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Blazer Drive 23

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Apr 22, 2010 02:01 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 23

Since I promise that I'll get the translation if the scanlation of the last chapter comes...sorry for being late though... ._."

Also...I'm not totally sure, but...when did RP start watermarking their raws for BD? Next chapter or chapter 25?

PS. I think I need to remind people of one thing. I don't need the raw of BD, neither do I have them. I'm translating this from my own copy of Monthly Shounen Rival, which I'm subscribed to. So, don't need to worry that I didn't get the raw, since the reason why I'm slow at translating is mainly because if the scanlation isn't out, then I do prefer catching up with the current issue for other Rival series even if they don't get regularly updated raw than speeding through with BD alone and leaving everything else behind. I never have problem of not getting the raw. At the same time, please do not ask me for the raw. I personally don't have them, don't know where to get them, and don't even care to get them. Ask someone else, possibly the scanlators for the raw. >_>"

Please credit Galooza for proofreading.

Blazer Drive
23RD BLAZE "The Light of Reality"

Pg. 1
Everyone~, let's all...
Do the V-pose.

Pg. 2
Daichi - I...I don't know what this is, but I'm saved...

The bandages around me are also gone...

Mitony - But I made this game myself.
I didn't make any of those shield programs!!

Dammit, is this a bug!?

Pg. 3
Let's try writing up another virus
To attack him with, and then see what happens!
I'm sure that their defense system couldn't have blocked that.

There, all done!!
My latest, grandest masterpiece. No vaccine for it, that's for sure.

Those shields won't stand a chance against this!!!

Dazzling and numbing.

Pg. 4
No way!! They blocked my attack using a different shield!!?

[This feeling...]

[It's not something that was already installed like a firewall or anti-virus!!]
[And it's certainly not a bug, either...!!]

Pg. 5
[A person!? There must be someone writing up programs to fend off my attack,]
[But...I can't believe there's someone who can keep up with me...]

What's going on? I'm supposed to be the shining one here.

Rey - Looks like our mainframe is safe still.

Kyuri - Ah, I see. So that guy created this awesome game through hacking?
He ain't half bad then, is he?

Pg. 6
Misora - That guy...is the division head's brother?
Gen - Quite a shame for him to be unemployed.

Melon - Kyuri, just do as I told you.
Support Daichi.

Kyuri – Haven't I seen this character somewhere before?
Melon - If Daichi dies in the game,
his real self will also die.

Kyuri - OOOOOOOH!!
He's the guy who tried to punch me at the arcade!!

Pg. 7
I'll never, ever help this guy.
Not even for a Megu-chan figurine.

Misora - But, this is about Daichi's life!!

Melon - ...Guess I need to be a bit tougher on him...
[His vision only gets good when he wants it to, huh?]

Daichi - Are these walls...
the anti-virus software Tekojii mentioned...?

Kyuri - That's the program I wrote. I'm forced to back you up right now, so you better be thankful, kay?

Pg. 8
Melon - Now. Do it, Kyuri.

Misora - What did she just...
whisper to him...?

Kyuri - But I'm not really motivated,
Since I'm not the type to play a male character.

Misora - But this isn’t the time to be picking on that...!
Melon - This idiot-!

Daichi - He...Hey!!
My body's!!

Pg. 9
Mitony - It really is a human. And a very skilled one at that.
He's toying with my awesome game, as if it were his own.

Kyuri - The image of the wood fairy.

Tekojii - Oh-oh-oh-oh~

Melon - Dai...Daichi's...

Pg. 10
Daichi - What's this?
I became a female character!!!

This isn't funny!!
How dare you change me into a girl...?

But I'm this cute as a girl!?
I'm so awesome!

Better take a picture and set it as my screen saver.
This is the inside of a game, so I don't have my phone.

Gen - Just how much of a narcissist can he be...?
Misora - Yes...
Melon - Awesome.

Pg. 11
It's good that you like yourself. Now, dance on, Daichi...
And give that thing a punch in the face!!!

Kyuri - I'll find a weak point in that mummy-faced virus right now.

Done! There it is!!
Now, time to write up an anti-virus.

Rey - Wow. He estimates its level while searching for its weakness,
and wrote up an anti-virus all at the same time. Is he really a human!!?

Kyuri - Done!!

Rey - So fast!!

Kyuri - That side's a mummy...so...
I'll create a simple weapon for you.

Pg. 12
Daichi - Flaming scissors? This is so lame.

Kyuri - Shut up. That thing should be equipped with some kind of defense. Those scissors can take care of it in one blow.

Daichi - Alright, I'll give'em a try.
My coolness will make up...
for the lameness of the weapon.

