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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Blazer Drive 22

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jan 30, 2010 05:13 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 22

Please credit erik-the-red for proofreading.

Blazer Drive
22nd BLAZE "The Invader"

Pg. 1
The driving action!! The overheating story!!

** The place among friends is the most treasured location!! **

Pg. 2
-- Section IV Electronic Quarter --

Kyuri - Not here! Not here!! Not here too~~!!!

My limited edition Megu-chan figure that I put right beside me~~~
It got kidnapped~~~!!!

Sis beat me up...I just lost in a battle game for the first time in my life...
and now, my Megu-chan that I just bought got kidnapped...my day is already over...

[...Fine then...]
[If things turn out like this...]

Pg. 3
-- Inside Section III Guardian HQ --

Daichi - Everyone...is already back...?

Tenjik - Well, since you're late with getting your mission done.
Yuyuka - Daichi-oniichan,

I missed you so much~ <3
Daichi - Wah.


Pg. 4
Daichi - I...can't breathe...

Everyone - Hahaha
Daichi - Don't do that in front of everyone. You embarrass me.

Tenjik - Misora-cha~~~n <3

Misora - Don't be so elated.

Yuyuka - What do you think of my dress?
I combined the chic style with black.
Does this suit me better than before?

Pg. 5
Daichi - Ummm, what was she like before again...?
Misora - Yeah, it looks really nice. Makes you look even cuter than before.

Yuyuka - Hmph,
I'm asking Daichi-oniichan!
Misora - Heh...

Oniichan, this old woman doesn't woo you or anything
while Yuyuka is away, right?
Daichi - Eh?
Misora - Despite of (delete) the change in look, she's still as straightforward as ever, I see.

Guardian - Daichi must be pretty troubled, to be liked by Yuyuka.
I think they make a good pair though.

Yuyuka - Fufu, they said we make a good pairing.

Daichi - Haah...I thought I could get some rest when I arrived,
but this is making me even more tired.

Pg. 6
Melon - Too bad that we don't have Kuroki with us,
but everyone, good job hiding through all this time.
No matter how much they trampled us, Section III Guardian will never be gone.

Daichi - As long as we Blazers still exist...
right, division head?

Melon - No, Daichi.
Daichi - Eh!

Melon - Since there aren't only Blazers,
I am here as well.

Pg. 7
Jonathan already told me

that you've beaten one of the five pillars of Quilin Realm.
Guardian - Isn't it good that that person was taken down...?

Melon - You two made a really good progress.
I can see it really clearly.

You two are now full-fledged Blazers,
I can now say that with confidence.

Pg. 8
Misora - Division head.

Daichi - Huh, that's pathetic. Just became a full-fledged Blazer?
Blazer - Stupid, she's praising you, Daichi!!!
Melon - What?
Blazer - You should be more grateful to her for that.

Melon - Oh...want to see if you're already a full-fledged Blazer for real then?
A perfect timing since I want to test out my newly improved torture room right now.

Daichi - Eh!?

Blazer - I knew it. Daichi really is the first to visit that room.
We might not be the division head,
but we can clearly see that coming as well...

Pg. 9
Daichi - Wow, the monitor is on!!
Tekojii - Alright-ight-ight.

Now, Section III HQ is finally completed-eted-eted.

Daichi - Finally, old man. Let's have a toast-oast-oast. [Though I'll have juice instead-ead-ead.]
Tekojii - Cheer-eer-eer.

Misora - Whoa, the drinks are spilling out from their tremor.

Tekojii - I'll have one puff as my celebration-ion-ion.

Pg. 10
Will you lit it for me-e-e?
Daichi - No need to act tough though, Tekojii,
especially when you were trying to put it in your mouth.

-- Section III HQ Mysticker Research Room --
Tenjik - How was it?

Gen - What's with this wavelength...?
I've never seen this before...
Saki - [A...A talking mouse!]
Tenjik - Even you, the Mysticker artisan with the title of the God Hand, never saw this before...?

This is one of the five Quilin Mystickers,
Black Kakutan.

Pg. 11
Its ability is to fuse with any black object, like a shadow, and control its property.

I've done some investigation myself,
but without any utility like this, I can't do much on my own.

Gen, your comeback is really assuring for all of us.
Gen - Sorry to have to join in a bit late.
Hearing that from Tenjik-san makes me feel kind of awkward though.

Tenjik - If we can crack this,
then maybe we'll understand the mystery behind all Quilin Mystickers as well.

Its past user vanished along with the shadow.

Pg. 12
Saki - Such unbelievable rebound effect.
Tenjik - And who's this cute lass?
Gen - She's my daughter.

Tenjik - Oh, she's your daughter?
You grew up always looking at your father then. That's pretty assuring as well.

