translations. i honestly don't think it really matters when you release the translation, as long as it's done. thanks very much for the releases btw
#3. by foxthedoc ()
Posted on Aug 7, 2009
i think that u have to do what you like most. i presume that you are not paid for traslating a manga, so, if u prefer to traslate it in thai, i only have to thank you for your whole work and hope that someone picks this manga up.
thankyou again, and, while you can, keep on your good job!!!

bye bye and best whishes.
#4. by Alucar D raculA ()
Posted on Aug 10, 2009
I agree with the precedent posts.
If you want another English translator for BD, you should not be too fast to release an English translation.
Starting by Thai or English translation is your own decision. In my opinion, even waiting 2 or 3 more weeks for the English release is not a problem (we are not so much addicted^^). And I do not really care to know if our team will be the first one the release a scanlation.

I hope my English is comprehensible…

Thank you for this translation :)
#5. by winnkey ()
Posted on Aug 14, 2009
Hey, Im scanlating again not that you probably remember me :D

And i have never really had a problem with your translations. But that is because i dont look for errors, if i can understand it, thats great for me because i sure as hell cant understand Japanese. I dont really agree with what these people are saying, i say just do what you feel like doing. Tis always best.
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