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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Tales of Vesperia 9

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Nov 9, 2009 14:40 | Go to Tales of Vesperia

-> RTS Page for Tales of Vesperia 9

Special thanks to cnet for making me extremely hyperactive without knowing. I WANT TO PLAY ToV AS WELL!!! DDDDX

Reserved for Eternal.

Tales of Vesperia
Chapter 09 "Port Nor 2"

Pg. 1
Port Nor, the place where the governors do things in the shadow. It's in that time of danger when Flynn makes his appearance.

Yuri, who's searching for the cause of the malfunctioning of the Aque Blastia in the Imperial Capital, Zaphias, and Estellise (Estelle) who's searching for Flynn, set off on their journey outside of the barrier together.
During their pursue, the party, with Karol and Rita added, comes to know that the thief who stole the core of Blastia is inside Port Torim.
In hope of getting the clue as to Flynn's destination, the party follows Estelle back to Halure. However, what awaits them there is group of pursuers who try to take Estelle back. Estelle feels the responsibility for getting Yuri into dangerous situation, yet decides to continue journeying on with her own will.
On their arrival to Port Nor, the port opposite to the Port Torim, just when the hazard approaches Yuri, Flynn makes his appearance.

The one suddenly appearing before Yuri is Flynn. What's his objective that he has yet to tell?

Pg. 2
Yuri - Flynn!!

*GAH* (push off)

Flynn - You OK, Yuri!!?
Yuri - Wha...

Pg. 3
Yuri - That's my line...!

*HAH* (leap)

Flynn - I was searching for you...
Yuri - That's
*ZAH* (grip)

Pg. 4
also my line...!
*DOGO* (thud)


Pg. 5
Phew, those guys sure are really impatient this-...
*SU* (sneak)

*GAKI* (clash)


*BUN* (slash)
What're you-...

Pg. 6
Flynn - I was really happy to hear that you've travelled
out of the barrier!!
*BUN* (slash)

Yuri - Then be even happier!
Stop swinging your sword at me.
*GOH* (guard)

*GAH* (stab)

But all my happiness
faded away after seeing this!!

Pg. 7
Yuri - Oh?
It went up by 10,000 Galds. [Great.]

Flynn - You didn't quit being the knight
to become a criminal, didn't you!!?

Yuri - ...Lots of things happened after all.

Flynn - No matter what happened, a crime is still a crime!
Yuri - Aww, he's at it again...

Pg. 8
Karol - [Yuri~]

Estelle - I'm pretty sure...
that I heard something from-...

Yuri - Wow, perfect timing.

Estelle - Yuri!
I was so worried that' you'll get in trouble again...
*TAH* (walk)

since you just suddenly disa-...

Pg. 9

I'm relieved...you're safe.

You're not hurt, right?
*PAPAPA* (touch)
Flynn - Lady Estellise...umm...

Estelle - Oh, I'm sorry.
I was so happy that I...

Pg. 10
Karol - ...Heh,
so that person is Flynn?

Rita - ...Seems so.

Karol - Huh?
Didn't you already meet him once, Rita?
Rita - I won't remember the face of some random knight though.

Yuri - ...So?

Pg. 11
You're done with your business?

...And with your secret talk?
Flynn - ...Yuri,

I've heard about everything,
including why you became wanted.

I thank you for protecting her thus far.
Yuri - Don't mind that. I'm just searching for the Blastia thief anyway.

Flynn - But that's where the problem is.

Pg. 12
Regardless of your circumstances,
interfering with public duty, prison breaking and trespassing are unacceptable by the empire's law.

Estelle - ...Umm,
I'm sorry.

I told him everything.
Yuri - ...It can't be helped though, since I really did it.

Flynn - ...If so,
you will accept your punishment, will you?
Estelle - Flynn!?

Pg. 13
Yuri - ...I don't mind that, but will you wait just a little longer?

Flynn - You're telling me that the Blastia in the lower quarter takes priority?

Witcher - Sir Flynn!
I would like to report something to-...
*BAN* (bang)

Pg. 14
What's Rita doing here?

