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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Tales of Vesperia 10

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Nov 25, 2009 10:36 | Go to Tales of Vesperia

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Tales of Vesperia
Chapter 10 "Port Nor 3"

Pg. 0
Through their wordless agreement, Yuri and Flynn head to Ragou's house

Yuri, who's searching for the cause of the malfunctioning of the Aque Blastia in the Imperial Capital, Zaphias, and Estellise (Estelle) who's searching for Flynn, set off on their journey outside of the barrier together.
During their pursue, the party, with Karol and Rita added, comes to know that the thief who stole the core of Blastia is inside Port Torim.
At Port Nor, the port opposite to the Port Torim, just when the hazard approaches Yuri, Flynn makes his appearance.
Flynn was investigating on the evil doing of the imperial magistrate Ragou. Furthermore, it's revealed that the continuing strange weather may be artificially made by humans with the use of Blastia, and there's a record of such Blastia being carried into Ragou's house. Wanting to cross over to the opposite port to continue his pursue of the Blastia thief, the party decides to sneak into the magistrate's house.

Yuri and Flynn made their short alliance. What can possibly await them at Ragou’s mansion?

Pg. 1
** To reveal Ragou's evil deed, Yuri heads toward the magistrate's residence...! **

Karol - That mansion is really big, no matter how much I look at it...

Pg. 2
Are all council members this great of a person?

Estelle - The council is the organization which gives political advices for the emperor. It's made up of priviledged members of the nobles...
Karol - [Wow~]
Rita - Like a representative of the emperor, hm?

But what should we do then? We no longer have the Rhybgaro's horn with us...

The mansion is heavily guarded as well...

Pg. 3
Estelle - Then...how about we go by the backdoor?

Raven - Tough luck for you.
The place is all surrounded with wall, so you can't go in without getting passed that.
Will you count this old man in on your talk about sneaking inside?

Estelle - Ah...

Pg. 4
Raven - Shhhh
They'll find you if you cry out around here, young lady...

Estelle - Wh-...
Who are you...?

Raven - What? I'm an acquaintance of that cool-looking bros over there though,
Yuri - Nah, guess not, so just leave me alone.

Raven - How mean. Weren't we all friendly to each other back in that jail?
Yuri Lowell~

Yuri - I don't recall telling you my name though.

Pg. 5
Raven - Here.
*BAN* (show)

Yuri - ...Oh, there's still that, huh?
Karol - You're famous, Yuri.

Then? What's your name?
Raven - Oh?

Hmmmm~~ let's see~~
[A name...a name...]

let's just go with Raven for now. ?
Karol - For now...?

Pg. 6
Raven - But you want to get in, didn't you?
Just leave it to this old man.

Rita - Wait-
*SUTA SUTA* (walk)

Hey! We're not going to stop him?

Yuri - Despite of his looks, he really helped me get out of the palace back then...
Estelle - Is that so?

Rita - Then we really can trust him...?

Pg. 7
Karol - ...Huh?
They're coming this way.



Pg. 8

Guard - So you lots are the ones
who're planning to sneak into the mansion?

Rita - That guy...dare making fun of me...
Estelle - ...Rita?

Guard - Huh?
You want some fight or what?
Rita - I seriously
hate it when someone...

Pg. 9
is getting the advantage
of me~~~~!!
*GAH* (bang)

*DOOOO* (boom)
Karol - ...She beats them up...

Rita - We should've done this from the very beginning.
*HUN* (Hmph)
Yuri - Hey.

Karol - Huh? These people...
*TAH* (run)
Rita - I'll chase that guy down.

Estelle - Rita!!
Yuri - Let's go, Karol!
Karol - Ah...alright.

Pg. 10
Rita - There he is!

Raven - Oh, good to see you safe and sound.
Rita – How dare you!

Raven - See ya. ?
*GAGA* (whoosh)
Rita - Ah, dammit!

Let's get going too!
*GAH* (slide)

*GACHA* (click)

*GAH* (whoosh)
Rita - ...Huh?
It's going down?

Pg. 11
*GACHAN* (stop)

Yuri - ...What's this place?

We've come down to the basement, hm...

Rita - Ugh...did you smell something...?
Karol - Smells like something is rotting.

Pg. 12
Yuri - Hey...watch out. There're monsters here.

Karol - But aren't we inside mansion...?
Yuri - Guess he has his leisure for keeping monsters as his pets.

Estelle - Did you...
hear someone's voice...?

Karol - There're people around here?
Estelle - I'm not sure as well.
Rita - Ah, wait!
Estelle - Let's hurry and go see!
*TAH* (run off)

Pg. 13
Child - ...kuh...


Estelle - Over there!

*TAH* (run)
Rita - A kid!


Estelle - Watch ou-...

*ZAN* (slash)

Pg. 14
*ZUN* (collapse)
Estelle - [Phew.]
That was close...!

Child - I...
Yuri - Can you tell us what's going on around here?

My mom and dad
can't pay the tax, so...

It's not just me,
but anyone who can't pay the tax are thrown into here...

Karol - ...Huh...then,
you mean these bones are...

Pg. 15
Estelle - ...But...
But this is-

Ragou - Oh...
what's the meaning of this then...?

I've got more delicious bait all of the sudden.

Rita - Bait...? Don't tell me that you...

feed all the people who can afford the tax to the monsters?

Pg. 16
Ragou - Yes, precisely.
This is the entertainment that only a high-class person like me will understand.

Since those old men at the council
cannot at all entertain me with all those boring strategies.

Using commoners to distract myself from those boredom is a special privileges for the chosen one such as me, am I wrong?

