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Buster Keel 11

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Sep 25, 2009 04:55 | Go to Buster Keel

-> RTS Page for Buster Keel 11

Already told unok that I won't wait anymore...once BD is done, I'll get this up right with it, since I actually had it done almost two weeks ago (unok asked me if I can wait for him, since he still can't find time to clean it...I told him that I'll pull it back till I'm done with BD and FLAGS to put them all up together, but...come to think of it, this chapter is last month's. The more appropriate chunking would be BK12, BD18 and FLAGS5...too long wait isn't good either, especially with the manga that I currently have no plan in dropping...-_-"). After all...so many pm's asking me to put this up already...-_-"

Plus...with a huge storm of exams to come...no, I can't wait for another one month to get all my exams done first to post something that I've finished long ago just for the sake of batching things up. After all, I don't think I'll be translating FLAGS till after the exam for sure...-_-"

...Alright, change my mind, BD will come with FLAGS then...and BK after that...-_-"

Please proofread before using.

Buster Keel
Burst 11 "Welcome to the Jungle"

Pg. 1
** Recharge the adventurer's spirit and fly off to the new horizon!! **

Pg. 2
Banananman - Hi there! I'm the ally of all starving children, Banananman!!

Keel - Ba-Bananan...!?

You'll give me a banana then!?
Banananman - Of course! There, eat my face!
Keel - Your face!!?

Pg. 3
Banananman - GAAAAH!!
Keel - Eh!!?



Kurokiri - You weakling don't have what's required to eat the Banana.

Banananman - [So-Someone,
give me a new face...]

Keel - Kuh...


Pg. 4

Clock - It's 10AM-kuma.
It's 10AM, dumbass.

Ravi - Keel!!
Keel - Hm?

Ravi - Thanks God~ I was really worried that you won't wake up again.
Mippy - Good God, oink~

Keel - Then that Banananman was a dream...?
Ravi - Banananman?

Pg. 5
Ravi - You can take your time. No one's going to steal your food.
Mippy - Aaah, that's my Potato Chipch!!

Keel - *munch*...I was sleeping *munch* *munch*...for 3 days...?
Ravi - Yeah, Blue just woke up yesterday too.

Keel - Heh...

Mippy - *chomp*!!
Keel - WHAAAAA!!

Pg. 6
How dare you eat my banana~~!!
Mippy - But you're the one who ate my chips first, oink!
Ravi - Stop it!!

Keel - Keh.
Ravi - I can always buy the new ones for you.

Keel - And how's he then?
Ravi - Eh?

Keel - How's the old man?

Shiro - Don't overdo yourself.

Pg. 7
Blue - My body will become stiff if I sleep all day.
Shiro - Hm...

But you did use that large scale of magic consecutively. Why not just take some rest?

Blue - Large scale, huh...?

But none of those work on him...

Shiro - Nh!!
Blue - Hm?

Pg. 8
Keel - Old man!!
Blue - Beh!!

Shiro - Fofo, you're awake now?

Keel - What's that "fofo", dumbass!!
Ravi - Keel, wear your trouser, please!
Mippy - [Mine is just a diaper though, oink~]

Keel - How dare you let him take your Jingi so easily?
== Jingi = Divine instrument...*sigh at how bad I am with consistency*

Shiro - Isn't this good already?
Keel - Wasn't that important to you?

Shiro - My treasure is the memory of our search for that Jingi.
One Jingi can save many lives. Judy won't be at all mad with that.

Pg. 9
Keel - But this isn't good for me though, dumbass!!
Shiro - Hm!?

Keel - I hate being in other people's debt!!

Who cares if they're the Shikyou or Ayakashi.
== Shikyou = Four Malices

I'll take back that Jingi!!

I'll beat the crap out of that black guy, and return your debt!!!

Pg. 10
Shiro - ...Hm.

Keel - Beh!!


Blue - I'll be the one to defeat Kurokiri.

Keel - What'd you say!!?
Blue - Hmph, annoying jerk.
Ravi - Cut it out, you two.

Shiro - They still only think about winning him
even after witnessing his power?

These kids are indeed marvelous.

Pg. 11
But with your current skills, you can never defeat Kurokiri.
Keel - Say what, old man!!?

Shiro - You should know your difference the best after that fight, do you not!?

