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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Blazer Drive 19

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Nov 8, 2009 09:28 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 19

Had been hesitating of what to t/l first between BD and BK for a while before ch.19 is up on RP... ._."

Just a little news, I think I'll drop BD for Thai and continue with English (even the Thai translator who's doing it almost freaked me out with the title of the second chapter...how can that be translated into "A trial"? -_-") If another translator pick this up, then I'll quit translate it as a whole, but for now, I'll just continue with the English one. Expect chapter 20 by tomorrow...-_-"

Please proofread before any use.

Blazer Drive
19th BLAZE "The One who Shines for Eternity"

Pg. 1
** Start of the counterattack!! **

Misora - Let's do it, Tengoku.
Tengoku - I would like to ask that from you as a gentleman as well.

It's coming.

** What had come out of Tengoku!? Please continue to page 23! **

Pg. 2-3
The latest comic vol.5, out on Nov.4 (WED)!!
The overwhelming popularity!! The color opening with MAX excitement!!
The clear autumn sky feeds Tengoku!? I shall take that very meal~!
Blazer Drive
19th BLAZE "The One who Shines for Eternity"
Fire up while reading!! The superb Mysticker Battle!!
== 天高く典獄肥ゆる秋 (The clear autumn sky feeds Tengoku), is a play on the saying 天高く馬肥ゆる秋 which means basically the good time in autumn, since the sky will clear up, and horses will get more glasses to eat (as the soil become more fertile from the sunlight and probably the decomposing leaves that fell down from the trees as well...) Don't know. There's no autumn in Thailand, as we only have 3 main season here; summer, monsoon season and winter...:p

Pg. 4
** Please read from the 3 color pages!! **

Daichi - Wh-What's this huge thing!!?
Is this Tengoku's ability!!?
Misora - Yes.

Tengoku is a jail who eats other Mysticker's power and seals it within,
I can unlock it with my drawing.

Tengoku - You did it, Misora-sama!
You've perfectly draw the exact copy.

Pg. 5-6
And this time, you even release its right hand in addition to the head!!
Misora - I did it!

Murasaki - My collection room...
Do you know how long it took for me to collect all these?

Misora - I'll burn all your never melting ice
with En-ou no Kashira for sure.

Pg. 7-8
??? - What's that!!?

Pg. 9
Murasaki - Shouko's ice is melting!?

What's with this flame!?

You're telling me that there is other flame
with the same power as the Enku Mysticker...!!?


The brilliance of Shouko is absolute!!!

Aoi - Allow me to predict the fortune.

Pg. 10
Aoi - You're watching this old movie again, Murasaki?
Murasaki - What's wrong with that?
I like "Uranaikomachi" that mom used to act in.
== "Fortune Beauty"

You're so beautiful and brilliant.
Next time, I'll become an actress like you and we can both act together.

Aoi - You want to see the acting skills more than the appearance, right?

I'm glad that you come, but shouldn't you be at the school right now?
Murasaki - [I'm off to buy some juice.]
That's fine. I don't really care about that...
Also, no one will come visit you if I don't come, right?

Man - Really!?

That actress, Aoi, is in this hospital? Let's go see her.
Man - Yeah, that actress who made the one-hit wonder is here, but now, she's just an old hag who no one care about, so who cares?

Pg. 11
Doctor - Which room!?
Nurse - Room no.5.

Murasaki - Mother...


Doctor - Get the catheter.

Aoi - ...Murasaki...

...Your mother's life...has shone...more than in acting...

Pg. 12
Doctor - Please don't talk anymore.

Murasaki - What're you saying? You're an actress, mother!!
How'll your life shine more than that!!? You can still shine!!

Doctor - Take her to the ICU!!

Pg. 13
Murasaki - Mother
What did you...tell me back then...?

As soon as you stop shining,
everyone starts to ignore you.

Why do people have to age...?
Why can't we be beautiful forever?

You too must be so old that you can't fly anymore.
You can no longer shine.

Pg. 14
Quilin - Such marvelous eyes, young lady.
Murasaki - Who's that!?

Quilin - Oh, just a grave visitor who happens to pass by. [Hoho]
Murasaki - What do you want?