I heard that you reject the Empire's request for your cooperation!
*ZUNZU* (rant)
Is it really OK for a mage who's working
directly for the empire to foresake her own obligation like this!?

Rita - ...And who're you?
Who're you again...?

Pg. 15

I have completely no interest in you as well!
Completely none!!

Flynn - Let me introduce these two.
Here's Witcher, whom I've asked to accompany me from Aspio's research center,
and here's Sodia, my subordinate.

Pg. 16
Sodia - This person...
*BAH* (draw out sword)
that wanted man!!

Flynn - Hold it, Sodia!
He's my best friend.
Sodia - What!?
But isn't he a wanted criminal!?

Flynn - He indeed had commit minor crimes, but that wanted poster is just a false accusation.

Sodia - ...I see.
My apologies for my rudeness.

Pg. 17
Flynn - Witcher, your report.
Witcher - Yes sir.

I believe the cause of the rain and gale is indeed a Blastia.
The weather might be bad during this season, but that cannot explain how it worsens every time a ship departs from the port.

There's also a witness claimed to have seen such Blastia being carried into Magistrate Ragou's mansion.

Rita - I've never heard of a Blastia that can manipulate weather before though.
There was no report of the discovery for that as well...

Pg. 18
Wait! But maybe...
[...The Aque Blastia from the lower quarter...]
[and the illegal digging at the ruins...could this be...]

Flynn - Witcher, can you try and see if you can get the highest investigational authority?
Witcher - Yes sir!

Yuri - So that means the Magistrate is wrongly using the Blastia?
Flynn - Not only that...

he released a monster called Rhybgaro into the wild and enjoy having those who can't pay the tax to go fight with it,
saying that he'll discharge their tax if they ever caught it.

Pg. 19
Estelle - That's horrible...

Rita - So that's how that couple got their wounds.
Karol - I get it now...then how about their child?

Flynn - Did something happen to their child?
Karol - Ah, just now, we-...

*GUSHA* (pat)

Yuri - We'll get going then.

Pg. 20
Flynn - ...Yuri, stop doing reckless things...

Yuri - ...I didn't do anything reckless though?
All I'm doing is pursuing that Blastia thief.

You shouldn't lessen down your recklessness as well.

Flynn - *sigh*...
And here I thought he'll change a bit after getting outside the capital...

That only adds more to your recklessness.

Pg. 21
Estelle - Flynn...?
Flynn - Ah, excuse me.

Yuri...can be really frank when it's for something he wants to protect.
For that, he wouldn't mind even hurting himself...

Partially, I'm jealous of how he's like that,
but his recklessness in that can put him into danger as well.

...By the way...Lady Estellise.
Estelle - Yes?
Flynn - How do you feel? Being able to walk outside like this...

Pg. 22
Estelle - ...It's hard to say that everything is just marvelous.

Everything in reality is just fresher and filled with sensation than what I read from the book.
...There're times when I'm perplexed,

but as I journey on,
I came to know that there're many things I need to do.

I'm really happy by that.
I really enjoy it!

Flynn - ...I see. That's really good to hear!

Pg. 23
Karol - Estelle, come quickly or else we're leaving you behind.
*GACHA* (open)
Estelle - Ah,

I'll be right there.
*TAH* (walk off)

Sodia - Lieutenant Flynn,

about that "missing thing"...

Pg. 24
Karol - Hey~
*TATATA* (run)

Yuri - How was it?
Karol - Ships really can't depart right now.

The magistrate ordered all ship leaving the port sunk down, it seems!
Rita - What!?
What do you mean by sunk down...?

Yuri - That mansion over there is the magistrate's residence, right?
Estelle - I already try asking for an appointment with the magistrate, but was rejected...

Yuri - We can't get to Port Torim like this.
We better think of a way to sneak into that mansion...

Pg. 25
Estelle - Rita, what's this "highest investigational authority" Flynn is talking about?
Rita - It's a thing that allows you into any place for Blastia investigation as approved by the Empire.