Keel - Ugh...

Shut up!! I can get him in one hit if I'm back to normal, dammit!!
Shiro - Hm...

Blue - Then get back already.
Keel - I would already if I can, you piece of shit.

Shiro - Ravi, where did you get that song that reverts Keel's arm back to normal?
Ravi - I heard it from Shiva.
Keel - [You kappa.]
Blue - [Who'd you call kappa, dork.]

Pg. 12
Ravi - The melody is beautiful, so I I memorized it after listening to it again and again.

Shiro - What...?

Keel - [Then play the whole song, bitch!!]
Ravi - [Why you!!]

Shiro - She can play it just by listening to it!!? Even if it's just a small part of it, that's a "Lost Melody Magic"...!!


Ravi - Yes?

Pg. 13
Shiro - you can have this.

Ravi - Th-This is?
Mippy - [Raccoon cover design, oink.]

Shiro - The manuscript of the seal melody.

Ravi - Eh!!?

Keel - Then that means...!!
Ravi - If I play it...

Pg. 14
Keel - I can revert back to being a Dragonape.

Play it, Ravi. Play it right now!!

Shiro - Indeed. If that gets played, then you'll be back to your original form...


that's if she can play it though.

Pg. 15
Keel - What!!?
Ravi - ...I can't.

Keel - Eh!?

Ravi - Shiva can play this incredible melody...?

There's no way I can play this.

Keel - What...

What'd you mean by you can't? PLAY IT, STUPID!!
Ravi - FUGHA. S-Stop it!!

Shiro - As I said...

Pg. 16
the seal melody became a "Lost Melody Magic"
it's so difficult that no one can play it.

It's not something that can be used easily.

Keel - ...What the heck...dammit...

Mippy - You can't defeat Kurokiri without changing back to Dragonape, oink?
Keel - Tch, there got to be some other ways to become stronger.

Blue - Like training...?
Keel - Huh?

Shiro - Hm.
Keel - Training, huh?

Never thought you'd be the type to suggest that.

Ravi - But even so, how can we train then...

Pg. 17
Mippy - It'd be good if you can teach us all, Shiro-jichan, oink!!
Shiro - Fofo, I have no experience at teaching though.

Ravi - A teacher, hm...

Say, Keel's Musouryuu is...
Keel - Ugh!!
== Musouryuu = Freehand battle style (eg. punching, kicking)

I-I don't have a teacher. That ridiculously strong, violent, annoying hag can never be...!!

Blue+Ravi - So you do have one.
Keel - Ngh!!?

Shiro - Fofo, so you really are that woman's disciple.
Keel - You knew her!?

Pg. 18
She's the world's best fighter who uses Musouryuu, the one who's entitled as "Kokushi Musou",
one of the heroes in the Great Shikyou War.
== Kokushi Musou = "Patriotic Fighter"

Ravi - And you're a student of that great person!?

Keel - Hah, I can become stronger even without having to borrow her hands.

Shiro - You want to win, don't you!?

Pg. 19
A monster in human body can never stand against those Shikyou...

Your teacher, a human, can fight on par with them.

Go to her, and you're certain to become stronger.
Keel - Tch...

Pg. 20
Sorry, but I don't know where she is though.
Shiro - But I do.

Keel - Dang it!
Ravi - You really don't want to meet her, don't you?

Blue - Where can we meet her then?
Shiro - At Shinaz Island.

Picture - Shinaz Island
Shiro - That island is a home to many endangered species of monsters, lying north-west from here.
It is also enlisted as one of the highest ranking reserved area by the Adventures Associates.

Are you going to go there then?

Pg. 21
Blue - Yes, if it means I can become stronger.

Ravi - I'll go to!
Mippy - Oink!

Keel - ...Damn.

Shiro - Alright.

Pg. 22
Ravi - And for that, we started preparing to head out to our next destination.
[Hey, you two~ Stop playing and help me pack things up!]
Keel - [Give me back my banana!]
Mippy - [Oink~]

Shiro - [How is it? The vest made from dragon's materials.]
Blue - [Not bad.]
Ravi - Shiro-san gave Keel and Blue his clothes as presents.

But Keel rejected it like a spoiled kid.
Keel - [I'm already fine with this. No way in hell will I wear that old-fashioned clothes!]
Ravi - [I really don't know what to do with you. Fine then,
give it to me. I'll fix it for you.]

