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Buster Keel 13

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Dec 12, 2009 13:24 | Go to Buster Keel

-> RTS Page for Buster Keel 13


End of my short rant...Please do excuse me, since I'm trying to burn out the overly excessive energy I'm having due to the want of that game (haven't been playing Tales game for almost one year because of the endless problem I'm having)...*bow*

Anyway, I'm stocking up the translation so that it's at least one chapter ahead of the scanlation (regardless of whether the raw is out or not). I'll be going to BD next then God Eater after that, and might finish up FLAGS before picking up Ashita no Familiar (I'm just so into Rival series...XD )

Please proofread before any use.

EDIT: I just proofread it myself again for English grammar stuff, so no need to reread it again (since I didn't change any of the context). So, the major change thing will be addressed more to the scanlators, in case they didn't have it proofreaded yet, but even so, please still proofread it before using for scanlation. Sorry...^_^"

Buster Keel
Burst 13 "One Plus One"

Pg. 1
** Breaking through the jail called "limitation", these two monsters burst on even stronger!! **

Pg. 2

Pg. 3
Ravi - Sa-Sarah-san!
Mippy - You better stop them right now, oink. Old lady!!
Sarah - If you want them to stop, then stop them yourself,

and who are you calling an "old lady"?
Mippy - GYAAAA!!
Ravi - Please calm down, Sarah-san~

Blue - Let's see who's stronger once and for all.

Keel - I won't lose to anyone.

Pg. 4
== Claw Cannon

Blue - "WATER GUN"!!!

Pg. 5
Too weak.

Keel - Look who's talking.

Ravi - Don't attack one another with all you have like that!!
Keel - Tch...

[Like hell I'll fight with someone who I can defeat even after holding back.]
Here I come.

Pg. 6
Ravi - Wha!!
Shiro - He's fast!!

Sarah - Let me see it then,
your raw strength.

Keel - Burst Musou!!!


Pg. 7

Blue - Suireiin
== Seal of Water Spirit


Keel - What's with you hiding inside that?

Pg. 8
Blue - Wha!!

Shiro - He lifted Blue's spell by making him loses his ground!!

Blue - Kuh.

Pg. 9



Pg. 10
Mippy - Hitting with tree then throwing it at him...Keel is so messed up, oink.
Ravi - Yeah...

Shiro - [Indeed, his move was rather messed up, but...]
[he has become much stronger than back when he fought with Kurokiri.]

Is this the Keel you know 3 years ago?
Sarah - Hmmm...

he's still weak comparing to back then.

Keel - Huh!!?

Pg. 11
Blue - Fall,
== Water Planet

Mippy - He even uses Suisei? Blue is really merciless, oink!!

Sarah - [He sure has some splendid moves.]
[What'll you do then, Keel?]

A Gahou...?
[You won't win against that move with just your Gahou th-...]


Pg. 12

== Double Claw Cannon

Pg. 13
You think the attack that can't get through Kurokiri will get through me? Don't underestimate me, jerk.

Blue - I see.

Shiro - Two-handed Gahou? Did you also teach that move to him?

Pg. 14
Sarah - I don't recall teaching him that though.
Shiro - What!?

Sarah - I taught him how he should position himself when using a Gahou,
but he learned how to shoot it just by looking at me.
Shiro - Incredible...

Sarah - A Double Gahou, huh? Really clever.


Blue - Suireiin
Keel - Hm!!

Pg. 15

Blue - It's futile.

That punch will never reach me.

Pg. 16
Blue - [Play with the water.]

Mippy - What's that, oink?
The water is whirling around Blue...

Keel - So what?

Pg. 17
What the!!

Blue - I said it won't work.

Keel - GWAAH!!

Ravi - It turns into his blades this time.
Is this what Blue got from his training?
Shiro - ...Hmm,

Applying the magic blade, hm?
Ravi - Eh?

The magic which clothe the water around the sword, "Suigetsu";
He makes use of that to clothe himself in water and create a shield, which is that magic, "Aquaform".

Pg. 18
When he wants to defend, then the water will surround him;
When he wants to attack, then it'll surround his sword, like it does right now. This is the magic
which is capable of switching between offense and defense.

[He must have a considerable amount of sense and power for magic if he can easily control the water powerful enough to fend off Keel's punch though.]

