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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Kagijin 7

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Aug 29, 2009 19:26 | Go to Kagijin

-> RTS Page for Kagijin 7

Alright...now I can concentrate on CB(?)...

Please proofread before any uses.

Chapter 7 "The Swallow"

Pg. 1
Chapter 7 "The Swallow"

Their eyes are staring right ahead to the “future”!!

Pg. 2
Crockett - So you came out right in front of me...
just to save this girl only?

Tsubame - Yeah, what's wrong with that?
You've really taken care of her pretty well, haven't you...?

Trema - Tsubame...

Pg. 3
Crockett - ...What's wrong then?
You think you'll be able to stand against me without even taking your Kamui out, Tsubame...

the Kagijin
of "Dankuu"...!!!?

Trema - Ka...Kagi...jin!?

Crockett - Kukuku...
...I see...
You "can't" pull it out...can't you?

Pg. 4
The Kagijin's soul is what energizes the Kamui...
I've heard that "Dankuu's" Kamui has an ability to slash through space, but...
such powerful attack...it must have used up a lot of energy in each swing.

Looking from your Key of Dankuu...
it must've already reached its usage limit.

Tsubame - Tch...what's this...!!
He already knew it...?

Jilda - Tsubame!!
Don't let him pressure you!!

Crockett - ...Major...
I would never think that you'll actually point your sword at me...

Pg. 5
I've even embraced you in these arms of mine
while you were still an infant, Jilda...
and actually thought you'll grow up to be a wiser soldier than this...

Jilda - General Crockett, if you really are Dejanila's henchman,
then I shall slash you down without faltering!!

Trema - A soldier...Jilda...
is an imperial...soldier...!?

And Tsubame...is a Kagijin...!?
Tsubame - I didn't feel pressured or anything though!
Trema - This...can't be...


Crockett - Cut the throats of these rebels!

Pg. 6
Jilda - Sorry to have to deceive you, Trema.
I indeed am a person of an army.
Trema - Uuh...!!

Crockett - You are a disgrace to the noble family of Portman, Jilda.
Your father must be weeping in that world!!

Jilda - It wouldn't be good if you misunderstood me, General!
I...have no intention to betray the empire.

I merely just want to change
my fatherland back to what it was before.

Solider - UWOOOO

Jilda - I will overthrow the one who makes the emperor his puppet,
and cause the chaos within the country with the power of the Key.

Pg. 7
I will defeat that Dejanila!!!

Trema - JILDAAA~~!!
Tsubame - Trema, this way!!

Crockett - ...Oh?...
Your opponent here is me.

Pg. 8
It's not like you aren't running,
Tsubame - Huh!?

Pg. 9
but more like you can't run!!!!

Pg. 10
Trema - TSUBAME~~

Tsubame - Ouch...!!

did hurt.
Heck...I'm in trouble now...

My left arm...won't work anymore...!!

General Crockett...damn you old man~
Since he isn't a Kagijin...I thought I might get something to work out...!!

That "Iron Arm"

Pg. 11
really monstrous...


Crockett - It's futile.

Tsubame - Dammit!


Pg. 12
Trema - Please...just let go of Tsubame and Jilda...!!
These two...they didn't do anything wrong, didn't they!!

Tsubame - Move out, Trema...
You're in the way...

Trema - I'm begging you. Cro...Crockett...sama...

Tsubame - Move out...!!

Trema - Please...
just let them go...

Crockett - If you just sit down and watch silently, I would've made you into Dejanila's guinea pig...

Tsubame - Don't...
Don't, Crockett...

Pg. 13
Crockett - But if you dare interfere,
you'll be nothing more than wasted garbage.

Tsubame - ...Stop it...

Crockett - Begone now,
you foolish beast.

Tsubame - I SAID STOP IT~~

Pg. 14

Crockett - What!?

Trema - Tsu...Tsubame...

Tsubame - ...You really are a troublesome one there...Trema...

Pg. 15
Who told you that I want this kind of guy to have any mercy for me...?
I didn't intend to run away in the very first place...

Crockett - ...Hoho...!! That's quite surprising...
You can still pull out your Kamui...!!!?

Tsubame - Guh...!!
Crockett - But you're weak...still too weak!!
I can see that you can't even keep it in its real form...

The most effective tactic to use against the Kagijin,
to destroy their weapon!!

Tsubame - Kuh...
Crockett - Since the destroyed Kamui will revert back to the Key!

Pg. 16
That blunt blade won't even create a scratch upon my iron arm!
Now, let me scatter you
along with your Kamui!!!

Trema - Enough already...I didn't wish for that!!
You don't have died for my sake~~

Crockett - A pity for you, since you can no longer make your escape.

You're already!!

Pg. 17
Trema - NOOOOOOO!!!


Tsubame - I did say...that I won't run away anymore...
didn't I?...Trema...

Crockett - Hm!?

Tsubame - I can't...

Crockett - Wha...What's this!?
The cracks on his blade...are all gone!?

Tsubame - in the place like this.

Pg. 18
Crockett - Impossible!!!

Pg. 19
** His soul will never be gone! SMASH IT DOWN!! **

His crumbling Kamui...
restored itself...!!?

The Kamui
is the power of the soul.

Then this man's soul
is indeed

Tsubame - I'm Tsubame, a swallow.
Tough luck for you though...I'm not the bird you can put in your cage.

Chapter 7 / END
Next chapter, the imperial Kagijins finally made their appearance!!

Thank you for reading...

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#1. by lgarcesg ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2009
Thx for the translations ^^

Keep up the good work
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