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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Blazer Drive 18

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Oct 8, 2009 18:11 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 18

I've been holding this for a whole month, hm...? Well, it's nothing compared to how long I've been holding this for Thai...

I don't know if this will have any effect, but...I think from next chapter on, no matter what, I'm prioritizing FLAGS and Buster Keel over this. Well...with the raw coming hard now, it's probably more because of that that the whole magazine just froze, I guess. One month overdued, yet no translator jumped at it...:S

FLAGS will come tomorrow's morning for sure. I'll try to get Buster Keel in sometimes, but won't make any promise. (FLAGS is almost done. Just need to recheck, but I've to go to bed now, so...later...-_-")

Please proofread before any use.

Blazer Drive
18th BLAZE "The Ice Witch"

Pg. 1
The Prajna dances onwards with her freezing soul.

Pg. 2
Daichi – The face behind that wolf mask…
is also a wolf!?

??? - Those eyes, the eyes that stare at me as if I'm a monster, just like everyone else.
Some years back, my face was actually of a human.
Daichi - But how did it...

??? - It's all because of my past life.
All I can do is just to remind myself that this is a wolf's face.

Pg. 3
So you turned toward fortune-telling for answer instead?

Akashikibu-sama is the only one who really looks at me, unlike all of you!!
She's the only one who's willing to help guide me!!!

My bond with her isn't just a usual one,
I've received my fortune from her way before I became like this.

Why I became like this is all because of my misfortune.
I no longer believe in my own decision.

Daichi - So you will do anything fortune teller tells you without even thinking?
Isn't the cause of that appearance more because you never think for yourself?

??? - ...Shut up...
Shut up!!!

Daichi - Where's my friend? Where's Misora!!!?

Pg. 4
??? - Why should I know!!
All I was told is to bite off your legs!!!

Daichi - Oh, I see. So, you're that woman's stupid puppet!!
Then spit it out!! Where's Akashikibu!!?

??? - SHUT UP!!
You'll never understand how I feel!

Pg. 5
Sign - Akashikibu

Akashikibu - Die.
Don't die.

Pg. 6
Don't die.


Misora - Kuh, my legs are stuck...!
Akashikibu - Oh.

Tengoku - I can't move a single inch.
Misora - You really took me by surprise...

Akashikibu - The flower fortune tells me that Misora-san's fate...

Pg. 7
is death.

Misora – That’s horrible of you, judging someone's life by fortune telling like that.
Too bad though. I do have a Fire Mysticker with me.

What!? The ice doesn't melt!!

Akashikibu - You think that ice is just a normal ice?

Quilin Mysticker,
the Blue Shouko's ice will never melt.
It's an everlasting ice!

Pg. 8
Misora - Who would have thought that that famous fortune teller
Akashikibu-sama would be in the Quilin Realm.

Akashikibu - That's just the name I used on the surface.
Whenever this Akashikibu uses the Blue Shouko,

my real name becomes the product of red and blue mixing together.
One of the Five Pillars of Quilin Realm,
== Aka in Akashikibu = Red

Murasakishikibu. That's my real name.
== Murasaki = Violet

Pg. 9
Misora - What are you all planning at!?
What are you planning to do with Daichi!!!

Murasakishikibu - It's unsightly for women to make fuzz.
It's when they kneel down in fright and despair, begging for their lives that makes them beautiful.

If I don't freeze that very instance for eternity,
then my collection will be of no value.

Misora - You mean all these ice statues are...!!

Murasakishikibu - Even the freshest flower possesses no beauty.
Why? Because it will wither in no time.

The real beauty of this flower is...

how it will stay for eternity.

Pg. 10
Tengoku - She froze the flower without doing anything!!
Not only her ice, but her very own body is as cold as liquid nitrogen!!

She can take us out just by touching us.
Misora - Is this also the ability of the Shouko Mysticker!!?

Murasakishikibu - Misora-san, right now, you'll be
our foal to make Daichi-kun awake.

Misora - Make Daichi awake!?

What do you mean by that!?

Murasakishikibu - If I show your "gorgeous appearance" to Daichi-kun,
Probably, I’ll be able to draw some of his power out.

His power...
the power that "gives birth" to Mysticker!

Pg. 11
Misora - What!!?...Daichi has that kind of power!!?