Mitony - Hmph, I already took care of its weak point, though.
Don't think I'll let you have your way so easily.

My program is flawless.
Our radiance and senses are far too different!!

Pg. 13
Your anti-virus program doesn't work as well...
as you expected, huh!

Now, your mainframe...
is mine!!!

Pg. 14-15
Daichi - Hmph.
Mitony - Huh?

No way...he destroyed...my virus...?

Kyuri - Right on target.

Pg. 16
Mitony - Shit...

Time for my best character
to come into play.

Daichi - Ginga!!!

Pg. 17
Kyuri - Done changing your weapon. Get going!

Daichi - Argh.

Kyuri - What are you blanking out for!!?
My support will go to waste!!

Pg. 18
Misora - Wait! Isn't that Ginga!!?
Kyuri - Ginga?

Misora - He's Daichi's brother!!

This can't mean Ginga is also in the game...
like Daichi.

Then, if we attack him, his body will be damaged, also.

Mitony - They can help him all they want, but it's pointless...
if he himself doesn't do anything.

As expected, Daichi can't keep his calm before this character.

Pg. 19
Daichi - Agh.

Mitony - It's not bad to be killed by your brother's...
character which I'm controlling, hm?

I'll claim the mainframe now.

Kyuri - Don't let him fool you...!!

Pg. 20
Daichi - It's just a data fragment, isn't it?

Misora - Daichi...

Daichi - I am Ginga's brother.
Don't even begin to think I won't realize it.

You dare pull some stupid prank on me...
Hey, you hikikomori hacker bastard!

I'm seriously gonna kick your ass in person.

Pg. 21
Mitony – A~ah...
don't be stupid.

You're going to kick my ass? Try it if you can,
but I can just kill you off in this game.
Plus, my side is just composed of avatars. They won't feel a thing despite what you may do.

You'd better use your head.
Do you even know what's going on in here?

Games that don't have any "risk of life"...
are all "dumb games", after all.

Enough foolin' around. I'm moving on to Hard Mode now.

== Sakumei: Iris Input

Pg. 22-23
Daichi - Yo...
You've gotta be kidding...

== Strategic Guns (though it's worth taking note that its reading can mean "Eyes of 1000 miles", which is probably why it looks like that...)

Kyuri - This one keyboard won't do now.
Time to set up my own keyboard.

Misora - Eh!? You can also type with your feet!?

Pg. 24
Sakumei's ability is invincibility.
It consumes anything, even shadows.

Misora - Even shadows?
She's right. Daichi doesn't have a shadow right now.

Gen - ...No shadow...?

[...We might be able to make use of that...]

Kyuri - Don't panic. Have some confidence, we're up against the final boss.

Mitony - My Kousainyuuryoku can directly input information from these eyes to the computer!!
Keyboard input won't stand a chance against this!!

Pg. 25
Right now, I'm just the same...
as having a thousand fingers!!

Melon - Don't tell me that each of those are distinct viruses.

Kyuri - Yep, they are!!
They might be weak, but we'll have to fend them off one by one.

Pg. 26
Mitony - What's going on? Their speed increased again!!
His HP doesn't drop much, either.

Hmph, I'll write up a 1-hit KO program.
Haven't played a shooting game in a while now.

Daichi - Whoa, what the? The floor just...

Pg. 27
Kyuri – Then, I'll have her fly,
and make the CD smaller.
== CD as in collision detection. Making it less will mean Daichi can just run through those eyeballs, if my understanding is correct...

Pg. 28
No diversity in their attacks at all.

Does this mean...

Ah!! I knew it!!
Melon - What's wrong!?

Kyuri - That guy's breaking through the inner line while being camoflauged.
Melon - What do you mean!?

Tekojii - If so-o-o, then that mean-ean-ean...
Rey - This game is...

Pg. 29
Kyuri - Yeah...
It's just a decoy!!

Melon - What!?

Kyuri - He takes the time when we concentrate all our defense systems on the game,
[Defense System]
[Inner Line]
to disguise himself and break in.

The hacker is already trying to retrieve the access code
of the mainframe at an incredible rate!!

Melon - Do something, Kyuri!! Or else I'll tell everyone about 'that'.
Kyuri - My eyes can't keep up!!

Then put your glasses on! You've got'em with you, right?
Kyuri - Never! Glasses make me look like an otaku!!
Melon - Still saying that in the time like this!!?

Pg. 30
Mitony - So they finally noticed.

I did tell you to use your head, didn't I?
It's too late now.

You'll have to thank me for letting
you into this awesome game where life is an actual risk...
unlike those dumb games lying around there.