Quilin - This might be able
to grant you that wish. [Hohoho.]

Murasaki - [...I no longer...]

[have anything left...]

Pg. 15

Pg. 16
Misora - Good. That ice is melting.
Daichi - Push it in.

Murasaki - My Shouko is absolute.


Shouko's power and I are immortal beings!!!

I already told you. People long for eternal beauty even after death more than aging down miserably!!
No one can shine unless they're kept for eternity!! That's how it should be!!!

Pg. 17
Daichi - Dammit, she's pushing us back now!!
Misora - Her power increased!

Murasaki - AHAHAHAHA!!!

Misora - No! That's the Blazer Drive tension!!
...At this rate, I’ll-

Pg. 18
Daichi - The ice on my arm is melting from that flame.

Misora - The ice around my leg is melting as well!!

Daichi - Alright, if it melt this much, then I should-


Misora - Don't overdo yourself. The ice is frozen down to your arm
unlike with me, where it only froze on the surface.

Plus, if you jump in right now, you'll get hurt not only from the ice but from my flame as well.

Pg. 19
I still have to give her one blow,
since I got stressed out from not being able to move.

Daichi - But just you alone...
Misora - I'll be fine.

Daichi - But how!?

Murasaki - Fuhahaha, you said you're going to punch me?

Misora - Just leave it to me. I'm probably the only one capable of it...
Alright, I'm going now!

Pg. 20
Murasaki - Again, another fake fortune.
What're you saying in the situation like this!!

Daichi - Misora!!!

That's right! Same as with my Kandachi, she won't be damaged by her own power.

Murasaki - It's useless, little girl!!!

Pg. 21-22

Pg. 23-24

Misora - You're just all appearance with nothing inside, are you?

Pg. 25
Murasaki - How can it...
Im-...Impossible...Shouko's ice was...

How can I...lose...to that girl...

Misora - How's that? Now that your ice guard won't work, I can punch right at you.

Daichi - She surrounded herself in that flame...
so she won't freeze even if she punched Akashikibu.
She's right about being the only one capable of it.

Pg. 26
Misora - You kept saying hard stuff like eternity is beauty, but
all you're looking at is the outside appearance.

Murasaki - As you age...no one will be left on your side...
and you'll just die away miserably.

There's no meaning in the beauty that won't last.

Misora - You must be...a really sad person...

Murasaki - What's with those eyes!!?
You're taking pity of me!!!?

Pg. 27
I'm not finished yet.

[The Shouko Mysticker had peeled off!!]

It came off by itself?

Shouko! I can still fight.
My spiritual power isn't ruined or anything...!

I'll surely make that girl my collection...
which will shine beautifully for eternity.

Misora - Tch.

Pg. 28
Beautiful!? Shine!? That's something I'll decide for myself!!
It's none of your business!!!

Aoi - ...Murasaki...
...Your mother's life...has shone...more than in acting...

Murasaki - You're an actress, mother!!
How'll your life shine more than that!!? You can still shine!!

Her mouth back then...

Pg. 29
Aoi - [By giving birth to you.]

Murasaki - [No way...I've never...understood those words...]
[until now...]

Pg. 30


Misora - She froze...!

Daichi - This is the result after using the Shouko Mysticker,
a price for the one it abandoned.
Misora - What a fearsome Mysticker.

Pg. 31
??? - Akashikibu-sama!


Why...Why did you do this...?

Without Akashikibu-sama,
how can I make my decision from now on!? How can I continue living!?

Pg. 32
Daichi - What're you saying? She tricked you!!

??? - I don't care if she would. I...I...

Misora - I think fortune telling is only something that gives you an opportunity.
If you live off only from things other people told you,
then you're no different than dead.

??? - But I don't have any confidence.

Daichi - [Geez, this girl is so irritating.]

Who cares if you don't!
Fine, go ahead and die then!!

Pg. 33
??? - I want to change my weak self,
yet I was deceived into became like this...but...

I've used this face as a reason to put blames
on others so I can please myself.

I hate how I'm like that.
I hate myself.

I really hate myself!!!

Daichi - No, you're wrong about that though.