Daichi - He was saying something that I just can't understand,
something like they want the power inside me that I didn't know that I have.
== Sorry, my memory is horrible after all. I know that it's said somewhere before, but I just can't remember which chapter was it. Sorry...

Murasakishikibu - We, the Quilin Realm, have always longed for that power.

If we can get many supreme Mystickers
that are only one of their kinds in our hands,

Our Quilin Realm can finally
become a real realm as our name says.

Misora-san, your foothold will make you beautiful
just like all of these, so please be proud.

Misora - Be proud in what?
Murasakishikibu - Women long for an eternal beauty in exchange with death more than even aging down.

Pg. 12
Leave me out of that ‘die and become immortal’ talk.
I do want to live.

Sakura is beautiful because they all bloom all at once just in their short while.

Same goes for us, humans.
Your action and mindset are just crazy.

Let me tell you one fortune then. Daichi is coming to save me.
That's the fortune I'll tell.

Murasakishikibu - Fufu, such foolish prediction.
To control people itself makes the true fortune telling.

People have always depended on fortune telling for their lives,
and if I can make use of that,

Pg. 13
I can make the nearer path towards the Quilin Realm's ideal world.
I'm merely using that as a mean to get to there.

??? - Akashikibu-sama,

I've done as you've told.

Murasakishikibu - Very good.

Misora - Who's that!? Her comrade from the Quilin Realm!?

Murasakishikibu - Fufufufu, I'm sorry for you, Misora-san,
but it would seem that your prediction is off!!

Pg. 14

Tengoku - I can't open my mouth!!

Pg. 15

Pg. 16
Daichi - Nah, looks like Misora's prediction is correct.

Murasakishikibu - You

Misora - Daichi!!

Pg. 17
Daichi - Don't you underestimate me.
This kind of trick will never work on me.
??? - What's that on your left arm!?

Daichi - My turn now. I'll make you spit out Akashikibu's whereabouts.

Murasakishikibu - So it really is too much for her.

I can't gather the combat data of this Wolfjack that I put on her as well.
How disappointing.

Daichi - Combat data? What are you talking about!?

Murasakishikibu - I'm talking about the combat and reaction data of
this irreplaceable treasure we, Quilin Realm, developed, the improved Shapeshifting Mysticker.

Pg. 18
Daichi - Don't tell me that you

Murasakishikibu - Yes. That girl is an unfortunate Blazer that we have chosen as our test subject.

Though it is powerful, Wolfjack's rebound effect is not being to change back even after it peeled off.
There's still room for its improvement.

Daichi - Hey, you hear that now, right?

??? - Akashikibu-sama, was that all true...?

Pg. 19
Daichi - I have her tied up and hid at the back to let her hear your true thoughts.
Murasakishikibu - Oh my, you didn't kill her?

??? - I don't want to be weak anymore!!
Akashikibu - Understood. Let me give you something good then.

This magical sticker will make your dream self come true when pasted on your body.
This is especially for you...so you can have it.

??? - Oh, marvelous!!
Thank you very much, Akashikibu-sama.

Sign - Akashikibu
??? - Akashikibu-sama!! Akashikibu-sama!!

Akashikibu - What can I help you today?

??? - I've tried the magical sticker, and
my face became like this!!!
What should I do!? Please tell me!!

Pg. 20
Akashikibu - This must be because of your past life.
If you want to get back to normal, please do as I told,
then you should be back in a short while.

??? - Then...

Then how can I get my old face back!?
Please tell me, Akashikibu-sama!!!

Murasakishikibu - Doesn't that face correspond perfectly with your longing for strength?

Don't you hate me right now.

If you really dislike that face, then I'll destroy it for you!!!

Pg. 21
Daichi - How dare you use your fortune telling
to fool around with people's life and soul?
??? - You...

Misora - Daichi!! Be careful. Akashikibu's ice will never melt.
If she touches you, then you'll freeze up as well!!

Daichi - What!!?

Murasakishikibu - Let me foretell your future.
Your heart will be frozen as ice forever.

Daichi - If so, my coolness will be even cooler than ice,

Pg. 22
since your fortune telling will never be correct!!!

Murasakishikibu - Fubuki
== Demon of Fear

Pg. 23
Misora - Daichi!!

Murasakishikibu - Then freeze along with you coolness.

