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Tales of Vesperia 11

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jan 13, 2010 05:31 | Go to Tales of Vesperia

-> RTS Page for Tales of Vesperia 11

One done~ Now all I have to do is to wait for your raw, Rena~ :3 (since I don't remember getting vol.13...seriously...I'm sorry... .____.")

Reserved for Eternal Scanlation Group.

Tales of Vesperia
Chapter 11 "Nor Harbor 4"

Pg. 00
Raven, the dragon, the mercenaries, the battle at the Ragou Magistrate.

Yuri, who is searching for the cause behind the malfunction of the Aque Blastia located at the Imperial Capital, Zaphias, and Estellise (Estelle) who is searching for Flynn, set out together on their journey outside of the barrier.
During their search, the party, together with Karol and Rita, came to know that the thief who stole the Blastia core is at Torim Harbor.
At Nor Harbor, the port town just across Torim Harbor, Flynn makes his appearance when Yuri was in danger.
Flynn was investigating on the evil doings of the imperial magistrate Ragou. Furthermore, it was revealed that the ongoing bad weather may be artificially created by humans with the use of a Blastia, and there was evidence that a Blastia was being into Ragou's residence. During their chase after Ragou, a person riding on a dragon suddenly appears and destroys the Blastia. In the midst of chaos, Ragou makes his escape through the ship.

The party jumped abroad the ship after Ragou. What'll become of the second round of battle on the ship?

Pg. 1
Repede - Warf.

Rita - Wha...What is this...!?
Aren't these all Blastia cores!?
Why are there so many of them here...?

Yuri - Is the Blastia of the lower quarter inside?
Rita - No, I doubt the Blastia of that size will be in here.

Estelle - Is this related to the Blastia thieves then...?
Karol - Eh...but the wire puller is supposed to be a big, one-eyed guy.
Ragou doesn't match with that description.

Yuri - Which means...
there are more of them then.

Pg. 2
*ZAH* (approach)

Estelle - The enemies are coming from the back...
Rita - There're some this side too. Looks like they've got us.
*ZAZA* (approach)

Karol - Ah...Ah,
I knew it.
These guys are from one of the 5 major guilds...

"Bloody Alliance"!!

Pg. 3
*GO* (slam)

Estelle - Karol!!

*ZAH* (fall)
Barbos - Move it!!
That chicken Ragou is running away from these kids, huh?

Pg. 4
Yuri - Big, one-eyed man... you're the one sending people to steal the Blastia cores?

Barbos - Maybe.

*BAH* (jump)

Pg. 5
*TAH* (land)
Nice move.

You got good spirit as well...
My arm is throbbing.

You're just the guy our guild wanted.
Yuri - That's quite an honor.

Barbos - But I don't like those ambitious eyes.
It'll break my guild's harmony.

Ragou - Barbos!
Finish those people off quickly!

Pg. 6
Barbos - I've already worked up to the pay...
There're pursuers coming as well.
I don't want to be chased by knights.

*DOKA DOKA* (walk off)
Let's retreat.
Ragou - Wait, but there's still...


*ZAH* (splash)
you take care of the rest!

Pg. 7
Rita - Wa-...
*TAH* (walk)

*DON* (slam)

Zagi - Kuku...

...who wants to be killed then?

Pg. 8
My sword is aching...!

*ZAH* (wind)

Estelle - Yo-...
You're the person back at the palace...!!
Rita - What? You knew him?

Yuri - [Geez...]
[He works for Ragou, huh...?]
We really are linked by fate, I see.

Pg. 9
*DOOOH* (swoosh)
*KAH* (slash)

*GAH* (swing)

*KANKAN* (clash)

*ZUH* (slash)

Pg. 10
Estelle - Yuri!

*GAN* (stomp)

Whoever gets in...
is dead!!

Yuri - Stand back, Estelle.

An idiot like him,

Pg. 11
if I don't

smash him a bit...

he will never get it!!
*DOSU* (stab)
Zagi - GWAH

Pg. 12
Yuri - ...You got it now?

[Thi-...This guy...]
Zagi - Strong...
So strong there, are you...

Pg. 13
...Hm? I think I saw you somewhere before...

Oh right...! If my memory serves, you're Flynn-...
Karol - Yuri!
Zagi - Flynn Sci-...
Karol - Yuri!

Are you all right, Yuri?
Be careful of him, Yuri.

Zagi - ...I remembered now!
*DOBADOBA* (splat)
I remembered you now, Yuri...Yuri!!

Pg. 14
...I'll kill you.
Karol - Eh!?
Rita - He's still at it!?

Yuri - ...An idiot who still doesn't get it after all that,

should just

go die.

Chapter 11 "Nor Harbor 4" ~END~ To be continued in the next issue.

Thank you for reading...

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#1. by Rena Chan (Scanlator)
Posted on Jan 13, 2010
Yeah, I know, your problem with numbers >__o

But it won't be that soon. I haven't started scanning Chapter 11 yet, so I don't intend to scan Chapter 12 yet (considering I haven't debinded Vol 13 of ToM yet...)
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