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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

07-Ghost 57

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Mar 5, 2010 03:13 | Go to 07-Ghost

-> RTS Page for 07-Ghost 57

Brb, off to kill myself...yes, asking me to do it multiple times does work then, but it's the way that makes me hate myself the most (since got to be honest, when see the same person requesting for something, and even ask me too much if I can translate something (posting in recruitment forums just for a chapter, sending me mail and even post in my dead translator's thread just to ask me if I can translate this one chapter is, to me, way more than too much already...-_-"), I can become a lot softer and can almost guarantee that I WILL fall for it...which is why I hate myself...Never mind the Rival series for now then, since I get a week off right now...I can finish it easy in just one week...and this one is just a one-timer, hm? -_-")

And I guess I'll just post EXE and FLAGS that I already finished while waiting for Gal to come back. BK will follow VERY soon (I do mean, VERY soon...no later than tomorrow, I promised...-_-")

Please proofread it, send the proofreaded version back to me and wait for me to get back to you before using it for scanlation.

PS. Someone, tell me what exactly is so wrong with 07-Ghost's chapter numbering?...I mean, this chapter, according to the raw, is chapter 56...-_-"

Kapitel 57 "Capella"

Pg. 1
Frau - How come
you are able to act differently from last night?
** The Kor made its appearance!! **


Kor - You...

Curse you,
The Seven Ghost!!!

Pg. 2
reverse only the time of this house, huh?
Kor - That was a piece of cake.

I started out
by granting the wish of poisoning the sister with this man's woman, but...

Ugur - Dang it!! My sister isn't dead yet!!
You useless Kor!!

Kor - Think of me how ever you want.
You have no other wishes...?

Ugur - I wish Rena's birthday will never come!!
I'll kill her during that time...!! And don’t fail again!!

Kor - And well,
in the end, he doesn't have the guts to dirty his own hands.

Pg. 3
By the way...the time I reversed
is supposed to be the time of "every beings" in this house...

But how come
your time didn't turn back?

Can you really live on
while retaining that human form, Zehel!!?


Pg. 4
-- November 20th --

Pg. 5
Teito - Huh?
It suddenly becomes noon...


Lutia - Oh no!! It's already the 20th?
Rena-sama's birthday has already passed!!

People - [What's wrong?]
[What'd you say?]

It's already the 20th?
Today isn't the 12th?
There are so many non-delivery notices for congratulant flowers sent here too.
I got to go bake the cake.

Pg. 6
Lutia - Are eggs already expired, I wonder?

Ugur's wife - Darling!! Why are you lying here!!?
Ugur - Hm?
Ugur's wife - It already passed Rena's birthday!!

Teito - Frau, where were you?
[How comes it suddenly turn noon...!!]
Frau - I went to take down the Kor.

That old man, Ugur wished for Rena's birthday not to come until he can kill Rena's mother.
Since we came here on the 12th, our time went in a loop for about a week.
Teito - Kor can do that!?

Capella - Mom, come over here!
Today, I'll heal your eyes with my Zaiphon again!

Lutia - You've been given an exceptional blessing of God, haven't you?
Capella - What is exceptional?
Lutia - It means very, very special.

Pg. 7
Capella - You know, mine is called the Healing Zaiphon!

Lutia - Oh, what's wrong, Nyx-san? If you're here to help...

Nyx - If I kill the "Lady",
he promised to give me one-fifth of the heritage.

Teito - Huh...?
[I got a feeling that I heard a scream just now...]

Nyx - If I kill you and Rena-sama...!!
Capella - Let go of my mom!!

Pg. 8

[Damn it.]
[Damn it...!!]

[I will]
[finish him off...!!!]

Nyx - Wha...
An Offensive Zaiphon!!?

Pg. 9
[This kid can...!!!]

[He'll kill me!!]

Capella - Mom!!

Pg. 10

Pg. 11


Teito - Capella...
This is the pain of attacking other people.

The pain you inflicted on others' bodies
will return to you as the pain in your heart.

I was the one who taught you Zaiphon,
so I'll take half of that pain.

Pg. 12
Promise me, Capella;
that you will never activate your Offensive Zaiphon at anyone again.

Pg. 13
Frau - Though it's rare, people who can use both types of Zaiphon do exist...
but I never thought that Capella is also one of them...

Not only that, that level of Zaiphon isn't something that can be easily guarded...
yet he can stop it with bare hand.
He's quite some teacher, isn't he?