Blue - Release your Dragonape's arm, Keel.
Keel - What...!?

Blue - If you want to come, then come with all you have.

Keel - ...Fine by me.

Pg. 19
Ravi, my right arm!!
Ravi - Eh!?

Shiro - Hmmmm...

Sarah - Do it, Ravi.
Ravi - Bu-But
It will no longer be just a quarrel!

Sarah - I hate people who make me have to repeat myself.

Do it, Ravi!
Ravi - Yes ma'am~~!!

Pg. 20
Mippy - Ravi...

Sarah - It's getting fun now, isn't it?

Pg. 21
Keel - ENGINE!!

Blue - [He's coming!?]


Blue - [I'll test out the power of this move]

[using your move.]
Blue - Assemble!!

Ravi - The water is gathering up!!

Pg. 22
Keel - Guh!!

Blue - HAAH!!

Keel - What!!


Pg. 23
Ravi - He blew Keel away!!

Blue - *hah*
Let's settle this.

== Full Moon Water

Pg. 24
It's over!!

Keel - Shit...

Tuturn - [With a human body, you just can't use that arm well enough.]
Kurokiri - [You do have the strength, but not the speed.]


Pg. 25

Mippy - [Blue just killed Keel, oink!]
Ravi - [UWAAAA, stupid Blue!!]

Shiro - Calm down, you two.

It's not over yet.

Blue - [Not a single]

Pg. 26

[Since when did he!!]

Keel - UWOOOO!!

Blue - "SUIGETSU"!!
== Water Moon

== Drizzling Moon

[There's no way you can block all of these with your arm,]

[and you can't dodge it]
[while in midair.]

Pg. 27

Ravi - EEEH!?
Mippy - [Clones!?]

Shiro - So he turns his weakpoint to his advantage.

[Keel's weakpoint is that his arm power will cause him to lose his balance.]
Tuturn - [You can't follow up with your power.]

Shiro - He skillfully adjusts his arm power

Pg. 28
[and enables himself to move instantaneously.]

Blue - Kuh!!

Sarah - That chimp is getting really clever.


Blue - "AQUAFORM"!!

Pg. 29
[It stopped!!]


Keel - TAKE THIS!!

Pg. 30-31
Blue - GWOH!!

Ravi - Blue!!
Mippy - It's finished, oink!?

Sarah - ...Not yet.

Pg. 32
Blue - Kuh...

Keel - So stubborn.

Shiro - He stepped backward to lessen the damage.
Sarah - Keel's Gahou is just one piece of shit.

Pg. 33
Blue - Let's end this.

Keel - I won't lose.

Ravi - Sarah-san, they're getting really serious now!!
Shiro - Sarah!

Sarah - Geez, those brats.


Pg. 34
Ravi - Sarah-san!!

Keel - What're you doing, old hag!!

Blue - Move.

Sarah - Hah!!!

Pg. 35
Keel - GWEH!!

Blue - [She broke through the water that can block Keel's attack that easily?]

Sarah - Some daring brats you two are, to use your moves on me.

So, how was it?
Keel - What!?

When you two try to fight with each other?

Keel - Ngh...
[He sure has some troublesome moves,]
[that stupid Blue!!]

Blue - [He masters his arm rather well.]
[That's one more step to being a bothersome guy for you.]

Hmph, it's nothing...
Sarah - Oh...?
Keel - I'm still the stronger one no matter what.

Pg. 36
Sarah - Is that so...?
But that's enough for today, alright?

Keel - Shut up!! Let's settle this, Blue!!
Blue - Hmph...very well.

Sarah - I said that's enough already!!!

Keel - YES MA'AM~~~!!

Mippy - [She seriously is scary, oink~]
Ravi - So, the result...
Shiro - is a draw then, I guess.

Pg. 37
Keel - WHEEEEE!!
Mippy - OINK~~!!
Ravi - What'd you two just drink!!?
[And Mippy, put on your diaper!!]

Mippy - But say, is your right hand all right now, Keel, oink~?
Keel - Huh? Come to think of it, it doesn't hurt anymore...

All thanks to my hidden power!!
Ravi - Pipe down, you two!!

Sarah - It's the power of this island.
Ravi - Eh?