Pg. 34
If you want to change your weak self,
wasn't that because you love yourself?

Pg. 35
Misora - Daichi.

Daichi - Huh?
Misora - You sure you'll leave her just like that?

If I let Tengoku eat Wolfjack Mysticker's power,
Tengoku - [I shall perfectly take it.]
her face might return to normal.

Daichi - But she'll end up thinking that it's because of someone else's help again.
It'll be the same as fortune telling.

For Mystickers, spiritual power is everything.
If she gathers her own self-confidence and strengthens her spiritual power, I'm sure she'll win against that side effect.

Pg. 36
Misora - Would be good if that's right...
Daichi - Nugh.

Your face. You don't believe me, do you!!?
Misora - It's not like that.

Daichi - I know that she's as cool for the Blazer as I am though!!!
Misora - Oh yeah?
Your confidence is so exaggerated that you're totally obsessed with yourself.

Daichi - And...And what of it!!?
I can become stronger because I like myself, alright!!?

...That's why I know...

Pg. 37
If she starts liking herself,

she'll surely return to normal...

Pg. 38
Quilin - Where's Sumiya...
Sakumei - He already headed off.

Sign - Akashikibu

Pg. 39
Sumiya - So you've finally become an immortal being as you wished.

Though your face seems like a painful face
rather than a beautiful one.

Hide your face with this. At least it'll give you some affection.

Oh, it's already this hour, hm?

Pg. 40

Guess someone...who can't even work...

should never be left behind.

Pg. 41
Gen - Is it true that the Guardian HQ are crushed
Melon - The organization named QUilin Realm had attacked Section III.

Gen - And you got hurt from that. That's why you came here then, Melon?
Melon - Don't call me like that, Gen...

Saki - Sorry...we didn't have anything else to serve for the guests other than this.
Guardian - Me...Melon!

Pg. 42
Melon - Well, lots of things happened.
By the way, I heard that you've taken a good care of Daichi and Misora.
Your God's hand is still in good shape, I see.

Gen - Yeah, I fixed the Kandachi Mysticker for him.
Such a weird, hot-blooded idiot he is.

Melon - You fixed Kandachi?
Guardian - But it didn't get damaged during the fight with Quilin Realm.

Gen - There was a cross-shaped scratch on it.

Melon - A cross-shaped scratch?

Gen - To be more precise, it's not actually a scratch,
but more like the Mysticker's design itself.
Of course, if it won't activate even if traced, then people can conclude that it's damaged, but...

Pg. 43
Saki - So my dad felt it as well, that that scratch...

Melon - I never heard of anything like then when Ginga was using it though.
Gen - Don't know. I've been repairing Mystickers for many years,
yet have never seen such scratch before.

The only thing I can say for certain after fixing it,
is somehow, Kandachi has started to transform.

Melon - The Mysticker is transforming...!?
No way. How can that be possible?

Gen - The Mystickers are somehow affected when Daichi used it.
My guess will be that it's evolving.

Melon - So it's not that there's a scratch on Kandachi that it won't activate,
but more like Daichi didn't get adapted to the Mysticker which he had made evolved himself?

Pg. 44
Gen - It's almost like I've reverted Kandachi back
to its original state rather than fixed it after all.

Melon - If that's the reason why the Quilin Realm is after Daichi,
then just how much were they informed of Daichi?

Could they possibly know of Ginga and Daichi's 'true relationship' as well...?

Gen - But those guys didn't know that
you're here, did they?

Melon - Sorry for barging in all of the sudden, Gen.

Pg. 45
??? - She's here, right?
** His look is certainly suspicious!! Another hazard has approaches Melon!? **

To be continued

Thank you for reading...

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#1. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Nov 8, 2009
And now I need to decide whether to put Blazer Drive on ad-hoc scanning or not...cause as usual, no one is interested to wait for me to scan and use my raws for BD for scanlations and I haven't been keeping up with reading it and my interest level is kind of dropping so I'm like "I don't really care about it" -__-
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Posted on Nov 8, 2009
nooooooooo dont 'ad-hoc' it :(
#3. by adachi2 ()
Posted on Nov 8, 2009
Please..... Rena....
Thanks Ju-da-su
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