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Buster Keel 12

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Nov 26, 2009 06:27 | Go to Buster Keel

-> RTS Page for Buster Keel 12

I'll move onto BD next, since I got something I'm curious regarding BD...-_-"

Sorry for being late, btw~ >_<"

Please proofread before any use.

Buster Keel
Burst 12 "Do It Yourself"

Pg. 1
** The two loud, bursting combie are back together!? **

Pg. 2
** What awaits the four up ahead...!? **

Blue - Is this it...?
Shiro - Yes...

Pg. 3
this is the house of "Kokushi Musou", Keel's teacher.
== Kokushi Musou = Patriotic Fighter

Ravi - Will Keel be alright, I wonder...
Mippy - Oink~

Shiro - There's no mistake that he fell onto this island though.

Sarah - Who're you guys?
Shiro - Hm!

Pg. 4
Sarah - What're you doing in front of my house?

Shiro - Long time no see, Sarah.
Ravi - Eh!?

Shiro-san, could she be-...!?
Shiro - Yes...

she's Sarah, the "Kokushi Musou" and Keel's teacher.
Sarah - Hm, why if it's not Shiro.
-- "Kokushi Musou" Sarah --

Pg. 5
Ravi - Keel's teacher is this young, beautiful woman!?

Shiro - Fofofo, despite of her look, she's actually a hag with almost 100 ye-...

Sarah - Huh?

Shiro - Ah, no, you still look as young as ever. Hahaha.

Sarah - Are you lots Keel's friends?
Ravi - Y-Yes.

Sarah - Be sure to discipline this stupid chimp better next time.

Pg. 6
Mippy - Keel!!
Ravi - Those wounds,
are they from when he fell down!?

Sarah - He was snotty so I beated one crap out of him.
Ravi - What!!?

Sarah - So what do you come here for?

That monster that was flying in the sky was you, Shiro?
Shiro - You're the one who tossed that rock at me then.
You almost hit me.

Sarah - It's your fault for flying into my island without my permission, idiot.
Shiro - Ummmm...
[She's still the same.]

Pg. 7
Ravi - Keel, your teacher...
Mippy - sure is scary, oink~
Keel - That's why I told you that I don't want to see her.

Sarah - You can't change back to being a Dragonape?
You sure start getting that human’s stink on you.
Keel - Shut up, old hag.

Ravi - I can change his right arm back with my music though.
Sarah - Huh?

Keel - See? Did that frighten you out, old hag!!

Pg. 8
Sarah - What's that?
It's a lost melody magic called "Human Sealingification".
Ravi is Shiva's disciple.

Keel - How's that? I won't lose to you with this arm!!
Sarah - Hmph.

If you really think you can win, then bring it on,

you snot-nose monkey.
Keel - Huh!?

You surely did it, old hag~~
Ravi - Wait, Keel!!

Oi, Sarah!!
Sarah - Hmph.

Keel - "BURST BULLET"!!!

Pg. 9

Keel - Ugh...damn.

Sarah - You won't even leave a single scratch on me with that, idiot.

Ravi - She's strong,
but she's seriously scary!!

Pg. 10
Ravi - Don't use your attack on your teacher!! Your arm isn't even healed yet!!
Keel - Tch.
Blue - Stupid.
Keel - Huh!?

Sarah - So, what do you want? You didn’t come all the way here just to pick fight with me, didn't you?

Shiro - We come for the training.
Sarah - What?

Shiro - They'd fought with Kurokiri and got defeated...
but they said they're going to win the next time.

Sarah - Kurokiri? You mean Kurokiri Setsuna of the Shikyou?
Shiro - Yes.
== Shikyou = Four Malices

Sarah - Will you help to refine them up?
Keel - Tch.

Pg. 11
Shiro - What!!?

Sarah - You're going to win the Shikyou?
Keel - What's wrong with that!!

Sarah - Kuku, those stupid words...kukuku

You’ve got some nerves there, haven’t you?
Keel - Huh!?

Sarah - You got to be nuts to think that you can win against the Shikyou. Kukuku.

Keel - What?

Shiro - Hmmm

Sarah – There’s no way you’re going to win against the Shikyou right now,
Keel - Shut up!!

Pg. 12
Sarah - since for one, you were actually much stronger 3 years ago.
Keel - What!?

What'd you mean, old hag?

Sarah - Hm.

Follow me.
Keel - He-Hey, where're you going!!?

Pg. 13
Sarah - You see that jungle down there?
Keel - Yeah, and what of it!!
And why do you have to strip me!!?

Sarah - It's one horrible jungle with lots of Class A monsters living inside.
Keel – So what!!

Sarah - Keel,
Keel - Huh?

Sarah - live down there for one week.

Pg. 14
Ravi - Wha!!?

Shiro - Sarah!! What're you doing!?
Sarah - What am I doing? It's just as I said,

he'll live in that jungle one week from now.
Shiro - "Live"...?

But aren't there Class A monsters living in that jungle? Will he really be fine?
Sarah - Hmmm,

don't know~~
Shiro - What!?

Sarah - If he's going to die, then go ahead and die.

Pg. 15
If he dies here, then there's no way he'll survive the battle with Shikyou anyway.

Sarah - By the way, you're not a human, aren't you?
Blue - Hm!!

...I'm a Suiki.

Sarah - The tribe of water...hm...

Follow me.
Blue - ...OK.

