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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Persona 4 8

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Mar 10, 2010 09:56 | Go to Persona 4

-> RTS Page for Persona 4 8

Sorry for not getting this done in a LOOOOOONG while. I'll try to get to P3 sometimes as well (but am not as motivated at it as P4...plus, I don't have the raw of P3 after chapter 22, and don't want to ask the raw provider to get to it since I'll regret about it afterwards... ._.")

Reserved for Red Hawk and Ala Atra Scanlation Group (as a joint project)

PS. Tbh, I know that people say "Just go with Yousuke and Chie other than their last name."...but I'm not sure if it's OK if I change it right now? I mean, can't say I don't want to, since I usually call the character by their first name as well, since Kuma called them that way even in the Japanese version. .__."

Persona 4
#08 "Satonaka Chie part 1"

Pg. 1
Yousuke - Amagi is really on it!
She even said her name!!

And...Wow, what the? Amagi-san...has such a nice body.
Her top is around eighty-...wait, this isn't the time to be thinking about that. I need to find some clues.

Looks like one place "here" is connected to only one place on "that side",
like how we can get to Kuma's place at Junes, but
if the place is "on our TV", wouldn't it directly connected to "where it's recording"?
Then maybe she can at least hear me...alright!

Pg. 2-3

but if that's true, won't I poking right onto Amagi's breast?
Then that's just like...

Stop, stop! I'm not supposed to be thinking about unnecessary stuffs right now!


Looks like we got the same ideas.
Souji - Seems like we can't get there unless we go there directly.

Yousuke - Yeah...but we're so close together.
Our places may be connected then.

Souji - Good night.!

Yousuke - Yeah.

Pg. 4
-- 04/25 MON --
Chie - I'm going too!
I'm certainly going with you!!

Yousuke - It's too dangerous. I understand how you feel, but...
Chie - You don't!!
You don't understand...Yukiko might die, you know...!?
Yousuke - And what'll we do if something happens to you!!

Chie - Doesn't that also go for you?

It's the same with you last time, isn't it, Hanamura!?
Yousuke - Ugh, can't argue to that.

Chie - I'm going too! I have to go!!
Yousuke - And the school?
Chie - I'm skipping, of course!!

Yousuke - ...Guess you're right.

Pg. 5
What're you doing?
Kuma - Can't you tell-kuma? Kuma is thinking about lots of things-kuma.
Like who's Kuma, what exactly is this world and about the culprit.
Yousuke - All I see is that you seem to have so much free time though.

Pg. 6
Kuma - Kuma just didn't get anything-kuma.
Also, Kuma just has so much to bear...
Ah, that's one pun from me, ufufu...

Chie - Is this the time to joke!? Before that, you know where Yukiko is, don't you!?
Then lead us there already!!
Kuma - Ye-...Yes, ma'am...

The scent came from that direction-kuma, and it's an usual one.
Chie-chan, you're different too, right? You're normal.
Chie - Normal...?

Yousuke - You mean how she doesn't have that "power"? In another word, she didn't come in by herself...but someone took her in, right?
Hey, I might already asked you this before,
but won't there actually be someone taping that strange midnight TV program?

Pg. 7
Kuma - Kuma told you Kuma doesn't know anything about the program! There's no one here other than Kuma and the shadows!
No one is really taping it. Plus, this world is already like this from the beginning-kuma.
Chie - Already like this from the beginning?...I don't understand that!
Kuma - Then, can you give explanations to everything in your world-kuma?
Anyhow, Kuma never saw that program before, so Kuma doesn't know-kuma.

But maybe, that happens because of the influence from this world-kuma.
There might be some triggers that let you see into this world-kuma.

Souji - But if we just see into this world,
then why would the "TV" show Amagi-san before she disappeared?

Kuma - Umm, so mysterious-kuma? How exactly is this world connected to your world...?
Kuma still doesn't understand much, but after hearing from you two,
Kuma gets the feeling that...that "program" thing is made from that girl herself.
Souji - ...Oh, so you thought it well over.

Chie - Yukiko made that program herself? What's that supposed to mean? You're just confusing me!
Also, Yukiko saying that she'll "score a hot stud"?...That's not even possible!

Pg. 8
Kuma - Hot stud?

Chie - Yukiko!!
Yousuke - Don't run off on your own, Satonaka!
Kuma - What is a "hot stud"?

Yousuke - Hey, Kuma-kichi, before we go...I was thinking about who I am a bit too.
How shall I say it...come to think of it, I never thought of such thing before till now.

But I felt...that how I came to this town and got this power was probably just to solve this case.
So I think I'll do whatever I can to make sure we drag out the culprit.

Pg. 9
I don't want any more people to fall as victims as well.

Kuma - Ah, but say
what is a "hot stud"?

Yukiko - [...She said red color suits me.]

Pg. 10-11
[I really hate my name, Yukiko...]
[Snow is cold and will melt away in no time...it's meaningless and empty...]
[but guess that's exactly what I am,]
[the one who's worth nothing more than an inheritor of an inn.]
[...But Chie is the only one who told me, that red color suits me.]
[Chie is the only one...who gives me meaning.]

Chie - Yukiko...
Yukiko - [Chie is cheerful, strong and capable of everything...]
[She has everything that I don't have.]

[But I...]
[Comparing to Chie, I-]

[Chie...always protects me...the worthless me]

[while I am not even qualified for it...]

Chie - Yukiko, I-I'm...

Yukiko - [The kind-hearted Chie]

Pg. 12
Shadow Chie - "The kind-hearted Chie", she said...

Chie - ...Eh,
who-...who're you? M-...Me!?

Shadow Chie - Yukiko...that Yukiko, huh? Saying that I protect her!?
Calling herself worthless!!?
Fufufufufufu...right on point, eh?

Yukiko is beautiful, fair-skinned and feminine.
Boys just fall all over her.

And that Yukiko

Pg. 13
sometimes looked at me with a servile look...and I just can't help but to be happy about it.

Chie - No...I-I...never-!
Shadow Chie - Fufu...
Yes, that's right.
The one who can't do anything alone is actually me...

Can't win her at all, both as a person and as a woman;
the hopeless me...
Still, that Yukiko is depending on me.

Yousuke - Satonaka!...That's
Kuma - It's a shadow-kuma.

The suppressed inner self...an unstable state of mind will loosen the control of it and a shadow will come out-kuma.
Chie - Do...Don't come!!

Pg. 14
Shadow Chie - Fufu, Yukiko is a friend...Yukiko is important...
I won't let go of her...
Chie - No...but I was...no...no,
don't come! Don't look!!
Shadow Chie - Fufufu...trying to weigh me down while ignoring me like always?

Chie - Shut up!!

Yousuke - Don't, Chie!!
Chie - You're...

You're not me!!

Shadow Chie - ...Yes.

Yes, Yukiko just can't do a thing without me...

Pg. 15
I am...
I am...I am!
I am way superior to her!!

Chie - Ah...

Pg. 16

Pg. 17
Seta-kun, Hanamura!?
Yousuke - ...It just has to end with this, hasn't it?
I really don't want to get you into this, but guess I have to now.

The same thing happened to me too.

Shadow Chie - Who're you guys...
guarding the real one like that...
I am...
I am...
I am!!

Pg. 18
More straightforward and truthful!!
Than that filthy, terrible woman!!

Pg. 19
Yousuke - ...Satonaka,

just accept it.
** Will Chie be able to accept the inside of her heart!? **

Thank you for reading...

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