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Buster Keel 10

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Aug 28, 2009 12:47 | Go to Buster Keel

-> RTS Page for Buster Keel 10

Since grafi mentioned it in mIRC... .-.

Sorry, some of the words might change from Lingwe's translations...:(


Please proofread before any uses.

Buster Keel
Burst 10 "Four of Us!!"

Pg. 1
The synchronizing melody brings forth infinite power!

Pg. 2
Kurokiri - Interesting. You two are power up with that girl's melody?

Ravi - Keel. Blue.

Kurokiri - But what do you think you can do just by standing back up?
I'd prefer that you don't say such shallow thing as defeating me all by yourself.

Even your only hope, Shiro, had become like that already.
Shiro - Kuh...

Keel - Oh, shut up...

Pg. 3
Keel + Blue - I'm going to
Keel - kick your ass!
Blue - eliminate you!

Keel + Blue - Huh!

Kurokiri - Impudent fools, not even realize the difference between our strength.

Blue - "Water Gun"!!
Kurokiri - Hm!!

Pg. 4
Keel - HAAAH!!

Kurokiri - Hmph!!


Blue - YAAH!!

Pg. 5

Kurokiri - A simultaneous attack from two sides...
Not bad at all...

Kurokiri - PERISH!!
Keel - GUWAAAH!!

Kurokiri - Too weak.

Pg. 6
Ravi - Keel, Blue!!

Kurokiri - What? Is that all you've got?
Keel - Kuh...

He seriously is strong...

Blue - ...Keel,

Keel - What!?

Blue - Can you buy me some time? Just 5 minutes...no, 3 minutes is enough.

Pg. 7
Keel - ...Hehe.

You ask a favor from me? What brings those words out of your mouth, huh?

3 minutes, right?

Don't get so cocky. I would've already defeated that guy by then.

Pg. 8
Blue - ...OK.

Kurokiri - Whatever you are planning at, that won't change the difference between us though.
Keel - Shut the...

fuck up!!

== Seal of Water Spirit

Pg. 9
Ravi - Blue!

Blue - Stand back. You'll get in my way.
Ravi - I-I'm sorry.

Ta-Take this!
Blue - Hm?

...Isn't that?

Ravi - The ring of pact. This enables the Melody Magic to be transferred directly to the one wearing it.

Pg. 10
I might be able to give you a little support, so...

I want to be able to help you two, even if just a little!!

Blue - I can wear this anywhere I want, can I?

Ravi - Ye-Yes! The size is adjustable.
Blue - Hm...

Pg. 11
Kurokiri - You think you can win me alone?

Keel - Tch.


Pg. 12
Kurokiri - You do have the strength,
but not the speed.

== First Demonic Blade Blow

...Such a persistant monkey.

Keel - Guh...

Pg. 13
Kurokiri - Kuku, your Dragonape arm isn't perfect after all.

I'm getting bored of you now. Parish already.

Keel - Fuck it...

Burst Musou!!

Pg. 14

Kurokiri - That technique...

Bursts up your arm and significantly increases your power and speed, but
that in fact is a technique of those who possesses large body such as Dragonape, no?

Will you, who's almost on the verge of death, be able to withstand the rebound of that attack?


Pg. 15
Kurokiri - Futile.

Keel - SHUT!!

Kurokiri - Hm!?

Keel - FIRE!!

Pg. 16
Kurokiri - What!!

Keel - SHUT!!

Kurokiri - He controls the explosion of his arm

to create a chained attack!!?
Keel - UWOOOO!!

Pg. 17-18


Pg. 19
Ravi - Awe-Awesome.

Keel - EAT THAT!!

Kurokiri - Kuku...

Keel - What!?


Pg. 20
Kurokiri - Let's see how long will that right arm last.

Keel - This guy...



Kurokiri - So you've reached your limit.


Pg. 21
== Demonic Duo Circular Slash

Keel - GAH!!

Ravi - Keel!!

Kurokiri - Well then...

Pg. 22
planning on using that magic again?

Your monkey friend who's buying time for you is no more though.

Blue - Kuh...
Just a little bit more...

Ravi - Let's do it, Mippy!!
Blue - Wha!!?
Mippy - OINK!!

Blue - Idiots!! Stay back!!

Ravi - If you need just a little more time, then I should be!!

Pg. 23
Kurokiri - Fools.


Ravi - Wha...

Kurokiri - What!?

Ravi - Keel!!

Keel - Ugh...

Pg. 24

Kurokiri - Ngh!!

Keel - Dammit...

I'll leave the rest to you, Blue..

Blue - OK.

Pg. 25

Kurokiri - Just when I thought what attack are you using,
it's that same ball of water as before.


Pg. 26
Blue - TAKE THIS!!