Ravi - Shiro-san...
Mippy - [You sure we'll be fine with her, oink?]
Shiro - Ummmm...

Pg. 16
Blue - What do you want me to do with this waterfall?
Sarah - Let's see...

Raise up the waterfall from down there up to here.
Blue - What!?

...My power can’t do that though.
Sarah - Hmm...

Then you stay here for a week...
Blue - Hm!!

Pg. 17
Sarah - and work it out!!

Blue - If you want me to jump down,
I'll go myself. No need for you to kick me.

Sarah - Shush it!!
Blue - WHA!!!

Mippy - AAAAH, Blue fell down as well, oink!!

Sarah - Such a snotty guy, to dodge my kick like that.

Pg. 18

Ravi - Ah, ummm...
Mippy - Eeks, are you going to kick us down the cliff too!!?

Shiro - Don't worry. I'll be the one looking after you, Ravi.
Ravi - Eh?

I'd been working with Judy for a long while, so I should be able to give you some advices.

Ravi - Ye-Yes, please help guide us.

That's how our one-week training started.
Sarah - Alright, let's go back and have our dinner.
Ravi - Ye-Yes ma'am!

Pg. 19
Monster - GRRRRR!!!

Keel - YAH!!

Monster - UGYAAA!!

Keel - GWAH!!

Pg. 20

And you told me to live this forest for a week, huh?

Pg. 21
Blue - [I have to gain the control of the water on this waterfall first.]

Pg. 22
Easier said than done...huh?

The power difference between you and your mother
is ridiculously far apart.

Blue - Kuh!!


Pg. 23
You're awesome, mom! You can control all this water!!
Mother - Fufufu.

Do you like water, Blue?
Blue - Yep, I love it!!

Mother - If so, then you'll be able to do it as well.
Blue - Can I really do it?

Pg. 24
Mother - Not controlling the water, but playing with it.

If you do that, then water will always be by your side.

Blue - Play...

with the water...?

Pg. 25


Monster - Gi!?

Keel - WHOA!!

Pg. 26



You persistent monsters...


Monster, huh...?

Pg. 27
People - [You monster]
[You monster]
[You monster]

Keel - [But I didn't]
[do anything wrong.]

[I'm not]
[a monster~]

People - [You monster]
[You monster]
[A cursed child]

Pg. 28
Keel - Kuku...

Great...just bring it on.

If you guys are monsters,

then I too am a monster!!!

Pg. 29
Sarah - You've become weaker, Shiro.

You surrounded yourself with human society too much, aren't you?
Shiro - ...Hm.

[The convenient lifestyle and the secured environment.]
[The life there is lukewarm.]

Are you saying that that's the cause of my weakening?

And the reason why you live out in an island like this, hm...?

Sarah - Neither you nor those two kids know

Pg. 30
about your own self...
Shiro - ...Hmm.

The environment that polishes us up...

For a Suiki, it's the water,

and for a Dragonape, it's the jungle then?

You’re saying that those will strengthen us up?
Sarah - Let's see then.

Shiro - Blue should be fine, but will Keel really be OK down in that jungle...?
Sarah - ...Hmmm.

Shiro - Wha!?

Pg. 31
Sarah - This is the scar I got when I first met Keel 3 years ago.

Shiro - Keel was able to scar you...!!
While he's in human form!?

Even if he was elated from getting his right arm back,
or was flooded by human society just like you do,

there's no way that chimp will going to die in that jungle.

Pg. 32
Monster - UGEE



Keel - Kuku...

Pg. 33
I never feel this sensation in a long while...

Enemies are all over the place...
just the same as when I was a Dragonape.

Pg. 34
[Drill Mole vs. Pig Devil]

Pg. 35
Blue - Not bad.

Pg. 36
Ravi - And our one week of training passed by.

Pg. 37
Sarah - Well then, wonder how's he doing.

Ravi - Can he really make the whole waterfall raised up?
Shiro - Ummm.

Ravi - KYAA!!

Ravi - The waterfall is reversing itself!!?

Pg. 38

Pg. 39
Ravi - This is awesome, Blue!!
Mippy - Oink!!

Sarah - Hmph.
Shiro - He really did well.

Ravi - HEEKS!!

Pg. 40
Keel - I'm back now, shitty hag.

Pg. 41
Ravi - Keel...
Mippy - I'm scared, oink~

Shiro - An excellent murderous intent.
Sarah - Hmph.

Shiro - Blue's and Keel's growth...just went as you've planned then?

Sarah - Don't know.
Shiro - Ngh!?

Sarah - I just give them their environment...

Whether they grow or not is completely up to them.
If they can come back like this, then it proves of that much power within them.

Pg. 42
Kaka, but they’re still at a childish level.
Keel - What!?

Want to test it out then, old hag?
Wheter we're still at your childish level or not.

Sarah - ...Hmm, very well then.

Shiro - Hey, Sarah.
Sarah - Kuku...

but I don't like doing those bothersome stuff.

Pg. 43
Which one of you is stronger?

I'll only fight with the stronger one.

Ravi - Don't say it like that, Sarah-san!!
Mippy - They'll end up fighting with each other, oink!!

Sarah - Isn't that just perfect?
Mippy - Heh?

Sarah - You don't want to see it then?

Pg. 44-45
The battle between the two rivals...
** The face-to-face battle between Keel and Blue will finally become true!? **

Keel - You're on it?

Blue - ...OK.

Thank you for reading...

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