Estelle - Then...
Rita - Better not put a high hope on that though. Since it's exceptional, it's really hard to get.

Karol - What to do now then? Yuri...
People - You know,
the tax is just taking a rack off from my sale that I can't make any money.

Maybe I should just quit my job and go search for Rhybgaro.
Don't be stupid. You can end up being killed by that beast.

But I thought that's a pretty good idea though...
Karol - That's it!!

Pg. 26
*ZAAAAA* (heavy rain)
Rita - An article for presentation, huh?

But why do we have to come in the rainy day then?
Karol - This is the only time Rhybgaro will come out.

Some monsters only come out during a specific weather.
Estelle - As expected from Karol of the "Hunting Blade"!

Yuri - ...which means we'll have to wish that the rain won't stop.
Rita - Ugh...I want to return to the inn already!

Karol - There it is...

Pg. 27
*ZAH* (jump off)

Yuri - The Rhybgaro...
Estelle - Really!?

Yuri - It's full of injuries there, isn't it!?
*DODO* (rush)

It's coming!!
*DODODODO* (rush)

Pg. 28
Estelle - KYA.
*DODODO* (dash)

Repede - Grrrrrr...
Karol - It-
It's so strong. Be careful, everyone!

*DO* (punch)
Yuri - Take that.

Rita - There!
*BASHA* (slap)

Pg. 29
Estelle - Pico Hammer!!

*DOSA* (collapse)

Rita - ...I feel kind of bad about this.
Yuri - These wounds...the desperate townspeople must've come to attack it for several times.

Estelle - Please look at this...

This girl is pregnant.

Rita - ...What'll you do then?

Pg. 30
That's quite unexpected

from someone as merciless as you...
Yuri - What?
You're still angry about what I did at Aspio?

Estelle - The valuable part...is actually the horn anyway.
Karol - It's worth a lifetime tax, isn't it?

Yuri - This should be enough for those money mongers...

Man - Let me go!!

Pg. 31
Woman - But your wounds just got healed...

Man - ...I have
to save my son.
*BAH* (run off)

Isn't this Rhybgaro's horn...!!?
Woman - What?
The-...Then we-
Man - Yeah, our son is safe now!

Woman - ...But who would drop this in the place like this...?

Pg. 32
Estelle - One case closed.
Rita - It's not like that!

What'll you do about getting into the magistrate's mansion now?
Yuri - We can think of some other ways.

Estelle - Then shall we go see how Flynn's doing?
Karol - Maybe he even had worked it out already.
Yuri - That would be nice.

*GACHA* (click)

Yuri - Guess it doesn't work.
Estelle - Yes.

Pg. 33
Flynn - I wouldn't think that he'll reject us even with our current condition...

Witcher - The knights didn't have a permission to capture him after all.
Sodia - How much more do we have to be ridiculed...!

Yuri - Why not just sneak in if you're that confident?

You checked it out already, no?

Flynn - No, it's a trap.

Pg. 34
If we step in without any plan, he might hide away all the evidences.
Ragou wants to hit the sour note on the knights so he can have more authority in the council.

Estelle - Is Ragou also a part of the council?
Sodia - Yes...

The knight and the council are two important organizations which support the empire.
Yet...Ragou has forsaken it.

Yuri - Is there any other way then?

Witcher - ...Another way
would be to cause the chaos inside the mansion,
so the knight's special permission of contingency can be passed and we can get in with that...

Pg. 35
Yuri - OK, so a little chaos from some burglars in the house will do, right?

Flynn - ...Yuri, I've told you several times already, but...

Yuri - "Don't do anything reckless", right?

Sodia - Lieutenant Flynn...

Pg. 36
Flynn - We've received the information.
We should now search around the town.

Capture that wanted criminal!

Yuri - Alright, shall we get going then?

chapter 9 Port Nor 2 ~END~ Continued in the next issue

Thank you for reading...

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#1. by Tales of Blank ()
Posted on Nov 9, 2009
Thank You.
Any idea where can i find raws?
P.S.ToV Game is awesome
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