Well then...maybe I should let you go capture back the Rhybgaro that I've released to the wild.
*KATSU KATSU* (walk away)

Pg. 17
*DOGA* (clang)

Ragou - Y-...You,
what did you just do!?

Yuri - So you're Ragou, huh?
Too bad, but we've already defeated your Rhybgaro.

Pg. 18
that's really low of you...

You can still claim yourself...
the one who serves the empire with this!?

Ragou - Hmmm...
Why, you're...!!

*BAH* (run off)
Estelle - Stop.

Karol - Whoa, whole lots of people are coming.
*DODODO* (rush in)

Pg. 19
Rita - ...Good.
Bring it on then. I haven't been so pissed off like this for some while now!

EAT TH-...
Yuri - Hold on!

Rita - What!? Didn't we have to make up an emergency case so the knights can come in?
Yuri - Not just yet!
We have to search for the Blastia first.

Estelle - Yuri,
seems like this staircase leads us upstairs!

Pg. 20
Karol – Alright, everyone?
*KYUPO* (pop)
Hold your breath!

*BABABA* (scatter)

Guards - Ugh!?
Yuri - Nice, Karol.
Karol - Estelle told me that this flower blooms at Ehmead Hill.

Yuri - This is our chance. Let's hurry.
We'll go search for some evidence first.

Pg. 21
Soldier - ...Don,
someone seems to have cause the chaos inside.

??? - So what of it?

We merely are mercenaries hired by Ragou to collect Blastia's cores.
There's no need for us to go above our contract.

Once we're done, we're just going to return to our base.

Pg. 22
Karol - WHOA. [They're coming again.]

Guards - You little-
*GOO* (bang)

Rita - But he sure is gathering up all these ill-bred people.
Karol - These people are all mercenaries of a guild.
There are some guilds that'll do anything for money after all.

But the guild with this much people...
Yuri - Hey,

looks like we've found it.

Pg. 23-24
Rita - Th-...

This is...

the weather-manipulating Blastia...!?


Yuri - That Ragou...he sure had created one incredible thing.
Estelle - But we have all our evidences now.

*TAH* (run off)
Yuri - Ah,

Pg. 25
...Strihm, laitos,...
rockra, fleck...

Several Blastias have been pieced together.
This can doubtlessly intervene with the atmosphere and manipulate the weather...

but this excessive treatment...
He has gone beyond me,
yet he doesn’t have a single fragment of love for Blastia in him!

Yuri - Just leave the investigation for later, Rita!
Estelle - Is there anything I can destroy it with...

Pg. 26
Karol - YAH
*GAN* (clang)

Estelle - There!
*GON* (thud)

*GAN GON* (clang)

Rita - Damn...
that will never be enough...

to destroy this thing!!

Pg. 27
*DOKOO* (bang)

Estelle - Y-...You overdid it, Rita...
Rita - Those knights can't come in if we don't rampage more, can't they!

Ragou - Such brutal action in someone else's house!

Yuri - Alright, that's enough!
Let's retreat, guys!

Ragou - Unforgivable...
I will never forgive you!!

Pg. 28
You all, show me the work worth of my payment to you!
Capture those people!


you must not kill that girl at any cost.

Estelle - ...Ragou...

Rita - Take that!
*GOH* (zoom)

Pg. 29
Yuri - That's enough, Rita!
Rita - What're you saying? I'm not satisfied yet.

Yuri - We'll end up facing Flynn if we don't hurry.
I don’t want to get into that stupid action.

Rita - What!
There’s no way those knights are going to be her-...

Yuri - See?
Rita - So fast.

Pg. 30
Flynn - Magistrate,

I do not know of what's happening, but allow me to aid you in dealing with the current situation.

Ragou - Tch...
a rather enthusiatic knight you are.

Hmph, fine then!
Then first, capture those peo-

*GASHAAA* (clash)

Pg. 31-32
Rita - What's that...?

A dragon!?

There's someone...riding on a dragon!!

*BAKI* (pierce)

The Blastia...

Pg. 33
Just what have you done?

You stupid dragon!!

*GOOOO* (blaze)
Ragou - Whoa.

Witcher - Whoa.

Flynn - Ngh, I can't-...

Pg. 34
Ragou - Hmph...prepare the ship!
*BAN* (slam)

Yuri - Tch, I won't let you!

Rita - Gosh, what's with that guy riding on the dragon!?
Yuri – Just forget about it. We better get going!

Estelle - Please wait. That boy is...

Yuri – Let’s leave the rest to the knights.
Estelle - Yes.

Pg. 35

the ship is departing out!!

Rita - Just...
Just what exactly am I doing in the place like this...?

Yuri - Jump right on it!
*BAH* (leap)

Rita - ...Ugh...

Pg. 36
Yuri – Quickly.
You’ll be left behind.

Karol - Wa-...

I...I'm going with you.
Don't le-...

I don't want...
to be left behind
by my friends anymore.
Don't leave me behind!!

Pg. 36-37
Yuri - Hold on tightly, Karol.

Pg. 38
Karol - Uuugh~
Estelle - Karol...Yuri!

Yuri - Glad that we made it on time.
Karol - Haha, I'll think more about what to put in my bag next time.
Yuri - Agreed.

Well then...

let's start off the second round...
** The unforgivable man, Ragou!! Can they finish him off in their ship-bound battle...!? **

chapter 10 "Port Nor 3" ~END~ Continue in next issue.

Thank you for reading...

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#1. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Nov 25, 2009
Yay \o/
#2. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Nov 25, 2009

*jump around happily*


*dance around*
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