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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

EXEcutional 4

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jan 17, 2010 02:44 | Go to EXEcutional

-> RTS Page for EXEcutional 4

I change "job" to "class", if that's OK with everyone. Scanlators, please put that in your scanlation somewhere as well if possible. Thanks to Elkin for the suggestion on that. >_<"

Please credit Galooza for proofreading

กรุณาเครดิต Galooza สำหรับ proofreading ด้วยนะงับ

Chapter 4 "Kasem and Assada"

Pg. 1
Kasem - What's the 1st division doing down there...?


Pg. 2-3
Battle Report
-Battle with the merchants at the riverside market-

-The Merchant Union and the Barbarians are quarreling over the riverside marketplace. The Merchants want to take over the area, but the Barbarians won't let them. The Anti-GM Army 1st Division, with Ganda, Passorn, Waipoj and Mr. Rabbit, comes to observe the situation, but Ganda jumps in to help the Barbarians. Passorn and Waipoj have to follow him into the battle.

Number of people on each side:
-The Barbarians: 25 people
-The Merchant Guild: 3 people
-The Anti-GM Army: 4 people

Ganda: LV-1 HP 145/145
Class - Randomizer
The class characteristics are not clear yet. He comes on his starter mission as a leader of the Anti-GM Army 1st Division. Despite of his level, he gets himself in to save the Barbarians. As the result, Passorn and Waipoj have to come to his aid because they know that if Ganda was to fight them, he'd end up like a dead frog.
Ability - Secret Treasure Box

Passorn: LV-20 HP 323/1077
Class - Ranger
A member of the Anti-GM Army 1st Division. She goes down to help protect Ganda (Or rather, is thrown into the bullet's path).
Ability - Unknown

The Barbarians
LV 7-10
Currently in trouble from the Merchant Guild's attacks.

Representatives of the Merchant Guild
HP 4017/4518
-Shop Control (forces other players to purchase their own items)
-2 Machine Guns: Attack 80-90
-Spark Cannon: Attack 300-400

Waipoj: LV-18 HP 522/522
Class - Genetic Engineer
A member of the Anti-GM Army 1st Division. He goes down to help Ganda and Passorn fight ferociously with the Merchant Guild.
First Skill - Slime Bunker / Creates a defensive wall.
Second Skill - Rolling Hawk Eye / Creates an iron ball to attack the enemy.

Currently unknown, but will be introduced later.

Pg. 4
Mr.Rabbit - The 2nd Division was sent here too?
I never thought they'd send this many people just for inspection.

Kasem - I'm here to observe whether those GMs will come or not,
but what's going on?

Mr.Rabbit - Well, we're fighting with the Merchant Guild right now...
Kasem - What!!? I thought you guys weren't going to do any fighting?

Pg. 5
Mr.Rabbit - We have to, now. Our leader just jumped in to help the Barbarians...
Kasem – What!?
The 1st Division already has a new leader?

You know anything about this, Assada?
-- Kasem -- member of the Anti-GM Army 2nd Division --

Assada - I didn't know either...
-- Assada -- leader of the Anti-GM Army 2nd Division --

Mr.Rabbit - He's just level 1...
Kasem - What'd you say?
You have a level 1 as your leader?

And to intervene with their battle like this...

Pg. 6
What's he thinking...?

Waipoj - Dammit, they just kept on attacking us.
What should we do, Passorn?

Passorn - We better wait for our chance and go all out together.

Pg. 7
Merchant - Keep firing!!! Take them all down!!!

Player – YAAAAH.

Merchant - Welcome.

Want some side dimsum, kid?
== Just a note...this is a reference to 7-11 in Thailand, more or less like a catchphrase. A lot of times, the 7-11 employees will ask if you'd like a side of dimsums at the cashier in Thailand. I don't know if something similar happens in other countries as well, but...well, all Thai people will immediately think of 7-11 after hearing that line, so...

Pg. 8
Passorn - Everyone ready?
Waipoj - [Yeah!]

Ganda - Hmm...?
I wonder if I can take another weapon from the box?
Waipoj - Passorn, you go first!
Passorn - What!?

Ganda - Let's give it a try then?

Waipoj - Let's roll!!!