And finally, it's time for us to depart to Shinaz Island where Keel's teacher is. I wonder what she will be like.

Pg. 23
Shiro - Everyone's ready?
Keel - Yeah!

Ravi - Talking about Shinaz Island, we must get the ship to go there, right?
Keel - Ship, huh? Great,
now we'll see some guy puking all the way there.

Shiro - Shinaz Island is a highest ranking reserved area. You can’t go there without consent from Adventurer Associates.
Keel - Consent!?

But even with the consent, since it's the highest ranking reserved area, your party level must be at least 50...

Shiro - Well, but guess we’ll overlook for today then.
Keel - Overlook?

Pg. 24-25

Mippy - Oink!!

Pg. 26
Shiro - We won't need the consent if we're going by air.

Ravi - This is awesome. I never dreamed that I'll be able to ride on the dragon's back like this!!
Mippy - It's quite scary, but this is really fun, oink!!

Keel - UKEEEEH!!
Ravi - Keel, be careful!!

Keel - Idiot, like I'll fall down so easily...

Ravi - KEEL!!

Pg. 27
Shiro - You better cling on a bit more tightly.
Keel - Thanks, old man.
Ravi - Gosh~
Blue - Stupid.

Ravi - But thank you very much for your trouble, Shiro-san.
Shiro - It's fine.
I haven't been flying for quite a while now too. It feels really good.

Keel - Yeah, I'm feeling super good!
Ravi - I said sit down!!
Blue - Such a brat.

Mippy - Oink!! I see an island, oink!!

Ravi - Shiro-san, is that...!!
Shiro - Yes. That's it.

Pg. 28
It's the Shinaz Island.

Keel - And you're sure that she's really there~

Blue - Huh!?

Hey, there's something coming from that island...
Shiro - Hm!?

Pg. 29


Pg. 30

Ravi - KYAA!!
Mippy - Oink!

Shiro - Kuh.

Everyone's alright!?

Pg. 31
Ravi - Ye-yes.
Mippy - Oink~
[I almost wet my panty, oink~]

Shiro - But who would have...

Blue - ...Hey,

that jerk is gone.
Ravi - Eh!?
Mippy - Keel is gone, oink!!
Shiro - What!!?

Ravi - Keel!!

Pg. 32
Keel - Ouch...ouch...

Pg. 33

Is this the Shinaz Island?

Pg. 34

Pg. 35
Monster - GUGAAAH!!
Keel - Whoa!!

Shiro - [There are many rare and powerful monsters living on Shinaz Island, so be really careful.]

Monster - GAAA!!
Keel - Uwa!!

Pg. 36
Monster - GUGAAAH!!

Keel - Don't be so full of yourself!!


Shiro - [Keel, don't use your right arm. If you fight with it while it still doesn't heal, you might end up breaking it and can never use it again.]

Pg. 37
Keel - Damn.

Monster - GUEH!!

Keel - You weakling better just lie down there!!

Monster - GUGAAAAH!!
Keel - What!!!

Pg. 38

What are you, a dango worm?


It’s tough!!

Pg. 39

You damn...!!

Ravi, my right arm!!!
I'll kick this thing's ass along with its shell!!

Pg. 40
But Ravi isn't even here!!
And I was told not to use my right arm!!

Monster - GAAAAH!!

Keel - Fine. I'll just use this then...

== Claw Cannon

Pg. 41


[This isn't good...]

Sarah - You called that a Gahou?

Keel - Eh!?

Pg. 42-43
Sarah - "GAHOU"!!!

Monster - GUEH!!!

Keel - What...

Pg. 44
Sarah - Just when I come to see what's with the commotion,
isn't that the good-for-nothing monkey I'm seeing here?

Keel - Hehe...there comes the worst of it all, huh?

Seems like you haven't changed one single bit there...

Pg. 45
Just how old exactly are you now, damn hag!!
Sarah - You dare asking a lady her age? Want me to kick your ass, Keel?
** A mysterious beauty in the hidden forest. Is this woman Keel's teacher...!? **

Thank you for reading...

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#1. by Manylemons ()
Posted on Oct 6, 2009
I'd love to edit this chapter but I can't find the raw. D:
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