Kyuri - I'll never lose to someone...

who talks about games that way.

Pg. 31
Melon - Good!! Kyuri finally put his glasses on!!
Kyuri - Here I come.

I can't see anything!!

Misora - No!!
Kyuri - Ah~ It's broken...
Melon - This guy is just plain hopeless when we need him...

Mitony - Take my flashy, all-out attack!!

Rey - Oh no, the access code!
Only two digits left!!

Pg. 32-33
Mitony - What!!?
The Senrigan's count...became zero!?

The rate of retrieval...
is also slowing down!!

[Impossible...No human can overcome Sakumei's Kousainyuuryoku.]
[No one can possibly beat my speed...]

Kyuri - I can see so well now-ow-ow.

Tekojii - These are my glasses-es-es.
Kyuri - The shaking helps me type faster too-oo-oo.

Misora - Te...Tekojii-san.

[Looks like we're safe...]

Pg. 34
Mitony - I'm the light. I'm the one shining.
This game is my world...

This is...
my reality!!

Pg. 35
Kyuri - He came up with a completely different type of virus from before-ore-ore,

and he became even faster, too-oo-oo.
I can't shake it. It's pulling him in-in-in.

Melon - What!?

Mitony - Kukyakyakyakya,
It's too late, now!!

Daichi - The one who's late is you.
How 'bout we go play outside?

Mitony - Wha-What?...You're...!!

Pg. 36
Daichi - *hah*
I did tell you I'll kick your ass in person.

Mitony - Then what's that character!?

Daichi - Whoa, what the? The floor just...
I got out back that time.

That one's just a data fragment,

similar to that Ginga character you used.

Mitony - But how did you escape Sakumei's ability!?

Pg. 37
Daichi - By using this.

Mitony - Black Kakutan!!!

Daichi - You use your light to pull me into your game.
My body was left behind with no shadow.

So we gave Kakutan's Shadow a try to see...
if it'd get me back to normal.

Mitony - You had Kakutan's shadow dispel Sakumei's light?

I never imagined you'd use Kakutan!! But then...
Daichi - ..."But then",
"how'd you know about this place"...?

Pg. 38
You're a hacker yourself,
And yet, you didn't realize we traversed your side of the line?"

Mitony - You mean, you used my decoy as a decoy yourself!?

Daichi – Why are you so surprised?
The virtual world is your reality, right?

Mitony – St...Stay away! Don't come any closer!!
Don't come...


Just kidding.

Like I thought.
A game with a risk of life is really fun!

Pg. 39
I'll burn you up with my light right away.
I'm the one still winning in the end!!

I can use the eye on my back to continue with Kousainyuuryoku.
5 more seconds till I get the access code.

Daichi - You told me to use my head, didn't you?
Mitony - 4 more seconds.

Daichi - That's more than enough.

Mitony - 3

Kyuri - Only one wall left.
Hope I can finish my anti-virus program in time-ime-ime.
Mitony - 2

Pg. 40-41


Pg. 42
Rey -The system's all-green!!

Tekojii - Alright-ight-ight.
Melon - Great!

Kyuri - ...Game

Pg. 43
Daichi - That hurts, doesn’t it?
Mitony - Uugh.
Daichi - The outside light is dazzling, isn’t it?

This is...

my reality.

Mitony - [No way...they beat me at my own game, in the inner defense system and tracing, all at the same time...]

How can those Guardians get a hold of someone like that...?

I can't see!?
Everything's all white, I can't see a thing.

Pg. 44
Daichi - Is this a side effect of Sakumei? Her eyes!!
Mitony - What?

I can see now...
...What are these...?

Aaaaah, this world is so interesting.
Awesome. I can see just about anything I want before me.

Daichi - [Is this...]


Pg. 45
Kaine - No!! Don't leave me in the dark!!
Don't go, sis!!

Sumiya - If you don't like the dark, then why don't we get some sun?

Kaine - *hah*

** A solitary tune is about to be replayed...!? **

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#1. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Apr 22, 2010

Who cares when did RP start watermarking their raws? Other Rival series need their love too :(
#2. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Apr 22, 2010
Because I'm not planning on translating the next chapter until either the scanlation "without watermark" comes (of course, since this chapter doesn't have any watermark to begin with, just having a scanlation out is fine by me) or I caught up with the rest of Rival series I'm doing (am planning to get BK done after CB, since I already have it half-done, then maybe God Eater then FLAGS)

Also...posting from your workplace? >___>"
#3. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Apr 22, 2010
Of course ~__~
#4. by xin0 ()
Posted on Apr 22, 2010
Thanks, Ju-da-su.

RP started watermarking in Chapter 25.
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