Elikt - Nyx, you...!!
Nyx - I...I was
just requested by Ugur-sama!!

Servant - A person from the Imperial Polices is here.

Ugur's wife - Wait!! What'd you say I did!!?

Pg. 14
Police - Mr. and Mrs. Ugur,
you're suspected of the embezzlement of the Almarz Residence.
I would like to investigate both of you.

Elikt - With your help, we came to know the truth.
[Thank you very much for that.]
So you aren't just a pervert bishop after all.
Frau - If we search through their house, we'll come across some evidences.

Sada - Embezzlement...?
Lynen - Ugur...don't tell me that you're planning to take our sister's land to yourself...
??? - Ugur!! Our houses are in this plot of land as well!!

Ugur - N-...No, my wife was the one doing all of it...!!

Ugur's wife - You stupid!! What's that "weak conclusion" you said!!?
It's because you can't do it properly that she still live like this, even after I

Pg. 15
Lutia - I'm not the Lady.
I was taken in by the Almarz Residence. Name’s Lutia.

Ugur's wife - Wha-...What!?
Ugur - You're not my sister?

Rena - Ugur-ojisama...
so it was you.

My mother has passed away,
from that poison of yours.

From now on, I will protect my mother's beloved land.
repent for your sin under the Imperial trial.

Pg. 16
Jams are this delicious?
[Even with the same amount of sugar...]

It's totally different from the one Elikt made!
Elikt - [May I have a word?]
It won't be good for your health if you eat too much sugar though! [And don't blame me if you get fatter!]

Capella - The jams mom made is very yummy!
Rena - [What was that? Elikt, you meanie!]
Lutia - Since you're an impatient man, Elikt-san.
If you slowly simmer it with love, your jams will become sweeter.

Pg. 17
Elikt - Lo-...Love...

Capella - Elikt-san, what's love?
Servant - Oh my, love is a very good thing.
Rena - Try hard, Elikt!

Frau - One case closed.
Looks like Lutia-san and Capella can live together in this house as well.

Pg. 18
Teito - Let's go.
Frau - Not gonna say anything to them before leaving?

Teito - It's best to just leave like this.

Lutia - Teito-san, you're going to catch cold.

I've fixed your coat for you.
Try putting it on.

Pg. 19
Mikage - Burupya

Teito - Tha...Thank you very much. [I have to wear it with care until I return it to Castor-san.]
Frau - You're going to return it to that four-eyed?

Lutia - ...Please,
don't just leave without saying anything...like I did.

...Since that will be very, very painful
for the one who's leaving.

Pg. 20
Capella - No!!
I want to continue journeying with you two!!

Teito - Capella...We can't take you with us anymore.

Capella - I'll be useful!!
I can even use Zaiphon!

I can tend all your wounds!!

Pg. 21
Teito - Capella, use that to help your mother.
Capella - But I didn't do anything for you yet!!

Teito - You've
already done a lot for us.

These whole times we spent together
are treasures to me.

Pg. 22
Frau - Capella,

it’s not like we hate you.
It's because we love you that we have to split up.

Pg. 23
From now on, you'll
get many loves from your mom.

And you will in turn give love to someone else.
Capella - Lo...ve?

Pg. 24
Frau - Once you understand that,
we'll meet again someday for sure.

Capella - We...will
We will...
meet again...for...sure...

Frau - *GUEE*
Teito - And don't forget, Capella.

Pg. 25
You're my proud student.
Take a good care of you mom, OK!!?

Capella - ...OK!!

Pg. 26

Pg. 27
[Can I really stay with you two?]

[This is...the first time...anyone's so kind to me.]

[But I don't even work yet. Is it OK for me to eat?]
Frau - [You job is to eat, sleep and play.]

Pg. 28-29
Capella - [A bath!!]

Kreuz - [Teito!! Lice are coming!!]

Capella - [I can do it too?]

??? - [Prince? What are you doing?]
Teito - [Practicing my Zaiphon! I'm going to surprise dad with this!]

Capella - [It's so warm.]

??? - [You'll be warm with this on.]
Teito - [It's so warm.]

[That's awesome, Capella!!]
[You're really the best!!]

Kreuz - [Prince~~!!]
??? – [The tree…]

Pg. 30
** Their short departure. Those amiable memories are piling up... **

Thank you for reading...

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#1. by shockinblue ()
Posted on Mar 6, 2010
Don't worry, I think Zero-Sum had mis-numbered a chapter of 07-Ghost in the past too. *shrugs*
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