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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Kagijin 16

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Nov 3, 2009 16:39 | Go to Kagijin

-> RTS Page for Kagijin 16

So it really is axed this week, right? Ah well...it's fun to translate Kagijin though, even for a short while...I'll just do it to the end. :3 (Even if my t/l isn't that good as well, with English and stuff...>_<")

Please proofread before any use.

Chapter 16 "The Answer"

Pg. 1
Tsubame? - We have to get the Master Key.
It's the closing Key.
If we put that into the Keyhole, all Kagijins will return to normal.

Chapter 16 The Answer

Jilda - Dejanila is an ancient person...?
An immortal that won't age even after 2000 years!?
I can't believe it...
Then Dejanila himself is also a Kagijin!?

** Their only ray of hope! Away from the empire they go...to defeat Dejanila! **

Pg. 2
Soldier - They're in the sky!!
Follow them!!

Tsubame - Taken the circumstance, you'll have to accept it now though, Jilda!
It's not about who Dejanila is!!
We have to get the Master Key as my dad said!!

No matter what his ability is, if we take care of that!!
Then he too will be just a normal person!!!

Pg. 3
Dejanila - ...I see...

Damn that Hanza...he really knew where the Master Key is...
Tsubame's book and the emperor's pendant...hm?
What a puny trick he used...

Karf - ...This might risky, but...
it is really a right choice for us to let them go, correct…?

Dejanila – I’ll never let them escape.
Use the whole imperial army and stop them.

Pg. 4
The one and only one single threat to my experiment...

I'll search out for the Master Key,
and destroy it.

Jilda - We're going to get right over the palace's wall,

Hold the emperor on tightly!!

Pg. 5
Tsubame - I sure will, Jilda!!
Aldebaran - Wait, that's!!

Carlon - Hohoho...

So you've come, Tsubame...the son of Hanza!!
You can never run away from me!!

Pg. 6

Tsubame - Hey, hey, hey.
You can't be serious!!

Pg. 7
Aldebaran - This isn't good.
We won't be able to dodge it through...!!

Jilda - Your Highness!

Pg. 8
Carlon - UWAA!!

Just now, wasn't that Sirius Troop's-

Tsubame - We-...
We're saved!
Jilda - That Kamui...


Pg. 9
Soldier - After them~~~
Don't let them get past the palace wall!!

Jilda - Tch!
The air force finally appears…!!
Tsubame - Sedew!!
Come with us!!

Sedew - ...I...

Tsubame - "Tell Trema for you" you said!? Like hell! You aren't dead yet, aren't you...?
If you aren't, then go tell her yourself!!!

Pg. 10

Pg. 11
Aldebaran - Sedew!

Sedew - Hmph...!!

Pg. 12
Carlon - Hohoho!
I have tonight’s storm on my side.
My Kamui, "Brionac", is boiling with energy...!!
You can't run away from me, Tsubame~~~

Tsubame - Shit! He's a Kagijin!!?
Jilda - That guy...Carlon of the "Raitei"!!
Watch out!! He can manipulate lightning...

It's going to shake a bit...
Your Highness.

Pg. 13
Sedew - Major!
His aim is at the dragon. He's planning to sink us.


Carlon - Fufu, you impudent...!!

Pg. 14
Sedew - The beams are curved!?

Tsubame - KAZEGURUMA!!!
== Wind Charge

Pg. 15
All right...great!!
...You're not the only one benefiting from this storm.

Carlon - WHAT!?

Jilda - Very good.
He managed to master that attack already...!!

Pg. 16
Tsubame - Jilda...
Dejanila is in...the left tower, right?

Aldebaran - TSUBAME-NII!?

Tsubame – Get it now, Jilda...?
Everyone in the palace
is now our enemy...!!

Sedew - That guy...
he's flying.

Pg. 17
Carlon - Hohoho, how stupid~~!!
Have you lost your mind!? Going into midair where you can’t control your movement!! Just trying to act tough, are you~~~~

Enough with your futile act, you female cat!

Pg. 18
You...leaped from that distance...

Jilda - You're off guard,

Sedew - Now, Tsubame!!
Aldebaran - Tsubame-nii!!

Tsubame - [...Hey, Dejanila...]
[This is in your experiment as well, huh?]

[How I will struggle…is an experiment to collect the data on Dankuu, isn’t it?]
[Hmph...hell with you.]
[I’m going to blow up everything…no way will I become your specimen…!!]

Pg. 19
Jilda - Tsubame!!
You have my approval…
Cut it all apart!!!

[Here’s my answer to you.]
[Take it, Dejanila!!]

Everyone - GO~~~~

Tsubame - ZETTOU

** Putting everything into his sword!! **

Chapter 16 / END
Next chapter, will Tsubame's sword reach Dejanila!?

Thank you for reading...

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#1. by cheesepakegrat ()
Posted on Nov 3, 2009

เรื่องออกจะมันส์ เสียดายที่โดนตัดจบนี่แหละ ._."
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