Pg. 9
Kasem - Wait!!!

What's all this about...Waipoj?
Waipoj - Ah...Kasem and Assada?
Perfect timing. Let's go beat those merchants together.

Kasem - Wait a second, please. Just what are you all thinking...to intervene with the fight like this?

Pg. 10
Not only that, but also about this new leader of the 1st Division.
Waipoj - What...?

Mr. Rabbit - Guys, let's go talk inside...
Passorn – Mr. Rabbit?

Waipoj – Alright. Ask what you want, but make it quick. I'm gonna beat those guys up.
Kasem - Waipoj,
You purposely getting involved in the fight by yourself is bad enough as it is.

Pg. 11
You should stop being so egotistical and at least analyze the situation first.

What are your thoughts on this, Assada?

Assada - Dunno...
Kasem - And why are you hiding? [The readers won't be able to see you.]

Passorn - Well, let's just leave it as it is...

Also, we haven't introduced you yet. This is Ganda...

Pg. 12
Waipoj - Wha...What the heck is that!!?
Ganda - I...I don't know! I got it from the treasure box just now.

Mr.Rabbit - Let me see, ummm...

That's the "Twister”, a mace. Attack: 845
Waipoj - What!!?
For real!!?

Pg. 13
It's a "special medium-class weapon".
By special, it means the weapon has a special attack.
-- WEAPON: Twister / A mace with high offensive power. Its special attack is "Twister Slam". --

Kasem - That's not just any ordinary weapon!!
This means...
I must be misunderstanding, then. Your level must be pretty high, 1st Division leader...
If you can use that mace, then what class are you?

Mr.Rabbit - Misunderstanding? Nay...Ganda really is a level 1.
Waipoj - Awesome! Where did you get that from, Ganda?
Ganda - I told you, I got it from my treasure box.

Waipoj - Really?
I thought you can only use it once per battle?

Pg. 14
Passorn - Well, let me introduce him to you again...He's Ganda, the leader of 1st Division that we were just talking about.
His class is "Randomizer", but we still don't know much about his abilities.

Waipoj - Ever heard of that class?
Kasem - Nope, never heard of it.

Assada - But I have...
Waipoj - You knew about it, Assada?
Kasem - Will you please face us while you're talking?

Assada - I've heard it from someone else, though it's kind of vague.
From what I've heard, it's a class that can "randomize" a lot of things,
thus the name "Randomizer"...

Pg. 15
Waipoj - Is that so?
Ganda - Who are those two?
Passorn - Oh,
those two?

They're our allies...members of Anti-GM Army 2nd Division.
On the left is Kasem, the vice-leader and tactician.
Ganda - Nice to meet you.
Passorn - And the one on the right is Assada, the leader of 2nd Division. He's actually very shy...

Waipoj - Done with the introduction now? I'm going to beat those guys up, then...
[The Barbarians will be all dead if we don't hurry.]
Kasem - You're serious about this? I suggest we don't...
Waipoj - That's fine.

Assada – I have to say, I wanna see the ability of the 1st Division leader, too.
Waipoj - Right!!?
Kasem - Fine, do what you want...I'm not going to stop you now.

Pg. 16
Barbarian - Hah

Dammit~ We're done for.
The Anti-GM Army said they'll help, yet they're all gone!

No good.
I've gotta revive those guys before they all get game over.
-- TIPS: "Game Over" / If a player dies and isn't revived within 10 minutes, they'll get "game over". All their items will be lost and their level will be reduced by 15. --

Pg. 17
Guess we can't protect the riverside anymore...

Merchant - Haha, you think you can escape?
Barbarian - Huh?

Merchant - So you tried to hide those guys by dragging them here.

Time to close shop.

Thanks for coming!!!

Pg. 18-19

Pg. 20

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#1. by Galooza ()
Posted on Jan 17, 2010
A couple things to omit/change:

1) I thought there might've been a missing bubble on pg 7 at first, not so. That line can be taken out.

2) First page under the line about ending up like a dead frog. Erase the stuff in parentheses. And you might wanna add a note that it probably means he'll end up flat on his back like a dead frog.
#2. by Zyki ()
Posted on Jan 17, 2010
Niceeee judasss+galoolz :D
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