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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Kagijin 17

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Nov 6, 2009 10:49 | Go to Kagijin

-> RTS Page for Kagijin 17

I feel kind of stupid for picking up a new manga right after Kagijin's ending is confirmed...even though, as I said, I was thinking of translating God Eater ever since it was first announced last month. I mean, I'm supposed to be clearing off my list, not adding more to it... ._."

Anyway, THANK YOU FOR READING ALL THESE 17 CHAPTERS OF KAGIJIN! >_<" (WSJ people sure seem arrogant, huh? How 'bout at the very least "Thank you for supporting thus far." or something like that? Even though Kagijin isn't that popular, it doesn't mean that no one supports it! Not only that, they advertise the new manga right at the end of the series?! RUDE! >:( )

BD chapter 19 pre(?)-raw translation will follow shortly...

Please proofread before any use.

Chapter 17 "How to Fly into the Sky"

Pg. 1
??? - The rain stopped...

How are the people...
at the back, Sedew?
Sedew - ...I can't hear them anymore.
All I hear is the sound of the water and wind.

Aldebaran - Then that means, Jilda!

Jilda - ...Yes, Your Highness...
Tsubame - Yeah...guess we've...

** Go straight ahead! With full force!! The party escaped from the empire in search of the light his father left for him...the "Master Key"... **


Pg. 2
shook the imperial army off!!

Pg. 3

Pg. 4
Soldier - Whoa!?
Commander Sirius!!
The-...The palace!!
Sirius - Oh wow...

Nyx - Asura-sama!
Asura - It's Tsubame's Zettoukuusen!!

Pg. 5
Sirius - Man...
he overdid it again...
slicing the palace into two, huh...!!?

Soldier - Vice Chairman Debit Lura!?

Sirius - ...Oh! You are all right!!?

Dejanila - Kukuku...ku...

...So this...is your answer then...

Pg. 6
Chapter 17 How to Fly into the Sky

The sky we longed for is so far away,
yet beneath our feet is full of hope!!

Pg. 7
Sirius - Dejanila...sama...!?
Yo-...Your face...!?

Dejanila - ...Kuku...
Commander Sirius...?
So you saw it...
my...true self.

...This is the Key of "Unmei" and "Inga"...
== Unmei = Fate; Inka = Karma

Nico - There are two Keys in that one Key.

Sirius - ...Vice Chairman...

Pg. 8
Dejanila - The Key of Unmei and Inga...
I've used the power of these Keys...to rule this world you're in...and forsake the principle of causality.
You can call it as coming off the flow of time...

Nico - When either the Kagijin of Unmei or Inga dies, 2000 years will be thrust upon half of his body.

Sirius - Are you...all right!?

Nico - Do not worry. The Key will never be gone.
Once the Kagijin is dead, the Key will return to the Key Holder.

We can just find a new spare as a Kagijin of Unmei and Inga...

We, the Kagijins of Unmei and Inga
are no more than a "tool" to maintain Dejanila's life.

Pg. 9
both you and your dad had come in my way...
Kuku...to hurt me not once by twice...I've indeed underestimated you a bit...
Let this pain...be left as a lesson for me then.

Nico - All Imperial Soldiers!!

The rebels had escaped from the empire.
With them are 2 Kagijins!!
I thereby shall permit the battle between Kagijins in this war!!

Pg. 10
The new "Entei"...
I'll be looking forward to your work.

Vega - Yes sir.
Please witness how I've further mastered...this Key of "Entei".

I would appreciate if you won’t associated me
with the former trash such as Deb...

Sirius - ...That guy is a new spare...?

Nico - Those rebels are harmfull individuals who plan to overthrow Gappia Empire!
I repeat...
Sirius - Who exactly is that Dejanila...?
Doesn't this mean we, Kagijins, are nothing more than his pawns...?

Pg. 11
Nico - I permit the battle between Kagijins in this war!

Sirius - ...Wha!!
That idiot...

Asura - Move it, move it,

I was waiting for this moment!!
Nyx - Excuse me! Please let us pass~
The one who blew up the palace is that Tsubame for sure!! He’s so interesting~~

Pg. 12
The one who's going to kill that guy is me!!!

Karf - *giggle*
Sirius - Geez...
He's such a pain in the ass~~~

Pg. 13
Jilda - So we're finally back,
to the Great Sand Sea...!!
Tsubame - ...Yeah...!!

Somewhere is this sea of sand
is the Master Key that my dad wanted to salvage out...!!

Pg. 14
Sedew - But Tsubame...how'll you find the Master Key?
Don't we need ships in order to salvage?

Tsubame - ...I set off from this place so my friends won't get caught up.
I have no plan in returning to my ship, but...
I'm going to borrow it.
I've already made an arrangement for it.