Pg. 27
Kurokiri - Nugh!!
== Water Dragon Emperor

Pg. 28
How bold...!!

Blue - Ugh...

Ravi - Growl, the pop of wave instrument. "AQUA DRIVE"!!!

Pg. 29-30
Blue - UWOO!!!

Kurokiri - What!!

Pg. 31
Blue - Bingo.

Pg. 32
Mippy - We did it-oink!!

Shiro - They indeed are good...

Keel - Hell...

You just took away my scene. Be thankful to me for that then.

Blue - ...Hm...

Pg. 33
Everyone - WHAT!!?

Pg. 34
Kurokiri - Despair gives courage to a coward...huh...?

Keel - Kuh...

Kurokiri - Looks like I've underestimated you.

Now, let me finish you off.

Pg. 35
Ravi - Heek!!
Mippy - Oink!!

Keel - This guy is totally a monster.

Blue - Kuh...

Kurokiri - Who should I start with?

Shiro - Halt, Kurokiri...!!
Kurokiri - ...Oh?

What're you planning at, Shiro?
Kuku, you want to fight with me with that body?

Pg. 36
Shiro - The divine instrument is yours now, so make your retreat, Kurokiri.

Keel - Old man!!?
Ravi - Shiro-san!!

Kurokiri - Stop saying such foolish things. For what reason do I have to retreat?
I can just take the divine instrument after I've killed all of you.

Shiro - I won't let you!!


Kurokiri - What!!?

Pg. 37

Pg. 38
Ravi - Shiro-san...
Mippy - Is that his real form-oink!?

Kurokiri - So what of it?
You think you can win me with that form?

Shiro - If you won't retreat,
then I shall force you out with my most powerful attack.

Ravi - Kya

Kurokiri - Kuh...

Fool, such massive attack
will surely harm everyone in here.

Pg. 39
Kurokiri - Hmph...

My job initially was to obtain the Divine Instrument...

What I did was indeed a little bit over the border.

Pg. 40
Firebird, Katyston. How much longer are you planning to pretend to be unconscious?
Firebird - Geh!!

He knew it!!
Katyston - Firebird was the one who suggested that idea, sir!!
Firebird - THAT'S DIRTY!!

Kurokiri - Just shut up and go get the Divine Instrument!
Katyston - Yessir!!
Firebird - Understood, sir!!

Kurokiri - To think you'll make such foolish act as to unleashing that suicidal attack...

It'd be lame if you think that'll really end our battle.
Shiro - Ngh...

Keel - Old man...

Firebird - Kurokiri-san, I've found it!!
Katyston - I was the one who found it, but Firebird took it awa-
Firebird - Shush!
Kurokiri - Hmph...

Pg. 41
Kurokiri – This indeed is a short meeting, but
do at least continue to live on, Shiro.

Shiro - Hold on! What are you going to do with those Divine Instruments!?

Kurokiri - And you think I'll tell you that?

Shiro – What’s this “Feast of Gods”?

Pg. 42
Katyston – Feast of Gods?
Firebird - Don't ask me.
Kurokiri - ...I see...

White Dragons are monsters that can read people's mind.
Shiro - What are you, the Ayakashi, planning at!?

Kurokiri - There's only one thing I can say...

Just enjoy the time for the feast to come.
Shiro - What...?

Kurokiri - Farewell.
Firebird - I'll get right back at you someday, idiots!

Pg. 43
Shiro - ...Kurokiri.

Ravi - Shiro-san...
Mippy - They took their treasures, oink~

Shiro - It's alright...

Mippy - We might actually defeat them if we all fight together, oink~

Shiro - I doubt that will work though...

Ravi - Blue!?

Pg. 44
Blue!! Keel!!

Shiro - It's good already that they're safe...

Keel - "Good", you said...?

Pg. 45
They got your treasure...and we can't even stand up against them...
How can that be considered as good, dammit all...

Ravi - Keel...

Narration - And the party managed to get Kurokiri to retreat.
What really are the Ayakashi planning on accomplished by gathering the Divine Instrument...?

** This "pain" marks the start of their comeback... **

Thank you for reading...

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#1. by graficool ()
Posted on Aug 28, 2009
so its my own fault that this translation was released too fast T_T
#2. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Aug 28, 2009
Well...sort of...since if I have nothing to t/l and someone asked me about the status ("how is ____?") nicely at that moment, then I got hyped to do it. Plus, once I get around 70% of it done (actually stopped at pg.38 after you mentioned it before I go to bed), I'll want to speed through and get the whole thing done. You mentioned about BK just right after I'm done with CB, so... .___."

*hide from grafi*
#3. by b0mb34man ()
Posted on Sep 1, 2009
Page 13:
Parish to Perish.

Page 22:
Ravi - If you need just a little more time, then I should help!!

I think that is it...
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