Saki - I'll increase the level of dummy soul immediately then.


Pg. 13
The wavelength exceeded the red zone right away!!?
This is!! If normal Blazers use this, their bodies will be destroyed in one blow!!

Tenjik - I knew it.
Gen - This isn't about the level we can use now.

[Those Five Pillars of Quilin Realm,]
[just who exactly are those people!!?]

[Are they really Blazers!?]

Hmph, interesting.
Makes me feel even more grateful being an artisan.

Pg. 14
Saki - Be careful though, dad...
Gen - Don't worry.

There are many other spiritual powers inside other than the dummy soul...!

Tenjik - You mean the Mysticker has its own spiritual power!!?
But that's impossible!!!

Pg. 15
Gen - GWAAAH!!!

Damn! I can't let go!!
Saki - Dad!

The shadow!
Tenjik - No good.

Pg. 16
Are you all right, Gen!!?
Gen - Yeah...
but I never thought it'd be this quick.

Saki - The Mysticker is the one sucking in?

Tenjik - Even the Summon Type isn't alive by principle...but
we can almost say that this Mysticker does have life.

Gen - No, I doubt that it can be alive by itself.

Thanks to that, I started to get it now.

Pg. 17
This only acts as a medium, which can somehow absorb the very spiritual power and stamina
from many different Blazers.

In another words, unlike other Mysticker, it contains everlasting energy
and is capable of retaining spiritual power within itself.

Saki - You mean its energy is limitless...?
Then it's similar to Daichi-san's Kandachi.

Gen - No, it's not the same. This thing is
capable of even activating by itself if we're not careful with it.

Tenjik - Then it isn't really alive,
but more like a pseudo-life, right?

[The reason behind Quilin Realm's attack earlier]
[was neither to capture Daichi,]
[nor to destroy Section III HQ.]

Pg. 18
[They came so they could use that Visitor to engulf in]
Blazer - ARGH!
Eh! EH!?
Tenjik - [all the strong Blazers that came together to protect the HQ...]

[If what I'm thinking is true, then...perhaps everyone is...]


Saki - The light went off?
Gen - Is this the power of the Kakutan!?

Saki - But I already cut off Dummy Soul, dad.
Gen - I told you, this thing might be able to activate by itself!!

Pg. 19
Daichi - Ginga...
Misora - Eh!! What're you saying, Daichi!!?

What's this!!?
Melon - What happened!!?

Pg. 20
Tekojii - Someone just invaded into our server-er-er!!
Someone-one-one is hacking into it-it-it!!

Melon - What!!? Our division was just newly completed, yet someone already hacked into our computer!!?

Misora - Daichi!! Daichi!!!
Division head, something is wrong with Daichi!!!

Melon - Just what's all these about!!!?

Rey - No way, the first block is already infected!!!

Tekojii - That's just too fast-ast-ast.
Who could've done this-is-is!!?

Misora - Eh?
What's this...

Pg. 21
Mitony - All the lights are connected now.

Even the new Guardian HQ appears dull in the face of my light.

I'm going to make it sparkly and numb
from inside using Sakumei's light!!!

Access denied...

Pg. 22
Each block needs a specific access code, huh?
I see, their firewall system works pretty well then.
Even if I cover up the incorrect password, it'll come to attack me,
like a healthy WBC.
== Just in case...WBC = White blood cell if you didn't know that already... .__."

Okay, I'm starting to enjoy this now.

The game is just about to get fun!!!

Pg. 23-24
Daichi - What's this place? Is this also...inside the HQ?

Misora - Daichi is shown on the screen.
Is this also because of the hacking!?

Tekojii - Even the first server's code-ode-ode,
no computers other than the computer onlining with the HQ should have that-at-at.

Rey - Something isn't right. It's our own server that lift the firewall
and allow external access in.

Mitony - I used Daichi to hack in at the very beginning.

Pg. 25
Daichi+Misora - What's that voice?

Mitony - I'm the one who programmed that game screen you're seeing.

I'll start breaking into your Section III HQ's computer,
until I get to the main frame in your core system. Let's play this game.

In this game, you'll have to block my invasion
using Daichi, who becomes a pseudo-form of light made up of data

Daichi - What!!?
Mitony - and the firewall or any other defense systems you have. Does that sound fun?

Pg. 26
Daichi - You mean I'm inside the game!!?
Just what did you do to me!!?

[Don't tell me that she did something to me back then...!!]
Screen - Never forgive you.
Never forgive you.
Never forgive you.
Never forgive you.
Never forgive you.
Never forgive you.

Misora - Impossible. Daichi has turned into just a mere data?

Melon - She knows Daichi's name...then the hacker must be
the Blazer of Quilin Realm.
Misora - Then you mean they already knew about this place!!?