An old, unused ship will do,
just leave one for me here. That's what I wrote them...

Aldebaran - But I don't see any ship though, Tsubame-nii?
Tsubame - ...Yeah, that's the problem. Strange.
I'd tell them to meet at this peninsula...

Jilda - ...Tsubame.
Tsubame - What?
Jilda - Look there!!

Pg. 15
Zel - He~~~y. Tsubame~~, Jilda~~!!
Welcome back~~!!

Izoo - Can't you be more frank with us, boss!!
You sent us just one letter!?
Zel - You're salvaging, aren't you?
I'd be glad if you'll let us help you more, captain!!

Pg. 16
Tsubame - Zel!!
You...You guys...!!
But why...

Barbaud - Yo, Tsubame! I've heard about it from Zel!!
Tsubame - Barbaud!!
Dido - Isn't your prey this time the super big treasure that Hanza wanted to salvage!?

??? - Let us help you too!!
Since yer old man really took great care of us!
'tis faster if all of us search together than just ya alone!!

Pg. 17
Jilda - Wh-...Who are these people...!?
Tsubame - The-...They're my friends...
The captains of the other salvage ships...!!

Zel - Everyone here used to be on the ship of Tsubame's dad,
including me.
Dido - Who'd think Hanza's son will become my business rival, huh!?
You’d gone way ahead of me! Let's compete then, who'll get that gigantic treasure!!

That shitty empire had set Hanza up!!
I don't believe that he's actually a criminal!!
??? - That treasure is a valuable treasure that can wipe the whole empire out, no!?
I'll avenge for Boss Hanza!!

The empire is an enemy to all us salvagers!
No one here will weep for getting involved in this!!

Dido - ...But...Tsubame...who are these people?
Tsubame - Such rudeness. To point your finger at his Imperial Highness!
This person before you-

Tsubame - Jilda!!!
Jilda - NGH.

Pg. 18
Tsubame - These people are my friends!!
Aldebaran - Tsubame-nii...

Tsubame - They're the new recruits for my ship.
Dido - Oh~
Jilda - What!?
Tsubame - Right! Since you're my new henchmen-

Jilda - That's absurd!! Why must I become your henchman!! [And His Highness too!!]
Tsubame - And what's wrong with that? The word "empire" here is a taboo! I don’t want any trouble! Get it?
Call me a captain!

Jilda - HELL IF I WILL!!!
??? - [Wow~]
[She seems dependable!]

Pg. 19
Jilda - ...I never knew that you're this popular...
Tsubame - ...Get some better opinion of me now?
Jilda - Not one bit.

Tsubame...do you really think you'll find the Master Key?
Tsubame - ...That's a stupid question, Jilda.
In salvage, there's no such word as "will find".

It's "can find".

I'm glad that you're the one who came after my life back then.
If I didn't meet you, maybe I'll still be running away...
I've to thank you for that.

Jilda - Stop it.
You're making me sick.

Pg. 20
Tsubame - I'll continue on my dad's will.
I'll destroy the Keys from this world,
and search for the true freedom that lies ahead.

Jilda - ...Yeah!

Tsubame - Ah! I'll tell you one thing. Don't you burden me, OK!?
On land, I might be a doormat to you, but it's different when we're on sand.
Hmph! We'll see about that. It'd be good if you stop losing your nerves though?
I'm depending on you, alright captain?

Izoo - So those two did get along with each other...
in the end, right?
Aldebaran - Yep.

Pg. 21
Tsubame - All right, everyone~ Raise the sail~~

Everyone - YEAH!

Tsubame - SET OFF!!!
** Dash off...with his friends and hope!! **
** Please expect a next work of Tanaka-sensei. Comic vol.1 will be out in November 4, and vol.2 in early February. **

Last chapter / END
Next issue will features Asou Juuichi-sensei's new series, "Shinseiki Idol Denzetsu Kanata Seven Changes" (Modern Idol Legend, Beyond the Seven Changes).

Thank you for reading...

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#1. by eyesotope ()
Posted on Nov 6, 2009
oh well, much thanks for all the great work you did on this series ^_^
#2. by 88 Movement ()
Posted on Nov 6, 2009
I hope this manga continues elsewhere. It's good and very underrated
#3. by -KID- ()
Posted on Nov 6, 2009
thanks a lot for the translations!
#4. by Galooza ()
Posted on Nov 7, 2009
Thanks for translating Ju! Always sad to see a series end prematurely, especially when it could've stood a better chance had it had the excitement from the later chapters earlier on.
#5. by ~†Ale†~ ()
Posted on Feb 26, 2010
Thank you Ju-Da-Su for all your translations!
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