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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Kagijin 12

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Oct 8, 2009 07:19 | Go to Kagijin

-> RTS Page for Kagijin 12

One week late, are we...? Sorry, I lack the motivation lately. Promised myself to get things done, yet can't get a thing done...-_-"

Funny how watching anime and translating at the same times help a lot though...even if the anime is not related to the manga I'm translating at all...-_-"

Please proofread before any use.

Chapter 12 "The Sword"

Pg. 1
Sirius - That damn Asura,
how many times do I have to tell him to stop it?
It's just as if he didn't listen to my order at all...

** A fierce clash in the castle...Tsubame against Asura! One man reluctantly is moaning of that... **

Pg. 2
Such a pain,
having to have a trouble maker in my troop...
The senate did say to treat "Dankuu"
as a guest for the time being, huh?

Pg. 3
Guess I really am supposed to go stop them then,
since I'm the captain...
Well...what do you think?
[Imperial Army, Kagijin Unit: Sirius Troop's captain: Sirius Jaggira]


Karf isn't around as well, no?
Geez~ I don't like taking responsibility too~~

Pg. 4
You're listening to me? Sedew-chan!


Ah, look, an UFO!!

...you're ignoring me?

Sorry for bothering you when you're thinking on stuff, but
I feel kind of bad having to go alone, kay~?
Since my troop is just full of trouble makers...
Will you go to stop Asura with me, Sedew-chan...? [I'll give you this if you go.]

Sedew - I beg my pardon.
Un-...Understood, Captain Sirius!

Pg. 5
Chapter 12 The Sword
** "The card that destroys all things", "the card that protects all things"...these two cards shall never coexist!! **

Pg. 6
Asura - Hey, hey, what's wrong now, Tsubame?
You're backing away!!

What are you...a sword amateur...!!?

Tsubame - [Damn that guy's Kamui!!]
[My "Haruhayate" is tattered just by crossing sword with him...!!]

Pg. 7
Nyx - Wait, Asura-sama. I think you meddle with him enough now, so enough already~
He'll die if you bully him more than this!
"No fighting among Kagijins" is one of the rules of our troops, right!
We'll be in trouble if we end up killing him...

Asura - ...Tch!

Tsubame - [His Kamui-]

Asura - Shut up, Nyx!!
What are you, my teacher? Who cares about those stupid rules...?
As long as I have fun, I'm totally fine with anything!!
Tsubame - [is getting smaller...!?]

Asura - ...But I'm pissing now.
Was that shot before just a fluke?
You're just completely different now, huh?

Pg. 8
After you drew it out!!!

Tsubame - ...Ugh!!

Asura - Lord of Thanatos is withering...
It's getting blunt because you're being such a wimp
that it doesn't want to show its edge more than just this now...!!

Tsubame - [Just this...?]
[Isn't this bad enough already...!?]

Pg. 9
Asura - My Kamui, Lord of Thanatos,
is a Kamui that change shape according to the "threat" it faces.

If the threat is immense, then it'll become big...
In another word,
if my opponent is strong, then it'll become strong!!
I'll become strong.

Let me have more fun, Tsubame.
I don't want a wimp as my enemy!!

Pg. 10
Let me taste that thrill of death again.
I lost my hype to kill you if you're weak like right now...

Nyx - [I said...don' kill him...]

Asura - Sheath your sword,
...and shoot it at me again...
your Zettoukuusen.

Tsubame - ...Heh...
You sure of this?
[He is testing me?...Geez, he's really getting on my nerve!]
[I'll give him one blow then...!!]
[But I doubt the same trick will work twice, taken that my enemy is him...]

Asura - Any time you want.

Pg. 11
Tsubame - [My limit...is 2 swings of Zettoukuusen per day only...]
[If the next one miss, then I'm done for it!!]

Jilda - ["Don't let your enemy pressure you!! Tsubame!!"]

Tsubame - [Hmph! I know!!]

Asura - What're you waiting for!
Didn't you say you'll defeat all the Kagijins!?

Tsubame - [I can't use Zettoukuusen]

Asura - [He threw the sheath away!?]

Pg. 12
Want to cross sword with me again!?

Tsubame - UWOOOOOOO!!

Tsubame - ...Dam...Dammit!!

Pg. 13
Jilda - No. Still no good!!
This will never do!!
Your sword style and your body movement aren't good enough yet!

You'll end up losing to your emotion before getting anything done.
Don't let your enemy pressure you!! Tsubame!!

Tsubame - Shit, I can't win at all.
Ze-...0 win 12 lose already...?

The characteristics each of the Keys holds is Kagijin's power...
but the shape the Kamui takes all depends on the user.
Since Dankuu's Kamui, which can slash through dimension, takes shape of the sword, it would mean your soul had chosen it to be so.

Jilda - Yet, you just lack the talent for sword that I'm amazed!!
Tsubame - Shu-...Shut up!!

Sword is to be swung by the user's "will."

You can't swing it just with your arm.

Pg. 14
Right now, you're just a coward, being frightened by you enemy!!
Tsubame - Why you...!!
Jilda - The sword with no will will never reach the opponent.

All the skills come after that.

Show me your will right now,

Pg. 15
Asura - [What!?]
[Lord of Thanatos is-]


Jilda - No matter how strong the enemy is,
you'll never run away:
That's how you always are...

Is that your will then?

[Then put that will into your sword.]
[If you do so,]

Pg. 16
[your blade will reach]
[your opponent!!]

Tsubame - Argh!?
[It...It doesn't work!?]

Pg. 17
Asura - Tsubame's sword style had changed!?

Nyx - Asura-sama!?

Asura - Lord of Thanatos...is rustling...
Its shape is twisted? This never happened before...You're...frightened?

No!! You're excited, no!?
Since you're the same as me!!!

I do see that he got passed you.
Tsubame of "Dankuu",
== Just to avoid confusion, "you" in here actually means Lord of Thanatos.

Pg. 18-19
that guy...
still hid such an incredible power from us, huh!!
** Tsubame...awakened!! The fight is coming to the finale!! **

Tsubame - I'll make you regret trying to test me...
You'll be the first Kagijin I defeat, Asura...!!

Asura - Kuahaha!
So you can still make me have some fun, huh!!?

Chapter 12 / END
Next chapter, the clash finally comes to the conclusion!! What shall be the fate of Tsubame and Jilda...!?

Thank you for reading...

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#1. by 88 Movement ()
Posted on Oct 8, 2009
This manga will be great.
#2. by cheesepakegrat ()
Posted on Oct 8, 2009
Level [C] Translator

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