Sarah - [This island possesses a therapetic power.]
[Anyone living on this island will be healed from their pain and sickness.]

Shiro - Is that why those rare monsters gather up in this island?
Keel - [Hmmmm.]

Ravi - And that's also the secret behind Sarah-san's youth...?
[But please put something on your top part, Sarah-san.]
Sarah - [Dance on, Keel!!]

Pg. 38
Mippy - Keel, something is up on the sky, oink~
Keel - Huh?


Shiro - Hm!

Ravi - A brush...?

Sarah - What? It's you. Long time no see, Fudedrick.
Keel - Heh?

Pg. 39
-- NAME: Kaaku, Fudedrick IV --

Keel - Wha-What's this guy...
Ravi - Kaaku is a brush monster, but I've never seen one before.
== It's a pun, I think...with "Kaku" ("to write" in Japanese) and "Kaaku" His name is also a pun on the name of the Emperor of Roman(?), Frederick, with "Fude" instead of "Fre-" since "fude" is brush in Japanese.

Fudedrick - It ha

It has been a while, Sarah-dono, and I indeed would not expect to see you here today as well, Shiro-dono.
Shiro - Fofofo, it has been 3 years, hasn't it?
Keel - It wrote.

Sarah - The fact that you're here means that thing is up again?
Fudedrick - Indeed.

Pg. 40
Sarah - A call-for-assemble of "Seven" in 3 years time, huh? What a pain.

Ravi - "Seven"!? You mean, that Seven...!!

Keel - What's this "Seven" you're talking about?
Ravi - Oh God, go back to the adventurer's school!!

Shiro - They're top people of the Adventurer Associates.
Keel - Huh?

Shiro - [The seven adventurers]
[who are]
[in control of]
[the Adventurer Associates.]

Keel - He~h, you mean this hag is actually a great person?
Ravi - Yes, but not only that,

Pg. 41
Blue - In order to avoid being target by any villians, normal people wouldn't know who the members of Seven are.
Sarah - Kaka, well yeah.

Fudedrick - Sarah-dono being a part of Seven is a top secret! *sweatdrop*
Sarah - That's fine. I know that I can trust these guys.

Shiro - Judy was also a part of Seven though.
Fudedrick - That too is a top secret!
Keel - He~~h.

Fudedrick - These two are talking out our top secret without even hesitating...
Ravi - He's becoming timid.

Sarah - So, is this an emergency case?

Fudedrick - Indeed.

Sarah - OK...it might be troublesome, but I'll go tomorrow then.

Mippy - There, there, oink~
Fudedrick - Please stop it!!
Ravi - Cut it out, you two!!

Pg. 42
Shiro - Why don't you ride along with us?
Sarah - Never mind that.

I'm not as idle as to ride on a senile old dragon's back.

Shiro - Fofofo, I see.

Sarah - Alright, get going already,
and the next time you come, be sure to become even stronger, you whack monkey.
Fudedrick - Good bye!!

Pg. 43
Keel - Tch, just shut up!!

Ravi - Good bye, Sarah-san~~!!
Keel - I'll win next time, damn hag!!

Sarah - I better get going as well.
Fudedrick - Indeed.

To the Western Capital, Tenjik.

Pg. 44
Ravi - And with that, we came back to Sunshine Town from Sarah's place.

We then found one letter addressing to us.
Shiro - It's addressed to you, but the sender's name isn't written.
Ravi - Eh, who would that be then?

This got to be...

Keel - from Komejii, huh?
Seal - Kome
Ravi - Guess you're right.

** What could be the content of the letter from the trustworthy(?) information broker, Komejii? **

Thank you for reading...

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#1. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Dec 12, 2009
Mwahahaha, first again XP
#2. by Galooza ()
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Curses. /me claims second
#3. by Ju-da-su ()
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Is this a race to become the first to comment or something? >_>"
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Where did you get raws from? :)
I can't get them anywhere :(
#5. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jan 23, 2010
@Vegi: Why, from the bookstore, of course? :p
#6. by Vegi ()
Posted on Jan 24, 2010
Dammit >...> They don't sell that manga in Poland... Gosh.
Thanks anyway... Good thing that I could read it in raw text ;P
Nice english you've got there. Great translation.
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