Melon - Don't worry. Even if that's true,
we've built it so that it's not as easy to get it as before.

But I wasn't expecting that they'd come in
through hacking like this.

Pg. 27
Tekojii - Rey, if it comes to the crunch,
cut off the electricity to the main computer-er-er.
Rey - But if we do that!!

Tekojii - Our line is connected to other HQ as well-ell-ell.

If she gets to the main frame-ame-ame,
she'll get the location of all Guardian HQs,
personal data of all the associated Blazers-ers-ers,
and even the information on all the Mystickers we have, through and through-ough-ough.

If that happens, the Guardian will be all done for-or.

Mitony - What do you think is the most enjoyable game in this world?
The answer is...

Pg. 28
the game with the risk of life.

You can't reset this game.
If it gets turned off, Daichi will never

be able to return to his normal body again.

Daichi - What'd you say?
Bullshit, aren't I the only one risking my life here!!?

Gen - Those words...
Only those ignorant of the real pain can say that.

Misora - Look at the screen. Something's coming in front of Daichi.

Mitony - Reset means death.

Pg. 29
Well, you'll also die if you die in this game though.

Daichi - What's this thing!!? [It-...It's so gross...]
Is this my enemy!!?

Mitony - Kukyakyakya,
all right, let the game begins.

Pg. 30
The game where your life and those fools' HQ
are on the line.

Misora - I can't do anything other than
watch from here...?

Daichi - I don't get any of the complicated parts,
but all I need to do is to kick the ass of anyone who comes attacking, right?
Bring it on then.

I'm going to clear
this stupid game in no time!!

Pg. 31
Mitony - Do it if you can.

Daichi - ARGH!

Pg. 32

Pg. 33
Misora - Ah!! Daichi's life parameter is going down!!

His body takes the damage as well!!!

Mitony - Daichi, you're really one bad defense wall.
Daichi - Dammit.

Huh!? Not even a single Mysticker!!

Rey - She got passed our second block!!

Tekojii - U-u-uh
Rey - We only have three more blocks till the main frame!!!

Pg. 34
Mitony - This is the game I created myself, so no Mysticker.

How much longer are you planning to hide behind that rubble?
Daichi - What!!?

You can even delete the rubble I'm hiding behind!!?

Mitony - I told you that this is the game I made.
If you're not pleased, you guys can just add something to the program.

But well, guess I'm the only one who can rewrite
the program this fast though.

Daichi - Shit...

Pg. 35
What was that? That guy's attack just slow down
for a second there.

Tekojii - Daichi-i-i!!

Screen - I activated our defense system just now-ow-ow.

Pg. 36
Daichi - Tekojii?
Defense system...?

Screen - It's like the anti-virus program-am-am.

Mitony - Still too weak. I can break through that
in no time!!!

Daichi - So fast!

Pg. 37
Tekojii - No way, she already slipped through our defense-ense-ense.
Rey - The third and fourth block are already infected.

Pg. 38
Tekojii - If we don't do something, it'll be the end for both Daichi's life and our system-em-em.
What should I do-o-o?

Misora - Kya!!

Kyuri - I'm begging you with all my life, sis!!
Misora - Eh!? Eh!?

Melon - This voice and this way of speaking...

Pg. 39
Kyuri - My newly bought Megu-chan figure got abducted,
so...can I borrow your money again?

Misora - You're...the one at the game center at Section IV.

Kyuri - I asked Kuroki-san again,
and he said you're here.

Here comes the stupid, troubled NEET in the time like this...

I'm right here, fool!!!
I told you to put on your glasses!!!

Kyuri - U...Ugh...but I don't...want to look like...an otaku...
That's just so...uncool...

Pg. 40
Melon - You can still say that, can you?
Kyuri - N-...No violence...

S-...So beautiful.

Melon - Wha!...What're you saying? You think I'll fall for that flatte-...

Kyuri - What a beautiful game this is...

Pg. 41-42
Mitony - This mode is just too easy.
Unleash your real power already.

Daichi - It's your head that's in the easy mode.
All you do is puff up in the virtual world.

Come face-to-face with me already,
you cheater.

Mitony - [...Shut up...]
This is my world...

my reality!!!

Pg. 43-44
You get it now? Now, I got to
the main frame!!



Pg. 45
No way, what's going on!!? They wrote the program that can overturn my attack in a split second...!!?
Did they add in the new system!?

No, but this is the virus that I just made. There shouldn't be any vaccine against it!!
Even if there is, they shouldn't have time to install it.

Pg. 46
Melon - Just as I thought.

Kyuri - If I play this awesome game, then you'll give me money?
What bonus stage has fallen on me today.

** Hooray for the otaku!! Kyuri's entry to the battle flares up the epic cyber battle!! **

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