Daichi - Thanks for hardening it for me!!

Misora - He makes use of the cold breeze to counter her back.

Murasakishikibu - Hmph.

Pg. 24
Daichi - Guh.

If she touches me, then I'm out!!

Pg. 25
She's in mid-air now. I'll get her!!

Pg. 26
What was that just now!!?

Tengoku - She condenses the air instantly to create her own ground!?
Her freezing speed is incredible!!!

Pg. 27
Daichi - What's with this move!? Isn't this a bit too dirty!!?
Dammit. If you want that...

Then how 'bout this!!!

Pg. 28

Pg. 29
Murasakishikibu - Fufu.

I'll just copy what you did,

Daichi - It's no use. I'll end up just wasting my power like this...

Murasakishikibu - Fubuki

Pg. 30
Daichi - Kuh.



Pg. 31

Pg. 32
Murasakishikibu - Yukidaruma
== Languid Demon Play

Pg. 33
Misora - Daichi!!
Murasakishikibu - I've made you cool as you wished now.

Misora - Kuh...

Murasakishikibu - With this, my job is already half done.
I'll get to the other half now.

Die, Misora-san, so Daichi can finally awake.

That book is gone!!!

Pg. 34
Tengoku - The jail of another dimension here in my mouth is finally opened.
Murasakishikibu - Above!!?
Tengoku - I'm taking in your coldness.

Pg. 35
Murasakishikibu - I see, you drew him back,
and summoned him again, correct?

I admit that I was a bit slow at realizing that,
but my fortune telling will never change.

??? - That's Akashikibu-sama...?

Tengoku - My eyes! I can't see anything!!

Pg. 36-37

Pg. 38
??? - Akashikibu-sama!!!

Daichi - GUWAAH!!!

Murasakishikibu - Kuh.

Misora - Daichi!!

Murasakishikibu - I'm sure that I've frozen you. How did you...

Pg. 39
Daichi - That one you froze was a dummy I threaded using Tamamayu's wire.

Murasakishikibu - Is that so?

But the left arm that you're so proud of is frozen right now.
It'll shatter to pieces if you made any reckless move. [Fufufu.]

Daichi - Dammit, direct attack won’t work…?
Her whole body is just like an armor of ice.

Direct attacks wouldn't work, huh...
If I attack, I'll end up being the frozen one.

Pg. 40
Sumiya - I have a good news for you.

Quilin - What's it, Sumiya?

Sumiya - Daichi-kun had shown me the first sign at the race in Section I.

Quilin - Hoho, that's faster than I thought.

Sumiya - And right now, he's at the underground of Section I, the Pink Paradise.
Murasakishikibu's workplace is located there as well.

Pg. 41
She's at it right now.

Quilin - There's nothing to worry then. Murasakishikibu herself is the Shouko,
as calm and cold as ice.

Sakumei - But anyone who she touches just freeze in an instant. That's cheating.
The only thing that can melt that ice is Sumiya's fire as well.
== Just taking basic assumption...since he's the only Quilin left with no name (excluding the boss, which is Quilin). ._."

Aah, I want to play too,
with that Daichi guy.

Sumiya - Please don't put work and playtime together.

Quilin - I do wonder will they ever get to you two.

Since the fortune Murasakishikibu tells about life
never went wrong ever before.

Pg. 42
Daichi - Ugh.
Misora - Don't push yourself too hard, Daichi!!

Murasakishikibu - That's what you men get for carefreely touching a woman's bodies,
you filthy being.

Misora - I always thought of having Daichi save me...

but now!

Daichi - Misora!! Don't tell me you're going to cut-

Pg. 43
Tengoku - My sight is back good.

Daichi - [Heh...I see. So that's it.]

Murasakishikibu - [The ice that covers its eyes was indeed a shallow one,]
[but she can crack my ice using that]

[with the power of Wind Mysticker?]

Misora - [I might not be able to move, but that doesn't mean I can' do anything.]

Tengoku - I'm waiting for that!
All the preparation is perfectly done now, Misora-sama!!

Pg. 44
Misora - Alright.

Murasakishikibu - I'll make my prediction come true by having you face with this overwhelming despair.

There's nothing you can do now.

Pg. 45
With this, I shall freeze you all completely.
== Evil Prajna of Fear
** The freezing wrath opens the path to despair...! **

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