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Kagijin 11

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Sep 29, 2009 03:09 | Go to Kagijin

-> RTS Page for Kagijin 11

Sorry for being late...I got a report to finish, so...>_<"

But...this chapter of Kagijin made me think of two things. One, Tsubame does somewhat seem like Yuri Lowell, from Tales of Vesperia...and Asura just matches with Zagi...("I'm burning...I'm burning up now! Don't let this end so quickly, got it? I haven't feel like this for so long!!!"...right after Yuri cut him...XD )

And two...Kagijin might be in a lot safer condition if it's in Rival...at least the requirement is met now...I think...>_>"

Please proofread before any use.

Chapter 11 "What lies beside death"

Pg. 1
Asura – I can hear that big talk you made about beating
all the Kagijins way down the hallway.
Guess you're just my type...you sure are one interesting guy.

Tsubame - [That strongest Kagijin Jilda was talking about...]
[Of all the people, that great Asura-sama just has to come himself, huh...!!]
I’ll take any Kagijin that appears
before me as my enemy though…?

** The first Kagijin that appears before Tsubame...is the 'strongest' of all, Asura!! His ferocity is aiming for Tsubame!! **

Pg. 2
Asura - Hah, awesome...I really like that attitude...
I'll show you now then. The battle between "you"
and "me".

Jilda - [Don't you even think of fighting him,]
[just make your run with all your might.]
Tsubame - [Aren't we supposed to give them the answer tomorrow, dammit!!]
[Battle!? Just what's this guy think he's doing...!!]
What the hell...

[Key of "Shi"...!!]
[What's its power!? But looking at the name, this doesn't sound good...]

Asura - Just poke the key into the hole already, Nyx!!
You do know that I can't reach the keyhole myself!!!
Nyx - Well...I was just wondering what I should do while looking at you, so…
Asura - WHAT!?
Nyx - I'm just joking! Asura-sama, your coolness just stunned me~~!!

Pg. 3
Jilda - [just make your run with all your might.]
Tsubame - ...Don't underestimate me.

[Kamui of "Dankuu"]

Asura - Oh?


Pg. 4
** The gleaming power, the glittering thoughts. **

Chapter 11 What lies beside death

Pg. 5
Asura – An endless-ranged attack that cuts through anything the user sees,
It certainly is a fearsome attack, but

Disadvantage no.1:
It's a "Battoujutsu" that can only activate upon drawing out the sword.
Anyone can know when it is coming just by looking at the pose.
== Battoujutsu = The art of drawing out the sword

Pg. 6-7
Asura - That was REALLY close!! Just a little slower and I would be chopped to two pieces, Nyx!!
Nyx - Whoops, sorry~!

If I hide behind something like this, your attack won't reach me...
That's disadvantage no.2.

Tsubame - Thanks for your kind explanation...!!

Asura - I'd be at the disadvantage in the long-ranged battle.
So if I can keep my distance close, it'll be an easy victory for me.

[Lord of Thanatos!!!]

Tsubame - It...It transformed!?

And the 3rd and worst disadvantage,

Pg. 8

Pg. 9
Jilda - ...The secret meeting point with the Resistance,
25 o'clock at the "library."

No one's here...?
No...this is-

Pg. 10
the smell of blood...!?

...!!! This can't be...My bad feeling was really correct...
Many people had died here, undoubtedly.

Karf - Tough luck for you, since no one is going to come,

taken that the Resistance was already massacred!!

Pg. 11
Fufu...but I'm not the one who killed them though, so don't resent me, Major.

But I was the one telling them off.

Jilda - The Key of "Sekai"
== Sekai = World

Karf - Aha.

[Kamui of "Sekai"]
Nothing can ever hide from my eyes.
[World Telescope]

Pg. 12
If I let this thing eat any part of my target's body, I can always have a look on what is around my target.
Good, isn't it?
And 2 months ago, I managed to get one of your hairs from inside your room.

Dejanila-sama had always suspect that you're connected to the Resistance.

So I always keep my look on you...fufu...
even when you went into the toilet,
or washed yourself in the bath.

Jilda - ...So that's why you were able to see through our movement...
[But that person's Kamui...!! It's not an attack-type!]

Pg. 13
Karf - And that food Trema-san made

was it delicious?
Jilda - You...

You fairly got us trapped then...
Are you here to finish me off as well!?

Karf - Oh, no, no~
I won't kill you just yet.
Tomorrow...if you make a sincere vow to serve under Dejanila-sama, your act of treason will be forgiven!
But if Tsubame rejects Dejanila-sama's invitation...

I'll let you have your painful death with him right then.

Jilda - [So if we reject, he's going to send both of us to afterlife...!!]
Are you trying to threaten me!?

...And...the "Emperor"

Pg. 14

Pg. 15
What if I say, His Imperial shall lost his life if you refuse...what'll you say?
We don't care if that guy lives or dies anyway,

but you do, do you not?

-- Gappia Empire, the 12th Emperor: Aldebaran Domitianus Gappia --

Jilda - You guys...
are planning on a coup de'tah...?

Karf - Fufu...think carefully before giving your answer then!
I'm here tonight just to tell you that.
Jilda - Wa...Wait!!

Oh yes!
By the way, seems like your best friend, Tsubame-san...

Pg. 16
is fighting
with Asura right now though?

Jilda – [Wha...]
[What'd you say!?]

Pg. 17
Tsubame - Whoa.

Asura - What's wrong? Your power isn't weak like that, no?
Fight seriously already!!

Stop wasting your energy.
Try shooting that out again then, your Zettoukuusen!!

Tsubame - That damn~

Nyx - Asura-sama!!
Asura - Huh?


Tsubame - Hehe...

Asura - [...!! That attack just now...]
[It broke through my guard!!?]

Pg. 18
[Damn you, Karf...didn't you tell me that I can block it!!?]

Kuhahahaha!! If I'd be someone else, I would have died, huh!!
This isn't good...this freaking isn't good~ It's like what they said, right!!

In battle,
there got to be an exchange of lives!!

You really had done it, Tsubame!! You topped the response timing of “Lord of Thanatos”!!
It has been a long while. Just look, Nyx! Kuhahaha
This guy...he just made me injured!!!

[This guy's power had reached me!]

Pg. 19
I'll make you my rival!!

Tsubame - [Huh!? That guy]
[he was pleased of feeling the pain?...what a freak!!]
Wha...What the hell...!?

Asura - Turn it down,

Your reply tomorrow...just "turn down" Dejanila's request!!
If you become my ally, I can never fight with you again, can I, Tsubame!
...Be my enemy!!
** The carnage of the thirst for battle!! **

Chapter 11 / END
Next chapter, the battle is raging!! And another new Kagijin has made an appearance!?

Thank you for reading...

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